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The Coryan Millitary

The Coryan Millitary

"The Forces that forever protect the Cosmos"
P.S don't invade us :)


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While Coryana is relatively peaceful, we also have a strong efficient millitary to protect ourself from rebellion and outside threats. While being isoalationist, we support multilateralism at times of war, if we have any allies to begin with.

All Troops and Infantry are sentient robots themselves and most mechs are controlled by a AI mind, when they 'die', their conciousness gets transported back into a new physical body, howver, the conciousness can choose wheater to fight in the Cyberweb, where they are equipped with advanced anti-virus weapons to attack against viruses who were also uplouded to the web, where they are met with certain destruction by Talos.

The Coryan Millitary is trained with discipline and simulating them with hyper-realistic battles and strategies with also teaching and getting used to kinds of terrains and weather throughout the multiverse, no-one is considered a soldier until they have experienced all of the simulation. Soldiers also must be experienced to use in all weapon, primitive or not to learn to be resourceful. Usually, we send 50 Trillion Coryan Fleets and Soldiers on a typical universal war. All Coryan Troops are hardened with anti-EMP blasts or energy attacks. Infantry and Mech units also have Above titanium strong exoskeletons, equipped also with internal ones for backups.

The Coryan Millitary is also trained within indirect warfare, sometimes feeding misinformation for the enemy to encounter.

There are about currently 900 Octovegintillion or some 9x1089 People 2 centillion units serving the millitary. All of them are proud Coryans who chose to fight for the nation. These numbers are seemingly endless but not infinite. Used as a physiological warfare against small millitary units.

Conscription is voluntary here in Coryana.

Millitary-in Cheif
The main Millitary-In Cheif is the emperor/empress of the nation,They lead the entire army of Coryana itself and put it's nation into battle against our enemies.

Army Commander

When the cheif is not around, the army commander is there to take the lead of the Coryan legions.There are 5 trillion Army Legions in Coryana, each trillion is assigned to a Army Commander,whether space,land,or water troops are there,the commander is the one who leads the Legions into battle.There are 5 Army Commanders and one of them leads the entire legions,they are called "Senior Commanders", they all oversee each branches of the millitary and are expected to remain focused and alarmed on the battle plans.

Each generals lead every legion at battle or peacetime,they are under the command of the five army commanders.

They are in charge of the Dragon Units which composes of 1-5 Quadrillion Troops

They lead the Archia's, they typically comprise of 1-15 Trillion Troops.

Supreme Millitary Commander the of Coryan Millitary
Gen.Rollo Garcia- At his teenage years, Rollo joined the National Coryan Millitary Academy in his dream to become a honorable soldier, 5 years later, Rollo Graduated with a High Honour and was sent to one of Coryan Millitary Bases near the border, there he Trains himself on using weapons, millitary gadgets, and millitary transportation, he also reads books about millitary warfare in his free time, during his missions,he always have an enthuasism to fight enemies, and lead his comrades, after his great waves of successful millitary missions/campaign, at age 34, he was appointed into Main Supreme Commander and currently,he serves the emperor and leads the entire Coryan millitary.
Joan Enrico
A honorable captain of the Coryan Warrior corps.

Coryan Defense is at it's strongest around its borders, it was called the "mystery line" since most of the forces are in ghost tech. Most of the Coryan reserves resides there. This may be one of the reasons that the nations may never expand. The mystery line is a near impenetrable fortress leading enemy to certain death, this is where all the fresh advanced modern troops and assets are stored and ready to use. Invading forces are met with tons of heavy firing and attacks from fleets and long ranged cannons from planetary bases.

The Mystery Line is a Complex layered defensive network and system, this is where our millitary logistics come into play. Each Line has a number of fleets, armed with Composer technology. Anti-EMP Cannons are also equipped to prevent any enemy teleporting from behind the lines.


This is a machine that transports enemy divisions into the digital world, then we delete and reset all of them inside the Composer. It is also a pocket dimension of the Cyberweb, a more dangerous version of it, thousands of composers exists on the Coryan borders, ready to transport the enemy into cyber doom. It's also a suicidal mechanic with A.I ships turning on the composer when theirs no hope against the enemy boarding party.

Nanite Swarm
A Nanite Swarm which nanites are several nanometers small and also can regenerate itself when destroyed. It is weapon capable of consuming the entire planet, this was made by the late Dr. Alan Swarth who was once the greatest scientist known to our nation. Effeicent for consuming off enemy infantry, very fast with little to no escape.

