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Corindi Aircraft

Ground Attack Aircraft:
The T8 Ostrero Trainer, COIN and Reconnaissance Craft
Side view of the Ostrero

National origin:Corindia
Operators: Corindia (46), Ainslie AHNAF (30), Dormill and Stiura, Verdon (20)
Crew: 2
Cost: 5M
Payload: 1,500 kg (3,307 lb)
Length: 11.38 m (37 ft 4 in)
Wingspan: 11.14 m (36 ft 6.5 in)
Height: 3.97 m (13 ft 0.25 in)
Wing area: 19.4 m2 (208.8 sq ft)
Empty weight: 3,200 kg (7,055 lb)
Max. takeoff weight: 5,400 kg (11,905 lb)
Maximum speed: 590 km/h (319 knots, 367 mph)
Cruise speed: 520 km/h (281 knots, 323 mph)
Stall speed: 148 km/h (80 knots, 92 mph)
g-limit: +7/-3.5 g
Range: 720 nmi (827 mi, 1,330 km)
Combat radius: 550 km (300 nmi, 342 mi) (hi-lo-hi profile, 1,500 kg (3,300 lb) of external stores)
Ferry range: 1,541 nmi (1,774 mi, 2,855 km)
Endurance: 8hrs
Service ceiling: 10,668 m
Rate of climb: 16.4 m/s

The GA2 Tarasque Ground Attack Aircraft
Side view of the Tarasque

National origin:Corindia
Operators: Corindia (50), Dormill and Stiura
Crew: 1
Cost: 10M
Length: 16.3m
Wingspan: 14.36m
Height: 5m
Wing area: 33.7m²
Empty weight: 10,000kg
Loaded weight: 16,000kg
Max. takeoff weight: 23,300kg
Maximum speed: Mach 0.8 (980 km/h)
Range: 1,100km
Combat range: 750km
Rate of climb: 60m/s

Fighter Aircraft:
The Cabrera-Bretodeau ASF2 Prédateur Air Superiority Fighter
Side view of the Prédateur

National origin:Corindia
Operators: Corindia (50, 200 planned)
Crew: 1
Cost: 60M
Full Factbook
The MRF7 Águila Fighter Aircraft
Side view of the Águila

Role: Air Supremacy/Multirole Fighter
National origin: Corindia
Manufacturer: Aeromada
First flight: 6 July 2004
Introduction: 17 June 2015
Primary users: Corindi Air Force
Number built: 192 (72 for Corindia, 20 for Noronica, 10 for Covonant, 20 for Benha, 40 for Ainslie AHNAF, 30 for Almorea)
Program cost: 1.1 Billion Corins
Unit cost: 30 Million Corins
Crew: 1
Length: 14.30m
Wingspan: 9.20m
Height: 4.80m
Wing area: 42.4m²
Empty weight: 6,800 kg
Loaded weight: 10,500 kg
Max. takeoff weight: 13,500 kg
Dry thrust: 55 kN
Thrust with afterburner: 90 kN
Maximum speed: Mach 1.8 (2,200 km/h)
Range: 3,000 km
Combat radius: 900 km
Service ceiling: 16,000 m
Wing loading: 250 kg/m²
Thrust/weight: 1.1
g-limits: +8/−3.5 g
Hardpoints: 8

Lineart by Bagera 3065, Pandora, and Corindia

The SF10 Ansar VSTOL Strike Fighter
Side view of the Ansar

National origin:Corindia
Operators: Corindia (63), Benha, Almorea (30)
Crew: 1
Cost: 70M
Length: 49.5 ft(15.1 m)
Wingspan: 34 ft (10.5 m)
Height: 14.2 ft (4.33 m)
Wing area: 480 ft² (44.7 m²)
Empty weight: 30,000 lb (13,200 kg)
Loaded weight: 49,000 lb (22,400 kg)
Max. takeoff weight: 80,000 lb (33,400 kg)
Dry thrust: 28,000 lbf (125 kN)
Thrust with afterburner: 44,000 lbf (200 kN)
Maximum speed: Mach 2.2
Range: 2000 nmi on internal fuel
Combat radius:760 nmi (1,407 km)
Wing loading: 110 lb/ft² (520 kg/m²; 710 kg/m² max loaded)

Transport/Cargo Aircraft:

