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>> Technology, sciences, and unapologetically pure godmodding- i mean, reality bending stuff



For many eons we have been endlessly finding the true meaning of technology and civilization but we realized that our innovation of the multiverse is. Us species made countless if not hundreds to thousands of technological developments from just simple stones and tools, discovery of metallurgy as the rise of an early society to an interstellar federation itself, a new significant part of thousands of universes and other parts of the multiverse, with computer science and robotics are near perfect, we continued further and further until we have finally wield and harnessed the technology that our ancestors have never dreamt of. But that doesn't stop us there, we passed through the great alien filter of our universe and going on with the beyond, as all talking hyper-sentient computers are special as talking organic monkeys or any living creatures, insectoids and all others, so as together we live and work as one! Our cooperation with other intergalactic species and civilizations made our technology where is today, we continue cooperating from the beyond of the universes to make our tech even more advanced and feel special to us. Passing through the limitations of the physical realm as computing technology is near perfected and so is our understanding of the living mother multiverse. As the nation, she tries to contend with the new technology, society, values a hundred thousand years before, but now we are that we will advance through the technological limits with true ingenuity no matter what! As we all are unique, not even the terrifying forces of both nature and opposing civilizations can stop us, we are Coryana!


** These are some of the technological wonders in Coryana from lightining scanners that turn on when someone is in the designated room to probes travelling around universes, all of these inventions listed below made such a large impact on the technological community and the Coryan understanding of science, achieving civilization that was thought impossible. With our natural disadvantages to our foundings powers what made our civilizations flourish and grow, from famines to new automatic farming for the organics, we must invent together in this cosmos full of dangers as an advancing species towards the beyond! **

《《 Coryana Multiversal Explorer (CME) 》》

This one currently is in exploring other universes, invented by the UCEC and the scientific and technological institutions, being a self-suffecient large prober, As of today, over an estimated 100,000 and more every months with tens of large universes are now explored and studied within its cloaking mode and it's inter-universal warping technology where it can be specified by the computer controllers and mind back in Coryana and the main Institute headquarters, the live viewing on the CME can be freely seen by the Coryans and other species along with cameras of drones going in to other planets or body, as much of the colonization efforts is underway, it is basically a more advanced ancient hubble telescope, which by now, has been travelling through other star systems, almost half of the galaxy Milky Way. It is equipped with high-tech scanners and it is made up of nanite material plus with additional small probing, automated drones used for scanning if the CME is busy doing its main tasks. The CME was also named as the Cosmic Voyager X, a special nod and tribute to the ancient Terran tech of the voyager probes, which has also left Star System sol already for like many hundreds of thousands years ago and into the great star systems of galaxy Milky Way though what did the Imperium utilized the voyager probe for is still unknown but we uncovered a golden disk inside it, which we managed to open it and gave us even more insight to homo sapien society just before the Imperium and their third world war along with the remnants of plenty of old Linksongs. The CME is also called the Orbiter as it's quickly orbits around a celestial body for direct observation .

《《 Talos 》》

A super-advanced sentient AI system who is one of the prominent main admins of the Coryana Cyberweb system. Currently online and will be until the Cyberweb shuts down which is unlikely to happen. Talos can appear in the physical realm anytime as he wants using digital glassing, creating a portal to the cyber web and our physical realm using a reversible and safe form of composers namely called virtual glassing and digital particles which he uses now mainly for socializing with other Coryans and A.I minds, Talos also regonizes his own gender as a male and appear as a male figure always on his physical form.

《《 Stellar Matrix 》》

The brand new design of a quantum supercomputer terminal which has now more larger data than any supercomputers of the past, created and updated with the technology of the cyberweb, inside of its software is a massive web of inter-connected consciousness, said to be one dimensional higher than the cyber web though the matrix was made as a thought experiment even before the web. It is also a central depository where it contains a cloned consciousness of the users who once accessed it. A way to evacuate civilizations and species from eventual doom or extinction, they are thought to rise again as a consciousness living in one giant virtual server that will bring back countless civilizations and it's culture in every part of the multiverse. The Stellar Matrix is also used as a way to bring yourself personally and physically back to the dead all over and over again along with your love ones, especially used in the military to bring destroyed or killed units back to life or just any lifesaving situations. It can't be overridden via deleting all of its files as it has many program backups and the help of all of the consciousness in the Matrix litterally becoming as one, digital mind to destroy the hacking consciousness and its physical or just virtual body. From every mega-cities of Coryana, lies within an underground, secured classified chamber where all Coryans know, a mini stellar matrix where you get transported back to the central nexus hub.

