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>> The Archives and the hivemind answer ('easter eggs' here!)


The Archives; the answer to all Coryan lore.



or Idealism?
Coryana Forever!




《《 W E L C O M E 》》


>> ☆ The Archive libraries are a complex web of files that stores classified to known information about Coryana that has the data storage of nearly an entire stellar-matrix, it's existence almost known from all over the cosmos, they are secrets that may never be known from outside nations apart if they are granted access, they can store lost historical information, only Coryans can freely access this web of information. As the Archives are only accessible and exclusive through Coryan computers and such which defensive systems set against hackers. The Archives are fully mobile and accessible around within the primordial megastructure of Lehim and other structures uploaded in through the sacred permission of the ancient Superintendent, whose her consciousness network is uploaded, though, the quiet structure and it's all data has now joined Coryana in the cyberweb today or at least copied the information to the network, though some of the files may have copied to new computers outside of the structure for exclusively Coryans and others to freely access. If you don't clearly see this text, this is quite intentional as it intends for secrecy, though if you have successfully read this, then congrats to you and your great eyesight or any sensory organs! ☆ <<


>> ☆ On behalf of the nation or known as the federation of Coryana and its larger peoples throughout the end of time, we wish you to have a great time examining or reading this program, thank you for regarding care of our digital libraries! Thank you as always. Nevertheless, you may proceed this program now.. ☆ <<


** Coryan Isolationism has been gone on for only 100 years, this is a way to protect the nation against stronger multiversal forces, while it is not fully isolationist economically (cough merchants cough), but it is still isolationist in foreign actions and warfare. Our whereabouts must be unknown against enemies and invaders in the past, but currently due to our growing influence over hundred of universes, we are open and welcome arms for all passing tourists and forigeners alike, bus we have now defensive fortifications in the cosmic and void borders. Though, Coryana now fosters new friendly diplomatic relations with other nations to make sure that they have stable diplomacy to the multiverse and to maintain an ever growing multiversal market, and unity of other civilizations, going away with the old isolationism of the past. **

Easter Egg!!

** Most people are produced with genetically modified cloning and secondly with biological sex or 'normal reproduction' as said by organics, to sometimes even resurrection and cloning (see MUSK program). They are called "magical resource generators" by foreigners and outside civilizations, by making fun of the fact it has an absurdly large population compared to all others in some major parts of the multiverse though not realizing of its population growth, age, and even more the size of the federation as a whole. For starters, Coryana has a universe size of 15,000. While stats vary from reports to reports due to how massive the Coryan population is, The Coryan Statistical Authority (CSA) had reported that there are 712 to 800 centillion (possibly more) Coryans around the multiverse and dimensions, counting all in the Cyberweb as of today, where around 56% to 62% of them inhabits in the nation while the rest are outside being mainly merchants and explorers travelling through the cosmos of the universes, making Coryans entirely much more common in most parts of the multiverse, though the stats will be always updated each year due to the rapid growth rate of the nation, however, Coryana's population has been mainly cyborgs or A.I bodies with population rate being slowed down due to high developments lately, just like the organics themselves, they are also equal with great equity just like the rest of the population in Coryana. **

** Dragons who are exclusive in Coryana, have existed throughout the galaxy thousands of years before Coryana, just before the parasitic event collapsed the galaxy, having a robust population in the nation, dragons were used as household pets, as today they are even treated as true Coryan citizens, helpers, and even sometimes elite warriors of the military similar to what we use the dragons today (though currently dragons are not much used in the military anymore but now are sometimes used as training creatures for the cosmic navy), known dependingly as a divine figure not just the old Coryan civilizations but for other civilizations throughout the cosmos as well. Nevertheless, currently, around 1550 sub-species of dragons has been discovered though there might be more in the vast space of the multiverse with them even branching off from the evolutionary scale. Directly killing and cooking of Dragons and other if not almost all creatures all around the multiverse (sapient or not) are banned in the nation and almost every regions as it is inhumane to them though meat can be now accessed freely by cloning all of it's compositions, not needing to kill these creatures. Coryan dragons have been the product of the parasite before Coryana, it infected xeno creatures and many civilizations, due to the parasite's rapid genetic modification/evolution of its host. It turned them into magnificent winged beings, however, why the dragons turned into this physical state rather than a puppet to the parasite is said to be that the dragons managed to fend off against them or at least their immunity system. Coryan Dragons can lay eggs or can give birth to their offsprings, making them unique in the nation as they are the recognized national animal as they are also very common, they can also be easily tamed as they are very friendly to Coryans and the others due to how many times Coryans had kindly interacted with them in the past, thus making a friendly and joyful mindset to them. However, many Coryans unintentionally died by dragons, one of these known accidents are the fact there was once a popular dare of getting inside of a dragon without being killed by kids in the past, though the Coryan government technically didn't make it illegal since its rare to see this type of game being played around anymore after, as Coryans learned upon their lessons after seeing the deaths. **

