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>> Planets, galaxies, and photos of Coryana



Welcome Guest_5User!

>> Hello, Guest_User. You and your computer systems have finally gained access over the geography program section which has perhaps brought you by the main program page, this will list notable planets, locations, and galaxies around the Federation like both the ancient/new Terra and our capital mega-city Titanuma where each billions of star systems to clusters of galaxies surrounding it are interconnected to form one, diversified capital for all species as one to live and play as one, also with the explanation of the multiverse with many popular photographs took from all around the nation (see technological program for more scientific info). With a special thank you for all the photographers and scientists even with instantaneous transportations who took time taking these public pictures or now free stock images for all Coryan people to see/use in any communication systems and devices. With due credits to scientists themsleves observing/studying these heavenly bodies around Coryana along with cooperation with the UCEC, it's various colonial sub-organizations, and the technological and scientific institute. Also, please note that the stats and scales will be in all human/Terran metrics as it is one of the more popular standard measuring practices currently due to the greater number of Terra and other homo sapiens in hundreds of universes though there are dozens of languages you can customize on the program you're viewing in. Though some planetary stats aren't complete as it may haven't been discovered and observed yet by the UCEC, perhaps even non-existent or even totally unknown from the test of time and discovery. <<


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》》Notable Planetary Profiles《《

Planet name: Titanuma
Habitability: Excellent, Flourishing
Density: 5.55 g/cm
Land Area: 150.8 million km
Natural Satellite: Only one, Porus
Average surface temperature: 89C to 56C just depending on the aritifical climate systems.
Role: Coryan capital mega-planet, the original homeworld of Coryana.


** Titanuma is the capital mega-city of Coryana, which is also a greeny ecuenopolis connected by galaxies to form one capital region, the center of thousands of universes of the Coryan Federations. Located in Star System Lainus and in the solar sector-galaxy of Lactea, it has similarities between Terra, the homo sapiens lost homeworld and its only but habitable moon called Porus literally meaning 'night' or 'darkness' itself as named by the ancient Coryans, Porus in perspective of inhabiting the surface of Titanuma changed and formed a lot of our ancestors core beliefs. Titanuma orbits around the blue giant star on about 367.9 days and completes its day around 24.2 hours, the distance between Titanuma and the star is about 0.000658 light years away. The literal meaning of Titanuma is 'Giant' or 'Titans' as our ancestors believe that cosmic gigantic gods constructed the planet out by their own body parts living on with their noe omnipresent spiritual form which are almost surprisingly akin to the precursors' mission to the multiverse but with less more sacrifices, though ironically sacrificing themselves to build a home for all mortal people against the dragon lord. With near hundreds of trillions of people dwelling on the planet and the epicenter of Coryan advances, Titanuma isn't the most populated and largest city but it is, in fact, the most technologically and economically developed ones. In terms of geography, Titanuma is a single continental landmass with small tropical islands around its sided oceans as continental drift began to finally move on after the great ancient nuclear war heals, with the planet having diverse types of climate and terrain, mainly tropical and tundra with intersecting rivers added, with this, the planet boosted up it's already high tourism industry. Titanuma and all of its mega-city sectors also has orbital planetary defenses which large starbases regularly orbit the Titanuman system, after the foundation era, Titanuma falls into a thousand year era of peace and development until the first civil war period where universal internal/external trade was temporarily blocked off and the Hivemind war, where it has been temporarily occupied by the hivemind until a coalition counter-attack. But it is now known as a shining light of Coryan civilization . **

Planet name: Terra (In Coryan Universe)
Habitability: DESTROYED
Density: UNKNOWN
Land Area: 148.9 million km
Natural Satellite: Luna, or literally the moon as homo sapiens call it.
Average surface temperature: UNKNOWN (to some extent)
Role: Anicent homeworld of homo sapiens, unfortunate lost piece of a historical artifact


