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The Queendom of
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Summary of The Queendom of Cosmaland

The Queendom of Cosmaland is an absolute monarchy ruled by Queen Clara IV. Queen Clara favours left wing economic policy and strong civil rights, however will clamp down on anyone who speaks out against the monarchy.

Cosmish society values women over men and as such men are subject to some forms of oppression, although less so now than they used to. In heterosexual marriages, the man usually takes the woman's surname, and children always take their mother's surname. No man is allowed to rule, and if there is no immediate female heir then the throne will pass to a woman, no matter how far down the line of succession. In practice, though, this has usually led to civil war.

Cosmaland prides itself on having a strong military, and often wages war on countries where men are in charge. Cosmaland also values scientific research and progress, and as such spends a considerable amount of money on research laboratories and projects, especially those to help the environment.

The royal family often uses gestational surrogacy to reproduce, as the women of the royal family are often too busy to carry children, however it is not unknown for a member of the royal family to have a traditional pregnancy.

In recent years, Cosmaland has become much more liberal with regards to immigration, partially in response to an ageing population. Cosmians used to worship several goddesses, but nowadays most Cosmians are atheists, although some do practice various religions.

The Queendom of Cosmaland