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>> Culture (Where probably most of my worldbuilding 'talent' is credited)

The Culture of Coryana

''As one civilization, we all unite!''

- Eldritch Nolyab, the first emperor of Coryana, one of the crucial key founders to the birth of a new culture and civilization.


Coryan culture has evolved throughout the centuries with the current changes being the Great Dragon movement, a great movement inspired by the old philosophers of Coryana believing that the nation has abandoned its peaceful ways. Even though the nation has largely libera features. We may never forget and respect those who have come before us and after, our ancestors and descendants, the past and the future came/come to steer the fate of our multiverse, the omniverse and possibly to beyond and infinity. However, the nation has a strong sense of a multicultural social policy with cultures mixing with cultures to keep the inter-universal stability up and going. For the unity of all species!


This culture also has some southeast Asian elements, notably Filipino and it's ethnic cultures well sort-of. Anyways, enjoy the read!


Our Culture was built on the backbones of every people who fought hard to survive in the past. Just after the Coryans left the bunkers, literally all of them are starving and left traumatized so the people decided they want a Utopia and help other species to not experience what we have seen. We Coryans know that there are different kinds of utopia on what kinds of society sees, we know that our "Utopia" isn't the superior one or at least the true and only one, our history shaped the idea of the Coryan Utopia. Our society is filled with diverse Coryan philosophers and other IT/scientific-based jobs. Food and shelter is no problem here, poverty and inflation are rarely heard of, we believe people are perfect on there own, they are unique and diverse in each way if an age of warfare exists in the nation, then that age was forgotten long ago.

We believe a species diversity policy is the goal for us to unite the multiverse under peace but alas we will wait and see, even for a billion, trillion, or quadrillion years...

Coryan Cuisines


 Delicious combination of the Japanese Ramen and the Filipino adobo, Basically a cube of meat marinated in vinegar with noodles as its 'toppings', it can be also be partnered with vegetables. It is very common in Coryana where you can see Merya being sold as popular street food for a Bitpeso and in merchant restaurants. Merya had also been a used diplomatic gift to other civilizations.


A delicious exotic soup. It is a Circular Soup with vegetables (or meat depending on what you want) in its sides, in the center, small dices of meat/vegetables is placed, it is basically like a vegetarian/meat soup with traditional soup.

Saucy Cor'aq

 Also a traditional food, it is garlic rice but with a sauce that is mixed with small pepper, tomato sauce, and small green leaves, they are incredibly delicious and can be partnered with any vegetable and meat.


A Barbecue that is fully dipped with ketchup, spicy or not. Very delicious and sold in quality Coryan restaurants.

Other Cusines

There also other foods served by other societies or civilizations in Coryana, whether ancient Terran meals or exotic alien cuisines.


Coryan music revolves mainly around on calm and soothing songs, the tempo plays at slow but peaceful ways. The other genre is blue-eyed soul and Coryan pop. Very similar to 80s pop music mixed with renaissance and medieval music sometimes. You hear a lot of Coryan music type in Cantinas and Bars sometimes, especially well-known bands, songs are most likely to be about existentialism of the multiverse.

The Sounds of the Utopia:

You can hear a lot of the song in border bars, a great way to express your loneliness of the cosmos by singing this song together with your crew while you're out there exploring with the great UCEC ships.
Popular a lot in Coryan music festivals, used in parties and travelling music.

Sometimes known as the official theme of Coryana as almost all Coryans loves the music/

The music during the medevial times of Coryana, played a lot in many townsquares. Recreated by medevial civilizations we discovered.

Music Industries


The style of the architectonic architectures here in Coryana mixes classical, rennaisance, and futuristic vibes. It resembles a European classical era type with large columns marked with brilliant lines laying down the buildings, mixing with a far futuristic way with new technology such as nanites and energy absorbing materials. Dragons are most common built historical monuments here, with the biggest being a near planetary wide. Mega-Cities refer to a united group of encompassing planetary sized cities built in with far more effecient methods of transporation and communication, travelling  space in unison, they are also called Decacities or Ecunocities, while floating mega-cities refers to a megastructure that resembles a ringworld but is has a huge transparent dome over it to protect from cosmic threats, people live in large complex apartment blocks or large suburban esque type homes. with a luxurious lifestyle for every residents, as Coryans live in a state of peace and equality. We are quite fond with green architecture similar to clean factories with environment friendly materials and non-organic wastes being cleaned or recycled.