** Terra, much of homo sapiens and it's hominid ancestors live in this forgotten, destroyed but the astonishing planet as they were the first known planet to probably harbor life by the Precursors which ironically enough, that homo sapiens thought they were the only planet with life until the invention of interstellar travel, while Terra is the first, its twin-like planet; Mars brought the first intelligent, biological life, forging the first near-interstellar society and much of the human bloodlines but assimilated to the human culture as they breeded and lead countless human civilizations across generations until their pure race is no more. As Titanuma and Terra share similarities, we don't know that this is made intentional by the primordial Precursors. With the final days of Terra lays a declining marginal life supports, and decaying human structures and landmarks that was lost to our culture from dead, destroyed and forgotten, with the entirety of the homo sapiens and all of its creatures greater history inhabitated in the planet, in all of the unfortunate Terran wars over resources, religions, or for power and it's technological innovations of fortunes, as for we honor this now lost planet of hominids and other creatures that inhabit it, now currently alongside with New Terra, we have colonized much of the ancient solar system and its historical galaxy.  **

Planet name: Floweria-1
Habitability: Excellent, Stable
Density: 5.31 g/cm
Land Area: 139.1 million km
Natural Satellite: N/A
Average surface temperature: 92 C
Role: Habitat type planet


** The popular second planet of the popular Star System Ravenia which also has the right conditions to live and forests grow, where even both Titanuman, and Terran flowers and trees of nature grow around the planet's lush growing forests and a natural atmosphere. Indeed, as it is considered one of the most natural planets out of all the million if not billion of planets in the Federation, in fact, it is even one of the greenest known planets in Coryana as it is a giant planetary natural reserve where dragons and animal lifeforms alike live freely with specific and self-suffecient food sources. The natives of Floweria (whom have joined the federation) are in-charge of this monumental task as they have a culture to preserve their planet with mother nature, many natural cities can be found with large trees being built as a new center, combined with terraforming technology with injectors. **

Planet name: Nurudia 
Habitability: Very unhabitable back then, though now a new green planet
Density: 5.93 g/cm
Land Area: 230 Million KM (Almost covering all of the planet, although oceanic bodies are nearly 50% of freshwater which is surprising)
Natural Sattelite: Virgil (an economic colony is also constructed there)
Average surface temperature: -10C (Pre-terraformation) 30C (Terraformation)
Role: Ancient Historical Artifact


** Once the great planet of Nurudia, the famous ancient homeworld of the greater Nurudian civilization, the first center of scientific advancement without interference of war that is, now a cold frozen wasteland. When the parasites slaughtered and collapsed almost if not all of the Nurudians and it's society from its very foundations, with some A.I weaponry system technologies betraying the last Nurudian civilization/states and turning everything into a planetary wasteland due to being corrupted by the parasites whom infected Nurudians and copied their intelliegence to the technology, trapped in a never-ending ice age wasteland with corpses left by the parasites spreading and flooding through the icy mountains and plains, killing much of the people like Coryans in the UCEC that tried to explore back then and some of the few Nurudians that even survived the infection which sadly has no more traces of their genes to replicate. However, Coryana views this as a historical artifact once they discover interstellar travel and it's history, during the era of cosmic great colonization. However today, the old planet of Nurudia has been fully terraformed by Coryana due to now advanced terraforming technology with a flourshing population centers around it's continents and a habitat type planet, like that similar to New Terra but with more smaller population centers to provide space for the revived creatures alike spreaded around it's continents and oceans. **

Planet Name: New Terra
Habitability: Excellent
Density: 5.55 g/cm
Land Area: 490 million/km
Natural Sattelite: New Luna
Average Surface Temperature: 51C
Role: Rebuilt population planet


** After many decades or even centuries of referendum's and democratic petitions of the Coryan people and even other civilizations as well to construct a new artificial planet like that of Terra around the multiverse, it was finally built, thanks to the creation of terraforming technology at the time with injectors as the vote would have passed more earlier if we have the proper technology and techniques. Located on the exact old location of star system Solar, it took around three months to complete this small but gigantic historical task, the planet is almost detailed down to it's core to its revived creatures, ecosystem, land and water bodies around the planet. New Terra today is designed and built as an environmental type of ecumenopolis and will forever mark that it's significance to Coryan history will also be remembered by future generations to come and learn of the past and what has Coryana became today. **

