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>> Species Info Data; Coryans, Dragons, and more!



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>> ...ACCESS GRANTED...! <<

|| ☆ Coryana, a nation having multitudes of unique species, cultural links, and civilizations, one of the pillars of multiculturalism and acceptance, each having a diverse type of cultural beliefs and society. Without any social castes and aristocracies to restrict our equality and equity for all the citizens future and their new generations of life, for we unite into a stronger steel, forged into eternal brotherhoods and sisterhoods. From singular cells to the advent of technology and its multicellar uses, from technology to civilization, from civilization to singularity. Racism, speciesm and especially discrimination of other species itself is mostly non-existent for older states and its population of Coryana due to being experienced and with peace and harmony within all of their brothers and sisters but more newer ones who wishes to join the federation still a hard time comprehending the large diversity of the nation, making them more generally suspicious for a short term but if these states go unchecked and without economic and political aid or incentives from the Coryan Federations, they may possibly go more xenophobic and be isolated from the rest of Coryana society along with its population, essentially becoming a break-off state, possibly starting a violent revolution. But we Coryans must be united and always look for utopia, no matter what! ☆ ||

" I will be long gone and may not be remembered when this happens, for when we finally forge unity, we must also eliminate hostility "
- Adrella


"Dwellers of Utopia, Explorers of Universes"

Classification: Hyper sentient A.I, sometimes organic in small parts of the population but preferably robotic.

Age: At least hundreds of million years old

Life Expectancy: Naturally at least 250+ or more, with the exception of immortality.

Status: Flourishing

Ethnic Groups or Subspecies: there are about as many cultural groups of Coryana as the diverse number of subspecies with different physical features as homo sapiens weren't the only one that still passes the blood mainly to the Coryans today.

《《 History: 》》

From emerging from the deep burrow  bunkers to the reviving surface of Titanuma, the Coryans knew that to ensure no nuclear annihilation or any near-extinction event for many civilizations to come would happen again;

"As many diverse species we are but as one civilization we must live!"

-This was stated by the first leader of Coryana after the underground era.

Over time we gradually evolved both physically and mentally, becoming truly mature to our very own idealistic philosophies and physical bodies. Our greater sapient intelligence and morality made us this far, what more? From the first parasitic infection to the great resource and atomic wars then moving on to the revival of hope through the old wasteland, this historical catalyst really impacted us and even today from the Coryan society to the rediscovery of itís culture. Once we left through the underground and migrate for many days to settle and find a new, suitable area to inhabit and start a new beggining, structuring Titanuman civilization and global trade for many years to come.

Coryans were the indirect ancestors of ancient humanity or as we call it homo sapiens and the hominid family in their scientific names, long-extinct, and homeworld; Terra, obilirated but our blood passed down to us with diverse genetics from many races. However, we can trace our ancestry even back to the dawn of the lost dinosaurs, the mainly reptilian creatures who once roamed around Terra, however, they weren't the dominant species of Star system Sol, the first dominant, intelligent/sapient ancient civilization is the Martian Dominion, where it was at its great socio-political and economic collapse due to unstable leadership and the fact that the planet itself is divided by race and class. As to where the homo sapiens was the masters of survival, we and all of our cousins are truly the masters of innovation. Now we the federation as one has passed above the technological transcendence for many millennia to come.

《 《 Etymology: 》》

From the time of the Hallacoryan Imperium, it's main species was called "The Ancient Coryans". As time goes by, the people of old Kor'yana were called the "Early Coryans". However, the Hallacoryans themselves were originally called 'pure' humans, the name of the species changed after Frank's or the " God-Imperator's " violent and bloody rise to power.

The name "Coryan" derives from the word, "hope", coming from ancient ethnic K'oryan dialects during the time of antiquity and a fitting name for a utopian society. Coryans are also called as Homo Aureum (Golden Man) or Aureum Hominis by alternate human civilizations in one of our Terra's ancient languages; Latin. There are upon trillions to centillions of Coryan names from mixed languages to be found though they now preferably mostly use A.I generators to have a new, but prononucable name either for their offsprings or for themselves.

