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>> Transportation, Communications, and others

《《 W E L C O M E ! 》



>> || The ever complex of transportation and communcation systems have made always a crucial part of logistical complexes ever since since the dawn of history; from simple stone tools, wheels and carts, early paper writings, the advent of computers to the spacecrafts and tachyons today. Coryana developed quite a diverse types of travel like dragons to artificial wormholes for travelling, while communications like the MUSK system made Coryans be connected to the digital multiverse truly before. For the millennia to come, from past, present, and to the future, Coryana herself and the people must constantly adapt to new kinds of logistics and complex progresses through the end of Coryana and time.

Almost all of Coryans have free access to interstellar travelling, the Cyberweb or MUSK, and any kind of communication systems. Most of the main virtual uses ard for entertainment such as movies and shows, businesses are also used like live mercantile current stock market tradings of the multiverse. Similar to the ancient terran communication technology, the internet or the International Network used by old computer devices and phones. || <<

(For extra info of logistics and ships, kindly see the extension here)


>> || Transportation in Coryana offers many variety of things; dragons, teleportation, worm-hole traveling, ships, and other conventional kinds. But we do have some other nifty and comfortable ways of transportation here, where it is largely funded by the government and in corporation with transportation based private industries. As the Coryan way of transportation is always evolving and Coryans got used to adapt to new unconventional kinds of travelling such as the discovery of the void which enables people to travel across it, the tourism industry also uses quick wormhole travelling to quickly arrive to popular tourist destinations while doing plenty of space/cosmic trips around megastructures in this case.

Ever since Dimensional and reality technology were invented and perfected, where faster, advanced warpdrives are now being implemented in all ships, with both now civilian and military, ships can also arrive in a planet even without a designated landing pad as it can just hover automatically and send the crew to the surface, nevertheless, here are main travel types used in the nation: || <<

《《 Void Travel 》》

(More info at technology program)

** || Void travel enables Coryans to travel through the void, a large gravitational barrier that holds between universes until the end of existence, after the discovery and the creation of a warp to the void, it is now usee especially for Coryan research, defense and currently civilian purposes, they are the one that holds the universes from not collapsing apart and colliding within one another with its immense gravitational force to these universes, the void also contains large sums of dark energy and matter making it a giant gold mine for researching Coryan scientists for a new energy source, while it is not still many Coryans that live and work in the void (though much more colonization purposes will be issued), there are millitary ships that patrol the void, it is lonely but you can see a lot of universes in all of things, many visitors have commented that they literally cried upon seeing of the multiverse in a perfect view, would not recommend for people that have phobias of existentialism. || **

《《 Multiversal Travel 》》

Implemented with cloaking devices

** || When Coryana reached its final universal stages and unto the multiverse, others looked and theorized beyond our universe lies another one and has thought that universes are eternal (which the eternal one was kind-of true as the multiverse produce billions of universes every day), mass testings of a multiversal travel were initiated by predecessors of the UCEC for many months until finally a new whole universe, different from ours was discovered, the first multiversal drive and warping teleportation had finally worked, and with that, first exploration crews were sent out to study much of this revolutionizing location, then as time goes on, the nation prepared for a new colonization effort and so was Coryana expands along many universes, it was time for the second golden age. Today as we seek to try our curiosity once again to the Omniverse, inter-universal travel is finally common place with peaceful unity throughout the multiverse. || **

《《 Cyber/Virtual Travel 》》

** || The Cyberweb is also used in virtual mobile transportation across the digital and phyisical realm for passing conciousness throughout the nation and is the most used one as well. When you transport your mind, your physical form materializes in one of the revival check points in the specific location you want to go, since the physical body was copied when you get transported, built in many places of the nation. It is used as a way to teleport across within all supercomputer terminals inside, protected with anti-viruses and peacekeeping soldiers in the connected cyber-web though only in the most vulnerable areas. || **