《《 Photo Section 》》

== The Armadian prime fortress, located in one of the old military bases now a natural planetary reserve for all creatures, utilized in the first civil war of Coryana and one of the victorious and final battles against both the fronts, a single moment leading up to historical peace agreements under a few months after the battle, it is the single most important strategic location due to its resources and important military assets at the time and remains as a large ancient artifact, it is now an abandoned area with small and big animals inhabiting, breeding, and scavenging the lost location but there are a lot of tourist attractions and automated clean-ups going around. == 

== The renowned scientific observatories and laboratories that are each interconnected in a small planet, where scientists, explorers, and the people themselves meet and ask questions and answers to the future of the omniverse. Located in Ravenia-2 and known for testing the first prototypes vials of atomic re-sizers and dimensional warp gates leading to the Cookie verse and various dimensions, paving the way for the omniversal exploration, hypothetically all civilizations true final frontier upon reaching upon the multiverse. ==

== The digital museum of Babylonia-3, one of the largest establishments of Babylonia and have sectors itself in the underground floor, containing hologramic realistic virtual recreations of notable events, objects and locations such as the well known historical installation-bunkers around the history of Coryana, the multiverse, and Terra ==

== A large exploratory UCEC starbase orbiting on an alternate universe Terra, currently in cloaking module with automated drones (another one of it's variants) observing its terrestrial body, its ecosystem, and the diverse native societies to know much of its culture for us to learn also more to one of our lost Coryan histories. ==

== The Ricdia Digital Library, one of the biggest virtual libraries in the nation, located on the planet of scientific planet of Palm and significantly covering much of its sectors, storing countless archived both stored in digital and in paper of many new and old stories, journals, and documents of any genres of fiction and non-fiction written many across the multiverse from to the writers and philosophers of the past and the present with varieties of diverse languages that can be freely translated by easy virtual setting controls, that can be freely be accessed by the public and many generations to come, also called the Library of 'Babel' mainly in Coryan pop-cultures due to its nearly large size of books by alternate homo sapiens on each different universes. ==

== Sector 2-05 where one of the many Stellar matrixes and Reality simulations are located with much of the smaller buildings being green solar/fusion power generators, the sector sizes around a hundred kilometers with the entirety being closed off habitats for dragons and other species alike where many clans are present around diverse landscapes, though the majority of the planet itself is covered in deep sea oceans and trenches that still harbor even the wonders of life with tropical, jungle, or much more diverse climates of small and big archipelagos. ==

== The habitat planet of Berunda, where many cliffs, mountainous areas, intersecting rivers, and flat grass lands can be prominently seen throughout regions, the planet is notable due to its large number of peaceful but sometimes territorial in many flat lands and forests, and the dominating herbivorous dragons as they can inhabit the land with much vegetation, one of the rarest in most habitat planets. ==

== A small asteroid belt mining colony, mining both common and rare materials such as iron, gold, uranuim, sometimes even borea stones from these laboratory large bases. Trade and mining ships (mostly frigates) frequently visit this area as it is high for profits in the multiverse like trading with primitive and multiversal civilizations alike.  ==

== An oceanic population dome located on the aquatic covering planet of Aecor (meaning aqua in the planet's native language) where many city-boats and starbases frequently roam around the planet though domes ranging from merchantile to scientific purposes are also constructed, where the native swimmers of the planet that has joined the federation regularly live in this area as they originally built most of the self-sustaining domes but the glass itself is energy-absorbing, particularly nanite made and has been created by the federation. ==

《《 Planetary Classes 》》

>> Coryan planets where billions and billions are located all around universes where they are classified or designated by the kinds of uses on how Coryans utilizes and what systems will it inhabit on, from population planets to mercantile ones, they support each of every people and creatures and group in the nation, trusted private construction companies cooperated with other public organizations to build these planets using automated nanite technology where after the construction, the winning and selected company itself gets awarded and the planet gets fully built. Though before the construction effort, when a planet to a star system is newly colonized in a universe, the settlers and the UCEC must agree on what type of planets would it be via depending on it's planets geography, climate, resources, and ecosystem and how can it be handled, these planets over time will sometimes be connected within each other through star systems and then galaxies, and forming population, merchantile, or military cosmic sectors, they can be either in artificial planets and sometimes in big or small moons with these types of planets having a suitable automated weather and climate systems. When a military invasion is present, each planets have special shielding systems of around a few back-up layers with secured installation shelters and teleporter/warping pads for evacuation measures by ensuring that all citizens escape to safety and a group of smaller enforcers that acts as the first line of defense while the main starfleets will get ready for battle and defend the planet, sometimes using hologram and guerilla techniques when the enemy is much more larger in size and power. <<