** Utopia, the main distinguishing or unique nature of Coryana, was a so-called "hivemind" because of the famous Coryan use of telepathy among other abilities, however, it can only be unlocked by reaching the Coryan age of 12 to even under 2 years of age or so (but new advances in genetic editing made it possible to achieve the ability at a very young age now) due to telepathy being a natural gene for generations as it can be achieved by both all organic and robotic Coryans alike . It was called a utopia because of it's high and luxurious living standards with impressive equalities and equities of the nation. One of the 'pure' example of a technologically advanced, and perfect society together in harmony after million of years of merciless mighty and dispair. Foreigners and other civilizations also call Coryan utopia being "unironic" as it is very suitable for people to live and love with their family, without being near the bloody frontlines of war beholding a mighty of despair. **

** The resources of Coryana is mainly natural as to not waste and pollute a planet's environment and ecosystem, everything is near renewable as it uses efficient automated fusion power plants that are located in artificial antes specifically for them, the solar energy collected from Dyson sphere's/swarms and such. We also harness the power of the black hole or kugelblitz within our own megastructures. It also gathers energy from borea crystals (check technology program), one of the few only 'non-renewable' energy sources used in the nation. With 75% of the raw resources harvested in the nation are found in the outer universal regions of Coryana while finished products are produced both in the inner and outer regions. And as universes contains many resources from natural to non-renwables in every planetary bodies in every different star systems and clusters of galaxies, many resources are infinite to be harvested in the world of universes alike, as they are carefully mined off by harvesters without damaging much of the planetary environment, we also use them in our mass-manufacturing or matter/object cloning to support for the people of Coryana and its very foundations. **

** Automated drones in Coryana are used in exploration, military missions, etc, with many varieties and it's usage to choose from, Coryan drones are all controlled or piloted by hundreds if not thousands of sentient AI minds in the cyberweb which are also official citizens of the nation, they work in much of the supporting logistics such as transporting billions if not a mind-blowing centillions of products and commuticating with other logistical departments and areas from all over galaxies and its groups of clusters and super-clusters around the colorful nebulae of galaxies encompassing a universe then on to the multiverse herself. **

** The process of colonization in Coryana requires extensive work even with automation, if there's civilization found in the planet then exploration would be changed to diplomacy, if they are very friendly to Coryana or if they want to unite, then that would be a different story, (see MUSKNET program for more info). Nevertheless, here is the list of the colonization process and efforts:

- ﹰColonization starts by scanning and observing the planet, universe, or galaxy by the UCEC, where the exploration council decide on a name (or auto-generate) and while also by completely chartering it's environments and features
- ﹰDispatching of ﹰHarvesters, Dropships, or terraformers if necessary
- Terraforming of the area if surface and athmosphere inhabitable with injectors deployed to create suitable plant life and vegetation.
- the building of important megastructures over its regional star system such as Dyson Spheres and space elevators to create stable logistical reach of Coryana and the new colony.
- first Mega-city construction commenced.
- Transportation of new residents and colonies with stabilization of logistical transports.
- Completion of public utilities and civilian transportation zones
- Election of a first governor of the new colony and the establishment of a local government as a true Coryan state with the citizens directly deciding and voting the leadership and its overall structure.

Interestingly enough, half of the time we see many old or ancient civilizations abandoned and likely extinct yet habitable planets and lost ruins of their culture's , they were most likely the reason for the second parasitic infection during the near-end of Imperium times which these planets never generated sapient life due to the parasites controlling and biologically manipulating many of species reproductive and cell genomes for their own survivability and possibly other gains. **

Found me UWU!