Coryan Fashion

The fashion of Coryans is variable with golden style dresses to dark types, mostly because of the large multiculturalism. Clothes are made of strong silk or nanites which can customize any fashion wear you want.

Our Education prime directive is focused to have emphasis on students to have a stable mind, proper relationships, and never lost your temper and keep calm, overall make them happy and comfortable on what they want and need, morality is also looked upon them. Students can have whatever course they want, if they are looking for a job they are always suited with then they are trained in highly complex schools, they have complex simulations on what to do and when to do but schools never lost their fun, every public and private school has a relaxation center where students can relax, get prepared, or socialise before and after school so we can take their stress out and the students self esteem is stable. Likewise, education is all about Coryan and foriegn philosophy, moral standings, science and advanced technological sciences, students must be prepared to survive and experience an adult life after they graduate. All Schools have free tuitions for all Coryans of any age, gender, or race to be educated and have a chance to have a better future.

Students must learn basic lifeskills such as:

- Socialization (Optional, if you're into it)
- Cooking (though sometimes unneccsary for most Coryans)

- Mechanic Skills (Important for fixing spacecrafts)


These are the 10 Major Coryan Universities located in the capital of Coryana, Titanuma Mega-city, specifically more located into the 9 squares, where all of the universities are aligned into a perfect square line.

Coryan Millitary Academy

Coryan Technological and Scientific University

Coryana Historical and Cultural Academy

Coryana Socio-Political University

Coryana Cultural Arts and Sports Academy

Coryana Journalism and Public Speaking Academy

Coryana Medical University

Coryan Economical University

Coryana Criminology Academy

Coryana Explorations and Astronomy Academy


The Coryans have a taste of love for science and knowledge, in their free time, they regularly play video games or any kind of games that include science or some aspects of it. Science is not only Coryans favorite subject, history, morality, and Coryan philosophy too!We also love to expand our knowledge through exploration and discovery via UCEC, by exploring on your own or with your crew like merchants through the cosmos collecting goods from civilizations and other sources, sometimes merchants explore much of the multiverse to settle some new markets. Together, we can teach all Coryans that they can truly explore the cosmos and get to know about mother multiverse herself.


(See this for more info about dragons)

Dragon Racing

Our national sport here in Coryana is the dragon racing, it was first founded by the ancient Coryans after learning their existence. Every year, a national game is organized composing of professional dragon racers and the mighty dragons. undering dragon racings happen near outside the Coryan borders. Anyone who wins the dragon competitions are rewarded with a million Bitpesos. Foriegners can also be dragon racers and if they are up for the challenge, however, besides all of these fun and games, some dragons such as A Levels are not made for racing, they are extremely dangerous and may cause to death or extreme trauma, physically and phycologically. Ji'grukks are by far the most common dragon used in racing, it can be found in almost all regions of Coryana and can be easily tamed and petted.


There are High Personal, Political, and Economic Freedoms for all Coryan Citizens
-Coryan Citizens has the Right of Privacy and Personal Information
-The Right of Expression
-The Right of Public or Private Services
-Protection of their own safety or security
- The right to have every basic needs

-Coryan Citizens have the Right to make Peaceful Petition for Government Changes
-The Right to Vote
-The Right to Join the Coryan Politics
-Under Construction

-The Right to Start a Business/Company
-The Right to own a plot of land.

National Songs

The anthems of Coryana composed by musicians after the great foundation of new Coryana, two has been composed but the original is mainly used. The Coryan anthem can be used as a secondary one from your civilization's main.


Land of the morning
Child of the Hero returning
With fervor burning
Thee do our souls adore.

Land dear and Courageous,
Cradle of noble heroes,
Ne’er shall invaders
Trample thy sacred shores.
Ever within thy skies and through thy clouds
And o’er thy hills and seas;
Do we behold thy radiance, feel the throb
Of glorious liberty.

Thy banner dear to all hearts
Its sun and stars alright,
Oh, never shall its shining fields
Be dimmed by tyrants might.

The beautiful land of love, oh land of light,
In thine embrace ’tis rapture to lie;
But it is glory ever when thou art wronged
For us thy sons to suffer and die.

