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History of Coryana and the Multiverse

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You are now entering the historical section, The history of our nation was a tale of great destruction, revival, destruction, and revival yet again. You and many other users are the future, you will guide the nation no matter how small it is. YOU are the future and together we steer the destiny of our nation.

- Special Thanks from the Department of Culture and the people of Coryana

Now Containing Historical Information on the Archives.

Coryana is at least 3 Million Years old with Jan 14 (Earth year used) being its national birthday.

Primordial Beginnings

Trillions of years ago, in the young, newly formed multiverse, life was non-existent but there were once a near-immortal civilization called the Precursors, they are not organic nor robotic themselves but a dimensional conciousness operating in the physical realm. The Precursors seeded the first biological life in the multiverse, rising to many unique early ecosystems. Each universe they find, they produce life. This continues for over 4 Trillion years until a genetic engineering that was supposed to seed life on Universe-59549 gone wrong, this causes a change in its lifeforms., corrupting its genomes and physical forms. They eventually became a rouge species called the parasites, they eventually made the Precursors retreat to their original dimension, they came back years later with their interdimensional weapons, supposedly killing all of the parasites. However, the precursors knew that most of the species are advanced to rise forth the dawn of civilization somewhere in the multiverse and so they left the dimension and would continue searching for a new dimension to seed. However, the precursors sent a few of their kind to observe the species for another trillion years. However, they met with natives they have created and begat countless civilizations like the Nurudians.

Billion of years after the first "destruction" of the parasites and after the great formation of star system SOL, life finally emerged in the planet of Mars; the system's fourth planet and Terra's twin planet. And with it, the dawn of civilization. Mars was a bit like ancient Terra, a habitable planet but it was he first one in the star system to contain it. The first civilizations formed were Tyrrena, located in the region of the same name and Olgia, located in the Great volcano of Mon Olympus.
They rose up to be the superpowers in the Metalworking ages of Mars, dedicating to protecting both of their nations. More civilizations were formed soon after.
After hundreds of years, the planet was united under the Martian Dominion, a oligarchical planetary order with each representatives coming from the most wealthiest region of the planet, they later developed space travel and landed on Terra, which was still in it's jurassic eras. However, much of the resources dwindled on Mars due to the corruption of it's oligarchies, losing much of the materials needed for long-term space travel. The order was filled with rife poverty, crime, and due to its lack of most logistics bringing stability to other Martian regions unlikely. The colonial city they built in Terra was destoryed due to a unexpected asteroid collision, killing all of the inhabitants and the native life that dwells in the planet, affecting the Martian economy and morale soon after, the government ordered a special containment plan; put all citizens in hypersleep for the next millenia as they believe everything that has happened to them will go away.

For the next billion years, Mars was left untouched, cities turned into rust, it became a inhabitable planet with red sand covering it, toxic air dominated while oxygen forgotten, dust storms swept away the structures. As the hyperpods waked up the inhabitants, most of them died to the new conditions, they were confused as shocked, the inhabitants tried to evactuate to Terra and only 10 got through the ships.

The Martians were nearly extincted but they survived, they met with many homo sapiens ancestors and taught them how to build civilization and the ancient monuments carved out by humans, slowly they naturally assimilated themselves to Terra, becoming one with homo sapiens and a part of Coryan ancestry. While some harvested enough resources to finally create a spacecraft to search for a new home, journeying many planets and doing the same way they done to Terra.

Not much is known about the early age of homo sapiens on Terra, all information of it was sadly lost, all we knew that in Terran Calendar 2055, the entire world fell into a large group of rising Corpoorations named The Terran Coorporacy. it was due to large coorporations fully controlling the markets, interference on major democratic elections, and complete economic depression and poverty after Terra's unknown third world war, notably on the poorer Terran countries. They were the only effective organisation that can bring Terra into stability with some of the states of the planet unable to take actions due to struggling economy and tens of millions dead. The coorporations bought their way to the international scale and waged war against the now weak nations of Terra with the production of robotic soldiers being controlled by them, making the nations and their old international assembly; The United Nations having a large technological disadvantage. While some employees of the coorporations decided to support their countries other than the giant companies they work for, they were immediately forced to join in the Coorporacy's favor.

5 years later and the entire world bowed down to the confederation's knees as they construct the largest industrial sector at the time, they guide humanity now and they are going to steer what would happen in our ancient fate and unknowingly, will give birth to a multiversal power.