** As a so-called "hivemind" due to the misconception of Coryan aritifical intelliegence, you and your dear civilization might be wondering 'why are we a hivemind?', we know that some cases of hiveminds are inhumane or a called 'dystopia' of sorts and free will, these species are commonly insectoids of the types. Apart from the fact that Coryans are a diverse group robotic hypersentient minds living in a physical body and telepathic abilities, Coryana called itself a "Hivemind" for them to have at least decent ties with other hivemind civilizations who were major powers of the multiverse and the universe back then, both during and after the bloody coalition war against them, in the multiversal era of the nation, inter-universal hiveminds were still present around the nation, upon realizing all of this, all diplomatic relations with them has been stabilised for many centuries until they mysteriously collapsed apart from a few liberation wars against them. Nevertheless, this worked out very well apart from suspicions from other states and today, the nation and the people changed its time from a hivemind to a new federation of the cosmos, so Coryana has free-will for its populace as the hivemind statement is just a big misconception, A.I minds are the closest thing you can see in Coryana as a full A.I 'hivemind'. While we are not technically a hivemind, we have the technological prowess and the full capability to do so like the form of Coryan telepathy but we will never create this kind of civilization as its totally restricts free will and thought on their own from the very people themselves, however this dosent mean that all hiveminds are necessarily war-mongering. **

** While Coryans aren't at all superstitious (except for a very minor dragon beliefs and some others in newer Coryan states), our ancestors provided them with a whole variety of mythological creatures and events, but also paving the way of the modern culture like customs, musics, and others of the nation and its multicultural mixtures even if we go to the future, we must also honor the past. Some of these events made by the ancient Coryans were inspired by events but later they saw them as a supernatural oddity or miracle and turned them into beliefs and superstitions whether for good or bad, some evolving into an organized religion to an extreme cult, warring over these beliefs as cultural and archeological evidences show, as some beliefs are possibly based off real events like the Precursors fight for second known destruction/extinction of the parasites, they thought it was the dragon demon or also known as 'demonyo' in old Coryan tounge; one of the famous mythological creatures known in the nation, being banished into some kind of hellish realm, locating in the furthest core of the planet which the brothers of the realm escaped the wrath of their father and brought another evil in our mortal realm. It is speculated that the Precursors may had some indirect or direct contact with the ancient Coryans, spreading their stories far as the planet goes where they translated it as gods and devils coming down through the mortal realm, creating epic literatures and religious artifacts.

However some accounts say that advanced alien civilizations may have also visited the planet of Titanuma, millions of years ago and made contact with the primitive natives and brought many technological creations to their ships, though it was thankfully never been uncovered by our ancestors as it were mainly failed super-human serum tests which could show extreme agression, insanity, and paranoia. It is also a possibility as the natives sculpted many about them, a detailed clay, stone, or wood sculptures of their ancient gods or dragons but it has conflicting theories as the parasites wiped out almost all of life in our universe. Our ancestors also believed our moon Porus to be the home of their main deities, a true paradise as it is uniquely habitable similar to Titanuma with even life and a near balanced ecosystem of carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. But life, though they always find a way there is just not fully sapient enough to build and construct civilizations and societies on their own, though it is now part of the flourshing Titanuma mega-city capital sector. **

** Hypocrisy of the Coryan belief in their own utopia, the foreigners hath said, the Coryans saw every blood they swayed and every truce they signed for millions of years, thou locked in a battle of moral integrities after their founding?'.

This popular statement was written in old Terran english and used in a couple of Coryan universes due to other homo sapien influence. We Coryans are not a true utopia to some perspective of others and we accept that, but we must always strive to be one by securing and serving the power of the people's own foundation/will and for the better of the multiverse and new generations to come. **

** Mega city construction styles:

On the planetary scale, Coryana follows a traditional grid line pattern. **

** In case of a potential violent upheaval/rebellion of a planetary or galactic body, the nation of Coryana and the mainly the Department Of Internal Affairs begins by peaceful negotiating and compromising with the rebels, what they want and what they don't want. We must try to settle things peacefully first as full-scale civil war would be the last option and probably wouldn't be used much, as civiliain and economic casualties would get larger and larger until the very foundation of Coryana and possibly its surrounding civilizations collapses. Due to the massive side of Coryana, states must be autonomous but at the same time, the central government oversees them all though everything is almost directly elected by the Coryan people. **

