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>> Megastructures, structures, and the Infrastructure

> W E L C O M E <

Structure program is now loaded up, you may now access it's information and database.

Welcome, User_Guest!

==《 You have successfuly logged in into the program of our megastructure and national infrastructures, the majority of our infrastructure in the nation and 20% of Coryans resides in these super buildings. As we expand and explore through the universes, more and more of these structures were built due to the large amounts of supplies found in universes and the available technology we were able to potentially construct 》==




== || The long but proud history of our megastructures started off as a hypothetical futurism theory decades after the foundation of Coryana, however, when the nation reached its type 2 stage (referring from the Terran Kardeshev Scale) and the reinvention of interstellar travel. Scientists began researching out and built the very first Dyson swarm on Titanuma's star, marking the first of the many technological achievements of Coryana, 20 years later, we later built more megastructures after we developed multiversal travel drives and started collecting new resources.

Currently, there are countless of megastructures found in the nation. Scary or astonishing, each of them having a major purpose to the nation's running and flourishing populace, industry, logistics, and military of the multiverse and Coryana. || ==

《《 Instalation-564 》》

>> Installation-Ringworlds <<

== || Ringworlds acts as a forever rotating floating mega-city but they are commonly bigger, housing billions or even trillions of citizens inside, the ringworld uses its the fast kinetic rotation for the structure's power source. Ringworlds acts as a city of many super-apartment and hotel blocks for Coryans and tourists alike. It contains giant and tall skyscrapers structures with the main transportation system consisting of teleportation and dragons, within each center of a Ringworld, it contains a sort of a secured main control module base for the structure. The leaders of these Ringworlds are called 'Cheif-Mayors' which are one of the engineers who have built the structure and are elected by the residents of the structure for the seat. The Ringworlds is also controlled by an A.I which leads the structure to safety. == ||

>> Habitat Departments <<

== || Another variant of Coryan ringworlds, habitat departments are just nature reserves for endangered or long lost extinct species and to bring them back to their new home, the departments also hold as an artificial planet for pre-industrial civilizations to dwell as if their homeworld has been destroyed or took over by another conquering civilization, another method of fast/instantaneous generation seed ships. || ==

《《 Kurz Engine 》》

>> Stellar Engines <<

== || The far better but a hard alternative method of teleporting/moving star systems to another place, preferably a safe distance, when there's an imminent, ineveitable cosmic threat has been detected. Stellar engines uses high fusion energy for greater acceleration to push around the star and its star system for relocation to another safe location. The star is only pulled because the planets orbiting it would just be attracted by its larger hills sphere. || ==

>> Kurz Engines <<

(ripped off Inspired by this Linkamazing video)

《《 Cassetopia Elevator 》》

>> Cosmic Elevators <<

== || Space or cosmic elevators are methods of boosting speed to slow ships or starcrafts and people up to space where starbases or cosmic rings are located via the very fast elevator accelerating it, Skyhooks are also used for the elevators as to move in a straight line to the designated location, sometimes warp gates are implemented on when ships are boosted down, instantly teleporting them in very far away places of the universe, though with specific coordinates. || ==

《《 Sketch of the construction plan of the Penrose 》》

>> The Penrose Megastructure <<

== || Both used as a superweapon and an observation Megastructure, the Penrose is a giant structure that resembles a Penrose shape, a well-known shape of optical illusion during in the great era of Terra, it has long-range scanners used to observe planets out of reach and has 100 direct laser pointing beams used to blow out a star system, has enough firepower to do it and it is mainly automatic, controlled by a sentient Artificial Intelligence mind. It is also protected by a large energy shield/barrier equipped with counter-electric magnetic blasting shielding technology.

