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Technology, Science, and pure godmodding- i mean, reality bending stuff

For eons we have been endlessly finding the true meaning of technology and civilizaton but we realized that our innovation of the multiverse is. Us species made countless technological developments from simple stones to spaceships, computer science and robotics is near perfect, we continued further and further until we wield and harnessed the technology that our ancestors have never dremnt of. But that dosen't stop us there, we passed through the great alien filter of our universe and going on with the beyond, we talking hyper-sentient computers are special as talking monkeys, insectoids and all others , so as together we live as one! Our cooperation with other intergalactic species made our technology where is today, we continue cooperating from the beyond of the universes to make our tech even more advanced and feel special to us.
Computing Technology is near finished and so is our understanding of the living multiverse. As the nation herself tries to contend with the new technology, society, values hundred thousands years before, but now we are that, we will advance through the technological limits with true ingenuity no matter what!

These are some Technological Wonders in Coryana, all of them made such a large impact to the technological community.

Coryana Multiversal Explorer (CME)

This one currently is in exploring of other universes. As of today, over 50,000 universes are now explored and studied, it is basically a more advanced hubble telescope. It is equipped with high-tech scanners plus with additional small probing drones used for scanning if the CME is busy doing its main tasks. The CME was also named as the Cosmic Voyager X, a nod to the ancient Terran tech of Voyager probes.


A super-advanced AI system who is the main admin of the Coryana Cyberweb System. Currently online and will be until the Cyberweb shuts down which is unlikely to happen. Talos can appear in the 'real world' anytime as he wants, creating a portal to the cyberweb and ours using a reversable form of Composers.

Stellar Matrix
Brand new design of supercomputer terminal, inside of its software is a massive web of a single concouousness, said to be one dimensional higher than the cyber web. It is also a central depository where it contains a cloned consciousness of the users who once accessed it. A way to evacuate civilizations from eventual doom or extinction, they are thought to rise again as a conciousness that will bring back countless civilizations and it's culture in every part of the mutliverse. The Stellar Matrix is also used as a way to bring yourself back to the dead all over and over again, used in the millitary to bring destoryed units back to life. It can't be override via deleting all of its file as it has many program backups and the help of all of the conciousness in the Matrix becoming as one to destory the hacking conciousness and it's physical body.

The Servers

Servers or Reality Servers, are a set of hyper-realistic computer simulations of the past (Ancestor Simulations) used for studying and observing the past. They have a large storage and memory, having all the major and minor details of the universe complete. The codes are just like the laws of nature but except with computer codes. The Reality servers can be used to save civilizations by using a non-deadly form of a composer, making them safely trapped in a form of supercomputer. Loading up the semblance may take even 20 minutes.

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Fractal Technology

Using advanced form of Interdimensional physics via kumain energy and fourth dimensional portals, this can create a abnormal form of wormholes, creating a rift between third dimensional space time to the fourth. This can be particularly used to create a portal from the multiverse to the fourth dimension by containing the Fractals with energy sheilds. They are used in special transportation by the UCEC to travel through other dimensions. They can be used as weapon by corrupting enemy units with the fractals using a contained weapon.

Lightspeed Weaponry

While lasers are effective at certain destruction, they are very much slow but with the use of tachyons and reality tech being converted into high heat laser particles, FTL weapons are now being produced and is currently being implemented in all millitary ships.

These are selected from our archives we have chosen for you to read about some of our notable technology:

Stellar Sheild

A Invisible Energy Sheild which is made up of proton particles, it is generally invisible and can't always materialize when you hit the energy sheild. Particularly effective in millitary assaults.

Anti-Sheilding Tech

A way to counter the first technology mentioned,it has a very large EMP blast.

XYZ Blaster

Used for Millitary defense purposes,they are giant structures in the middle of each planet in the mystery line. A bright charging beam of large stations built on the center of a millitary planet. Uses 2 sources of firepower; High Heat energy beams and proton beams.

Cosmic Scanner

A new form of scanning elemental 'bloods',they are useful when finding elementals and other cosmic entities.


With the new Bio-ship being constructed, Coryana is paving its way to perfect a new field; Biotechnology, Grey Goos are now being used as defenses.


A breakthrough in the technological community, the void is a special dimension which holds all the universes in the multiverse, when a universe is ripped apart via space-time, the void is the ultimate black hole for the universe, causing it to be consumed. Coryans used this as a weapon and a way of travelling for years.