Anti-Ghost Tech
Equipped also with state of the art detection technology, they are used to fight against invisible units and disguised units (cough Flying Dutchman cough)

Graviton Weapons
Used Primarly for warping vessel into oblivion, it uses particle distabilaizers to used as a one point energy to coordinate and shoot down the enemy vessels into half, effectively destorying them.

Portal Gun
A handy gun when all major communication and transportation systems are lost, used for teleporation of a Coryan platoon via a small wormhole.

Dimensional Technology
With this new technology, we can utilize dimensional energy such as the Kumain Energy to help the millitary fight against Interdimensional enemies.


A Energy Coil weapon that is directly only targets a enemy.

Tesla Energy or Electric Weapons.


Coryan strategy is always changing depending on which conditions and who's turning the tides in the battle field, one of our strategies is making the weaker troops in the front while all of our stronger troops are in the sides of the battle. The formation might change using teleportation if the enemy has a advantage of some sort.

Wormhole Warfare
Warfare in Wormhole.


The Coryan millitary Doctorine is to find very disadvatages to the enemy as possible, using orbital bombardment to quickly cripple infrastructures and millitary areas


Infantry Forces of Coryana

Commander-In Cheif:Arnold Roggins

Size:151 Octovegintillion

Reserves: 2 Octovegintillion

The Normal and Standard Units of Coryana, These highly trained soldiers are equipped with 5x Guns and a Teleporter,they are disciplined and are friendly to those who are in need.

They are equipped with
-Plasmanian (Plasma) Guns
- Microbot Miniguns
- Teleportation and Cloaking Devices
- External Energy Sheild
- Extra Millitary A.I used for guidance of the battlefield.
- Often 1x Dark Energy Rifles.

This are the Units that are controlled by Artificial Intelliegence or AI, they are similar to the normal units but can hold more fire power and defenses. Extremely sentient and conciouss, can cause destruction of a company if have the power of a Nova Minigun. Each division is controlled by a AI mind, each of them controlling the units swiftly with ease. They are sometimes controlled by a A.I mind, giving them a Hivemind esque type of mobility.

This are like the Normal Troops but their weapons are based on what division they are,for example if a soldier is a fire division then his/her weapon is a mostly a flamethrower or any other weapon relating to that element.

The Nanite Division are the most elite of the infantry, they can regenerate their bodies back to life due to them made of self reproducing nanites. For them to be destoryed, all of their body must be destroyed even to a particle.

Used in fighting jungle planets, by the name, they are Guerrillas, they fight without any organized warfare and are trained with ambushes, hand to hand combat, and stealth.

Invisible type of infantry units, they are meant to be trained against a enemy with a superior advantage and using cloaking technology, they also disguise themselves as other people, tricking the enemy.

Dragon Warriors
Dragons are the main wing of the Dragon Warriors, they are equipped with double edged swords and can be used while riding their companions.

The "Superanatural" Division of the Infantry


Mechanized Forces of Coryana

Commander-In cheif: Jose Britton

Size:110 Octovegintillion

Reserve: 3 Vegintilloon

The mechanized forces of Coryana is a branch used for tanks, artirelly etc.
All mechanized units have proper anti- EMP shielding to protect them against electro-magnetic attacks.
This Mechanized Units are called walkers,they either have 2-6 Legs depending on what they are.They are sometimes called "Sentient Tanks".The Walkers legs are also protected with nano materials, always self-replicating and regenerating when damaged in battle.

Similar to the Walkers but it has more firepower and defenses.Coryan Tanks have cloaking technology with anti EMPs to protect against anti-tank units. Effective against Mech Robots.

Mostly used in planetary Siege battles, it is effective to destory enemy walls and energy fields due to its immense fire power.

Similar to walkers, but they have 3 legs and is protected by magnetic force fields.

Used for landing Coryan troops in and out of a battlefield, equipped with Tachyon Engines, they have FTL engines to help troops evactuate or land throughout the war.

Small Mech Units that are around 100 centimeters, they are mostly used as the first wave of Coryan warfare, though small and weak in firepower, they are the most cheapest units produced in the Industrial power of the nation.

Rolling Mechanized Units that specialize at crushing enemies with their fast rolling. Energy Blast resistant mechs and can deal even tanks.


Unmanned Drones are used for planetary orbital bombardment, controlled by a AI mind, it is small and easily manueavble by the AI, it can also crash itself in any strategic location, destorying it along with the drones and its bombs. Also used in reconisance in spying enemy bases.