>> Population Planet <<

== These types of planets are classified by the nation as main population centers for Coryans and species alike with large commercial areas typically made up of trillions of people dwelling in many tall, hard nanite metal of skyscrapers and most living in tall mansion type homes but they can have any housing design they like such as unique irregular shapes, as population planets are mostly population ecumenopolis that are environment friendly to the very core with the extra buildings being starbases in the sky . With most if not all homes being implemented with new luxurious technological furnishings and all basic needs that Coryans from cyborgs to organics could find, with limitless diversity, they are one of the most chosen population areas, the second are floating mega-cities, which citizens can leave and thrive through space with a large dome, aritifical gravity and suitable climates as the city ventures out into the cosmos with proper communications of course. == 

>> Scientific Planet <<

== They are utilized mainly by scientific institute headquarters, Techo conventions, and testing sites of scientific and technological projects in the nation, with more laboratories in the planetary orbit. These type of planets are a little more common in the inner part/regions of Coryana. ==

>> Merchantile Planet <<

== These planets are the main commercial/economic planets in Coryana, whether large scale shopping malls, ship part, or warp drives stores, trading starbases are often seen in the skies, you can find any products manufactured in Coryana and the multiverse in these type of planets, maintained by both sentient A.I minds and merchants working together with the Trade Federation of Merchants in charge and tasked of being the regulating and governing body of the Coryan merchants and the economic planets.

These planets are mostly located between the inner borders of Coryana as it is where many traders reside/live, though mainly temporary in the area on large building blocks as a comfort/resting zone and off to many merchant markets and planets around the known multiverse. ==

>> Millitary Planet <<

== These planets are utilized and located along the military fortification borders of Coryana where it stations one of the powerful weapons and fresh, newly trained soldiers in large bases, where accomodations are comfortable with a balance of virtual trainings, where the military supply lines are stationed, built as a defensive trench-wall line just around the border. When there is an invasion, planets are also used as military factories and research stations such as the notable Creek, it got its name after a expedition to the planet landing in a major tributary of a larger river, where a multiversal trade center is now located, though the main base of operation is mainly in the skies. == 

>> Habitat Planet <<

== Habitat planets are special types of planets that are a planet-wide habitat for many creatures alike, ranging from dragons that are suited in wide ranged areas to school of fishes in oceanic planets with each colourful coral reefs, and a specially desgined food in each respective ecosystems, and environment or climate which is itself an automated control system, just without the interferance of us, observation are made for cloaking drones in order to not disturb the animals, as they walk, fly, hop, and swim freely in these habitary bodies and environments. These Starbases are often stationed in the orbit of habitat planets to check the ecosystem from time to time. ==

>> Artifact Planet <<

== Planets like this type are made to be an artifact for historical purposes just like the planet of Nurudia in its first days when Coryana just discovered it via early Coryan interstellar travel. This planets sometimes are also declared as a strictly 'no-touching' zone where it is an old piece of an lost civilization or ecosystem, but now mainly a tourist zone for others where you can explore abandoned settlements though with safety. ==

>> Mining Planet <<

(See logistical program for more info)

== Mining planets are usually merged in with scientific and trading type of planet, so laboratory facilities can test and observe the newly mined materials and merchants trading with the materials from time to time, where they employ harvesters and miners which can safely extract the materials from typically in the underground without damaging much of the planet's ecosystem, however, lava types of planets are also built to be mining planets or colonies, however, heat resistant materials and technology must be obviously utilized with the main bases located in the skies. ==

《《 Notable Galaxies 》》

Name: Galaxy Sairus
Star Systems: Approximately around 580 Billion
Radius: 82,859 light years
Number of Sapient lifeforms/species: 100,000 Life, excluding simple cellular beings, and including intelligent sapient life which is 30% of the galactic population.