Anthem 2:

United Forever in Friendships and Victory, our mighty utopia ever endure, The great Coryana will live through the ages, the dream of all species their home secure!

(3 x) Verse:
Long live our Coryan Motherland!
Built by Coyan's mighty hand, long live our freedom United and free!
Through the days dark and stormy where our ancestors have led us, our eyes saw the burning desire of freedom above!

Though our glorious flag is dimmed by our light for all species to see!

And our Monarchy, our Rulers with faith in our people inspired us to build the multiverse we love!

We fought for our generations, destroyed the invaders and our nation brought peace we secured!

Our glory will live on the memory of the federations and all generations will remember her name!

Patriotic Song:

Sing to the Explorers on the Great Ark
Sing to the Philosphers on the Great Universities
Sing to the Minds in the Cyberweb
Sing to our Soldiers
Rising Hopes
We are the Coryans
Dwellers of Utopia
And we the Coryans preserve to the
Enternal Prosperity
Golden Eras
And to protect the Cosmos
Sing to the Immortal Ancestors of Coryana
Sing to the Cosmos and beyond!
Sing to our utopia
Mighty Coryana
Land of peace and stability

Military Patriotic Song:

Originally anthem of the first Coryan settlement
On The Day, We will All Fight
The Dark Enemy Advancing In Our Dim Light are all Restless
The Uncertain Battle will be always on our tide
Every Time, One Dies
Our Hands Filled With Our Honor and Blood many times
Betraying The Explosions, We clang back of the rising ships
We will Fight To The End
Already Knowing We are headed to Hell!
If You Want to See the rest of your dreams
What can you Sacrifice?
The Enemy Whispered Cowardly
Make wake for Fallen Corpses!
What can we Sacrifice?
This Question Haunted us since we joined
The Truth Is Waiting for us at the End!
The Cosmos where Dreaded Ships and Deaths Come!
Spread Your Bravery To Win The Wings Of Freedom!
Even If You Hide Yourself
Its The Time for the Dawn Of Coryana To Arise!
As The Stars has yet to set!
Keep Advancing Beyond
The Endless Advancing Light!

Coryan entertainment revolves around action and science genres, they intentionally use inside jokes and sometimes using dark humor. There are also millions of TV shows and movies freely accessible to all Coryans.

Notable TV Shows and Movies in Coryana:

Pedro and the Dancing flower

Holly Mountains

Abstract Art is well known in Coryana, it uses light colors as a way to show positivity from the art. It is also a way for Coryans to feel their familial "presence" into the multiverse and take part on a endless journey of peace. Colors and Forms are the most notable among creating abstract art here.


It was sewed after the underground age, the first leader of Coryana contacted Maharlika, the ancestor of Adrella who spent the rest of her days in a pre-war building with her family to escape the stress of foundation, she and her maids sewed the flag according to the emperor's design, the flag was then handed out to the new government where it was shown truimpantly on the central palace by the glorious waving of the flag in front among 5,000 men, women, and child to symbolize the new beginnings of Coryans.


The meaning of the Coryan crown symbolizes the dynasty, the sun represent Coryans burning desire of freedom and new beginnings, the book representing our earnings of deep knowledge and the sheild represents our defense and patriotism for the nation. The color blue of the flag also symbolizes forever or enternal in Coryan ancient mythology.

Dragon Lord

The Dragon legend that fears them all
Tells not the story to be told
But as a warning to unfold''

- Short Poem during the golden age of Coryana and the rediscovery of its old culture.


The lord of all dragons and the one who begat them all, this beast was known as the dragon lord, it appeared during the Iron age of Coryana and was revived back to the Golden Ages. The dragon lord was said to be a leading figure of an god  where who once was a glorious figure but attacked the realm leading to his fall, his goodness turned to wicked, as his corrupt dragons try to slay Gora'k, a hero of one of the Mythological epics. Yet, he fell to the underworld once again and is waiting to today to be unleashed by the wicked.


The main hero of the great epic of Coryan mythology. He is considered to be the descendant of the ancient mythological gods which he served as the protector of realms, the defeater of Dominantium, his familial blood formed the ashes of the Koryan kingdom as the mythology states. Making the Nolyab family closely related to the legend


The young princess maiden of the Koryan kingdom who were rumored killed by bandits that were paid by a rival kingdom, whom she revived by an evil witch for a cursed price.. As the woman turns herself into a winged monster with an lower body ditached every midnight, feeding on mostly unborn fetuses as her blood passes down to the maidens of today.