Orbital Bombardment Drones
They are much larger than typical drones and they are used for excessive orbital bombardment of a planet, destroying everything in the surface .

Space Force

Branch Name: United Coryana Space Forces (UCSF)

Commander:Martin Garcia

Size:122 Octovegintillion

They are small ships that are carried by starships or dreadnoughts, even in just a single ship it is very deadly, it has 5 rotating guns that charges negative electrons. Sizes vary from 8-15 meters.

Tactical small ships used for blowing up large enemy fleets that are too difficult to handle by starships, they are also used for reconnaissance by the Espinoage System branch.
Although not as big and strong to Dreadnoughts, they are more lighter and manuerable, alowing them to be produced in great numbers, they are armed with Graviton and Boron Torpedos, used to provide fire support.

A "Pirate" ship that raid other ships and give the loots back to the nation.

Heavy Ships that stores small fighter jets on the battle field, they typically store most powerful ammunitions and superweapons such as the reverse bomb. The third leading ships of the fleet.

The main fighting force of the Coryan space fleets,they have ummeasurably powerful FTL inhibitors to protect them and a group of energy barriers to protect them,they also have powerful weapons such as projectile type energy torpedos and can house over 500,000 of small fighter ships, far more stronger than Dreadnoughts

Capital Ships
Sometimes they are the leading ships of the large fleet and equipped with 500 Dark matter torpedo payloads, Tachyon particle point laser for immediate destruction of the enemy.

They are Sentient Millitary Ships with fights in ground and space warfare,unlike the other ships,our warminds is fully sentient and can formulate new millitary strategy by scanning on whats happening on the battle.

An Elemental Ship,they have weapons that have each elements of own for example a freeze bomb could cause a dangerous nuclear winter around a planet [considering they already are]

A dangerous kind of organic ship, a breathing, living giant warship

Typical large warships that are led by the main commanders of the millitary. Ranging from the size of 300 KM even to a thousand, storing all the superweapons and hyper sentient A.I minds for warfare.


Hologram "Army"
They are a army that are holograms, these are used to fool the enemy and it is made to be similar to of the Coryan army, the holograms can also damage their enemies but they never take a hit. So when the enemy is now confused,the real army jumps in and defeat the enemy. Used as one of the major millitary tactics during war.

Coryan Warrior
The Coryan Warriors is a Special Type of Division where it works with the government and the government assigns them to do a task that such as learning and solving about dangerous problems that Coryan Explorers cannot do it or inflitrate an enemy camp/base.
The Warriors are promoted strictly based on skill and knowledge, essentially the knights of the nation.

Academy Students
-This is The First Rank of The Warriors,while not really in the Division,they are teached on their fighting,behavior,PE,Arts,Science,and History,

-After The Exams for Academy Students,the students who passed will be promoted into "Ninns" as they are now part of the division
they are grouped into teams of 4 and will be teached by ther Sarriks.
Now They are now Learning on Extereme obstacle courses and more outside there academy.

-When Students are Ninns for a Long Time,they will be given a chance to be promoted into Ranns and will be undergoing the Ranns Exams,where each students fight each others based on what they have been learned,it is usually take place in The Chromium Arena,when students became Ranns,they are now doing missions instructed by their Teachers,the missions can be anything important from solving disputes in coorporations to infilitarating a enemy base in times of war

Sarriks are ranks who are students being Ranns for a long time and are well behaved,knowledge of Fighting and Defenses,and the ability of leadership
The Sarriks are the one who teaches students who are ranks below them,teaching them on how to be a formidable Coryan warrior.


Main Weapons of a Common Coryan Soldier
2x Proton-Ray Rifle
3x Plasma Pistols
1x Death Machine Gun
2x Laser Vaporizer Rifles
3x Teleporter and Scanner

Nanite Gun.

These are the guns that shoot out aggressive nanites coming out to consume your enemy's entire existance
body, their 10mm barrels rotate and shoot out nanites to be more efficient and great in consuming your enemy soldier. Would be fast to kill a organic but slightly challenging if you are dealing with some advanced robot.

Weaponized Star
The Power Core is a highly compressed star which has been shrinked to a size of a suitcase, the stolen energy has a power to destroy a single planet itself. There is a elite Millitary division that specialise in this weapon, they are kept classfied to foriegners as to not get stolen in the wrong hands.

Reverse Guns
Basically a Reverse Bomb turned into a gun,it shoots out the same energy as the reverse bomb does except it's has little power.Users must be very far as it has a diameter of 5 Kilometers,so it would work when you know how to aim properly.