Billions of years after the Precursors have left the multiverse, there was a planet in the milky way galaxy called Terra, it was located on star system solar (SOL). Terra was ruled fully by large groups of Megacoorporations who created vast amount of industrial cities to support their great economic holdings across the planet. They are dependent in slaves who are the majority of the population. They turn the industrial power of the planet. They were the Primordial Humans, a indirect ancestors of the Hallacoryans. Terra was a dead planet, everything was just toxic air and polluted wastlelands due to large factories covering entire continents. This oppressive way of life continued on for 20 years until a man named Frank Wilson bought all the corporations in the planet. He called himself as the God-Imperator of Humanity and renewed the co confederations of corporations into the Ancient Hallacoryan Imperium.

It wasn't a corporation anymore as Frank created a government of his own. He brought stability and peace over the planet while bringing terror and fear of the populace. He expanded humanity's reach by building the first colony on Planet Mars, he continued developing more advanced forms of interstellar travel, conquering new colonies, and enslaving alien civilizations.

50,000 Years after Frank's rule, Hallacoryan Imperium was ruled by countless dictators who continued his task of spreading the human race and exterminating Xenos. After many centuries of it, humanity controlled the galaxy.

Finally..they are called nowadays as the Ancient Coryans. a millenia of them being the inter galactic power, after searching through the stars once more, they found a unlikely civilization; the Nurudians, they were only a single planet and the Imperium was overconfident of kicking out a single planetary body, their fleets appear before the planet and began the Hallacoryan-Nurudian War.

The War was brutal for the Nurudians, the population declined for over a month into 55%. But then something came, a new plague broke out on the battlefield, each one of them finding a wounded soldier and taking it over as a host, effectively becoming space zombies. The Planet was infected, it slowly crawled it's way to the Imperium colonies via Dropships, nobody knows where it came from and how did it happened, The only thing is that the so-called "Parasitic Invaders" are now on the verge of galactic infection.

The Imperium and the remaining Nurudians called for a truce, they both worked together as a way to preserve their own species while they still tried to continue the war and finally destory each other.
But unfortunately, it already happened, the parasite now conquers the galaxy itself, the remaining non-parasitic hosts are on a EXPO-ship near the planet Titanuma, they were already being infected and so they sent 500 million escape pods that were designed to be the universe's last hope, and hope will it be. The Ship was infected and was preparing for crashing into Titanuma's Atmosphere but thankfully, it self-destructed itself.
For a Hundred thousand years...

Stone Ages

The fall of the galaxy, let be there hope.

The escape pods crashed on the north-east of Titanuma, the pods open and out came the early people, they were confused and wondering where they are, they sought the land around them and moved out of the landing zones and began the tempest of civilizations on Ancient Titanuma, each of them was decided into a bunch of small hunting-gathering tribes, for thousands of years, they live this way, small sporadic tribal wars were always a thing but it's not really permanent at the time, not very destructive at the time but over time these wars evolved to become single battles that can destory the planet in one shot.

During those ages, small temporary villages were settled near what would be the center of Titantuma City, the villages elected themselves multiple chieftains to lead them, it was an early version of a small oligarchy. These tribes expanded to be one of the greatest kingdoms a thousand years later, but they where not recognized as a powerful and influential tribe at the time.

Multiple wars have been fought off by the tribes, protecting their food and wealth. They later expanded through the rivers and assimilated many small tribes before them.

Meanwhile, the parasites were supposed to land to their final planet of Titanuma and was unexpectedly defended by a group of precursors, vanguishing the entire species along it, freeing all of the other species infected by them.

Bronze Ages to Iron Ages

As tribes turn into kingdom's and city-states they have fully settled on permanent territories thanks to farming, early trading and writing were now developed, now, while wars still existed they are mostly on a regional level and which most of the people are now in peace.

The united Villages turned into the City-state of Ko'ryana, the government was turned into an elected monarchy, they were mostly isolationists due to them neighboring large kingdoms and states, they tried to stable their relations with them but they mostly failed due to constant wars fighting over bronze and iron.

However, these wars shaped an early form of international organization where Kingdom's and nobles can settle their differences in a early form of a supreme court system, this will continue on for the rest of Titanuma's civilizations.


Dark Ages

As the Kingdoms of Titanuma have now enjoyed permanent peace from their scientific to information ages, the world was at its constant peak until global resources were depleted, the nations suggested 'rationing' the resources for good use and all but since everyone was so dependent on those resources that the global economy went into a long term depression, the nations of Titanuma gradually become a bit agressive, as for the people, they were in poverty as currencies became worthless, there was no currency to trade, even the most common items, everyone began to feel ill and hungry.

The Nation of Coryana saw the future problems and devised a plan to build specifically advanced underground shelters throughout their nations, they made a deal with other nations stating the Coryans will get the needed resources and their people will also be evacuated to the bunkers, the Coryans started and rushed their works before the tensions of the war escalated quickly. Thus it begins the Dark ages.

