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>> International (kinda 'OOC')

《《 W e l c o m e 》》

《《 T o 》》


(Please telegram me if you want to be included in the foriegn relations)



>> A high potential trade ally with their products mainly being of alcohol, drugs, biological traditional adult films and many kinds of market sectors that you can also find in the multiversal merchantile market. Though their social behavior might seem a little 'crazy' if not midly-to-higly intoxicated, but they only seek to find positive relations in non-oppressive civilizations though they are spreaded out in smaller territories on their version of Terra. <<


>> They have a neutral but typically friendly foriegn policy to other civilizations in their own world which is something similar kind-of to ours, as we also approve this climate diverse, but small planetary civilization value in taking care of its people with a great flourishing economy. <<

The Allied Tribe

>> They have good civil rights for their people and we approve some of their vegetarianism and their peaceful international policies. And with our recent trade deal and a help to terraform their planet, our relations has never been higher than before. <<

Western Fardelshufflestein

>> While they might have a sort-of suspicious relations with us, they are relatively friendly and cooperative along with their queen, though their king has a behavior similar to the ones in Skyhooked and possibly has several conditions on his organic body right now. <<

The Zravvisk

>> We have a very deep interest in the species of Zravvisks as they are seemingly biologically similar to the Coryan dragons, though we are currently tracing their bloodlines to the parasitic era dude to its multiversal-wide effect, their ships such as their mainly nomadic Armada may be use to us for possible reverse-engineering. <<


>> We praise the civilization of Nacrad by opposing slavery, totalitarian governments and it's very societal oppressions, however, we suggest that they lower their total aggressiveness in their future wars, as it may cause more problems to their goal and large casualties of innocent civilians and economic downfalls . <<

Valentine Z

>> They have a similar ideals for peace and stability, their nation and it's people having a staunch opposition against oppressive civilizations. They are a lot more peaceful than us and has close relations to almost every civilization of the multiverse itself. We also have a interest in their own technology and abilities as they seem to have the ability to jump between special dimensions of the omniverse itself in which we are very much interested in. <<


>> Have some same democratic ideals similar to ours and a very friendly civilization on an alternate Terra or known as 'Earth' by the native homo sapien inhabitants (See history program), which is quite different than ours, even the nation is smaller than the typical planetary civilization. <<

Greenwichian Arcadia

>> They surprisingly share very similar philosophies to ours and are willing to cooperate with us, an embassy is already underway on their planet of alternate Terra though we must always note the giant societal changes now in their very planet and the people inhabiting it for many decades (or even centuries) to come. <<

Paradeavenlisian States

>> Them and their very own homeworld recognizes us as a friendly and inclusive nation despite our size, a future ally, we have a deep interest on their world as they have magic in their universe, as we are learning the true nature of this system and it's possible daily usages throughout their society. <<


>> One of the supporting multiversal civilizations who has kindly coorporated with us to produce one of many Coryana's notable military weaponries though only ranging from meduim to high level threats and technological achievements such as dimensional explorations and opening up scientific knowledge of the Omniverse. Also have joined countless economic-military alliances with them across their universe. <<


>> Our relations has been mostly neutral in the first part  and they have a bit of suspicion on us but we are both in friendly relations under the civilization's strange circumstances of our relations with the exception of their aggressiveness in war against the planets surrounding them. But, we do have an interest over their 'artificial universe' technology which is something similar to ours along with their leader. <<

New Carthagea

>> While a nation who have relatively high civil rights and a growing economy, their mostly aggressive foreign relations is one thing that keeps us to ally with this nation, along with their recent chaotic war, we hope that it will end quickly and in a peaceful note throughout their homeworld. <<


>> This interstellar civilization has a similar beliefs to Coryana, apart from the whole sentient abduction misunderstanding, we are happy to help with their construction of megastructure like ringworlds, we also have agreed to a joint exploration program, where we also are planning to gift several engines to travel around universes to Zeloria. <<



>> They are very technologically and militarily superior to ours in almost all odds despite their galactic size though they seem to have inter-universal colonies, but we will keep our neutrality coming if we can, reality bending and dimensional technology is one of the ways to stop a possible Godulan invasion though they seem relatively neutral to some civilizations though very much against to the 'Nazi' ideology and civilizations similar to this fascist belief. <<


>> With their relatively weak economy and isolationism to the rest of their homeworld, along with their authoritarianism by their socialist ideals, we don't exactly agree with them but we are willing to try to have a high diplomatic relations with each respective nations.. << 

Free Republic of Hong Kong

>> While they are a relatively friendly, small nation in an alternate planet of Terra, we do have suspicions on their so-called 'secret weapon' which is said to be a false-vacuum though their technology is still in the planetary era, though our relations has now steadily been growing. <<

Silver Commonwealth

>> Their anti-monarchist beliefs pointed down to our very existence may want us to stay away from them at least politically, though we Coryans, may want to have peace and good relations with each other in the possible near future. Though we have great interest of studying the society of their own alternative Terra and the societal changes. <<