《《 The Servers 》》

Servers or Reality Servers are a set of hyper-realistic computer simulations of the past (Ancestor Simulations) used for studying and observing the past. They have large storage and memory, having all the major and minor details of the universe complete. The codes are just like the laws of nature but except with computer codes. The Reality servers can be used to save civilizations by using a non-deadly form of a composer, making them safely inhabit in the form of a large supercomputer network, where it acts like a virtual multiverse with universes being each simulated servers. Loading up the quantum semblance may take even 20 minutes or to a hour depending on the size and virtual realism of the simulated universe on it's settings though patches and updates on the computer regarding it's peformance speed will be always be implemented.

《《 The Cyberweb 》》

(More info)

A major digital conscious-uploading web where you can literally interact with the cyber-web and join and chat with holographic online servers/parties around the nation and the rest of the multiverse where cyberweb programs are connected, where you can also create a world with your own imagination with friends and to socialize with others in real time, using the power of instantaneous mind upload, transporting your conciousness through a digital realm and the ability to go back to the physical realm, creating a new kind of virtual singularity unlocking immortality, a technological process that has done long ago with others saying at the time 'leaving their own little meatsacks'. But now we are united with aritifical intelliegence and the organic, transcending technological progress along with the shape of society and culture itself.

《《 Fractal Technology 》》

Using an advanced form of interdimensional and nueral physics via kumain energy and fourth-dimensional portals (see dimensional program), this can create an abnormal but sort-of stabilized form of wormholes that can be found in some omniversal dimensions known as the Fractals, creating a portal rift between third-dimensional space-time to the great fourth and the meta-verse. This can be particularly used to create a portal from the multiverse to the fourth dimension by containing the Fractals with energy shields. They are especially used in special transportation by the UCEC to travel through other dimensions though it must be carefully enginereed akin to that as a warping gate to create a stable portal apart from the directed energy sheilds, with proper equipment to the dimension. They can be used as a weapon by corrupting and heating enemy units with the fractals using a contained weapon. These fractals are very dangerous for organic substances and lifeforms as they completely rot them at a billion degrees.

《《 Lightspeed Weaponry 》》

While high-heated type of Light Amplification By Simulated Emission Of Radiation or laser beaming systems are effective at certain point of destruction, they are very much slow but with the use of tachyons and reality tech being converted into high heat laser particles, a directed energy point, these FTL high-degree laser weapons are now being produced and are currently beams being largely implemented in all military ships in military systems, now shipyarded in military star systems and in-ready for defense, but currently inactive as no possible foriegn invasion has started yet for now.

《《 Terraforming 》》

The method of turning planets who are unliveable into a perfect habitat with perfect atmosphere and ecosystem, along with fighting against higher radioactive levels in most dead planets (perhaps resulting in a nuclear war). Coryans do it as a way of colonization or construction of another structure, and healing destoryed homeworlds for once endangered civilizations to settle and extinct species to rise up again both literally and figuratively as we copy remaining samples of extinct species (see archives). Large scale terraforming operations are sometimes terraforming scanned, uninhabitable planets around a galaxy with faster automated features.

《《 Conciousness Chips 》》

They are used to transport someone's conciousness through another, new body akin to that of a clone, used in the Coryan military, a way for immortality as when a Coryan dies, he/she will be transported back to a new physical body through each Coryan connected mental telekinesis, assisted along with technology, however, they all have a natural choice; Be immortal or die truly happily and peacefully.

》》Immortality Fields 《《

One of the newer inventions of Coryana, immortality fields are special force fields around a specified area which if you are killed inside the field itself (decapitation to even heart attacks etc), you immediately get revived back with the used of fast, cloaking medical nanobots with two generators mainly being used to fully activate it though, it heavily depends on it's size. However, it is mainly still in development and used in important locations but it is still very revolutionary with fields like this being activated on hospitals, treating patients faster than before or restaurants/pit-stops where organics can eat anything they like.

I didn't TOTALLY did a Rick and Morty reference..


