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Transportation, Communications, and others


Transportation and Communcations have made a crucial part of logistics ever since since the dawn of history; from stone wheels to the spacecrafts. Coryana developed quite a diverse types of travel like Dragons to Wormholes for travelling, while communications like MUSK made Coryans be connected to the digital multiverse. For millenia to come, Coryans must constantly adapt to new kinds of logistics.

Almost all of Coryans have access to interstellar travelling and the Cyberweb or MUSK, most of them using is for entertainment and mercantile tradings. Similar to the Ancient Terran technology, the internet.

(For Logistics and Ships, kindly see here)


Transportation in Coryana offers many variety of things; dragons, teleportation, worm-hole traveling, ships, and other conventional kinds. But we do have some other ways of transportation here, largely funded by the government and in corporation with transportation based industries.
Coryan way of transportation is always evolving and Coryans got used to adapt to new unconventional kinds of travelling such as the discovery of the void which enables people to travel across it.
Ever since Dimensional and reality technology were perfected, Warpdrives are now being implemented in all ships, both civilian and millitary. Here are main travel types used in the nation:

Void Travel

Void Travels enables Coryans to travel through the void, a large barrier between universes, they are the one that holds the universes from not collapsing and colliding within one another, also contains large sums of dark energy and matter making it a gold mine for Coryan scientists , while it is not still many Coryans that live and work in the void, there are millitary ships that patrol the void, it is lonely but you can see a lot of universes in all of things, would not recommend for people that have phobias of existentialism.

Multiversal Travel

A Civillian Ship

Multiversal travel was discovered after Coryana fully reached the universal stage, it was shortly available to the public 70 years later then, it was used as a way to expand to other universes via warp drives, advanced engines, and artifical wormhole technology. The first true Warpdrives was truly invented 7 years after the discovery of the multiverse. Today, multiversal travel is used freely by Coryans and the government, making it handy to travel through other universes. Now when interuniversal travel is commonplace, Coryans travel freely around the cosmos with hyperdrives making them faster than ever before. Now that dosent mean they can freely travel anywhere they want, raiders are still out there and we want to protect our borders.

Cyber Travel

The Cyberweb is also used in mobile transportation across the digital and phyisical realm for passing conciousness throughout the nation, when you transport your mind, your physical form materializes in one of the revival check points in the specific location you want to go, built in many places of the nation. Used as a way to teleport across all supercomputer terminals inside, protected with anti-viruses and soldiers in the web.

Emergency/Evactuation Travels

Seedships are emergency ships in Coryana, when [DATA EXPUNGED] is initiated, all Coryans, dragons, and everything in a designated place must evacuate to 
the seedships, designed to be large and can house to a billion Coryans or more, stores technology and information for the new Coryan civilization to start on. The most famous ones are CC- Hope and JC- Gabriel. The next generation of generation ships, inside of the seedship is a mega-city designed to serve each individual luxury for survival. Scientific and cultural databases are stored within the seedships terminal, accessing for those who saw their once great homeworld destoryed and will see another light of civilization .

A Coryan Seedship 'Verdun' ready for use

Light Bridges

Used for short travelling in space, light bridges are a cascade of coherent, high-energy photons are emitted through the air, generating a visible, horizontal band of light, the coherent band of light interacts with the illuminated air, and pushes aside the air within and around it it, becoming a firm, solid mass capable of supporting extremely heavy weights. Also found in Planetary bases with gaps, it can be turned off just in case, enemy squadrons storm through the bridges, causing them to fall down.

Water Based Transportation

Aquatic based travelling in Coryana includes spacecraft that can be switched into Aquatic mode, particularly used in ocean covering planets where cities are found within underneath or acting like giant boats .

Dimensional Travels

Dimensional Transportation also have been developed in Coryana, allowing it to travel through various sub-dimensions. One special Dimensional transportation is the Kumain Warpdrives, it's speed made the ship go into a sub space where any multiversal law physics does not apply, it was reported to be a whole new perspective on the space-time continuum. The new discovery led to the name of the "Kumain Space".

(More info here)

Space Transit

Space Transit or commonly known as 'space trains' are highly complex metro systems around the nation. Travelling round across the universe with wormholes to keep by


Communications in Coryana have evolved rapidly from the word of mouth to ancient radio waves, lasers, then to the FTL Tachyon's, they are crucial in supporting Coryan logistics across the multiverse and to send information through one another.


A particle that is faster than light, used as waves for sending in transmissions across the multiverse, completely changing the laws of nature herself. It was developed shortly after the creation of Light Bridges.

Artificial Wormholes

Also a quick way of sending messages across space, mini-wormholes are also used too for small tachyon particles to get across the multiverse. Making communications much more instant and effecient.