It was used for giant defense firepower in the mystery line, fearing that many more unknown enemies and conquerors will invade the nation soon by many Coryans speculated. || ==

《《 Construction of a new blue giant dyson swarm 》》

>> Dyson Sphere/Swarm <<

== || The great solar power arrays of the nation, giant solar panels group among together in the rays of the stars of any size, however, these Dyson swarms are a lot more common in many Coryan star systems as it was the first-ever megastructure to be constructed and very practical,easy, and cost friendly to construct. Dyson swarms must be relatively far away from the stars and has strong heat-resistant material, otherwise, the structure may burn away.

Some Dyson swarms/ use its energy, not as a source of the power of the nation but act as a secret weapon only for defensive measuring with the power of stars with a Nicoll-Dyson beam on military planetary systems, Dyson spheres implements bright artificial lights enough for its sunlight nutrients to be emitted back to planets and let nature grow with sunlight, attempting to shine like a star ever since. || ==

《《 Lehim; the first Megastructure 》》

>> Lehim <<

== || Only a single megastructure but arguably the most powerful megastructure to date in the old universal era used in the Hallacoryan-Nurudian War, it stores one of the most powerful computing power in Coryana, it is said to be ancient and is guarded by the "Soul of the Superintendent", it is entirely not known who was the ancient superintendent is but some say he/she/it is the mysterious descendant of the Nurudians and perhaps the only one left of their pure-blooded race. A significant historical site, some rumors say that it contains lost historical information or even greater technological and scientific knowledge that even Coryans can't comprehend it.

Lehim was constructed just before the war, its original purpose is to destory invading Hallacoryan forces. However historical records claim that it was a superweapon of war as said by the Hallacoryans or a sacred technological haven by the Nurudians, it may perhaps be a wartime propaganda against the Imperium, both of which are arguably true, this is is where the last battle of the Hallacoryan-Nurudian war occurred, weeks before the incoming of the Plague. The Nurudians held siege for 6 days until they activated the so-called weapon of war that the ancient Coryans claimed, it eradicated all fleets in the radius, causing the Imperium to retreat and possibly the first reason why the Imperium made a truce with the Nurudians before seeing the inevitable organic extinction.

Currently, Lehim is being used as a research site and storing information about the notable Archive library, it is still unknown whether this will be also used for military purposes in the exterminare codes. || ==

《《 Artist depiction of the observable Cookieverse 》》

>> Observatories <<

== || Scientific observatories are the most common type of observatories other than exploratory ones inside Coryana such as the Wera scientific observatory but exploration observatories are mobile bases used for observing planets for research and other heavenly bodies across the multiverse by the UCEC and other exploration groups. They are implemented with teleportation drives to travel around the multiverse while still being technically stationary. || ==

《《  An extension of the starbase  》》

>> Interdimensional Structures <<

== || These structures are located in other dimensions and sub-spaces, making up the larger omniverse. Coryans have built them for further exploration, scientific experiments, and possible colonization.

>> Kumain Starbase <<

A large group of stationary interconnected megastructures designated to be a rotating scientific research station in the Kumain sub-space, similar to installation ring-worlds, only for more scientific testing sites.

>> Cookie Mines <<

An interdimensional mining base in the Cookieverse, it releases many exploration missions for finding more cookies to mine and sell back to the multiverse.

>> Fourth-dimensional domes <<

A large colonial dome located in the fourth-dimensional space, used for research and habitat purposes, it is built to be '3 dimensional safe and away of the fourth-dimensional space taking over.

>> Interdimensional Gates <<

From the fourth dimension to the Arcverse, this magnificent portal structure is similar to normal warpgates, but specially it transports you to each dimensions discovered and a base constructed, including the multiverse with specific coordinates and must have both warpgates at each location as having one would lead the wormhole to take you into different random locations across the multiverse. || ==

《《  Warpgate  》》

>> Warpgate <<

== || The magnificent gigantic large teleportation pads of Coryana, spreaded through many transportation areas, they can make commuting more faster than before. The Warpgates have wormhole technology, using artificial wormholes to open, letting you travel at specific coordinates of a universe or somewhere in the multiverse, it can also travel through dimensions and the void itself that have been discovered and thoroughly observed to be safe or dangerous by the UCEC. When finally entering within Coryana via warpgates, there are each border patrols regulating and patrolling the ship traffic lines for safety, each of the public warpgates will have a designated location around universes. || ==