** These are selected from the archives we have chosen for you to read about some of our notable technologies and it's usages that had changed our way of scientific/industrial progress and how our society was shaped: **

《《 Stellar Sheilds 》》

An invisible energy sheilding which is made up of engineered proton particles is generally invisible and can't always materialize when once you hit the energy shield with an object or a weapon. It is particularly effective in military assaults and long-term defense against hostiles and a planetary invasion, another specialised form of the powerful distengration sheilds (see military warfare program).

《《 Anti-Sheilding Tech 》》

One of the greater ways to counter the very first technology mentioned, it has a very large specialized-electromagnetic blasts to counter specifically only for energy, force sheilds, meaning only for possible medium (galactic) level threats if susceptible enough, though anti-shielding technology against psionics are now in development though rarely used, however, for more info, you can either see the military programs.

《《 XYZ Blaster 》》

It is used sometimes for military defense and mainly scientific purposes, they are giant thick structures in the middle of each planet in the mystery line. A bright charging beam with an estimated towering length of 928 meters or more depending in it's nanite adjustments, nearly a kilometer of large interconnected stations from the underground with installation bunkers to top built on the center of a cloaking military planet. Using 2 sources of firepower; extreme high heat energy beams and proton beams both are which are advanced directed energy weapons. This kind of blasting tower is able to withstand planetary natural disasters such as earthquakes and may be able to be implemented in the seas. The XYZ blaster can be used for scientific testing, engineering new kinds of lasers and other engineered particles.

《《 Cosmic Scanner 》》

A new advanced form of bio-scanning parasitic or as others call it elemental 'blood', they are useful when dectecting a new, possible parasitic invasion around the multiverse and other currently discovered dimensions with using biosignatures tracking devices in space. Implemented in many notable scientific locations of Coryana and other strategic outposts in other universes with a central control room, though the scanner itself is always in cloaking mode if attacked. If a parasitic blood is detected, the special antidote will be deployed into the specified location immediately using quantum tunneling or warpgates to stop this growing infection and try to provide shelter to the affected people or any creatures, however, we still can't get into the main locations of the precursors, as they have possibly escaped far from the multiverse and unto the impassable parts of the omniverse, where three-dimensional beings like Coryans cannot presumably enter though new methods are going to be tested.

《《 Biotechnology 》》

With the new organic Bio-ship being constructed and produced as a living, organic technology similar to robots or androids , Coryana is paving its way to perfect a new field; Biotechnology, with sentient grey goo blobs being part of the Coryan population as well, these organic type technology would be able to create life. Though there are much more many other peaceful organic goo civilizations that has already joined the federation or started their own nation across the cosmos.

《《 The Void 》》

A major breakthrough in the technological and exploration community, the void is a special sub-space or 'dimensions as others call it which holds all the universes in the multiverse, when a universe is ripped apart via space-time, the void is the ultimate black hole for the universes, causing it to be consumed within, killing all galaxies and possible life. Coryans used this as a weapon and a way of traveling for years, with a strain of void energy, making the targeted physical forms fully corrupted of its existence, basically distengrating them as a whole, used in warping ships, not much used that often due to its capabilities.

《《 Tachyons 》》

Interesting particles that are developed by reality bending and are faster than light itself, we have manipulated the Tachyon for weapons and transportation, with a Tachyon cannon being produced. These particles revolutionize Coryan transportation ever since, carefully rewriting and editing the laws of physics of each universes and endless mass generation of energy for instant traveling, along with quantum tunnelling across the multiverse for exploration and colonization at a very high rate with cooperation from other species and their civilizations, Coryana would gain almost endless resources and information, logistics will never be the same.

《《 Hardlight 》》

A notable technology used for enabling photons and light particles into a solid, hard material by changing its very components, used another way for building houses and other structures such as ship building, as it is used in much more factories. It is also used as weapons of defense typically like walls. They are notably engineered to be a hard material capable of shielding other energy attacks such as lasers themselves, though they move slower and much more easier to evade.

《《 Energy Conversion 》》

The process of changing an energy source through another one, a very simple technique but it could be used to convert dark matter into a greater energy source such as weaponry and limitless power all throughout the Coryan federation.

《《 Kinetic Energy 》》

Namely “motion energy”, it can be used as a valuable power source or even a weapon. As all installation ringworlds use it's fast, rotating motion in the middle of the busy cosmos to generate limitless energy within its core engines in the center of the structure, partnered among fusion generators. It is particluarly easy and effective to do as even planetary to sub-planetary level civilizations utilizes it like in windmills.