Interesting Particles that are faster than light itself, we have manipulated the Tachyon for weapons and transportation, with a Tachyon cannon being produced. This might revolutionize Coryan transportation ever, rewriting the laws of physics and endless generation of energy for mass travelling.


A technology used for enabling photons and light partocles into a solid, hard material, used another way for building houses and other structures. Also used as weapons of defense. They are a hard material capable of sheilding other energy attacks themselves.

Energy Conversion


A digital, Cyberweb weapon for Anti-viruses and other Cyberweb millitary arms/assets, using dimensional technology, that can create a small rift or opening between the cyberweb and "reality"itself, incredibly dangerous, Enemies can be pulled through the web unexpectedly and make them instantly killed automatically on the corrupted pocket cyber-dimension of the web, a rather quick weapon rather than Composers.

Neural Physics

A 'Scientific' Belief where the multiverse itself is alive, specifically, its goal is the modification of reality itself and reverse engineer it to understand truly everything.
It is purely a modern concept inspired by the ancient religion of our nation and our current scientific knowledge.With reality bending, we can safely deconstruct the multiverse's living being and understand the way life is destined to be.


The study of alien life and ecology, used in exploration missions by the UCEC. There are about centillion of xenological reports of the multiverse and will be updated everyday.


The Study of Dimensions and the omniverse, a field which excites explorers to venture out into the big unknown.

Common materials used:

Also known as the rainbow Krystal due to its color similar to a rainbow. We have mixed the hard components of titanum, grapehene, and other hard materials, the end product is a very much more stronger material, chemically changed to be lightweight and can absorb 100% of a energy blast/attack and be able to bathe in a star for an hour. They are also the central components of the Coryana Warping Device. They can also be created via hardlight technology


A special type of Crystal that is primarly used for millitary weapons, when contained and converted into a energy source, it has a large energy blast that has 500 Trillion kilowatts in explosion.

Labaratories and Notable Research Stations

Wera Orbital Station

Megastructure stationed in the main planet system of Wera, the powerhouse of all technological advancements and research from the cyberweb to new form of communications, the size of it is 500 Kilometers in diameter, It has all samples of collected exotic materials from across the multiverse.

Artificial Planet parsecs away from the mystery line, a millitary research center that is used to experiment deadly weapons and cutting edge Armors, inspired by the sacred architectures of Lehim, over 50,000 Staffs work and maintain the Creek and it's program.

Crystal Facility

Coryans Current Understanding Of Everything
This is our current understanding of the Omniverse, the multiverse, and everything.

The Multiverse is composed of nonillions of pararel universes, each of them having laws of physics of their own. Bordering them is the void, a sub-space that holds all the universe together.

The Omniverse, while not discovered much yet is the one that contains our existence, it contains multiverses and other various kinds of "verses". The Omniverse is divided by dimensional space, starting to the first dimension and beyond.

The Creation of everything, while still in theory, it was created similar to a big bang of a universe, creating space-time dimensions soon after. The precursors, who were known to seed the multiverse with biological life was thought to be the first dimensional species who have been formed.


Reality Server
=Ancestor Program 5:5:08==
New Universe database has been created, now ongoing it's first million years. Everything still not really formed, more updates hours from now.

==Ancestor Program 5:5:20==
Universe simulation is now up and running, the primordial soup command will start working by now.

First life evolved as simple cells, most planets are covered with water.

Reality Bending Technology
HA! We are even now Synne Industries!
(I.e joining on the battle of reality benders that is Godular)

Pocket Universes

Artificial Universe created by using reality technology, more specifically; the quick creation of matter and particles that made up a universe (dark energy, atoms etc..), these artificial universes are used for stocking up materials, a large shipyard or for a stationed gigantic ship, a new colony to build, or other recreational uses. It can only be built by accessing the void, which we already can, this construction takes about half a year to 1.5 years.

Particle/Matter Creation

The ability to create matter and particles. Can be created via a machine which can copy needed matter or objects. It can go into the atomic scale, creating kinds of small particles.


The stabler is the third type of reality bending technology that can turn matter into something else at will. Can be particularly destructive depending on what you want to change. Matter can now be changed and destoryed, it can also turn reality into being stable against teleporation attacks. Being used in the mystery line as a counterattack weapon against the supernatural.

Wormhole Disbandment

Reality bending on wormholes, causing it to collapse, any ships wishing to go inside a wormhole, They will be crushed inside by the collapsing matter.


The form of 'superanatural powers' mixed in with technology, as the discovery of 'magic' lead to a new part on reality bending.

Extra Millitary Weapons