《《  A Pocket universe's nebula clouds  》》

>> Pocket Universes <<

== || Artificial universes created by using reality technology, more specifically; the immediate creation of particles and matter that makes up a universe (dark energy, atoms, etc..) and vacuum creation, these artificial universes are used for stocking up large scale materials harvested in parts of the multiverse, a large shipyard or for a stationed gigantic ships, a new colonial/residential space to build for the population, or other recreational uses for Coryans. These pocket universe are used also in fast transportation, utilizing quantum tunneling.

Pocket universes takes the longest to be completed, around five months to a year or so with complete particle and matter creation machines though it can be speeded up using two of these. || ==

《《 Spherical Version of Stellar Probes 》》

>> Stellar Probers <<

《《 See logistical program for more info 》》)

== || Stellar probers are used for further observation of a planet or even star system in which any exploration crews like the UCEC left out and will collect any data once the main crew ship came, they are also self replicating probes so there is no need to produce hem in factories. The spherical versions of the probes are the most common to be produced as it is relatively easy to control. || ==

《《 A matrioshka brain under construction 》》

>> Matrioshka Brains <<

== || These computer brains are constructed to be planetary (or mostly moon) sized encompassing quantum supercomputers which are used mainly for reality server simulations and large scale mind uploads to the Cyberweb, typically made up of supercomputer quantum processing units and large scale computing systems in the interior which basically is just a large computer and strong digital particles and boreas out in the exterior. || ==

《《  A superhighway in a population planet, leading up to space as ships accelerates and get more steeper.  》》

>> Cosmic Superhighways <<

== || These are the roads that much like cosmic metro railways (see transportation program) that uses long light bridges, letting ships alike travel at an organized and synchronized pace. Superhighways also have magnetic roads for more traffic organization as ships are optionally self-driving artificial intelligence. Accidents are mostly likely not to happen as they are fully synchronized with each A.I connecting with each other, in the end of the highway, the structure turns into a space elevator, accelerating the ships more into the cosmos. || ==

The Infrastructure


>> || While Coryana has stunning and historical structures in the nation, it also needs to be maintained otherwise it would fail to operate. The nation spends about a stunning 2.5 Quadrillion Bitpesos on maintenances for the megastructures, everything from clean-ups to tech repairs and reboots are all done to maintain the gears and sanitation of these structures. || <<


>> || Collisions of structures, accidental explosions, and being too close to a back hole or an asteroid belt. These types of accidents always happens, however, almost every megastructure has a group of trusted sentient back-up sentient but trusted AI minds called SHOKPOS, that is uploaded into the structures which check about the location the structure is in, maintenance, sanitation, and stability about every day. || <<


>> || As these megastructures are a part of a larger and greater Coryan infrastructure, The budget allocated to the construction of the structures is around a whooping gigantic 10 quadrillion bitpesos, which the finances are given to the trusted engineers that develop new designs for utilization of structures and start the planned automated construction. || <<


>> || Usually construction of a large starbase structure or something similar to it, takes like about a week or a month-long, not even including on how the raw construction materials are delivered or even produced and the design to be planned by engineers. For a very large structure like dyson swarms or ring-world then it takes about a couple of months to years depending on the size of the star and it's reach, even with self-building nanite technology. The construction materials are transported via teleportation to the site which harvesters would automatically extract it from the supply ships and unto the construction. || <<

Infrastructures in planets

>> || There are a lot of special and buildings to see in population, mercantile, and scientific planets apart from the megastructures, one of the buildings that are always constructed in planets are warping rooms which features large warppads from important locations, population, outposts, or any important geographical or cosmic areas around the nation and an automated computer guiding which are the portals is where, which means there are among hundred of thousands of these pads, they can also be mobile and can be used for individual transportation at any time. || <<


> {|| ..PROGRAM ENDED.. ||} <

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