** The large, ancient elliptical galaxy of where the Pretorians, our distant but united cousins originally crashed from, and where one of the Hallacoryan Imperium's reach didn't touch until decades before the Nurudian war where it was mostly being distracted from its bloody expansion wars against big and small xeno civilizations, where billions died to make way for the new industrial planet for the nation, where it was the only galaxy in the universe untouched by parasites, it is unknown why they didn't consider Sairus as a host site, it may be perhaps to where the Precursors are originally guarding and stationed from but left to Titanuma as the final battle campaign of the generally unknown war at the time when it was fully secured against the parasitic infection. Sairus is also considered one of the oldest known galaxies, ever discovered by the Imperium although it failed for the colonization process due to 'logistical' errors as said by lost pieces of Imperium digital propaganda in a few planets scattered around the milky way galaxy. **

Name: Galaxy Famil
Star Systems: Approximately around 210 Billion
Radius: 52,758 Light Years
Number of sapient lifeforms/species: an estimated number of 50,000


** The small but one of the economically growing, spiral galaxy of Famil is where the most greeny planet of Floweria and the scientific star system of Ravenia is located, with being one of the most developed single galaxies in Coryana in contributing scientific and technological progress in the nation. The term Famil means Floreat or 'to flourish' in original main Flowerian tounge  , which the natives are culturally traditional but technologically progressive environmentalists whom also travel through star systems across the galaxy in order to terraform dead planets with all life extinct, however, it's goal to preserve their homeworld and do the exact same to other planets that has been damaged (See Floweria, planetary section above). Famil is also the birthplace of many notable structures and megastructures such as ringworlds and one of the population majority of scientists and UCEC employees. **

Name: Galaxy Milky Way (popularly known)
Star Systems: Approximately around 300 billion stars
Radius: 10,000 Light Years
Number of sapient lifeforms/species: around 30,000


** The Milky way galaxy as homo sapiens and much more civilizations soon after popularly call it in their respective languages, is one of the oldest and historical galaxies that was known to Coryana, with star system Solar with  much of it's planets having ruined bases and structures, which could be the imperium's first colonies, terraforming these planets will take time once again and the more bigger Alpha Centauri due to them being a binary star system which in turn having a more expanded hill sphere, with more solar as well-known places and is where New Terra is located from, it was called the 'milky way' due to the fact it looks like a milky patch from the perspective on many different planetary surfaces like Terra. This galaxy has the most archeological finds to the Hallacoryan Imperuim and it's culture as this is their orignal homeworld. Today, after the construction of New Terra, the milky way galaxy is now filled with countless flourishing population planets and mostly mining planets (see logistical program), the homo sapiens are extinct but some of their bloodline and innovations live on and has passed to us and our cousins. The galaxy is also known for having one of the largest hyperlanes known to Coryana to travel from, though all galaxies have their each own hyperlanes between star systems (see logistics program for more info). **

Name: Urbis
Star Systems: an estimated number of 300 Billion star systems
Radius: 55,000 Light Years
Number of sapient lifeforms/species: around 20,000


** The eliptical galaxy of Urbis or 'riches' as one of the Coryan languages is translated are one of the galaxies due the galaxy itself has one of the biggest amount of green factory planets with it, however around 15% of the planetary star sectors are closed-of habitat zones, being an economic superpower of starcrafts from big to small, specially harvester frigates and cruisers, much of the Coryan ships are made from Urbis and where many similar  public and private company headquarters are commonly located, the galaxy itself is fully automated within by trade, starbases, and other logistical ships, providing the carrying transport of logistics for Coryana. ** 

Name: Primo
Star Systems: an estimated number of 200 Billion star systems
Radius: 35,000 Light Years
Number of sapient lifeforms/species: around 30,000


** The small, elliptical galaxy of Primo is historically one of the first galaxies to be ever colonized and explored by Coryana in its early interstellar years and a significant part of the civil war and the hivemind war, as hence the name 'Primo' as it is translated to literally 'First' in many Coryan languages within the galaxy. With one of the oldest sectors and star systems states, residing with tons of logistical megastructures are to be seen, it is where the famous UCEC headquarters is located among it's planets.  Having a significantly bigger population growth and a significant tourism boost due to also being located to famous digital museums and realistic historical artifacts/reenactments like ones in the first civil war of Coryana. **



《《 ...DONE... 》》


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