《《 Emergency/Evactuation Travels 》》

** || Seedships are emergency ships in Coryana, when [DATA EXPUNGED] is initiated, all species that inhabits the nation especially dragons, and every possible, relocatable assets in Coryana must evacuate to a designated place where the seedships are located, designed to be large and can house to a billion Coryans or more, stores important aspects and blueprints of technology and information for the new Coryan civilization to start on. The most famous ones are CC- Hope, JC- Gabriel, and XC- Rowana, they are next, upgraded generation of the generation ships, where inside of the seedship is a mega-city designed to serve each individual luxury needs for both A.I and biological survival. Scientific/technological and cultural computer databases are stored within the seedships nexus terminals, accessing for those who saw their once great homeworld destoryed and will see another light of civilization by new aritifical planets similar to New Terra. || **

A Coryan Seedship 'Verdun' ready for use

《《 Light Bridges 》》

** || Used for short travelling in space, light bridges are a cascade of coherent, high-energy photons are emitted through the air, generating a visible, horizontal band of light, the coherent band of light interacts with the illuminated air, and pushes aside the air within and around it it, becoming a firm, solid mass capable of supporting extremely heavy weights in its wide bridge. Also found in planetary bases with gaps such as canyons and mountains, it can be turned off just in case, enemy squadrons or hostiles when in military planets trying to storm through the bridges, causing them to fall down into the depths. ||**

《《 Water-Based Transportation 》》

** || Aquatic based travelling in Coryana includes spacecraft that can be switched into aquatic mode/module, particularly used in ocean covering planets where cities are found within underneath the ocean deep in covered, aritifical domes or acting like giant boats which are self-suffecient and automated, floating around through the ever shifting ice and seas with A.I safety measures to prevent floating sea-cities against from storms, waves, and even tsunami's, though also counting with possible marine life attacks . || **

《《 Dimensional Travelling 》》

** || Dimensional transportation also have been developed in Coryana with warpgates, allowing it to travel through various sub-dimensions of the Omniverse. One special dimensional transportation are the Kumain warpdrives, the first working dimensional warpdrive ever used, it's speed made the ship go into a sub space where any multiversal law physics does not apply immediately, it was reported to be a whole new perspective on the space-time continuum. The new discovery led to the name of the "Kumain Space", coined by Albert Kumain and his team of only 10, the small organization who discovered the first sub-space to exist outside the multiverse. Dimensional travel can be also accessed through quantum tunneling on many occasions, although we have many waiting and under-construction for the colonization process and automated residential starbases in the Kumain space, which is to mostly acomodate researchers, colonies and possibly their familes within a new luxurious home with every wants and needs. || **

(More info here)

《《 Space Transit 》》

** || Space/cosmic transit or commonly known as 'space trains' which are highly complex metro systems around the nation without the use of coventional railways on planetary surfaces. Travelling round across the universe with specified, coded artificial wormholes or warpgates to quickly transport you through hundred thousands of designated public stations that is also a large warp-pad center to choose, they can also easily go to any planets with reistants to almost all climates, which now makes it basically a very long ship. || **

《《 Tracking Beam 》》

** || Tracking or known as tractor beams are supposed to be used mainly in escorting ships back to their main location or taking resources/materials in the large vacuum of space, implemented in some Coryan ships, using the help as an energy beaming force that is purely created to attract any objects such as lost parts of ships, it is similar to a magnet, though much more advanced, stronger and specifically for more bigger ships or objects, three to two tracking beams are used. || **

☆ Communications ☆

>> || Communications in Coryana and much of the multiverse around it has evolved rapidly throughout the course of thousands of years by technological progress from the word of mouth to ancient radio waves developed by much of planetary civilizations, lasers, then next on to the FTL tachyons, they are crucial in supporting Coryan logistics across the multiverse and to send information through one another.

Communications especially languages with each diverse dialects are said to be the true gateway to civilizations and societies as even without it, you aren't able to organize more quickly within your society, without society, technology can't be truly progressed to the cosmos. || <<

《《 Tachyons 》》

[align=center]** || A created particle that is faster than light or FTL, developed via reality bending, used as waves for sending in transmissions across the multiverse, completely changing the laws of nature herself. It was developed shortly after the creation of light bridges which uses these particles in some bridges but relatively more faster to generate, and for more info you can see the technology program. || **

《《 Artificial Wormholes 》》

** || Also a quick way of sending messages across space, these engineered mini-wormholes are also used too for small tachyon particles to get across the multiverse, with ships being disptached. Warping teleportation are also used as well, mainly for delivering products at the right location. Making communications much more instant and efficient especially for social contacts with your friends and family alike. || **