《《 Digital Glassing 》》

A digital, cyberweb virtual weapon for Anti-viruses/malware/spyworms and other Cyberweb military arms/assets, using a virtual iteration of dimensional technology, that can create a small rift or opening between the cyber web and our 'reality' itself at a specified location, incredibly dangerous, enemies can be pulled through the web unexpectedly and make them instantly trapped automatically on the corrupted pocket cyber-dimension of the web, erasing them from existence, a rather quick and deadlier weapon rather than composers, used in more powerful universal civilizations. It is not to be confused with glassing as in large scale plasma bombardment which we sometimes utilize in the military as the first wave against heavily fortified planets.

《《 Dragon Energy 》》

An energy source used by exclusively dragons, which the organic blood of the dragons which enables them to freely access its combat abilities (I.e poison attacks, fireballs), it may have been formed when the precursors left out a special form of gifts to each of the archosaurian descendants of the dragons, where parasites also modified these winged creatures to the point where that these organic blood become more powerful. However, the blood's abilities is said to be a major double edged sword, it grants total power to the dragons but it takes a large portion of its body stamina away, making them much more venerable once after the power is unleashed.

《《 Nanite Technology 》》

A self-automated microscopically small robotic machine that are commonly called nanites and is used for construction of structures such as population centres and skyscrapers, utilized by a swarm of nanites controlled by either by mind waves or control centres. Also notably used in the millitary, where swarm of nanites try to consume all of a planet's organic biosphere though obviously only for organic threats that are higher than average but no more dangerous than the parasites themselves, though particularly used in most parasitic campaigns. Organic medical uses also popularly employ nanites to try fix the biological body on a cellular level in almost all Coryan hospitals, literally fighting against viruses, bacteria, cancer and any other forms of physical diseases with new cures or breaking it apart by helping other cells to defend the body. Nanites are also found to be organically sentient in planets, though they are count as what are 'symbiotes' which they find a organic host for them to thrive, though most of them are seemingly an aritifical product of many mysterious civilizations that came before the nation.

《《 Injectors 》》

Injectors are used mainly in terraforming unhabitable amd radioactive planets, they are typically shaped like a syringe as hence the name of the machine goes and usually made out of energy absorbing glass. They are used to give enough nutrients and other natural resources with a special type of acid to help plants and the planet's mother nature to grow, by injecting it underground deep enough for most plants on the surface to grow, around one to two injectors are always used, in case the other one failed to reach giving specially engineered nutrients planetary wide, however it can also inject fresh or salty water into dryed out that were once seas and oceans apart from mass-cloning it, though much more injectors will be needed in the planet's future, this is one of the first steps for terraformation.

《《 Reverse-engineering 》》

Reverse-engineering is used as to recreate ones another product from the main manufacturer but mostly from historical artifacts and technological trade with other civilizations, to also understand the technologies of the multiverse outside of Coryana, but in this case, technology that we don't currently have. One of the first steps on how to reverse engineer on the collected technology is to examine every part of the technology and detail from robots to starcrafts and it's parts to see it's safety, history and utilizations, there will be trials and errors but when successful, production on factories will be issued depending on what kind of technology can be used in varying sectors especially military weaponries and armors.


** Reality bending has been since part of Coryan technology and it's contributions to our general knowledge of existence, this engineering also gave birth to the expedition through many dimensions and thus making Coryans, a new inter-dimensional civilization. **

HA! We are even now Synne Industries!
(I.e joining on the battle of reality benders that is Godular)

《《 Pocket Universe 》》

An artificial universe created by using reality technology or in other words, neural engineering, and more specifically; the instantaneous creation of matter and particles that made up a universe (dark energy, atoms, etc..), most of the size of these creations does not litterally measure the size of an actual universe (it's much more rare to see these types of universes as they take much longer to make and be placed in a clear space without actual, natural universes in the void) but instead sizing up to just a planet, star system to galaxies. These artificial universes are used for stocking up materials, large-scale construction of automated factories, a large shipyard if starbases or for a stationed gigantic ship, a new population olony to build, or other recreational uses. It can only be built by accessing the void using a more specific coordination for warpgates, which we already can, this construction takes about half a year to 1.5 years, however, universal creation can be accelerated by copying the base physics and matter of other universes though expensive to produce in its earliest days of invention.