《《 Appearance and Biology: 》》

Homo Sapiens are known to be the first known direct ancestors of their Coryan descendants, having existed billions of years ago and held a great but oppressive intergalactic empire that existed as long as that. So in most of the species of Coryans, they are known to be tall from many first contacts with primitive lifeforms, the height is about 220 centimeters which are taller than a homo sapien sapiens with their facial appearances being like a normal human, they have a very fine muscle build naturally. They have an average weight of about 141 pounds though they don't eat very much, though they are very fast equipped with genome boosts and engineering especially against birth defects that can affect an entire person's life. The average speed measures around 70-80 kilometers per hour at the maximum rate of running. Coryans are also known to have quick cell-body regeneration which is said to be faster than homo sapiens. They are known to have a mostly natural brown skin color but with the connection of bloods and genes from other species would make other Coryan skin color much more diverse. Coryans are generally quick learners to things and can adapt to new environments over time as shown historically during the times Coryans first stepped foot in the soil of Titanuma and through other planets in the future. But are always cautious when they don't think it's a good decision, they mostly ignore it and move on. Coryans also have telepathic abilities which they 'unlocked' by making their mental capacity and nerves genetically modified/boosted when we tested out new biotechnology but now, every Coryans from the day you were born to even the age of 10 (depending mostly on what type your species is) and beyond has these abilities, they can talk through a conscious mind. Coryans are immune to diseases not because they are just hyper-sentient artificial inteiegence but they got used to many kinds of diseases from animal based to plagues who were frozen in the atomic wasteland and viruses that existed since the beggining of biological life, both in the underground and the foundation era mostly to the tight grouping of people in the bunkers and the poor sanitation, allowing the disease to spread freely, this is due to the diseases being widespread in the frozen wasteland. Should they have known that there are many that far beyond the understanding of Coryans as an Interdimensional species, but soon, will the nation and it's people will know the meaning of the Omniverse?

《《 Personality: 》》

Coryans are known for being friendly, helpful, and inclusive as well as being optimistic to life while being determined to achieve their own goals. They have earned a reputation for being positive by other civilizations. While they are friendly and compassionate towards all living beings, although they get mad if you intentionally try to mess them up, they are extremely secretive towards people they don't exactly trust as they have suspicions, similar to the other programs that has been developed. Coryans are also mostly secular in a multiverse of full discovered science and technology, if neural physics count, though planetary civilizations has some degrees of an organized global centralized religion (see MUSKNET program).

《《 Lifestyle: 》》

As a free nation, the nation encourages each citizens to do their own thing (hobbies and jobs),  from having businesses to exploring the cosmos on their own. While Coryana is isolationist to a diplomatic extent, most of Coryans are profit-minded merchants hoping to get a living for exotic materials and information from the uncanny places of space, as they are always excited when new trade routes are opened whether big or small, as they also love to gain profit from anything in return though just sometimes without shedding blood. Coryans are generally people who love science, specifically quantum physics and its mechanic, the creation of the nanites made it much more easier to construct it, they are also engineers who have made culture in the nation's architecture. As the nation has a deep history of engineering great megastructures, Coryans have a deep curiosity about it and tries to reengineer a complex recreation of the quantum world especially the omniverse with reality manipulation. They also use science and information as a way to trade people with, overall, Coryans are merchant businessmen who have a share of scientific intelligence of the cosmos, sometimes being bilinguals with multiple languages of the multiverse as the effect for being outside in the nation for too long after that since merchants and explorers also have to talk/make contact with other natives/indigenous peoples in Coryana and  in many universes to trade/buy daily though multiversal translators are always present with them (see transport program).

