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Election 2020: Kuriko 26.1%, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 17.3%, McMasterdonia 9.0%, Caelapes 8.5%, The Bigtopia 6.4%, Jocospor 6.4%, Valentine Z 6.0%, Auralia 4.3%, Giovanniland 2.2%, Pencil Sharpeners 2 1.8%, Aminist Uganda 1.7%
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International (OOC)

They have high-quality booze and has a high chance of getting rich there
Tarchuna and Ravenna
Despite the differences, they have been friendly of us for a long time
The Zravvisk
They are dragons and might be biologically related to ours
Valentine Z
Would be one of our closest friends,very positive and supporting.
Have some same ideals similar to ours and very friendly nation.

They are technologically and millitarily superior than ours so better keep the neurality coming.
Silver Commonwealth
They hate us because the nation is a monarchy, we'll stay way from them for a while..

The Cosmic Mainframe
Despite their aggressiveness to assimilate everything in the galaxy into their domain, it is unlikely to establish positive relations with them, however, it is being considered on.

Synne Industries


[REDACTED] permissions are given for those who have close relations and are trusted within the Coryan civilization, any species who are granted permissions can review through the Archives and other classified programs.

Species who broke the trust of Coryana shall be cutted off diplomatic relations, if they further violate any of our informations, they will be warned, however if they become far more aggressive, we have no choice but to place economic and potical sanctions on them.

Systemic Relations

A Tactical response protocol done by the emperor/empress and government officials in case when diplomatic meetings with other civilizations abruptly cancelled due to attempted assassination, terrorist attacks, or any other threats. The first response is to evacuate the individual or group away from the threat area, the second is to form a perimeter between them, lastly to teleport them back to the diplomatic ships.

Foreign Policy

Coryana follows a very passive but a bit neutral policy which means that the nation tries to establish diplomatic ties between a contacted civilization or to try atleast be neutral

Coryana can into alliances? :(

The Department of Foriegn Affairs is the official governing body of Coryana foriegn relations and alliances.