I like u chunky >w<

** Coryana has developed technology to create life itself, both sapient that develops advanced civilizations to non-sapients that wander through the lands, much like the ancient Precursors such as newly developed special silicon-based lifeforms and other unique material life, placing each of them in their habitable 'artificial' planets in its own safe galaxy complete with special food sources, though sometimes not sentient in a way due to their evolution. A more natural way of simulating civilizations using gene manipulation and creation in bio-labs but without harming them, in which we also sometimes use to preserve collapsing societies and to ressurect these once innocent races to live and experience peace and flourishing from economic/technological advances in planets that are much more suited for them and perhaps may rise again to an interstellar civilization they once was or dreamt of, their extinction is mainly theorized to be caused by parasites. However, first contact will be iniated when the race can truly conceieve their true existence as one, we also record and observe these type of planets to see their technological/cultural development rates over time with checking in what type of society they are or will be depending on their cultures and people, if these civilizations that has been finally fully developed has very hostile relations with the nation or in the declaration of war, then we must do everything we could to secure peace other than military actions and sanctions . **

** Stellarships are an another type of Coryan ships that are used and engaged in espionage missions as they are notable using mainly cloaking drives with additional full particle cloakers much more bigger than stealth ships. They are equipped with super-computers and other important communication devices, most notable ones that are used are specialized EMP weaponry, communicating with the main intelligence base headquarters back in Coryana, connecting through backchannel classified signals/transmissions which is basically a modified version of MUSK, stellarships differs in various sizes from one like that to fighters and even battleships of any design in order to disguise themselves in enemy territory. **

** In times of high alert invasion emergencies, the project/initiative code 'exterminare' or intimidatingly known as the extermination is discussed to be initiated into obiliration, when there is no hope for defending the nation and negotiating the superior enemy civilization('s), it is only used for potential extinction level threats across Coryana and the multiverse, special classified codes for all of the Coryan arsenal of all superweapons from mainly reverse bombs across targeted universes or galaxies are initiated where it will target the enemy's main location with quantum tunneling, killing all life and assets within it's deadly inter-universal range, using quantum tunneling as its gateway to destruction in any universes, one of the most feared Coryan codes, though relatively unused due to it's long-term consequences and the current peaceful state of Coryana and much of the multiverse, it can be opened up and targeted by special, authorized profiles whom they follow the main command to the emperor/empress themselves when will be the bombardment be activated, an authorized extinction board from the entirety of the Coryan government and council itself is summoned in this scenario, where officials discuss what would be next for the fate of the multiverse, this would be our last resort and hope against waves of mass-extinction and destruction. **

** Aside from the Stellar matrixes and the classfied initiatives (see other programs for more info), we also have an another way to resurrect ourselves, when Coryans die, all of their conciousness would be transported in another copy of a newer, stronger, physical body, as they die all over again, they keep coming back, on and on which is an extra advantage of Coryana's sheer size and numbers both in population, economic, and sometimes military counts or manpower, which makes almost the entire population itself technically immortal with gene editing in their very own preferences, though eugenics are non-existent, but if you really want to be immortal and live forever on, that is, as it is your natural, free choice of your own life and death itself. **

** Please see this for the full reports of the omniverse and it's dimensions, mainly archived here. These reports will always be a piece of Coryan history, technological advancements, and ingenuity from the very end of existence. **

** About five decades after the restoration of Coryana, following the bloody two front civil war, the stabilized government managed to colonized the first galaxies, notably Famil. However, for a short two year, the nation underwent into an instant but temporary control of the military during the time where an unknown hivemind seemingly declared war, as Coryana and the rest of the allied coalition was in a stark technological disadvantage compared to the hivemind, the Coryan government, now under emergency and desperate martial law, proving that such threats exists without the contacts of peace, the military assumed and stepped up temporary control while with the government still in charge of protecting the civilians and the economy itself, with the modernization and implementation of new weaponries, defense systems, construction of many strategic bases and fortresses such as the Yamagi facility and the much more proper coordination of Coryana's allied coalitions, the newfound advantage brought the seemingly endless war being won with the nation and her new allied civilizations years after, whom joined many years after the war, nevertheless, the military stepped down of power after the final battle was won with other military coalition allies and the old government was restored and took power once again soon after. For more info, you can check and read the Coryan historical program. **