Zero-point Gun
Using Zero-point energy, this gun is desgined to

Automatic Miniguns which firepower are high-level heat energy power source.

Energy Shotgun
A High-Heat based instant Shotgun

Graviton Rifle
A small dose of particle distabilaizers are used for the gun, must be used only in long ranged battles. They are highly explosive for a group of soldiers charging at you. Deadly yet effective.


Reverse Bomb
This is a Universe Destroying Bomb capable of emptying a universe itself, how it destroys a universe is like a reverse big bang hence the name "reverse bomb". When a reverse bomb is dropped it pulls every place from the universe (galaxies,nebulas etc) then when the entire universe is pulled, it releases a faint blip that will destory the pulled objects and emptying the universe itself. It is equipped with a strong magnetic force and a bomb that detonates a brutal explosion when the magnet is done pulling together around the universe, 6 bombs are produced every month. New tastings are now being made, the reverse bomb can now consume 2 universes, together with the void that holds the universes altogether, this will be more dangerous. Used in Emergencies only.

False Vacuum.
Our False Vaccum bomb is a invisible,When detonated it releases a large amounts of stable higgs field or true vacuum but before that the bomb would be prepared for potenial energy.We try to protect this unstable energy by using nanites as a material as a bomb and must be detonated quickly, only 5 are made per month. Even when it is destoryed the Falsevac would still continue its vacuum consuming high fields, so both destorying it would be suicide for the enemy.

Goo Vaporizer Bomb (kind of a "superweapon")
A Weapon designed to eliminate specific biological species AND only organics.

(See Dimensional Technology and the Cyberweb)
A Type of large scale energy bombardment against enemy forces. Glassing can be used as a dimensional superweapons against the enemy, using Kumain Energy, once released into the universe will corrupt it's law of physics and defy everything. The energy can also create a rift in space time, causing void energy to also consume the universe, collapsing it from within.

Expanding Star

A still testing modified weapon that is a small star when released into a universe will expand violently consuming everything in its path, not even galaxies can hold against it. Once it gets to the size of the universe, it will explode.

Nuclear Storm

Billions if not trillions of thermonuclear bombs are used to rain over superior fleets and infantry at a last resort or a surprise attack. It uses quick teleportation and cloaking technology to ambush the enemy, then it pours through them, brutal explosions happen at the last second.

This is used for fighting planets with mostly oceans in it,they have ships the same way our Space force does:

Starships and

There are also Bioships, a large living ship floating in space coming to consume all marine biomass.

Power Armors

Coryans use Highly Defensive Power Armors, but they are mobile and manuevering can be no problem because of the material used in the armor being lightweight feather, equipped with Nova Miniguns that have the power to shoot down a entire enemy company and teleportation devices, Coryan Power Armors are not particularly large.

Assault Nanite Armor
Assault Armor that are nanites; self regenerating and energy blast resistant. Used by 53% of the Coryan Infantry, effective when soldiers are fighting against explosive units. Nanite has also the ability to protect groups of soldiers by sending down one of the nanites to them, creating a new Nanite armor.

The Air Forces are also the nation's space navy, however, there are some units that only operates on the atmosphere.

Prybirds are mostly support crafts in helping Landing Probes get to their desiginated landing location, equipped with plasma miniguns to combat type 1-2 civlization type Aircrafts. They have 2 energy forcefields in its engines, designed to protect against Anti-aircraft guns and defenses.


The Dimensional Units of Coryana, 2 Trillion units are in this branch, They create many interdimensional rifts among the dimensions. They use bilocation as their advantage, appearing in every dimension at once. They are near-immortal, they are properly converted into literal Kumain energy, a energy source that is known to corrupt physical forms and their states. Using Kumain Energy, they have the power to literally change the laws of physics throughout the dimensions, however, if taken too much, the Kumain Energy would dysfunction against the Gabriel Units will.

Abilities of the "Gabriel" Unit
- Kumain Abilities
- Telepathy

The Millitary Systems are a complex web of initiatives developed by A.I minds to combat against one civilization or more specifically. Whether the civilization is friendly to us or not, we are cautious that some of them may try to backstab Coryana.

Each recorded civilizations by the systems have each combatant systems in a attempt to immediately stop them from getting too worse in a war.

The Coryana Spy System is the main espionage branch of the country, the spy network is run by multiple A.I minds that send out spy drones and scanning probes.

Spy Assets and Drones

With the new invention of Reality technology, Coryans can fight back against magical or superanatural units.