《《 Particle/Matter Creation 》》

The ability to create matter and particles. It can be created via a machine that can copy needed matter or objects. It can go even into the sub-atomic scale, creating kinds of particles that can be used to be building blocks of new objects/matter such as artificial universes. It could be used to clone objects such as military weapons and assets or economic products, creating endless arrays to fight and support the foundations of Coryana, albeit, only when there's only a major shortage during difficult wartimes or economic shortages, though very unlikely in terms of probability.

《《 Stabilizers 》》

The stabilizer or stablers is the third type of reality-bending technology that can turn or convert matter into something else at will, definitely useful when stranded under a planet . It can be particularly destructive depending on what you want to change an object. Matter can now be changed and destroyed, it can also turn space-time reality into being stable against teleportation and tunneling attacks by an enemy that also uses this kind of strategy. Being used in the mystery/fortress line as a counterattack weapon against the possible supernatural forces, just in case.

《《 Wormhole Disbandment 》》

Reality bending on wormholes, causing it's insides to collapse, any ships or objects wishing to go inside a wormhole, They would be crushed inside by the collapsing matter of space itself. Speaking of wormholes, quantum tunneling is also achieved by reality bending as to quickly teleport throughout universes with a specific location similar to warpgates but without the structure and relies much on reality bending. Black hole bending are also present as well, though much less known, it is mainly used to vaporize black holes on universes, keeping the cosmos around it safe, it can also be weaponized by enlarging the black holes but it will be rarely used.

《《 Space-time manipulation 》》

It is used to counter teleportation by bending space at will and possibly the use of time travel by enemy civilization('s) with specific manipulation of the sub-atomic realm whether psionics or not. This type of bending can be use for transportation (see archives program), which is quite nifty.

《《 Neutrinobots 》》

They are similar to normal nano-bots but are typically made up of literal neutrinos itself using reality warping, a new kind of quantum technology, while they are neutral in both the strong and electric forces, we can use the temperature at around 10^15 Kelvin, the weak force and electric force will combine into the electroweak force, meaning that at this temperature we can give our neutrinos an electric charge. This is shaped at any various forms such as an organic-like ant to an insect.

《《 Reverse False-Vacuum 》》

(See military warfare programs for more info)

A type of special reality manipulation to counter an enemy civilizations false vacuum technology as if they possibly have one, and as we try to contain stable higgs field from expanding upon a universe and may possibly go inter-universal and unto the rest of the multiverse if not intervened with excessive particle/matter bending/manipulation especially with the void-space, causing much more destruction than ever before, must be only used for defensive purposes . Apart from defenses, this can create into a limitless energy source for Coryana by manipulating these boson particles by carefully containing the higgs field as said above.


《《 Neural Physics 》》

The main 'scientific' belief where the multiverse herself is alive and the dimensions as well, specifically, this goal is the modification of reality itself and reverse engineer it to understand truly everything. It is purely a modern concept inspired by the ancient religion or philosophy as many call it of our nation and our current scientific knowledge. With reality-bending, we can safely deconstruct the multiverse's living being, how it was truly formed by it's big bang and understand the way biological life is destined to be by the precursors and within ourselves, perhaps even understanding its true goals. Neural physics is also arguably having a sort of spiritual beliefs due to its religious and philosophical nature inspired vy the writings from antiquity, though technically making the majority of Coryana, 'non-secular' or atheist (see species program).

《《 Xenology 》》

The study of alien life across the cosmos within it's ecology, society, and biology, with their homeworlds being added too, taught and used in multiversal exploration missions by the UCEC when training. There are about almost centillion of xenological reports of the multiverse and will be updated every day to instantaneous information and logistics, the older reports will be relocated into the archives, where every Coryans, young and old can see in their devices and specific cyberweb channels.

《《 Dimensionology 》》

The study of dimensions and the omniverse it contains, a field which excites explorers alike to venture out into the newer and bigger unknown, to observe, study, and perhaps colonize. Dimensionology is also known as omniversism, since dimensions are basically one, big part of the omniverse with dimensional spaces dividing them each from first dimensions to infinity.