A Warpgate

《 《 Telepathy 》 》

** || Using mental telepathy to other people is also used as 'secret' communications but must be used properly as to defend against whoever using the telepathy for their own mind control, though Coryans and other similar cousins can naturally utilize this abilities, but many if not all species alike can use telepathy using the power of mental modification technology can acheive this kind of ability. (see species program for more info). || **

《《 Networking Comms 》》

** || Massive networking systems that connects Coryans with fast information such as in entertainment, buisness/economic, and miscellaneous purposes around universes, notable of which are the Cyberweb and MUSK, that can only be accessed with mind upload, which are one of the first steps to true digital singularity or transcendence of all species. || **

《《 Comms Counter-Interceptor 》》

** || As long as communication system networks never ends in Coryana, the logistical complex will always be up and running. In case any organizations or individual planning to hack the cyberweb probably for their own malicious gains, we have found a way to combat against them, along with not centralizing the network itself to prevent hacks that can easily shut down the entire system, the cyberweb branch opreating physically and digitally in both realms, we must always monitor and maintain the cyberweb and MUSK daily against malicious theif's or worse. || **

☆ Communication Devices ☆

《《 Portable Supercomputer 》》

** || A self portable, handheld quantum supercomputer that can be able to simulate half the full data storage of reality simulations itself, implemented in some Coryan spacecrafts as it has a feature that allows you to navigate through a universe, containing all of it's organized star sectors and both major/minor cosmic geographies via a digital map on a ship's computer system, it can be activated via either personalized voice commands or manual settings in the computer device. || **

《《 Multiversal Translator 》》

** || Having a large database of the languages and culture collected through exploration either with first contactmissions and in Coryana with thousands of languages or dialects being added by the records of the UCEC and other exploration organizations, updating every month by connecting with a file system of all languages with it's grammar, speech, and dialects recorded, used in working with or visiting on other species for more coorporation with each and to preferably learn more languages. || **

《《 Digital Uploader 》》

** || A device used for freely uploading your consciousness to the Cyberweb and other uploading webs, basically a mobile stellar matrix uploader. || **

《《 MMS 》》

** || The MMS or the Multiversal Mapping System is a complex system that lets you help navigate much of the discovered/chartered universes and it's sectors by Coryana and its trusted allied civilizations, it is automatically implemented by statecraft factories in almost all Coryan-type ships, crucial in exploration and travelling missions, most importantly, if the ship gets lost on the vastness of dark, possibly unexplored space. || **

☆ Multiversal Logistical Communications and Transportation ☆

《《 The Multiversal Communication System Network 》》(MCSK or MUSK)

** || A massive, multiversalwide communication networking systems that allows users alike to freely communicate with others even if you are in a another universe, using faster-than-light tachyon particles as a way to connect with other Coryan devices. Almost every Coryans are connected with MUSK and other networking systems making them also connected and able to interact with each users in the multiverse. The signals that made them connected to each one of them are lines of large antennas that stretches around 3000 universes and more (which would be built and modified more overtime) from the border of Coryana to its region, known as the MUSK waves, which is similar to the old radio waves that planetary societies use, these waves are basically modified tachyons, they are maintained by automatic A.I minds and tested daily for any repairs and the like. The MUSK system also allows more advanced private telecommunication companies to rise in the growing industry.

It's main neural systems is protected and patrolled by the CNP, where soldiers who are transported in the network and anti-viruses stationed and produced in the Cyberweb via mind upload, with advanced anti-viruses and malware also omnipresent around the network that only responds when there's an actual major cyber invasion though anyone can access the web but with safety against possible intruders. || **

(OOC: Basically the internet but it's the multiverse that is connected)

《《 The Multiversal Transporation System 》》

** || The transportation system for Coryans and many alike throughout the multiverse, the transportation networking system consists of many travel types from dragons to teleportation to space travel (from multiversal to dimensional). MTS transit line stations are built over universes for Coryans in regions and other civilizations alike to travel. It also has some security protection, assisting help from the MDI (Multiversal Defense Initiative and the Dimensional Initiatives). Currently there are over 500,000 or more universal stations that are each larger and smaller depending on the average population of the people commuting it, throughout the multiverse and most of them are handled by trusted civilizations and Coryan regions. And every Coryans use and utilize these public stations everyday, the UCEC also use this as a nexus jumpgates for future, further exploration missions to unexplored, uncharted universes and the promising dimensional beyond. || **