There are many poets and poems made in the land of Coryana and its ancient kingdoms, one poet Decptus is the most popular of them all, one of the people that helped through the Coryan renaissance

Oh' Coryana
The Greatest them all
From its early fall to the construction of its great halls
When the future is forever calling
We sought to find freedom
From our once ancient kingdom.

- Decptus Works; Coryan Patriotism

Dreaded monsters rule everything
But how can they do anything?
From every emperor and king, they cling
Ruling everything from within
They dare to strike at the waning man
Blood shedding over a tinpot can

- Dreaded Monsters

Sometimes I sit and ponder 
Where all these travelling stars yonder?
Heavenly Bodies that man can't comprehend
What all of them meant?
From the icy comets to the rocky asteroids
Why Planetoids?
Something we need to understand
For us to truly advance.

- Spotus speeches, astronomy

Cultural Sites/Landmarks on Coryana
(Large Images Beware on PC!)

The main center politics of the capital Titanuma Megacity, the original and first settlement founded by the new Coryans during its foundation. This is where the houses of the senate government and the Royal palace is located

National Monuments

A Statue presumably built decades after the foundation of new Coryana, it signifies 2 figures holding stars for new life and futures

Coryan Literature

Coryan literature was truly developed in it's middle antiquity. Countless scholars and philosophers turned from oral to writing. One of the most famous writers is Glaciean, a immigrant who moved to the kingdom of Coryana millions of years before. He wrote countless journals about his travels and added information for a citizen to know about the entire geography and life of the planet, the entire kingdom was so impressed  in fact, that it became a compulsory book that must be read by students before they graduate back then.

Coryan Hygiene

After the foundation of new Coryana, The government ordered a nationwide health program to keep citizens healthy in case of a epidemic since the state can't afford to do that just when the nation is still a newly founded herself, while resource production are only starting out, people are required to limit bath waters and to ration food as these viable resources are scarce. However, it was eventually fell out of use when resource production had been stabled but million of years later, Coryans and other species of Coryana uses the basic regular hygienic activities that the Coryan ancestors has used even they have unlimited fresh water supply and other luxuries.

Coryans and organic species learn basic health bases like cleaning yourself everytime you go to a public area or utility.

(OOC: We will be using Terran calendars.. for now)



January 14th/Coryana Day

The exact date of the foundation of new Coryana, celeberated all throughout the nation with parades mixed with other cultures as a sign for undying unity way back in its foundation.

Febraury 4th/Friendship day

Symbolizes the enternal friendships of Coryans and the races of the multiverse, celeberated also through multicultures and love.

Febraury 26th/Day of Explorers

The day of explorers or exploration day marks the foundation of the UCEC, promoted by the studies of the multiverse and it's meanings.

May 5th/Day of Freedom

The celebration of forever freedom in Coryana, massive parades and historical speeches regarding our freedom and great liberty

Coryan customs and manners were part of the cultural mannerisms of the nation where it dates back to the ancient Ko'ryan kingdom, some of the manners are honoring gestures that are still widely used by Coryans and other species today, you only do it when the elderly relatives visits you, a sign of nobility and respect in the past kingdom, as to respect those above your ranks and below. 

Foriegn policies is part of Coryan customs as well, when you conquer a town or city, Coryans free the people and rebuild everything from detail to restore their lost home settlements even if they were the one to beseiged it as to treat respect and true honor toall of the people from friends, strangers, to enemies.

Coryan Healthcare
While the nation has achieved true immortality, there are still a lot of organic population living in Coryana as we have been studying and researching all organic diseases to study them, how to prevent it and possibly create a cure or antidote for future uses. As studied by the Epidemiological medical branch of the nation, where we keep track of any organic plague and diseases on the nation, especially large scale pandemics as it may spread from star system to system, so we may have to do basic hygienic activites to stay healthy as for all organics and rbotos.

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Tbh, I don't really have much of inspiration when I first start out but when I wrote my history, I draw it from Warhammer 40k, Halo, Mad Max, Naruto, and a bit of Star Trek, yes i know.