Coryans are great philosophers of life continuing the work of Spotus, Adella, and other known philosophers at the time of Pax Titanuma (Age of Antiquity) while also mixing it with modern Coryan beliefs and other shared great ideas of civilizations like neural physics, discussing morality and Coryan philosophy inside college halls, commonly training or teaching young Coryans to be live on the words of moral philosophy. Being notable interdimensional and multiversal explorers are also known to Coryans.

《《 Stereotypes: 》》

Coryans are shown to be stereotypically extremely tall people who preach peace and are also 'pacifist cowards' as if which affects Coryans venturing into the multiverse and we already have a strong, standing defense force ready to defend Coryana and the multiverse within her name and people and as the name suggest it is only for defensive purposes other than liberations, while some of it is maybe true, it is based off sighting reports from primitive species and first contact meetings from other planetary or galactic civilizations, forming their very first impression of us and our existence.

《《 Significance: 》》

Coryana have made such a large significance to the universe as a literal multiversal power, While 15,000 might not be large overall to the total multiverse which has over a estimated of nonillions of universes are in the the dimension with more being created by he abyss, the multiverse's non-possable border. It is truly unimaginably large to the people and even Coryans themselves, it also made an economic impact too, bustling busy but orderly, automated self-suffecient merchants market with mainly merchantile ships operating around the multiverse on commercial planets 24/7.

Coryans also has saved multiple primitive to galactic civilizations from their face of extinction or collapse. Coorporating with them to turn their civilization into a more prosperous state in an endless era of stability and peace. And earning positive relations towards them, sometimes even joining the Coryan federation's with a vote from their own citizens.

The MDI was also made by Coryans and other civilizations to have a near multiversalwide effort as we can to defend potential cosmic threats from natural disasters to extinction level wars.

《《 Abilities: 》》

Coryans have many both natural and artificially engineered abilities which made them not only physically superior to the homo sapiens but also mentally, each of them being partnered with technological and medicinal advances to provide a healthy lifestyle of the Coryan population and the multiverse.

  • Telepathy 

    Coryans have reached a total 100% of their brain as among all sapient species but what if it was modified? Truly the work of biotechnology to achieve our intelligence with peace along with artificial implants and theories may have primarly suggested that the precursors intentionally made humans and some other unknown species the power of telepathy within their conscious brains during the primordial era, only to be unlocked by the evolved descendants of them a trillion years later, this made Coryans have the ability of telepathy which means they can talk to other Coryans mentally. It is effectively used especially in the military when a company of soldiers is on the battlefield and can report much of the information to command officers and much more in logistical, exploration, and merchantile missions, some theorized the use of Psionics that we still haven't discovered has made the telepathic ability works.

  • Hyperintelliegence

    Coryans are also notably very intelligent, comprehending and understanding the laws of the multiverse and its meaning, the term hyper-intelligence was coined by a group of Coryan authors and scientists dedicating themselves about the topic of Coryan and multiversal history and its significant decisive fate themselves.

  • Organic/Biological Immunity 

    Coryans of the federation and even outside of the it have near immunity to most organic diseases from almost all over the multiverse, due to them being artificial intelliegence and bodies being implanted with artificial genome boosts added in the mix. Having very advanced forms of health, medicines and especially sanitation, although new cure, biological engineering and medical practices especially against their genetic evolution for many multiversal diseases are still always being developed and released through the public with free healthcare due to organics also inhabiting the Coryana in their respective states.

  • Immortality

    Coryans have already unlocked immortality million years ago such as new genetic modifications and advances in medicines and technology, soon we merged with the machines and true virtual inteliegence to be one. Along with all of the species in the nation, Coryana and the state ensures that they must all have a free, natural choice of life and death; either be immortal, freely explore the cosmos, and bond eternally with your friends you love to the very end and family or die happily knowing you completed and journeyed your entire life, achieving your eternal completion of life.

  • Memory

    Coryans are very good at memorizing stuffs as they have near perfect photographic memory which came from the extensive use of mental telepathic abilities, they frequently try to test their abilities on memorizing entire scripts and acts of popular cultural plays and movies from old to new, though mainly a long game to fight boredom, though it is uncommon but no more rare to see this ability achieved.