** Alongside universes, there are also defenses in the space of the void space, where ships are regularly in cloaking mode and both scientific and military starbases doing their own research purposes such as the smiter, a weapon designed to orbital bombard a planet with explosive lightnings that can hit a specified target similar to solar-arrays. While transportation systems are in the center. The void is one of the primary defense walls outside of the Coryan cosmic area in case of an invasion, although Coryana is one of the civilizations to only access the void space aside from its allies which we provided technology for them and their civilization, for more information, you can check the military programs and it's nexus pages. **

** These dimensional or Omniversal colonies are mainly located from the Kumain space where it is the safest dimensional apart from its dangerous energy source, colonies are in population starbases and specific training/examining areas for researchers with many public services such as transportations and other megastructures such as an installation ringworld with an artificial warpgate leading to our original Coryan universe/multiverse in its center. However, the interconnected colonies is still in both scientific and population purposes as much of the people dwelling in the colonies are mainly researchers coming along with their interested families and friends for accommodation with the location being governed under the main civilian community as some colonies and outposts in the main multiverse do. **

(See technology program for more info)

** As a majority of Coryans already know, much of the pocket universes or dimensions are used to store/dock ships and build new planets either for economic, population, or military purposes. However, there are also types of digital dimensions are also used, similar to their physical counterparts in the majority of servers with a seemingly endless data for population expansion in the Cyberweb with people getting in and out through digital glassing. Though, some servers are used for testing or scientific purposes such as corridor mazes to test a person's ability to remember and remain calm to find exit, but mainly used now as a way for intellectual entertainments. **

** hey if you think is this is just another OP FFT nation? Consider Linkthis
Seriously though, when I became an FT nation, I did not think out my lore very well, by joining F7 games (the military games) Pretty much every nation hated me that I am just mindlessly godmodding, I did not know stuff like that months ago. That is until some kind of mental realization that I need to improve stuff. **


《《 Classified Facilities, Structures and Assets 《《

(The first corridor of the facility leading you into more automated production plants and computer systems once you get deeper)

 Yamagi Facility 

> || One of the only known captured photos of the infamous Yamagi Facility, located in thousands of interconnected tunnels and rooms underground within an aritifical military planet on the fortified star system border, though most of the activity is in the facility , the laboratory itself is known to have been tested out several military weapons such as the military destruction drones and the well-known YAMA-G1 mini-missile, a self-reproducing mini-missile that has 50 trillion joules of detonation that has been engineered like a reverse-bomb, most of the weopons are used for emergency orbital bombardments and the known exterminare codes. Oldest known military facility in the nation that still haven't collapsed or replaced by non-military use, one of the locations that made Coryana win during the civil war, it's age is around almost a million years old and was built by multiple well known scientific-military organizations at the time in cooperation with the government and the Coryan military at the time, though today, the facility has gotten a lot more wary on the possible civilian and economic casualties and how to build use these more and more destructive weapons from over the decades, as of currently, they are now mostly focused in the designing of military starcrafts and it's defensive weaponries. || <

 Installation Reality Laboratory-01 

> || The main testing site and the birthplace of the famous reality servers, a predecessor to the composers and the Cyberweb. Where computer-simulated civilizations are experimented and storing one of the most advanced quantum computing systems in Coryana, this is to study Linkancestral simulations and sometimes society experiments where we record and test how civilizations and societies are formed, reformed into even greater empires, fall into great declines, and move once into a new age and alliances of civilizations again. These simulations are almost the size of an entire room with a biggest being the size of a city such as the automated sector of 2-05 where it is located in a habitat planet, however the sector is only a small part of it with it also checks the habitat planet from time to time, but it is closed of to the creatures peaceful inhabiting the planet, currently in force field cloaking mode, where the quantum computer servers surround them and a holographic pad in the center to see and spectate the virtual universe using the non-dangerous form of composers namely called; digital glassing which has been already used by the cyberweb mind servers || <

(The main reality terminal, used as a control panel for all ancestor simulations.)