《《 Dragon Taxi 》》

** || The transportation system for dragons when they are ready for migration and mating season, Coryans and importantly the Dragon Institute will always plan to find a route for the migrating dragons during mating and migrate seasons to a new habitat planet and will find better alternatives for other transportation systems to go through the universe with warping pathfinders that makes a detailed mapping system of the path for the location you're going for. || **

《《 Trade Lines 》》

(More info)

** || The ever expanding trade lines of Coryana are seen as complex with probes and harvesters going through around through universes bringing in materials that are raw or finished products, for construction, technological and other miscellaneous purposes such as furnitures and souvenirs, using the help of instant warping methods (see below section). || **

《《 Tourism 》》

(See MUSKNET program for more data)

** || There are many traveling lines of cosmic hotels, megastructures, habitat planets and others et cetera, along dozens of universes with warpgates and reality tunneling which is now becoming common use, many years after it's creation. The official Tourism Agency of Coryana always advises to use a virtual map device with each specific planets, galaxies and structure of Coryana uploaded everytime they travel to not get lost in the gigantic nation of space and seemingly endless structures however it can be now acessed freely in public transportations. || **

☆ Warpdrives ☆

** || The engine warpdrives are primarily special speed engines popularly used in almost all Coryan ship crafts and one of the most traded product of merchants due to it's significant use on to travel and thrive through the unknown regions of the multiverse where Coryana itself is hundreds of thousands universes far. Though please reminder that all of the drives are also FTL ones. These engine-warpdrives are used in all Coryan Ships and in the days of early interstellar Coryana, warpdrives can range to 1,200 to even around 10,000 Bitpesos in the nation but 25% lower when you're shopping in the merchant markets, though today it's much more easy to get in Coryana due to the economy's socialistic scarcity characteristic and making the Bitpesos currency a little bit worthless and bartering once again becoming widespread by merchants all over universes. Over a centillion with more underway for the newer ships to be implemented from. But, these effecient warpdrives have been implemented to almost all types of ships which can be modified and upgraded to the latest features.

== Kugelblitz Drives ==

== Dimensional Drives ==

== Cloaking Drives ==

== Atomic Drives ==

== Jump Drives ==

== Ghost Drives ==

== Reality Drives ==

There are also hyperspace warpdrives that are essentially just a more powerful drive engines, which makes instantaneous travel using a type folded hyperspace, an extra dimensional space similar to the Kumain subspace, rather than travelling through 'real space' in this case, our very own third dimensional physical space, hyperspace makes a way to be faster than light akin to tachyons particles.

Cloaking warpdrives are also among the most used drive in all Coryan ships as Coryans especially hate invasion of their privacy, protecting their personals against from prying eyes while travelling through space. Kugelblitz drives are also used too, while not necessarily a warp engine, it is basically an engineered black hole as a size of a proton in the sub-atomic world, where a beam of powerful, concentrated lasers emit on the center of the drive, where the small black hole is located, creating large doses of radiation to the engine, thus accelerating a starcraft speed to be around a billion to trillion kilometers per second, enough to travel through galaxies in a hour and the multiverse with portal-warping technology implemented. || **