The PB10 Anhinga Seaplane
Side view of the Anhinga

National origin:Corindia
Operators: Corindia (26)
Unit cost: 21M Corins
Crew: 4
Length: 43.84m
Wingspan: 41.62m
Height: 11m
Max. takeoff weight: 86,000kg
Takeoff boosters: 2 Coron Electro RY23-35 turbojets, 23kN each
Powerplant: 2 Aeromada D-17KPV turbofans, 117.7kN each
Maximum speed: 800km/h
Range: 4,100km
Service ceiling: 9,700m
Rate of climb: 30m/s
Takeoff distance (Land): 1,000m
Takeoff distance (Water): 2,000m
Landing distance (Land): 700m
Landing distance (Water): 900m
Maximum wave height: 2m

The C6 Turaco Cargo Aircraft
Side view of the Turaco

National origin:Corindia
Operators: Corindia (10), Verdon (5), Funce (4)
Crew: 3 (2 pilots, 1 loadmaster)
Unit cost: 96M Corins
Payload: 32 t w/ 2.5G limit., 36 t w/ 2.25G limit
Length: 43.9 m
Wingspan: 44.4 m
Height: 14.2 m
Empty weight: 60,800 kg
Max. takeoff weight: 141,400 kg
Powerplant: 2 Aeromada YT-77V, 266 kN
Maximum speed: 917km/h
Cruise speed: 890km/h
Range: 7,600km
Ferry range: 9,800km

The C7 Vireo Cargo Aircraft
Side view of the Vireo

National origin:Corindia
Operators: Corindia (35), Verdon (18), Funce (3)
Crew: 2 (1 pilots, 1 loadmaster)
Unit cost: 21M Corins
Capacity: 51 passengers, 35 paratroops, 18 stretchers, four pallets, a suite of AEW&C equipment with modification
Payload: 6,000kg
Length: 21.40m
Wingspan: 25.81m
Height: 8.18m
Empty weight: 9,800kg
Max. takeoff weight: 15,100kg
Powerplant: 2 Aeromada CT7-9C3 turboprops, 1,305kW each
Cruise speed: 450km/h
Stall speed: 156km/h
Range: 4,355km
Service ceiling: 7,620m
Rate of climb: 7.8m/s

The MRTT3 Iolaidh Multi-role Tanker Transport
Side view of the Iolaidh

National origin:Corindia, Noronica
Operators: Corindia (10), Noronica, Covonant, Dormill and Stiura, Funce (3)
Crew: 4
Length: 60.32 m
Wingspan: 60.3 m
Wing area: 370.5 m²
Tail height: 17.5 m
Maximum takeoff weight: 245,000 kg
Usable fuel capacity: 140,000 l,110,000 kg
Cargo: 160,000 kg of fuel,75 passengers with 70,000 kg cargo, 80,000 kg cargo
Service ceiling: 13000 m
Cruise speed: Mach 0.85 (490 kn; 900 km/h)
Maximum Operating Speed: Mach 0.90 (530 kn; 950 km/h)
Final approach speed: 136 kn (252 km/h)
Ferry range: 18,507 km
Maximum range, fully loaded: 13,500 km (7,250 nm)
Takeoff run: 2,500 m
Landing run: 1,500 m
Engines: 2 x 285–310 kN Coron Electro CN4-78YE
Further Information: Here

AWACS Aircraft:
The E4 Pinzón Airborne Early Warning and Control System
Side view of the Pinzón

National origin:Corindia, Noronica
Operators: Corindia, Noronica, Benha, Dormill and Stiura, Talvistova, Funce (3), Martenyika (4)
Crew: 5
Length: 22.58 m
Wingspan: 25.46 m
Height: 9.18 m
Empty weight: 17,908 kg
Loaded weight: 18,935 kg
Max. takeoff weight: 25,380 kg
Powerplant: 2 × Quentin NQ800 turbofans
Maximum speed: 755 km/h
Ferry range: 4,870 km
Service ceiling: 11,756 m
Further Information Here

Trainer Aircraft:

The T4 Blue Jay Trainer Aircraft
Side view of the Blue Jay

National origin: Miklania, Corindia
Operators: Miklania, Corindia (20), San maguina, Noronica, Ainslie AHNAF (15), Dormill and Stiura, Athara Magarat, Funce (3)
Unit cost: 16M
Crew: 2
Length: 12.4m
Wingspan: 9.9m
Empty weight: 4,480kg
Useful load: 3,000kg
Max takeoff weight: 9,100kg
Maximum speed: Mach 0.84 (1,028km/h)
Range: 2,520km
Service ceiling: 13,565m
Rate of climb: 47m/s
Thrust/weight: 0.65