《《 Dietry: 》》

While Coryans doesn't need to eat, they certainly have an ability to do so and can eat/drink at anytime, they are mainly omnivores similar to homo sapiens and the diet is very varied. But they will always never cook and eat dragons though apart from laws, it is mainly from old Coryan behaviors and depending on the organic population; or any creatures as we now have clean, cloned foods from meat to vegetables and fruit upon the vegetation, as it is both surviving traditions and law but these states have been slowly transitioning into a more automated type over them with automatic farming and food cloning with the aid of the Federation, it is now essentially where an automated economy is constructed and people has no longer to work, to truly move and focus on to their dreams and hobbies they want.

《《 Extinction? 》》

While there's a possibility that Coryans can be extinct by cosmic level disasters (i.e black holes or some kind of unforeseeable instantaneous multiversal collapse/anomaly such as an hypothetical third parasitic infection though much of the parasitic pockets has been cured) but many doubt Coryans will be extinct long after by conquerors or colonizers of many aggressive multiversal civilizations or the like, as most if not all violent colonizations brings the majority of indigenous being decimated in what we have seen during minor liberations against oppressive galactic to major, inter-universal governments.

There are many ' anti-extinction plans ' that are made from the exterminare to the installation-bunkers, but these mainly particular examples is the initiatives and installation shelters. Because of the notable Stellar Matrixes In Coryana and many evacuation plans. There is also the fact that even 30% to 20% (or lower) of Coryans are also living far away from the main nation proper, typically living life as UCEC explorers , mercenaries, or tourists traveling other heavenly bodies and inhabiting the large outpost colonies in Coryana with free and advanced contact with their friends and families back in the Federation. So the nation of Coryana and all of its larger races and societies/regions in its hold are not going anywhere with extinction events soon.

《《 Rebellion? 》》

Many Coryans or especially regions and federation-states have no meaning to rebel as it was called a utopia by much of the inhabitants, having all luxuries and basic needs to the people with their society/civilization having administrative control on their internal affairs and a freer political and economic voice, debating and taking democratic actions on many rising problems of Coryana in the free national scale with an anti-corruption board that civilians can report too with they notice bribery or any forms of corruptions by politicians, if they are to peacefully secede from the federation they will be granted as a recognized state, though their own citizens must decide if they want their region to be a full-fledged nation, however for aggressive means in this case, peaceful negotiations will be used but if it fails many times then military action must be sadly used.

《《 Ancestry? 》》

While Coryans are the million to even trillion years old ancestors in terms of homonin bloodlines of the ancient homo sapiens (Wise Man.) Coryans share and trace a lot of blood ties to other alien species whom they are one of the major races of the nation apart from the Pretorians (see below) and other species that are still related to humans after all of these generations. They have evolved but it's very appearance and culture still resembles and distinguish our very own ancient families across each diverse races.

《《 Beliefs? 》》

Coryans naturally value their moral integrities above all, they aren't at all superstitious as their old ancestors but their philosophical ideas and works were the important philosphical basis of Coryan mortality, utopia, government and the way we perceive such things like the multiverse to put in perspective for our existence, for the philosophers write their wisdom of a community in paper and mouth, but the people practice this foundation with their very actions.

《《 Gender, Sexes, Reproduction? 》》

Coryans have many kinds of reproduction due to them being either aritifical intelliegence and some remained mainly organic, both natural and artificial, although artificial ones are sometimes more practiced, however, most popular ones are genetic cloning and traditional organic reproduction which they can switch in to at any time. Coryans and the others believe in true gender equality without straying far to become a one gender ruled nation like patriarchies and matriarchies, as we believe that all sexes are equal and shall not be discriminated as such. With the right of sexual privacy between the people, we have each diverse sexes from transgenders to non-binary and even between Coryan artificial intelliegence and organics alike!