The Cosmic Mainframe

>> Despite their fanatic aggressiveness to assimilate everything organic in the galaxy into their domain as their one and possibly only goal, it is unlikely to establish very positive relations with them, however, it is now being considered on after our defensive war against the parasites failed invasion of their own home universe which are one of the last pockets of parasitic hives which brought in a new version antidote against the ever evolving infection rate which this time, should limit their rapid genetic abilities and turn them back to their original, non-corrupted form. <<

Synne Industries

>> This nation has been militarized trading partners to many other civilizations alike but their rising Sun initiative and the Flying Dutchman however will make us stay away from them for a while until we develop proper and more advanced reality bending such as warping and the reality warping branch which from the view of current scientific progress would take not much longer to upgrade and try to cooperate peacefully with them. <<

Greater Cosmicium

>> Same as Synne Industries though the military threat is much more higher and dangerous, their search for our mass population generators would make them a threat as well as their far superior dimensional technology and the ability to explore near all of the omniverse and it's dimensions that they have found. <<

The Krirken Swarm

>> As they are an interstellar hivemind which they have restricted free will and committed violent acts to the point of extinction against planetary nations even assimilating it without their own free choice in their wake of aggressive expansion across in their universe, we have severe hostility with this civilization though not as close to a full-blown war but has now placed several warnings by the Coryan Federation and has made a slight hostility to the Swarm by the population of Coryans themselves, we shall aid any civilizations who were affected by them and possibly create a resistance group, we also know that the Swarm views Coryana as a major threat. <<


>> As there are currently no major sign of hostility or war towards us or between a civilization yet, though only time will tell about our own fate and stable existance of peace... <<


|| The [REDACTED] permissions are given for those who have relatively close relations, an long time alliance or pact between one civilizations and another, or those are trusted within the Coryan civilization, any species and societies (with also even primitives with good relations in this case, if they can try to handle or accept the technology and information presented) who are granted permissions can review through the Archives and other few classified programs. Species, civilizations or nations who broke the trust or has made aggressive policies/actions to Coryana and other peaceful civilizations, however, shall be cut off parts of diplomatic relations if all negotiations fail, if they further violate any of our information or cause more tensions to the multiverse or Coryana, they will be warned, however, if they become far more aggressive to our civilization and to other civilizations, we have no choice but to place economic/ political sanctions on them and possibly unrecognizing the civilization as a governing state if possible and when there's any total justification until they have finally ceased off their aggression, if worse enough, possibly war too if it's finally causes harm, death, and destruction to the cosmos though we have an invasion rating scale which would see if the entire Federation is affected or not but to achieve total cooperation, these diplomatic events would put a significant obstacle to that. ||

《《 Systematic Relations 》》

>> || An emergency tactical response protocol done by the emperor/empress and government officials in case when diplomatic meetings with other civilizations abruptly canceled due to attempted assassinations, terrorist attacks, or any other threats like ambushes. The first response is to evacuate the individual or group away from the threat area from any citizens nearby to politicians, if the threat is getting worse however, the second is to form a secured perimeter, a diamond type form around them, lastly to teleport or quickly escort them back to the diplomatic ships quickly and into the closest location of Coryana if the threat is still present and ongoing. || <<

《《 Foreign Policy 》》

>> || Coryana follows a very passive but a bit neutral policy like the 'peacef first' policy, instituted by one of the earliest leaders of Coryana, which means that the nation tries to establish diplomatic ties between a contacted civilization or to try at least be neutral, it depends on whose the civilization is, are they aggressive or not?, what is their society? These are the types that we should look out for first contact missions in these types of civilizations. When faced in a military crisis or some kind of civilization trying to threaten us, diplomacy must always be the first option or some kind of blockade/sanction if practical when the negotiating civilization is regarding and threatening weapons that can annihilate civilizations and causing tensions of war further, making it much more worse without a casus belli . In intervening for land or territory that still haven't taken yet however, we have a few goals to achieve peacefully.|| <<

《《 Foriegn Affairs 》》

>> || The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is the official international main body of Coryana, maintaining all of the nation's foreign relations, alliances, and policies. It looks over all the relations of other civilizations that primarily have managed to contact via the UCEC and the construction and maintenance of both international embassies with the approval and relations of the people being also noted, warping gates and structures to the nation near and sometimes inside the embassies for fast transport between civilizations, and keep check of relations daily with chosen representatives, regions of Coryana can also have their own foriegn foriegn affairs and relations of other nations of the multiverse, the foreign relation listing above is mainly the views of the central Coryan goverment, but you can always see your regions own relations as well on other local programs. || <<

《《 Embassies 》》

>> || When a foriegn civilization managed to get friendly and stable relations with Coryana, a new embassy in their nation will be discussed with the construction being mostly on their capital. These embassies come in different ways, mainly large Starbases, megastructures such as installation ringworlds, or given a small or large sector/area of land in their capital and designated sector, where the Coryan representative or known as a diplomat is sent and can be appointed two or a year later. If relations with other civilization has decreased to the point of hostility and war, the Coryan embassy in their civilization would be debuilt which means generally to deconstruct it in case if the nation attacks the building, this deconstruction project is easy as mostly the embassies are made up of advanced self-regenerating nanites, sometimes even neutrinobots (see technology program), same goes to the civilization's embassy in the capital, if possible while trying to discuss with the said civilization to bring back peaceful and friendly relations once again. || <<