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Geography and Autonomy


"It's more fun in Coryana!"
- The Coryans, see you there soon!

Located further west of the multiverse, it is full of magnificent environmental look mixed with highly-futuristic technology, here are some of the photos and maps pictured in the nation as shown below, credits to the photographers who used it for the time to make forigeners and Coryans alike feel the magnificence and astonishing locations of our nation Coryana and the multiverse herself :

Photo Section

An Environmental Coryan City

Image took in Wera Mega City, one of the greenest and largest cities in the nation.

Located in the Inner Regions of Coryana

Coryan citizens and Tourists watching the beautiful late evening city

Image was taken in Kataraman Mega City.

One of the largest megacity in the country.

A Coryan Warp Gate Tunnel

Image took in a Ravenia-1 Planetary Base

Warping Station for further exploration of the Ravenna Star System

An Coryan Army Division Marching

Image took in S-1 Planetary Base, an planet base near the Coryan border.

Located just 50 lightyears away from the mystery line

A Typical Coryan Classroom

Image took in a Titanuma Computer Classroom

Coryan Scientific Labaratory and Museums

Image took in Gabriela Artificial Planet

Used for further testing of the artificial Planet.

A Coryan Ringworld Center

Image took in Ringworld Array Sector- 578

A Residential Ringworld

The ancient citidel, used in the first Coryan civil war as a defensive fortress by the Coryans and has been took back against the technates 3 times, currently being used as a scientific facility.

Planetary photo of Ravenia-5

An Habitat World for Dragons, sometimes as a tourist destination.

Millitary Section

Historical Section

Notable Locations in Coryana

The home system of the Coryans, it only has 4 planets including Titanuma to go around, its star is a blue giant named KL-23, however it became a Dyson swarm, during Coryana Pax and its course as a space-faring civilization. The Titanuma star system is located in a major galactic arm namely the Horus Arm.

Known to be strategically important during the Hallacoryan-Nurudian War and the Great Infection, both of which is the cataclysm for the rise of Coryan civilization.

One of the planet in the Titanuma star system, known for its forests and is one of the first environmental mega-city to ever constructed in history.

A Large belt of asteroid surrounding the star of the Titanuma Star System, it contains rocks that had otherwise been formed by the formation leftovers by the Star System..

Terra, commonly known as Earth, is a planet inhabited notably by the Human Race and located in Star System Sol, In the Original Coryan Universe, Terra was wiped off by the Hallacoryan Imperuim, it made the human race extinct. Today, Coryana owns all the 12,000 universes alternate Terra's.

The third planet of the Titanuma Star System or Star System Titan. it was notably the first planet to be seeded with life by the Precursors, the main industrial center by the Hallacoryan Imperium, the final 'battle' of the great intergalactic infection, and the first planet to be freed against the infection.

Titanuma is known as "New Terra" by Coryan historian due to similarities with Terra and the fact Coryans are the ancestors of homo sapiens, some of the extinct animals from Terra such as Cats or dogs were brought back to life in Titanuma via gene mapping and editing with the help of it's descendants.

Multiversal and Dimensional Colonies

An important multiversal colony because of it's notable testing sites for scientific and millitary advancement. It's also where the Ark was once stationed until it relocated. Located north of the multiverse and houses over 5 duodecillion inhabitants.

Permanent Colony base in the Cookie verse, it's also a cookie mine where A.I minds regularly mine out 5 million cookies a hour.

Large Starbase located at the Kumain Sub-space, used for exploration and scientific missions as well as a construction nexus for many structures to come.

A Colony located near a black hole, whom the people harnessed the energy from. They were the first colony to be directly founded by the UCEC following after its creation by the 31st Coryan Emperor.

The Black Hole central is the nexus pad for all other black hole based colonies from the multiverse that came after this as it is the first colony condtructed near a black hole. With a Warpgate on the northern side of the colony used for shipping out internal and external trading products and a Starbase used as the base of command in the colony, located in the southern side.

Planetary Classifications

1. Residential Planets

An Planet that is essentially where citizens lives and resides, essentially a residential sector.

2. Military Planets

Planet's that are used by the millitary, turning it into clean industrial factory for production of weapons and armors. Often used as a base of commands.

3. Scientific/Exploration Planet

Constructed by the technological and scientific communites of the nation, they are used as large Labaratories and testing sites for scientific experiments, as the name suggests, it is also a exploration Headquarters by the UCEC Organization.

4. Habitat Planet

A natural planet that is only reserved for near-extinct species with a environment/habitat that can suit them, dragons are common pickings housed in the planets.

5. Merchantile Planet

Planets designed for large scale merchant markets, used as docking ports and storage locations for many of the products that would be bought and selled. They act as an economic sector.

Regions and Provinces:

Regions and Provinces of Coryana

There are 3 regions of the nation, the inner, outer, and central regions both of which is divided into bunches of provinces or megacities across the nation, all provinces have species autonomy and can govern themselves of they follow the autonomy code of the nation. Each universes are governed with small provinces of civilizations to maintain stability all over the thousands of universes .