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The History of Integra Corporation, and the Corporate City of Azaykish

Founding of Integra Corporation:
Founded in 1850 in the city of Ignasa, the Integra Corporation was Cle Brait's largest Manufacturing company. It's founder Sabri Tawil made the company on the principle of cheap, high quality products. Which stuck for most of the earliest years of the company. Which allowed it to rise into the then largest company in the nation.

Great Depression, 1930:
When the Great Depression hit, Integra began to suffer from internal issues the principle of 'Cheap, high quality products could no longer apply' and one had to go. At first it was the cheap part of Sabri's saying.

The start of Azaykish:
The company was passed off to Sabri's great-grandson Umra Tawil in 1933. Umra with a large sum of money that was left over in the company, decided to found the city of Azaykish(Which stands for, Wealth or Power depending on the province). The city was built over small villages in the Northern Most sections of Cle Brait. The city would serve as a place for workers to quickly go from home to work. Where a factory was likely no more than a mile away from a home.

By 1949 Azaykish was flourishing, and Integra was fully back on it's feet, Umra had began plans to build the new Integra HQ, a large 70 story building, that would show the true power that Integra held.

Azaykish Plate Plan:
However, when 1950 rolled around Umra suddenly died of a heart attack, and the company was passed to his son, Ibrahim Tawil who was only 25. Ibrahim had made massive changes to the company, weaker materials used in their products, and yet still high prices. Not only that but now holding control over Azaykish Ibrahim wanted the city to grow larger, and rather than building outwards he chose to build upward. Dubbing this idea the 'Azaykish Plate Plan', this would entail that the new sectors of the city would be built onto plates. Work began quickly.

By the time 1960 rolled around, the first plate was completed, and work quickly began on the second plate. Work took another 10 years for the second plate to be built, and in 1969 the large amount of funds diverted to the Plate Plan, and the lower quality products hurt the company more than it helped it. However, Ibrahim did not care, and ordered construction of four more plates for the first layer.

Finally, the year 1985 rolled around, and the fifth plate had recently started construction. The upper sectors of the city were flourishing, while the sectors below the plates were filled with smog, and rampant crime. Due to corruption in the government during this time period, the problems plaguing the city were generally ignored. In the year 1990 the Sixth Plate's construction was halted, leaving it half complete.

The downfall of Azaykish, and Integra:
The next five years were quiet for Azaykish, with the crime issues in the original sectors being reduced, and Ibrahim making changes for the better. However, this would change in 1996 when the incomplete Sixth Plate broke free of its locking clamps due to lower quality materials being used in it's construction. Over 1500 people were killed in the disaster, and many more would be displaced from the collapse of the Sixth Plate.

This caught the attention of the Braitian government, and restriction after restriction was placed on Integra Corporation. However, the still incumbent CEO Ibrahim fought tooth and nail, launching lawsuit after lawsuit against the government. This drained the company of its remaining funds. Finally, in 2001 Integra Corporation closed its doors for good.

The 21st Century:
In 2005 many living within the other sectors of Azaykish attempted to use the factories and turn them into their own businesses to breathe new life into the city, however most of these businesses would fail within the next three years. In 2010 the Fifth Plate began to have severe structural issues, and the Braitian Government chose to act quickly to prevent another collapse of a plate and built a brand new support structure for the plate before it could totally collapse.

In the following years, poverty, crime, and many other issues plagued the city, and the old Integra HQ building had essentially become a decaying homeless shelter. The local government was full of incompetent officials who only made the situation in the city worse. However in 2013 the main government took control of the city, and by 2024 the issues plaguing the city have improved. Of course the damage had been done, and the city would likely never fully recover.

The culture of Azaykish:
The working culture in Azaykish was a harsh, and competitive. This resulted in the people to be generally considered rude and brash. The poverty, and crime in the city at the start of the 21st century didn't help either. The inhabitants of the city refer to it as the 'Giant Rotting Pizza' due to the plate structure, and the fact the city is quite literally rotting.

Final Note:

Hope everyone enjoyed the read as much as I enjoyed writing it.