Resource Wars

The nations throughout the entire planet was tired of waiting to get their economy back to normal for 120 years so they made a new solution;war, so every nation in the economically and environmentally dying planet went to war for the resources and materials needed to survive their society as a whole, but so begins the resource wars, each nations undermining with each other using violent coups, the Coryan government, and its allies evacuated to the bunkers, everything is going to collapse like a falling Jenga tower.

55% of the people died in the war which also made the nations even worse than before, everybody including the government and their leaders were already starving and in poverty, what made the final domino fall is that more and anarchic states made themselves independent for "securing their own survival". These great seismic waves made the geopolitical scene ultimately collapsed.

Bunker/Underground Age

The long awaited missiles were finally launched, 5 nukes were launched and they come and gone, the planet closes its eyes once more as the red rockets glares at them, while the Coryans and other refugees evacuated to their last hope shelters as countless civilization extinguished, the surface was fully irradiated and toxic, simple bacteria's who managed to survived the frozen wasteland now inhabits and rules the surface world.

Meanwhile, the people underground survived, they focused on terraforming and clean energy technology, for a million years they dwell, they evolved to be more adept in the surface, they waited until the planet is healed by the scars of destruction but being obilivious that these shelters will protect them from anything..

During these dark ages, a few people have tried to settle on the surface such as the Wastelanders, they managed to survive thanks to the convenient pre-war structures and survived for 5000 years, only their population be decimated by radiation and plague.

The lifestyle of people dwelling in the shelters was tough, diseases spread due to tight spaces, food and water shortages that can even last for decades, and crime such as robbery and murder was rampant. The shelter was supposed to be a system of bunkers connected together, filled with resources needed, and food/water farms for all civillians to survive and be happy in this apocalyptic world. Now, its a dark tunnel leading you to dirty, smelly or abandoned rooms filled with lurking criminals and strangers taking everything that they could, it has become a dystopia within a supposed 'utopia'.

There was no form of government organization, everyone divides themselves into gangs that members hope to survive in the damp bunkers. Families torn apart by gang wars, robbery was rife. Thousands dead. This continued on for surprisingly only 80 years, until new organized parties that were ancestors of pre-war parties who rose to power and the masses supported them with no other choice. However, many people feared and escaped the bunkers such as the wastelanders.

People thought that creating a faction would be inpossible but a new, rising party called OIOU {Organizational Institute of the Underground or the Institute} became the 'official' government of the entire bunker, following a ideology of autholitarian republics, they strive for the complete unification of the shelters, it's president Joseph Unova was put in power and started a new era for the bunkers. Forming a millitary-police force hoping to maintain enternal stability within the traumatized survivors, new fast growing farms were constructed and the people began a sense of hope in their life.

Lasted for just 50 years until a civil war started against the Institute's party rivals, leading to a new government in charge. However, everytime a new power came, a civil war followed suit. This type of order lasted for the entirety of the underground era. Making Coryans tired of this loop, the people rose up against the last government and overthrew it. They eventually left the bunkers which they scouted and saw the planet... fixed.

New Age

Thousands of Years go by after the nuclear annihilation of Titanuima, the radiation levels are starting to do down and the old natural beauty of Titanuma is now slowly regenerating for generations, amidst of this, the people of Coryana have finally come out on their bunkers and have now realized that Titanuma was actually healing it's scars rather than deteriorating forever , for the remaining people scoured and settled a new settlement roughly 15 kilometers away from their ancient, underground homes and called it "Coryana" after the ancient past.

The people collected many what would be left in the shelters and used it to build a new settlement on a surface, a new dawn for Coryans.

Foundation of New Coryana

A year after the Coryans finally settled a small tribal settlement, the people wanted to have a permanent nation with true existing laws and government, the Cheif council was summoned and has asked what to do with the situation, they decided to ultimately have a monarchy to lead their nation, the first dynasty was the Nejo's, they ruled for over 250 years when another dynasty took its place after a revolution, the new dynasty would be the Nolyabs who were the surviving descendants of Kor'yana.

During the Coryana period, they were only the source of hope in the Titanuman wasteland, many refugees were accepted some were don't due to the cause of plague. The nation expanded its reach across the planet until everything was fully healed. When once we sought to create a perfect planet, now we created the perfect universe.