Lineart by Miklania

Reconaissance Aircraft:
The HAR2 Corbeau Reconaissance Aircraft
Side view of the Corbeau

Nation of Origin: Corindia
Operators: Norstham (8), Funce (4)
Cost: 20M Corins
Crew: 1
Length: 22.9 m
Wingspan: 37.5 m
Height: 4.8 m
Empty weight: 13,995 kg
Gross weight: 23,400 kg
Max takeoff weight: 23,800 kg
Range: 4,965 km
Endurance: 6.5 hours at 17,000 m
Service ceiling: 21,500 m
Take-off distance: 900 m
Landing distance: 780 m

Utility and Attack Helicopters:
The AH1 Lagartija Light Attack Helicopter
Side view of the Lagartija

National origin:Corindia
Operators: Corindia (55), Covonant, Benha, Funce (12)
Crew: 2
Unit cost: 17M Corins
Length: 15.8m
Rotor diameter: 13.3m
Height: 4.7m
Disc area: 136.85m²
Max. takeoff weight: 5,800kg
Powerplant: 2 × Coron Electro turboshaft, 1,067kW each

The MTH2 Matuasto Medium Transport Helicopter
Side view of the Matuasto

National origin:Corindia
Operators: Corindia (245), The trultin isles,
Covonant (VIP variant), Ainslie AHNAF (60) ARSF (20), Dormill and Stiura, Kobratia , Funce (32), Masurbia (28, VIP variant)
Crew: 2
Unit cost: 6M Corins
Capacity: 10 passengers or 1,900kg cargo
Length: 12.11m
Height: 4.01m
Empty weight: 2,050kg
Max takeoff weight: 4,100kg
Powerplant: 2 Gran Lago Aeroengine M57 turboshaft, 632kW each
Main rotor diameter: 11.94m
Main rotor area: 111.98m²
Maximum speed: 305km/h
Cruising speed: 260km/h
Ferry range: 1,000km with internal auxiliary tank
Endurance: 5 hours
Service ceiling: 4,500m
Hovering Ceiling in ground effect: 2,600m
Hovering Ceiling out of ground effect: 1,600m

The HTH2 Caimán Heavy Transport Helicopter
Side view of the Caimán

National origin:Corindia
Operators: Corindia (30), Covonant, Benha, Dormill and Stiura, Funce (6)
Crew: 3
Unit cost: 11M Corins
Capacity: 90 troops or 60 stretchers or 20,000kg cargo
Length: 40.025m
Rotor diameter: 32.00m
Height: 8.145m
Disc area: 804.25m²
Empty weight: 28,200kg
Loaded weight: 49,600kg
Max. takeoff weight: 56,000kg
Main rotor RPM: 122
Powerplant: 2 Coron Electro 34Y turboshafts, 8,500kW each
Maximum speed: 295km/h
Cruise speed: 255km/h
Range:1,720 km
Service ceiling: 4,600m

Reconnaissance and Strike Drones:

The RPV1 Scrub Cardinal Remote Piloted Vehicle
Side view of the Scrub Cardinal

National origin:Corindia
Operators: Corindia (24), The ketchwan republic, Verona beach, Benha, Ainslie AHNAF (15), Funce (5)
Crew: 0 onboard (3 remote: Launch and Recovery Element (LRE) pilot; Mission Control Element (MCE) pilot and sensor operator)
Unit cost: 5M Corins
Length: 14.5m
Wingspan: 39.9m
Height: 4.7m
Empty weight: 6,781kg
Gross weight: 14,628kg)
Powerplant: 1 Aeromada KL-67Y turbofan engine, 34kN thrust
Maximum speed: 629km/h
Cruise speed: 575km/h
Range: 22,779km
Endurance: 32+ hours
Service ceiling: 19,500m

The RPV12 Chasseur Remote Piloted Vehicle
Side view of the Chasseur

National origin:Corindia
Operators: Corindia

The RPV13 Remote Piloted Vehicle
Side view of the Búho

National origin:Corindia
Operators: Corindia
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