☆ Specials ☆

《《 Exploration 》》

** || The United Coryana Exploration and Expedition Command (UCEC or UCEEC) is responsible for the exploration and scientific expeditionary branch of Coryana, it's goal is to explore the furthest reaches of the multiverse and dimensions, to understand more of cutting-edge science and technology, and fostering relationships with primitive and multiversal nations. It has achieved many technological successes such as inventing a scanner megastructure that can scan wide as hundreds of universes. The missions of the exploration command must be taken seriously and carefully, ships are made to have field hospitals and communication centers to insure crew survivability and communications. All crews must act reasonable and friendly to incoming civilizations, primitive or not, try to have a clear language with them, where pioneers of great colonies are known to have worked and led on many UCEC crews before. The crew of UCEC participates on the observation of planetary civilization, often colonization of other bodies and protecting other civilizations and providing known information of extinct civilizations and species around planets, abducting live primitives or lifeforms are condemned upon the organization only observing it possibly from afar along with dead lifeforms only being collected, the said sentient lifeforms consenting to the type of testing, and collecting small DNA strands from them, though mostly by secret. The organizations crewmates are also renowned for their works, with them being also diverse in species which could be flexible in solving problems and cooperation across their exploratory starships. The UCEC must be neutral in all native wars when observing and only when there's a larger, stronger force threathening the crew. While the UCEC is the main official branch within exploration of the multiverse and dimensions, many merchants and it's organization starts exploration expeditions to make a a high fortune of trading unique and exotic products in planets. Much of the crew ships are operated or piloted by an A.I, akin to the military warminds, when in need for emergency autopiloting. From it's galactic founding, the UCEC values will always stand for diplomacy, honour, leadership, and unity towards and for Coryana to the rest of the cosmos, forever. || **

《《 Dragons 》》

** || Dragons also exists as a way of free but although limited transportation ( if you have the proper gears to survive in the vaccum in space, that is), they are very fast but is only used in very short travelling around galaxies, they are not to be abused and kill thereof as all regions in Coryana bans the practice. Common to be seen in the nation, but some inhabits habitat planets, they are treated as equal companions of Coryans and others that help each other in day to day lifestyles and are regarded as the official national animal in Coryana although regions may decide and choose what's their regional animal is, mostly coming from their original culture but the dragon is one of the most picked choices for regional states. You can also pet and ride on dragons on many small tourist habitat planets but with obvious care. || **

A common Ji'grukk Dragon in a habitat planet.

(More about dragons and species)

《《 Star Roads 》《

** || Also known as Star Paths, they are distinct cosmic pathways exclusively made by the UCEC, the military, and the scientific institute, it sends out a small powder of specially engineered particles that can be easily be scanned even by planetary technology and survive such in the vacuums of space, so that the crewships might remember their paths even when their scanners have broken down. It can be tracked easily by planetary level technology just in case if scanning/tracking technology in UCEC automated control system and mapping systems fails and get fryed. Merchantile, citizen, and mining ships also use this kind of practice if they get lost far out in the multiverse. || **

《《 Holographic Control Panel 》》

** || Using one of the nifty advantages of holographic technology and one of the things that made that paved the way of ambushing hologram armies and many new computer hologramic devices and interactable furnitures. They are used in each of every Coryan ships from civilian, exploratory, and military purposes, these holograms are mainly control panels that pilots the ship from its speed to its power, this can be switched on and off, change it's panel, and create more hologramic screens for extra controlment, this device is made to be entirely simple with less, complicated physical interactions around the device. || **

《《 The Great Ark 》》

** || The Ark or also known as "Project Wandering Multiverse" is the biggest ship unknown within outside of the nation, among Coryana. Stationed in a specialized artificial universe that is reserved mostly for the garganuant ship, "SL-977-Z". Stretching similar to the great superclusters of universes, it is in a endless wave of maintenance and repair, the ultimate seedship, used for transporting terribly large amount of Coryans (sometimes exploratory and military units) into the unreachable depths of the greater multiverse, originally designed being a large starship in case of a possible parasitic invasion during the time where the most of the universe in fear after the hivemind war, though there are many smaller types of these though, namely called seedships or 'generation ships' as it was first called.

The size of the Ark is absurdly astronomical in numbers, with the interior being a full mega-city inside a ship. It travels far and wide throughout the multiverse, the most expensive ship to be built in Coryana taking around a few decades for completion, it was originally planned by an anonymous person only named "Noah" and his team of highly-minded scientists allegedly working for the Coryan technological community, under mysterious circumstances and was not seen for decades until now, rumored to be the precursors acting as a Coryan, warning us to prepare for the next multiversal extinction events by most conspiracy theories. The Ark also possses one of the most advanced technologies in Coryana, along with that, it is also being upgraded every day with life support technology to suit the Ark against the dangers of the multiverse. It is calculated to house up around to a centillion of people and hundreds of civilizations. Equipped with cosmic or universal analyzers and scanners (see technology and sciences program) in case we land upon an unstable/dud subspace, universe, or perhaps even a dimension, for we must secure the survivability of civilizations and all her species. || **

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