While Coryana expanded through the stars, it was not considered a 'utopia' yet, there are still much many ideological in fighting, political corruption, bribery, and people gaining large amounts of political power unchecked. This were the factors on why the Coryan civil war happened, 2 factions gained independence via force, kicking out Coryan millitary assets and units using guerilla warfare. These 2 factions were the Fascist Front and the Techrate Front, both were formed with individuals leading colonization missions and gained extreme power in the colonies, making them 'superior' to the nation, Coryana was not ready for a large scale war at the time and so the factions gained more power with easy invasion of star sytems, after 2 months of fierce defense, the nation was ready for them to make a first offensive, the counter invasion was unexpected though, having the Fronts thought Coryana will collapsed due to loss of resources, industrial output, and manpower.

By a year, the 2 Fronts finally surrendered but the nation as to go through intense rebuilding, the state realizes that it was time for Coryana to finally research on the millitary and logistics for more fast stability. 2 years from then, Coryana survived it's first trial as a growing nation!

Coryana finally expands through the universes and now have given gained local multiversal superiority, the nation developed wormhole travel to spread through the cosmos faster once more, 3000 years later, everything from the stone ages to the resource wars to our foundation guided us where we are now; a post-scarcity utopia. As we thrive together, we must always not do what the past has done and looked at a bright new future ahead of us.

Just Hundreds of thousands years ago,the idea of surviving together the wasteland turned into a thriving utopian cosmos, who knows where the future might led us. And just before all of this, Coryankind saw in the skies a growing and thriving civilization who they dwell in other planets. They sought a new civilization, they saw future, our future for generations to come..

Coryana has spreaded through the stars and to the universes, it was in a golden age of prosperity and utopia. That is until, the second raider confederation was formed once again by the infamous raiders, they were once a annoyance to the borders at first but now, they formed a nomadic country that could crush Coryana, however they are still small, Coryana tried to prevent the situation from escalating by sending diplomatic transmissions to the confederation, it was declined and a day after that, they finally declared war.

It was a relatively short war but it has impact on our current history, the Coryans managed to win by crippling their supply lines and logistics, the 2nd confederation collapsed and broke off from other raiding nomads. While the nation being victorious, it affected Coryan traders who were always outside of the country, this would lead into the 1st Merchantile Movement.


Based off from Archeological finds, information from books and by oral.

"The pessimist past, the optimist future"

The Coorporacy

Years after Terras third world war, the Coorporacy was a group of companies large enough to control the international scale who agreed to bring back the world into prospering civilizations once again, they were a oligarchy, each CEOs meet together in their base of operations in the Atlantic. Terra's world governments were broken, collapsing, and with thirds of their population decimated. The Coorporacy was only the organized power to bring back humanity's hope by seizing powers through many countries and declared war over the planet's international body; The United Nations.

Hallacoryan Imperium

Also known as the Ancient Coryans, they existed 50.5 million years ago, the Imperium was a intergalactic superpower that depends heavily on the toils of their slaves, they assimilated everything across their path and will try to take their ethnic identities away until they are "pure". It's millitary relied on superlasers and it's overwhelming force, it spans the entire galaxy except for the star system of Nurudia, it's unstoppable might was doubted during the end of the Hallacoryan-Nurudian war, most of its slaves who were recruited from the dirty factories whom they originally work on died and the industrial power of the nation was slowly destabilizing, their might fully came to a end after the great infection.

They were originally humans on the original Terra, but it was once corrupted and ruled by a confederation of Megacoorporations who turned from their ways of generating profit in whatever ways to controlling the planet for the unknown sake of it. The entire planet was truly owned when a CEO, Frank Wilson, bought out all of the companies in the continent. He crowned himself as The "God Imperator" and pushed humanity to become a space-faring civilization. Their Humanity was truly eradicated when they made several genetic enhancements, making them less humans to become a form of supers and the destruction of Terra, their original homeworld, the reason of their total destruction that the Hallacoryans believe that they already have a new artificial planet that is economically better than Terra, which they destoryed it with nuclear bombardment without saying any warnings to the inhabitants.

Nurudian Collective

An Advanced Species who's only disadvantage of keeping its civilization stranded on a single planet, they have engineered plenty of megastructures such as Lehim, most of these are a way to combat the Hallacoryan Imperium, the Nurudian Collectives are isolationist who's technology dependent on its precursors, they are thought to be the first species to have developed multiversal travel but it closed down soon after the Hallacoryan-Nurudian War began. However, both sides were the true villains of the war. Each of them succeeded in numerous genocide missions that killed major part of both countries population, they felt betrayed of what the precursors said about humans being the essential part of their civilizations enternal prosperity.

