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>> Dimensional Reports (scroll up for more info about dimensional technology)

>> You have accessed the dimensional report program, this is developed by the Coryana Scientific Institute the same organization that made the popular program of technologies and sciences of Coryana. This will list all the dimensions and reports by the UCEC of the Omniverse that had been fully explored and chartered by the UCEC and other organizations <<

You may proceed now, as the program has fully loaded


>>> The Archives



" We sought to travel through the dimensions, the relatives of the multiverse whom we have not abandoned yet."
- Albert Kumain

"Dimensions, the true final frontier

FROM: Redd Krilog
To: The viewers


>> Greetings! Recently, Mr. Kumain and his team, one of Coryana's notable technological organizations made a huge blow to the scientific community, Albert Kumain was the first to develop a new warp drive that can forever change Coryan transportation, it was known as the Kumain Drive, it was tested out on a starship, the results were...interesting It gave us access to the "Kumain Space", the first dimension we have ever explored and observed, it appears that the multiversal law physics does not apply here and time does not move.

It's only the first step for making Coryana also capable of entering dimensions and beyond, for this is the true final frontier for all nations! <<

Dimensional ships, the first of it's kind


Kumain Space

== REPORT ==

The Kumain Space is a mysterious subspace that space and time cannot operate on. The only way to access it is to obtain the Kumain Drive, a warp drive specifically developed for it, a giant rift in the space-time continuum, some of the samples collected by the starship is a new form of energy that has the characteristic of Kumain Space, more research is now going in. Construction of a special starbase will be commenced

== UPDATE ==

It has appeared that this new form of energy can be contained through by teleporting the energy into its designated location and through digital particles although, in only multiple occasions, we never thought it could be this easy we also knew that this energy is also dangerous for those who have touched it, corrupting their physical form, and letting the energy let through inside the body, your body will literally defy the laws of physics itself, causing you to become an...abstract form... Kumain energy will must be always contained via reality-bending and digital particles or else it spreads too much, turning the entire multiverse into a corrupted form of the sub-space.


== REPORT ==

Another dimension we have discovered, it's a bit absurd once you tell it to your crew but hey, everybody doubts everybody sometimes, heh. The Cookieverse can be accessed through the newly developed Riftporter, inspired by the late Kumain warp drive. It is a special universe that is absurdly a literal giant cookie, superclusters of galaxies are basically one giant crumb, it appears it is a chocolate chip cookie, the taste is delicious and we are building a cookie mine in the dimension, it will mine large cookie crumbs and transport it for the multiverse, a great economic investment for the merchants probably. It also seems like the cookieverse has a form of sentient life, 'cookie life' as we call it, it was absurd but interesting and fascinating to observe at, they have four legs and cookies are their only form of diet. How they work biologically is yet to be discovered, 'magic' or the 'supernatural' is theorized that made cookie's sentient.


The Fourth Dimension
== REPORT ==

Length, width, and height... The properties of the third dimension, we never thought that the fourth dimension existed all along which was already in theory in the multiverse before this exploration was made, it was a vomiting experience, while we need work on getting used to fourth-dimensional shapes and forms, it was accessed by the second and new version of the riftporter. Changing time and space to travel through the dimension.


== REPORT ==

The Arcverse or the Imaginarium, a new interesting dimension, a place where reality and non-existence resides. You think something doesn't exist and that something 'exists' here in the Arcverse, the way I describe it is pretty vague but trust me once you get to the Arcverse, there's no turning back for your mental state, more information to be released on future reports as we have newly landed in this kind of dimension.



Well... We have found that the Arcverse is actually connected to your consciousness once you reside for so long, your thoughts becoming true as life which the explanation for this that, this verse is a spiritual and mental realm, a realm that freely connects every mind, even as your consciousness is essentially connected, it also doesn't exist, at least not if you're outside the verse.


Second Dimension
== REPORT ==

This second-dimensional space is easy to comprehend but very weird since you are used within the 3-dimensional realm, just like in the fourth dimension. Length and width are the main characteristics of this dimension as they are only in the 2D space. Life seems likely impossible in this space. Now, this reminds me of my old kindergarten lessons all over again! Anyways, a new base and a warpgates to all dimensions will also be constructed at a moment's notice.



The dimensional barrier between the fourth and third-dimensional space which means there's an abnormal mix of time and space with each dimension trying to defy each law of physics, there was no lifeforms in the metaverse which means they could have died off by the space-time defying abnormality plus added with time not able to correspond correctly as when are ships try to move, it took us FIVE HOURS for it to finally get moving, no.. it wasn't an engine failure at all! I checked the ship's warpdrives and all of them are 100% operational at the time! Our own ships and explorers almost died when we got off this verse, so if we might develop some kind of armor that can protect us from this kind of danger someday...