《《 Borea 》》

Also known as the rainbow Krystal (or Crystal depending on your preferable spelling) due to its colors almost similar to a rainbow. This atomic component is mixed or engineered with the hard components of titanium, graphene, and other durable materials, and most of its important parts are uncommonly found in asteroids belts on certain groups of star systems, the end product is a very much stronger material, chemically changed to be lightweight and can absorb 100% of an energy blast/attack and be able to bathe high degrees similar to a yellow star for an estimated hour or half. They are also the central components of Coryana warping devices. They can also be created via hardlight technology and are especially durable in natural planetary disasters like earthquakes or tsunami's.

《《 Krystal 》》

Krystal is a special type of engineered cystal that is primarily used for military weapons, one of Borea's relatives, although it is very hot, when contained and converted into an energy source and something like a laser with tachyon abilities, the energy has a large energy blast that has around billions of kilowatts in an explosion if contained safely , enough to destory an entire planet, used in fighting heavily fortified planets when there's is no choice for peace talks and contacts. It can be also used as a heating or insulating generators in generally very colder planets or when in use for possible survival measures.

《《 Digital Particles 》》

Digital particles basically acts like atoms in the Cyberweb, They contain all of the conscious coding systems and web programs, its true appearance, and holds the enormous web in balance, essentially the building blocks of this virtual dimension. However, they can be teleported to our physical world via the Composers MK.5, they act as alternative portals to the cyber web and can be used for shipbuilding armors as they have virtually zero weight and nearly indestructible due to its virtual particle nature, where attacking an digital particles armor will disintegrate your physical existence, much like disintegration sheilds.


《《 Weran Orbital Station 》》

A scientific megastructure popularly stationed in the main planet system of Werana or Wera (which basically is the entire body), a planet full of precious minerals, the powerhouse of all technological advancements and research from the cyber web to much more many new form of communications, the size of it is around 500 kilometers in diameter, It has all samples of collected exotic materials from across the multiverse or atleast a copied version of the object if lost.

《《 The Creek 》》

An millitary planet many parsecs away from the mystery line or the fortified borders, the famous military research center that is used to experiment and cooperate with other facilities with deadly weapons that are for meduim level threats and over and cutting edge millitary assets such as nanite armory . Inspired by the sacred architectures of Lehim, over two million staffs or more work and maintain the Creek and its testing program of weapons though they are mainly aritifical intelliegence, it's main of operation is mainly located in the skies as to preserve the planet's surface environment, the rest of the planets situated on the system are mainly just military outposts and shielding systems.

《《 Crystal Facilities 》》

The Crystal Facilities are large orbital research interconnected stations of mining star system sectors that is nearly the size of a galaxy designed for studying Borea stones and other similar gems and materials for engineering and it's future usages, it acts also similar to an outpost, where the facility nexus center is located at the center of a mining sector, where new materials are frequently mined, engineered, and tested out as either for ship material or transported to be sold to the public and especially to the Merchantile Federation organization as a new metal for possible trading around the multiverse.


** This is our current understanding of the newer Omniverse, the multiverse, and everything. **

The multiverse (lesser known named as 'duplex esse' when first discovered) is composed of an estimated of many nonillions of parallel and distinct universes, As opposed as being said to be infinite when inter-universal exploration was at its middle, each of them having laws of physics of their own as well as each alternate histories with the universes. Bordering each one of them is the void, the special sub-space that holds all the universes together, it primarly exists between all of the universes, without it, the multiverse herself may collapse apart, destroying life and existance itself. In the borders of the multiverse lies the abyss where it is an outside space where it pulls everything within its radius, once in the abyss, the border may disintegrate your own physical form, leaving no trace of your existence, it's abnormal energy substance is very akin to the kumain energy though not much more dangerous, so quantum tunneling and other forms of teleportation must be always used when travelling through dimensions.

The Omniverse, while not discovered much yet is the one that contains our very own existence, it contains various multiverses of dimensional space and other various kinds of "verses" called dimensions or 'dimensional universes'. The Omniverse is divided by dimensional space-time, starting to the first dimension to the fourth and beyond, however, going through to the sixth and beyond is said to be impossible to pass and may enter due that we are stuck to a third dimensional plane by our current technologies. Outside the verse itself is relatively unknown but it is said to be non-existence or nothingness and with the omniverse expanding infinitely, creating new dimensions around each spatial-spaces forever until the end of time.

The creation of everything, while still, in theory, it was created similar to a big bang of a universe, creating space-time dimensions soon after. The6 precursors, who were known to seed the multiverse with biological life was thought to be the last inter-dimensional species to have been entered the multiverse, as many noticeable cosmic anomalies are happening recently.