The Parasite

The corrupted creation of the Precursors, they are a species that uses a form of parasitism and existed in primordial times. They once infested the multiverse and controlled all of their hosts. They later got destoryed by the Precursors who came back from their hiding. They were long forgotten until the Hallacoryan-Nurudian War as after the great infection, the parasite were destoryed by a group of precursors who have long observed the universe at the time. Parasites are also intelliegent compared to a lot of rapid hosting parasite, some consider them to be fully sapien as they can control a space craft at will.

The Precursors

A Interdimensional group of beings who once seeded the multiverse with biological life, the cookers who made the primordial soup, they may have came from the fourth dimensional part of the Omniverse, wishing to explore much of it like Coryans today.

The Wastelanders

20 Years after the refugees evacuated to the bunkers, most of the people thought this will be their permanent homes but some of them didn't, a group of people led by Alonzo Martin's such as the Institute, who escaped away from the bunker, fearing that the bunkers would be used as a tool for totalitarian parties since the government and other parties also evacuated to the bunkers. All of them were equipped armors that can withstand even the frozen wasteland itself. They founded a small settlement in a pre-war millitary base, over time, they developed to become a organized militarized tribe using pre-war armory and weaponry, they expanded to a destoryed city called Santo Kruz, this would become their capital. The Wastelanders also fought a endless war beetween mutants and rebels. They collapsed 300 years later when a horde of mutants stormed through the city and the base, killing off the population.

The first signs that the new apocalyptic world is not compassionate towards all life, the Wastelanders were gone but laid their memory in abandoned bases and their once great city of survivals.

The Fronts

The Fascist Front and the Technate fronts were the opposing factions faced by Coryana in it's first civil war, they were a growing power and tried to establish stability throughout the galaxy by conquering the nation. They gained power by more people joining and submitting their ideals and goals. However, their power dropped as in the later years of the civil war because more industrial output and manpower are getting wasted for the war effort. They lost the civil war and surrendered soon after.

The Insititute

Truly the first organisational power that arguably brought peace and stability to the underground shelters for almost a hundred years. It follows a autotalitarianist republic government with a socialist economic policies, it was the first to give out hope to the dwellers and tried to improve the shelter's lifestyle. But eventually fell into civil war against it's political rivals, brutal civil wars would continue on to the entirety of the underground era that means for a million years.


Primordial Era

This era is set around the creation of the multiverse, following the precursor's discovery of the multiverse, to the first destruction of the parasites and ending with the precursors leaving, this scale happened for about trillion of years.

Human Era

Supposed to be the era where the ancestors of Coryans; the homo sapiens began dominating Terra, the rise of the Hallacoryan Imperium and it's fall.

Infection Era

This takes place after the Hallacoryan-Nurudian Wars and during the rise of Coryans in Titanuma, the universe was ruled by the parasites once, tormenting their hosts all aroud the universe with enternal pain and angquish, but only to be destoryed by the Precursors once again after they tried to take Titanuma.

Old Coryan Era

Lasted for entirety of Coryan ancient history until the underground age where they were 'revived' as a new species due to the shelters.

New Coryans

Historical Events

Containing notable events in Coryan history

Terran World War

The Terran Third world war was a planetary scale war that indirectly made rise to the confederacy, the causes of this war is unknown but the effects that brung into the planet was rife poverty, disease, mental trauma, and death to millions.

Fall of Terra

After the foundation of the Hallacoryan Imperium, a new capital have been planned to replaced Terra; A bustling population filled with death and poverty, only being a pain to the Imperium's economy, they stripped the planets resources for further construction of the new capital and forced people who can't even afford interstellar travel to move out, those who didn't will left to rot in the abandoned planet with no food and hope. And so, Terra was left abandoned for the entirety of the Hallacoryan period going into the intoparasitic era where the parasites ignored Terra due to being empty of hosts.

Terra decayed until it was destoryed by the second extinction of the parasites where it was accidentally blown up by the Precursors. The only memory to the planet are a few historical and technological records about the planet which is stored in here and the archives.

Titanuma Great War

Perhaps the last war that has took place in Titanuma and would change the fate of Coryana. Nations of the old planet participated in this final nuclear near-extinction event. The causes of this war was mainly due to large scale resource shortages, with lack of resources running, the world's economy goes down, and with the decline of the economy, there is no way to research for an alternative. With this, Titanuma falls into great chaos, states looked for a proposal that nations around the planet must share the resources with each other to prevent further collapse, but most of them refused to do so. They finally made another decision; War. War that would be the final catalyst of the foundation of Coryana.

The First Civil War

When Coryana reached its galactic stage, it wasn't a 'utopia as it was supposed to be at the time as corruption still run strife and corrupt colonists leaders asserting their control on newly colonized planets.