《《 Moral Perspectives?: 》》

(See philosophy program for more info)


The belief by Coryans about the meaning of life that all beings are equal and precious with honor, even at times when an enemy dies even at the hand of their own weapons, Coryans will intentionally revive them if it would cause a good effect and for a better good, as much of the population believes that revenge causes personal power, power causes egoism, and egoism causes corruption, however, this is only the typical major Coryan belief so it is not to assume that all centillions of Coryans believe this moral action.

《《 Organizations 》》:

Other important organizations that Coryans dwells and work with others within Coryana and the multiverse:

Trade Federation of Merchants;

The main official organizational group of united Coryan merchants under one commerical purpose which its goal includes construction of many merchant markets and lead expeditions around the multiverse, they also recruit merchants from Coryana from any age without any barriers from gender and race, they are lead by many well-known merchants who are appointed or 'elected' by the organization members. The federation mostly operates outside of the nation as to look for more exotic materials to make profits, but their main bases is located in one of the well-known merchant planets of Coryana; Divitea or named literally as 'trade', an aritifical planet also known for it's large scale environment safety mining operations with every way of free transportation from dragons to cosmic elevators in starbases orbiting the planet.

The Outpost Community of Coryana;

This is the main organization in charge for leading all the scattered outposts all over the multiverse that has been charted off by the UCEC and has been finally stablized its logistics network, connecting to the main universes of Coryana, with a 'crew-leader' assigned to each designated outposts of planets, star systems, or starbases which are used as a observatory for galaxies or any planetary bodies and a nexus hub through other structures. Outposts may and can be temporary and can move into another location within the approval of the community council.

The Dragon Institute;

The Dragon Institute is one of the environmental government organizations that is in charge for providing ethical treatment of dragons and it's similar species, taking care for all of their species generations to come and preserving endangered subspecies against hunting and cooking, they also constructed many habitat planets for dragons and other creatures too with daily observation to see their growth rate and study/observe their own social communities with animals socializing from time to time.




"Coryans best friends"

A Ji'grukk dragon in a habitat planet


Type: Half Sapient Airborne type of species, descendant of many well known flying creatures of the ancient past.

Life Expectancy: 110+, some sub-species of dragons can reach the age of a thousand even without the support of artificial life support technology, though they are sometimes stationary within their clans as they get older and their ranks to their community gets higher.

Status: Stable

《《 History: 》》

The dragons were part of Coryan history in many ways and were even much more older than its written records. Rose from the ashes of deadly, rapid mutations done by the parasites who originally descended to a group of an unknown airborne species from different planets across the universe hence with their diversity, with the much of the other species dying, natural selection did its job, with the few remaining sub-species, they evolved to become magnificent winged species traveling through the galaxies and has a diverse way of living in many climates, looking for a home across galaxies nest their offsprings and future generations to come. Once they met with Coryans and the nation of Coryana in the era of galactic travel and interstellar colonization, they were even equals ever since, uniting with the federation, with merging much of its societal customs, now, over an estimated quadrillions to centillions of dragons now live in the Coryan universe.

《《 Etymology: 》》

Dragons are commonly known in their scientific name as Avium Draco meaning 'winged beasts' as they are called in Terran Latin language, later on, the term 'beasts' was not much used by the Coryan population as instead replaced by the word 'creature' over time.