 Installation Shelters 

> || Inspired by the ancient underground fallout shelters of Coryana during our most longest dark ages, these shelters are implemented in almost all types of Coryan planets. Used when there is an emergency evacuation such as a heavy orbital bombardment, the homes are made to cover the entirety of the planet as to suit the entire inhabitants. The project was constructed during the Linktype 4 level/era of Coryana where many hivemind-like civilizations tried to invade the nation and the fear of Coryana losing was in mind by the population, installation shelters are implemented to be built in every type of planets, especially habitat ones to evacuate the animals and insure their species survivability in specially designed large, interconnected chambers that is specifically suited to their environment and natural homes. || <

(One of the exteriors of a shelter, located in Baylonia-3, one of the Pretorian's planet of their star system)

 Time Static 

> || The great towering machine that can predict or calculate in this case, many specific future and past outcomes via the main and minor decisions you made in the present with the main use of atomic re-sizers (see below), using the possibility of a new possible technology called 'Time Travel' allowing to travel through time as when you travel to the past and possibly alter things the way it can be then a new altered timeline of a multiverse will be formed somewhere in the omniverse. As some believe that time defines true mathematical laws and would not work without it as in motion, the invention will be another revolution to not only the technology but to existence itself, as this machine allows us to look into each different past and future but we cannot directly enter and tap across these said timelines, this could be used to observed much of our unknown history, including the homo sapiens era but more energy would be used as you go back further in time. || <

(Final build of the Time static, where you can now enter each timeline, however you can only 'spectate' from both times)

did you know that I'm e?

 Atomic Re-sizer 

> || The technology which resizes and transports your physical form into the sub-atomic world and even bigger, exclusively used for science, research and often military purposes as living in this sub-atomic realm would be likely impossible and impractical. It is done by turning an object's particle into turning of shunting or adding mass and reducing the scale of any form of matter, especially an entire person. Most Coryan ships or starcrafts are now being implemented with newly converted atomic warp-drives to travel within any space of our multiverse instantly. This technology is already employed in the military and espionage tours, reality bending can also be achieved in this plane of existence by manipulating atoms, protons and other elementrary particles to quarks, achieving great technological feats such as the neutrino-bot and new scientific understandings of the quantum world. || <

(A testing vial of the atomic Re-sizer, currently in [REDACTED] Facility)

 Cosmic Ring 

> || Cosmic rings are artificial planetary structure constructed on around a planet, typically common for residential and merchantile type planets, an artificial version of planetary rings with many space elevators ( please see megastructure program) on the surface of the planet to freely enter the rings, mostly on the center of populated areas so more people can access it, these structures is sometimes implemented and constructed in many military planets but often built on these type of planets and which the rings are generators to planetary, particularly non-disintegration, energy sheilds in times of possible attacks from invasions, typically made up of digital particles. They also are special shipyards, temporary bases, or motels for that matter for any ships wanting to stop to do a quick rest or stop, with also many cosmic rings being large trading market points for Coryan merchants and learn new information about locations and talk with other merchants alike, mostly and preferable with planets. || <

(A small planetary ring around a residential/population planet, most parts of the structure is still under construction such as the cosmic elevators. )

 Mass Communications Networking 

(See for more info)

> || The MCN is a important backup initiative that regards high communication delays in Coryana during both on emergency wartime and traveling logistics during peaceful eras. Where communication wiring like base platforms spreaded around Coryan universes are built which is enough to connect within the radius of passing logistical/trading and military ships to starbases from the fortified borders. The MCN is also crucial for providing universal mapping networks, without it, all of the multiversal tracking devices would not connect properly. || <

(One of the smaller MCN platforms, which is still newly constructed, located in an artificial planet for economic purposes)

 The Crystallus Computer System 

> || The Crystallus computer system is one of the most advanced and renowned biggest computing networking in Coryana, with the sector being a great technological wonder, the computer proccessors itself are sized and designed like a 'castle' or palace of the old medieval ages with more continuous modifications and upgrades to the newer technology ever since its construction, aside from the large reality simulations found across it's main base, they are able to keep large files of memories such as UCEC data reports and technological and cultural drives for seedships or generation ships for the new generations to learn more about Coryana, it is located on a crystal-like palace where it was constructed in the planet of the same name as it is a automated scientific sector in an 'enclave' of a mining planet, where krystal and borea stones are regularly mined, engineered, and traded by both foreign and Coryan merchants for a very high profit of materials. Thus, this is why the sector itself is very wealthy and can construct/fund hundreds of computer systems for it's smaller size by it's other planetary labaratories in it's self-suffecient community. || <

(The scientific sector of Crystallus, where everything is autonomous and a storage for mined materials and minerals in a lager mining planet)




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