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Battle Tanks

Light Battle tank:

TX-130 Saber-class fighter tank

Armaments consist of:
Dual Thermal Detonator/Missile Launchers
Medium Beam Cannon Turret/Twin laser turret
Dual Heavy Laser Cannons

1 pilot
1 co-pilot/navigator
1 gunner (optional)
1 astromech droid (optional)

Can hold 2 passengers and 1 day's worth of consumables.

Walker tank:

ATAP/All Terrain Attack Pod

Armaments consist of:
Heavy Mass-Driver Cannon
Dorsal Medium Laser Cannon
Ventral Heavy Repeating Blaster

1 pilot
2 gunners

Main Battle Tank

ATTE/All Terrain Tactical Enforcer

Armaments consist of:
6 Laser Turrets
1 Mass-Driver Cannon

1 pilot
1 spotter
1 gunner

can hold 38 passengers, 3 weeks of rations, 3 weeks of oxygen, and 500kg of fuel.

Heavy Transport Tank

HAVw A6 Juggernaut

Armaments consist of:
Heavy laser cannon turret
Rapid repeating laser cannon
Medium anti-personnel laser cannons
Twin blaster cannons
Rocket/grenade launchers

12 pilots
8 gunners

can hold 50-300 passengers, 20 days of rations, 30 tons of cargo, and 30,000 kilometers worth of fuel.