The form of 'superanatural powers' mixed in with a special type of technology, as the discovery of 'magic' or these type of 'superanatural ability' and psionics lead to a new part on the uses of reality bending . These magic abilities are only recreated with the correct laws of physics or space-time in your universe, civilizations that have access to these type of abilities would be widely observed further but perhaps with the peaceful permission of the civilization if possible to study their magical systems and it's forms. Possible threats that use this power must make new kinds of bending such as warping and how it's battle strategies are used is to be developed such.


** Coryans classify the technological and scientific levels of civilizations or societies with 13 levels, it is mostly used by first contact missions, however, civilizations may skip some of the levels as we found many societies developing multiversal drives before interstellar (galactic) which is fascinating for its societal advances. These classifications are implemented in many UCEC computing A.I ships that are utilized in planetary scanning which are sentient networks fully controlling the ship without a crew itself, nevertheless. This is the list of the levels of a civilization's general technological progress throughout their lifetime:

Level 1: Stone- Neolithic Ages, tribal society rise on some important areas of the homeworld like rivers.

Level 2: Bronze Ages, social hierarchies are made.

Level 3: Iron Ages, kingdoms and empires across their homeworld rises.

Level 4: Medieval Ages, religion and feudalism becomes widespread.

Level 5: Exploration- Scientific Revolutions, era of colonization and new scientific theories.

Level 6: Industrial Era, large economic growth, once rare products becomes common for a civilian.

Level 7: Atomic- Space Age, perhaps the brink of their species extinction.

Level 8: Information Ages, information and data becomes more faster than ever.

Level 9: Pre-singularity A.I, early interplanetary colonization, and star system exploration.

Level 10: True Singularity or what other Coryans call 'Transcendence" of aritifical intelliegence, it can go both ways; extinction of the original creators or the creators and the A.I working side by side through progress. Interstellar travel achieved, exploration of home galaxy.

Level 11: Universal society level, nearly or all colonizes the civilization's universe.

Level 12: Multiversal travel discovered and expansion of universes.

Level 13: Reality Bending, early omniversal/dimensional exploration.

In the UCEC, Coryans are sent to a planet to even galactic bound civilizations to see if they can mentally handle our existence for the first contact with them, if not, we will continue to see them develop their society and technology throughout their history to the point that they are naturally ready enough to handle our existence, along with protecting them from any outside invaders. **


《《 Reality Servers 》》

== Ancestor Program 5:5:08 ==

New universe database has been created, now ongoing it's first million years. Everything still not really formed as protons begin their first journey into infinity, more life updates hours from now.

== Ancestor Program 5:5:20 ==

Universe simulation is now up and running, the primordial soup command.exe would start working by now on different programmed planets.

First life evolved as simple cells, most planets are covered with water, first asexual reproduction detected.


《《 Coryana Astrophysics Administration 》》

The Coryan, Astrophysics, Administration (C.A.A) is the main official scientific branch explaining the chemistry of the multiverse with neural physics being applied or merged using the manipulation of space-time and the revolutionary invention of reality bending, that is, to the scientific branch of astrophysics, with the dimensions being a way to explain the multiverse's space-time body and the birth of its existence, basing of reality engineering and omniverse with a mix of astro-chemistry.

《《 Coryana Techco Conference 》》

The Coryana Techco Conference is a yearly 'round national from a international conference of civilizations where all of the greatest minds of Coryana and the multiverse along with picked technology students of every school and the people itself to discuss, question, answer and debate about new inventions, technologies, and discoveries, and what will it hold more for the future of scientific and technological innovations, it is held mainly on the planet of Tatutuda or Scientia as popularly known in it's first construction plans, it is one of the largest scientific artificial planets, Coryana has ever constructed.

《 《 The Dimensional Council 》 》

The dimensional council is one of the many sub organizations in cooperation with the UCEC and the Coryana Scientific Institute where explorers and scientists with other civilizations alike discuss for the future and possible fate of omniversal exploration and our current knowledges throughout the known existence, including many ways on how to achieve instant dimensional travel and possible population colonization with starbases or ringworlds, similar to the successes of the kumain sub-space.


>> Congratulations, viewer! You have made your way across the end of this program, congrats! As a sign of achievement, the scientific institute and even more, the people of Coryana salutes you, in all the same, thank you all for reading, and great joy to the cosmos and forever! <<