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The Utopian Hivemind of
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The Archives ("Easter Eggs" here!)

The Archives; the answer to all Coryan lore.

Glory to Coryana!


The Archives are a complex web of files that stores classified to known information about Coryana, they are secrets that may never be known from outside nations apart if they are granted access, they can store lost historical information. The Archives are only accessible through Coryan computers and such. The Archives are fully mobile and accessible within the megastructure of Lehim and other structures uploaded in through the sacred permission of the ancient Superintendent.


On behalf of the nation of Coryana and its people, we wish you to have a great time examining or reading this program, thank you!

Coryan Isolationism has been gone on for only 100 years, this is a way to protect the nation against stronger multiversal forces, while it is not fully isolationist economically (cough merchants cough), it is still isolationist in foreign actions and warfare. Our whereabouts must be unknown against enemies and invaders. Though, it fosters friendly diplomatic relations with other nations to make sure that they have stable diplomacy to the multiverse and to maintain a growing multiversal market.

Easter Egg!!

Most people are produced with genetically modified cloning, normal reproduction, or sometimes even resurrection. They are called "Magical resource generators" by foreigners, making fun of the fact it has an absurdly large population. For starters, Coryana has a universe size of 12,000. While stats vary from reports to reports, The Coryan Statistical Authority (CSA) had reported that there are 702 centillion Coryans around the multiverse and dimensions, 56% of them lives in the nation while the rest are outside being mainly merchants and explorers, making Coryans entirely common in the multiverse.

Dragons have existed throughout the galaxy thousands of years before Coryana, just before the parasitic event collapsed the galaxy, having a robust population in the nation, dragons were used as household pets, helpers, and even warriors of the military similar to what we use the dragons today, 350 species of dragons are currently discovered. Killing and Cooking of Dragons is banned in the nation as it is inhumane to them. Coryan dragons have been the product of the parasite before Coryana, it infected alien creatures, due to the parasite's rapid genetic modification of its host. It turned them into magnificent winged beings.

Coryan Dragons can lay eggs or can give birth to their offsprings, making them unique in the nation as they are the recognized national animal as they are also very common, they can also be easily tamed.

Utopia, the main distinguishing or unique nature of Coryana, was a so-called "hivemind" because of the famous Coryan use of telepathy among other abilities, however it can only be unlocked by reaching the Coryan age of 12 or so. It was called a utopia because of it's high and luxurious living standards and equality and equity of the nation. A pure example of a technologically advanced, and perfect society.

Foreigners also call Coryan utopia being "unironic".

The resources of Coryana is mainly natural, everything is near renewable as it uses efficient fusion, the solar energy collected from Dyson Spheres and such. We also harness the power of the black hole within our megastructure. It also gathers energy from Borea Crystals, the only 'non-renewable' energy sources used in the nation. 75% of the raw resources harvested in the nation are found in the outer regions of Coryana while finished products are produced both in the inner and outer regions.

Drones in Coryana are used in exploration, military missions, etc, Coryan drones are mostly controlled by hundreds if not AI minds.

The process of colonization in Coryana:
- ﹰColonization starts by scanning and observing the planet, universe, or galaxy
- ﹰDispatching of ﹰHarvesters, Dropships, or transformers if necessary
- terraforming of the area if inhabitable
- the building of important Megastructures such as Dyson Spheres and space elevators.
- first Mega-city Construction commenced.
- Transportation of new residents and colonies.

Funny enough, half of the time we see civilizations in planets annihilated, they were most likely the reason of the first parasitic infection during primordial times.

Found me UWU!

As a so-called "Hivemind", you and your civilization might be wondering 'why are we a hivemind?'. Apart from the fact that Coryans are large computer hypersentient minds and telepathy, Coryana called itself a "Hivemind" for them to have ties with other Hiveminds who were major powers back then, this worked out very well and today it still calls itself a Hivemind, so Coryana has free-will for its populace, A.I minds are the closest thing you can see in Coryana as a hivemind. While we are not a Hivemind, we have the technological prowess to do so.

While Coryans aren't at all superstitious, it's ancestors provided them with a whole variety of mythological creatures and events, but also paving the way of the modern culture of the nation. Some of these events made by the old Coryans were inspired by real events but later they saw them as a supernatural oddity, like the Precursors second destruction of Parasites, they thought it was the dragon demon; one of the famous mythological creatures known in the nation being banished.

However some accounts say that advanced Xenos may have also visited the planet millions of years ago ad made contact with the primitive natives, it is a possibility as the natives sculpted many about them or it is a sculpture of their ancient gods or dragons.

'Hypocrisy of the Coryan belief in their own utopia, the foreigners hath said, the Coryans saw every blood they swayed and every truce they signed for millions of years, thou locked in a battle of moral integrities after their founding.?'

Mega City Construction styles.

On the planetary scale, Coryana follows a traditional grid line pattern.

In case of a violent uprising of a planetary or galactic body, the nation of Coryana begins by negotiating and compromisingwith the rebels, what they want and what they don't want.

hey if you think is this is just another OP FFT nation? Consider Linkthis
Seriously though, when I became an FT nation, I did not think out my lore very well, by joining F7 games (the military games) Pretty much every nation hated me that I am just mindlessly godmodding, I did not know stuff like that months ago.

That is until some kind of mental realization that I need to improve stuff.

Classified Facilities and Assets

Only known photo of the Yamagi Facility, the laboratory that is known to test out several military weapons such as the YAMA-6 Minimissile, a self-reproducing mini-missile that has 50 Trillion Joules of detonation. Oldest known military facility in the nation, it's age is around a million years old and was built by multiple scientific organizations in cooperation with the government.

Installation Reality Laboratory-01

The main testing site and the birthplace of the reality servers, a predecessor to the composers and the Cyberweb. Where computer simulated civilizations are expremented and storing one of the most advanced computing systems in Coryana, this is to study Linkancestor simulations where we record how civilizations are formed, turned into empires, and fall into great decline.

The main reality terminal, used as a control panel for all ancestor simulations.

Installation Shelters

Inspired by the ancient underground fallout shelters of Coryana, these shelters are implemented in almost all types of Coryan planets. Used when there is an emergency evacuation such as a heavy orbital bombardment, the homes are made to cover the entirety of the planet as to suit the entire inhabitants. The project was constructed during the Linktype 4 era of Coryana.

(One of the exteriors of a shelter, located in Baylonia-XL)

Time Static

The Machine that can predict specific future outcomes via the main and minor decisions you made in the present, using the possibility of a new possible technology called 'Time Travel' allowing to travel through time as when you travel to the past and possibly alter things the way it can be then a new altered timeline of a multiverse will be formed. As some believe that time defines mathematical laws, the invention will be another revolotion to technology