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Religion in Coryana
Coryans are free to choose what ever religion they like, however, it must not offend a individual or ethnic group, sacrifices and others. So yes, people are free to exercise any religion they want.

While the nation of Coryana is secular because our understanding in the multiverse teamed up with a scientific utopia, we do have a "religion", specifically having a organized one. Coryana has freedom of religion and its people can have whatever religion they worship if it does not harm or offend other races or an individual.

However, we do believe in one thing; everything is alive. From the smallest inanimate objects to the gigantic planets. we all believe that every molecules are alive and can show feelings towards each other, we believe all of those things are equal, even from the wise and the righteous to the evil and the unrighteous, the multiverse itself is a living entity. We weren't the one's who made biological life to happened but this is our philosophy of everything. However, all of those said things have two choices; either destroy themselves or live long enough to see your self die.

Overall, we don't have an 'organized' religion but rather a set of beliefs founded by our ancestors and defendants for the future to come. It is rather a Set of spritiual philosophy rather than religion.

The Commandments

The commandments who were ultimately the ultimate basis of Coryan law, it was written during the Bronze Age era, however, it was finally completed during Pax Coryana. It has 10 commandments and is also a chivalry code during Coryana's medevial period while the first 5 was frequently used, the Commandments are also the moral codes of Coryana today. They are the first developments of Coryan utopianism and morality that we see today.

1.Thou shalt respect your family, friends, and enemy
2. Thou shalt protect your nation and kind
3. Shalt take care of the surroundings and nature of everything
4. Shalt not murder people and animals
5. Thou shalt not commit robbery.

Other Religions

However, we have a few religion thats not known much to the nation:

A scientific based religion which people worship a scientist-based diety. It may be the only major organized religion in Coryana with a Cheif-scientist being their main religious leader.

Max Barryism
An small organized religion that is known for worshipping a mysterious individual called Max Barry, they are very secretive but wants to have everyone joined in the religion, very neutral standings to other religions.

Notable Works


She raised by dragons as a child but was rescued by Coryans 7 years later. She was then adopted by the Knights of Coryana, Adrella grew up to be the Philosophers Squire , She loves Potus and his wise men works, 50 years after his time. She notably lead the 1st Coryan Religious Revolution, the first major societal movement in history and changed the thinking of Coryan philosophy and religion forever.


A young philosopher training under the wing of Adrella who is now an elder at the time, he wrote many poems and epics that follow the philosophy of Adrella.

Core Values