Networking Comms

Massive networking systems that connects Coryans with fast information such as in entertainment, buisness/economic, and others around universes, notable of which are the Cyberweb and Musk

Communication Devices

Portable Supercomputer

An self Portable quantum supercomputer that can simulate half of reality simulations, implemented in some Coryan spacecrafts as it has a feature that allows you to navigate through a universe via a digital map.


Having a Database of the languages collected by exploration missions and in Coryana with thousands of languages or dialects being added by the records of the UCEC and other exploration organizations every month by connecting with a file system of all languages recorded.

Digital Uploader

A Device used for freely uploading your consciousness to the Cyberweb and other uploading webs.


The MMS or the Multiversal Mapping System is a complex system tgat lets you help mal mich of the discovered universes.

Multiversal Logistical Communications and Transportation

The Multiversal Communication System Network (MCSK or MUSK)

A Multiversalwide Networking System that allows users to communicate with others even if you are in a another universe, using Tachyon Particles as a way to connect with other devices. Every Coryans are connected with MUSK making them also connected to each users in the Multiverse. The signals that made them connected to each one of them are lines of large antennas that stretches 3000 Universes from the border of Coryana to its region, known as the MUSK waves, they are maintained by automatic A.I minds and tested daily for any repairs and the like. MUSK also allows Telecommunication Companies to rise in the industry.

It is protected by soldiers stationed in the Cyberweb via mind upload and advanced anti-viruses and malware omnipresent around the networks.

(OOC: Basically the internet but it's the multiverse)

The Multiversal Transporation System

The transportation system for Coryans throughout the multiverse, the transportation system consists of many travel types from dragons to teleportation to space travel. MTS stations are built over universes for Coryans and other civilizations alike to travel. It also has some security protection, assisting help from the
Multiversal Defense Initiative and the Dimensional Initiative

Currently there are over 500,000 Universal stations throughout the multiverse and most of them are handled by trusted civilizations. And every Coryans use these stations everyday, the UCEC also use this as a nexus jumpgates for future exploration missions.

Dragon Taxi

A transportation system for Dragons when they are ready for migration and mating season, Coryans will plan to find a route for the travelling dragons and will find alternatives for other transportation systems to go through.


The Warpdrives mainly used in the nation, reminder that all of the drives are also FTL ones. Warpdrives are used in all Coryan Ships and can range to 1,200 to even 10,000 Bitpesos in the nation but 25% lower when you're shopping in the merchant markets. Over a centillion warpdrives have been implemented.

Kugelblitz Drives

Dimensional Drives

Cloaking Drives

Jump Drives

Ghost Drives

Reality Drives

There are also Hyperspace warpdrives that are essentially just powerful engines, which makes instantaneous travel using a folded hyperspace, a extra dimensional space similar to the Kumain subspace, rather than travelling through 'real space', hyperspace makes a way to be faster than light.


The United Coryans Exploration and Expedition Command (UCEC or UCEEC) is responsible for the exploration and scientific expeditionary branch of Coryana, it's goal is to explore the furthest reaches of the multiverse, understand more of cutting-edge science and technology, and fostering relationships with primitive nations. It has achieved many successes such as building a scanner megastructure that can scan wide as hundreds of universes. The missions of the Exploration command must be taken seriously and carefully, ships are made to have field hospitals and communication centers to insure crew survivability and communications. All crews must act reasonable and friendly to incoming civilizations, pioneers of great colonies are known to have worked on the UCEC before. The crew of UCEC participates on the observation of planetary civilization, often colonization of other bodies and protecting other civilizations. The UCEC is neutral in all wars when observing. While the UCEC is the main official branch within exploration of the multiverse, merchants make exploration expedition to make a a high fortune of trading unique products.

Dragons also exists as a way of transportation, they are very fast but is only used in very short travelling, they are not to be abused of. Common to be seen in the nation, they are mostly companions of Coryans that help each other in day to day life.

An average Ji'grukk Dragon in a habitat planet.

Star Roads

Also known as Star Paths, they are distinct paths made by the UCEC, it sends out a small powder of particles in space, so that hey might remember their paths even when their scanners have broken down. It can be tracked easily by planetary level technology just in case if technology in UCEC automated control system and mapping systems fails.

The Great Ark

The Ark is the biggest ship among Coryana, stationed in a universe that is reserved mostly for the garganuant ship, "SL-977-Z". It stretches similar to the great supercluster of the universes, it is in a endless wave of maintenance and repair, the ultimate seedship, used for transporting terribly large amount of Coryans (sometimes millitary units) into the unreachable depths of the greater multiverse.
The size of the Ark is absurdly astronomical in numbers, with the interior being a full mega-city inside a ship. It travels far and wide throughout the multiverse, it was constructed by a anonymous man named "Noah" and his team of scientists allegedly working for the Coryan technological community, under mysterious circumstances and was not seen for decades. The Ark also possses one of the most advanced technologies in Coryana, along with that, it is also being upgraded every day to suit the Ark against the dangers of the multiverse. Can house up to centillion of people and hundreds of civilizations.