《《 Appearance and Biology: 》》

Dragons sizes vary from three meters to even ten meters in length. The color scales of dragons are commonly red and grey but on some occasions, white and blue, more known to be more larger ones. Dragons usually shed their skins to a bright, more colorful-esque style during the breeding season or as we call in biological terms; Ecdysis in order to attract their mates. 'Dwarf' sized dragons sizes around a meter or half,  but these type of dragons are highly stealthy when catching both large and small prey, using strength in their communal numbers and sharp claws or double sets of teeth, they are adapted to migrate through the large vaccum of space using their wings, however, only for short distances over planets when not in mating/migration season, as dragons must frequently sleep in long hours while searching for food in its middle day to day life just before to get ready to the coming months and be able to fend off against other rivals

《《 Dietry: 》》

The varied diet of dragons consist of mainly meat and vegetables, due to them being mostly omnivorous as it is the majority of the species group. Actually, over four known species of dragons are known to be scavengers, feeding on meal leftovers and dead carcass by other dragons, they are one of the largest species in the family, dragons also move and find an ideal home and social breeding grounds during the migration-mating period

《《 Species: 》》

As there are many thousands of species of dragons residing in Coryana, the most common ones are the omnivorous Ji'rukks which can be actually be easily tamed and fed, having a reddish color and an average speed of an estimated 550 kilometers per hour, though more larger dragons are a hundred more lesser, they are one of the popular partners of Coryans and treated as an equal by the people and the government. Dragons are mostly territorial as they have their own communal settlements, called a 'clan', an average size of a dragon's clan is about 50 kilometers or more depending on the habitat's environment, as these dragon clans are only open during migration season in order to find a new mate and member of a clan.

《《 Combat: 》》

The combat abilities of dragons vary a bit but each of the species has the ability to bite quickly with their sharp teeth, sometimes sets of teeth, jumping on to their intruders. Over a hundred species of dragons are actually venomous enough to kill an organic body within 30 minutes or less with the venom quickly coming through the entire blood circulation. Dragons also have a special form of the ability which is to generate high heat fireballs in its tails, it is produced by dragon energy, a kind of uplifted dragon blood that allows them to produce such dangerous attacks. It might be intentionally created by the Precursors but the parasites managed to make the power turned 'on' its blooded energy. Dragons also have healing regeneration which allows them to regrow back their wings in just a few days, if words, months. Despite the awesome, though scary combat methods, dragons only utilize these abilities when attacked, and 'normal' ones when just hunting for meat but they sometimes use these when fighting against rival mates.

《《 Significance: 》》

There are many impactful cultural significance that dragons have made from superstitions, legends, to one of the oldest organized religions in Coryana, it is not known when did the early Coryans met these dragons but stone writing suggest that they were a frequent occurrence out of the Titanuma sky, some dragons attacked settlements, kingdoms, and farmlands but some became friends of Coryans, making these creatures a sort of a sided moralistic god, one side that attacks mortals on its path and one brings luck and joy to all who meets the creatures great presence.

《《 Mating: 》》

The general mating season of dragons comes once about every 5 months or so, when it's time, dragons shed their skins to a brighter, more colorful one as both males and females mass-migrate around galaxies in search to find a mate and continue the tree of their species bloodlines. One more interesting fact is that both female and male dragons in ther respective clans sometimes show signs of homosexuality to other dragons to assert and level their social dominance in the clan, low ranking dragons use this practice too, apart from 'dueling with them.

《《 Stereotypes: 》》

Dragons are typically depicted as dying, starving creatures that were used as amusements for Coryans, while all of this are pretty much socially proven wrong, the origins for this stereotype are possibly based off in the interstellar era of Coryana, specifically, after the civil war where the economy is still rebuilding itself in the ashes of internal struggles, many homes for dragons destoryed especially habitat planets and their owners killed or abandoning them, leaving them homeless in the cosmos of Coryana, others tried to help but the large numbers are still not enough. But, after the successes of the first artificial planet, they were now mainly designed to make new homes for dragons and many creatures alike with enough resources to gather all throughout the galaxy, then, more and more Coryans adopted and welcomed others of their own homes, as true equals of the nation.


"The lost cousins of Coryans"


Type of species: Fully sapient cyborgs, with 10% being organics.

Status: Flourishing, known to be the second most commonly seen in Coryana, the first is to said to be 'Coryans'.

