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>> Economics and Tradings of Coryana

> Economics of Coryana <

《《 Welcome! 》》

== The economy of Coryana is one of the powerhouses of the multiverse with merchants trading and supporting with much of foreign civilizations, making them both wealthier, as universes contain amounts of resources, both renewable and non. they are utilized for the production of materials such as ships, and important technologies used for construction (mainly insta-nanites) to support the Coryan people and their basic needs to fuel their future opportunities to the cosmos. The economy itself is generally called a pseudo-socialist-capitalist planned market economy as both the private and public sectors are on near equal terms to serve the people of Coryana. ==

> Economic Stats <

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): estimated 589.2 Quadrillion Bitpesos

Currency: The Bitpesos, or commonly Bitcredits by merchants of international use, unofficially known as the multiversal form of currency, though due to the utopian socialistic nature of Coryana, the currency might be a little worthless here.

Inflation: 1-2 Percentage (estimated, at lowest form)

Poverty line: 0.01 Percentage as the .01% are organics living in newly and peacefully colonized but least developed star systems which would be upgraded further in the near future.

Employment: There are dozens of A.I minds regularly maintain the economy, it is safe to say that most Coryans are sort of unemployed with luxurious living conditions, but merchants are also part of the employment, however Coryans can take part on any jobs they like in the nation as long as its safe and in employment measures in some regions.

> Sectors <

Most of the economy is contributed from the sector of deep space exploration and space-craft building, where exploration groups like the UCEC regularly make income via mining without damaging the planetary environment and trading with discovered civilizations. farming, however, is generally one of the lower sectors due to Coryans and most species inhabiting in the nation does not really or rarely experiencing hunger but they have the ability to eat anyways, but the farming industry still makes some level of profit as produces stable income to organic species and such as other organic-based industries which is surprisingly still existent in this day and age.

> Energy Output <

As there are ten thousands of universes governed by Coryana, each having autonomy in their respective civilizations. the energy output would be higher as expected, while Coryans regularly use their own efficient power sources in their own solar power and fusion energy, built-in their local communities and regional governments as all power usage would be free, industrial planets use large scale energy sources even if they don't damage/pollute much of the planet, the estimate energy usage of Coryana as a whole would be estimated as a whooping 26999,320,562,991- joules in Terran measuring system.

> Trade <

Aside from the giant mercantile activity operated mainly by Coryana, trading in Coryana is regulated and utilized by the official Department of Commerce and Trade among other official trading organizations around many regions of Coryana, both public and private. The most-traded materials are sometimes warp-drive engines which are very crucial to allow multiversal travel, hyperspace drives are far more expensive as they currently implement dimensional travel. Trade in Coryana is regularly free and materials are of rarely confiscated but when there is actual harm to the nation, regions may also have their own trading laws as long as it abides by the main economic laws of Coryana.

> Banking <

While there are each public regional banks and it's systems from all over Coryana, most prominent and trusted ones are the Coryana Multiversal Banking, which is an official public organization that uses both digital and physical currency, but virtual ones are much more popularly used today. Those fake banks that regularly scam Coryans and take money out of them will be put into a serious court trial.