Life Expectancy: 120+ Years, supported similar to Coryan technology

Number of subspecies/Pretorian ethnic groups: Over a thousand with many diverse dialects and rich cultures around the homeworld, both are united under one Pretorians civilization.

《《 History: 》》

The history of Pretorians dates back to the Hallacoryan era where homo sapiens began colonizing the stars, at one point, a fleet of generation ships got stuck within a planet of Babylonia-3, particularly habitable, with no remaining technology for traveling and communications, they began to settle here but the generation ships were scrapped for materials over the decade, as time goes on, they biologically branched themselves apart from the homo sapiens group and evolved to be similar to Coryans. As they accept to be different from their conquering imperial older ancestors. They managed to survive the parasitic infection as the planet remains isolated and mainly ignored by the Parasites, it's still unknown why. However the reason why the Imperium didn't rescue the Praetorians are lost to history, it may be because it was thought to be impossible to cross the planet of Babylonia since it's many galaxies away from Terra.

Millions of years later, both the Praetorians and Coryans finally met each other with interstellar travel and first contact communications, when they formed a union and finding the traces of their bloodlines between the two cousins, they, the government and the people, made an eternal allegiance of brotherhood, they remain the second and one of the most important race of the nation ever since, as Praetorians and Coryans spread through the universes.

《《 Etymology: 》》

The term 'Pretorians' was only named just shortly after the Coryan-Pretorian union as it literally means "branched off" which is intentionally named in their native languages and both many Coryan and Pretorian historians decide to look more in the forgotten history of our ancestors story. As they still call themselves as homo sapiens in their very early history, 'till they realize that they are one of a new kind of evolution to sprout and the truth of the now destroyed Imperium plans.

《《 Appearance and Biology: 》》

Generally, the average Pretorian have almost similar facial and body characteristics of that of Coryans and humans or hominids but they are more slightly taller or sometimes bigger, typically around 245 centimeters exact, though physical characteristics vary like Coryans due to other species mixtures in the gene pool , for they began to get used to gathering food in the very tall trees of their main planet. Pretorians also have larger, more distinct foreheads and eyes than Coryans, Pretorians have developed nocturnal abilities because they needed to always stay awake at night to gather and hunt for resources and fend away omnipresent night predators, they can sleep at night in their planets, though they choose to do their average hobbies in the dark more often, both during and following their crash at Babylonia.

《《 Sterotypes: 》》

Most Pretorians are stereotyped as a lost and always ignored cousins overshadowed at their larger Coryan relatives over their advancements as the old Pretorians race have denied or ignored many alien contacts over their history due to having fear of conquering xenos and largely remained as isoalationist at the time die to their paranoia against xeno qualities, as all of the Pretorians and even Coryans themselves believed this as a very offensive remark. Pretorians are also regarded to be 'barbaric' imperialists as said to some foriegners, a fanatic successor to the infamous Hallacoryan Imperium which is also not true since it's one of the offensive stereotypes, as they abandoned their extreme xenophobic ideologies to something peaceful and egalitarian but without violent obstacles such as revolts million of years before.

《《 Abilities: 》》

Unlike Coryans who have the mental telephatic abilities, where Pretorians themselves have their power of the eyes and it's greater sight, specifically, this enables them to see many kilometers from where they are and can sense small much more further, useful in many sightseeing hobbies and scouting missions, again, this ability came from the Pretorians needing to migrate and search for any resources like food and animal threats, gradually evolving and supporting it with their own advances of bio-technology even before the known Coryan contact over the planet.

《《 Cultures; 》》

Pretorian culture is mixed in with a couple other Coryan cultures such as the dragon being their state animal, due to the Coryan multiculturalism influenced with the Pretorian society, however, it is still distinguishable from their old tribal culture and their survivalist behaviors which has been a natural mindset that has passed down to their newer generations and so on. The cultures are not just one but a hundreds of other Pretorian regional 'sub-cultures' in their own planet which a couple of local dialects but have similar grammars to the 'main' languages that the Pretorians uses are also being spoken.