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<:: UU Approved Overwatch Supplements ::>

<:: UU Approved Overwatch Supplements ::>
<:: Last Updated : 9/17/2019 ::>

<:: The Overwatch Transhuman Arm::>

<:: Overwatch Soldier ::>

<:: The Overwatch Transhuman Arm is the Military Branch of the Human Combine Loyalists. They are under the organization of more certified Loyalist Officers and higher-ups, and are the most advanced military branch the Sector has to offer. They were created right after the 7-Hour war, approximately ## months after the war had ended. This new military branch was spearheaded by Sector 17's Administrator Wallace Breen, and was quickly applied to all other viable Sectors in that region, with branching and unique divisions each Sector had to offer. City 8 is one of those unique Sectors specialized in solely creating Transhumans or Overwatch Soldiers ( Simplified to OWS for call-signs ) for rapid deployment and Division Experimentation. Overwatch Soldiers are either 'Promoted' from their previous Civil Protection position or selected from volunteering Loyalists. ::>

<:: Standard Overwatch Soldier ::>

<:: The Standard Overwatch Soldier is a front-line troop mostly seen in any battle that City 8 supplies troops with. They are the most basic form of Overwatch Units and are generous in numbers, partaking in any battle regardless of climate or planet. They are armed the most basic standardized equipment, such as the AR2 or its official name, the OSIPR ( Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle ) that can fire Dark Energy Plasma balls capable of vaporizing enemy units to nothing. The Overwatch Soldier is sent to the Nexus for 'Memory Replacement' where their non-essential memories are wiped form their mind, and given new combat-filled memories that allow them to artificially inflate their combat prowess in the field. They are also reshaped to become the perfect soldier, removing non-vital organs in favor of more mechanical stimulants or mechanical body parts. This is the most basic form of the Overwatch Soldier taking place in the frontlines, and are deadly if utilized properly.::>

<:: Equipment ::>

<:: AR2 or OSPIR ( Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle .) ::>
<:: 2-3 High Explosive Grenades. ::>
<:: Combat Flak Vest Mk.I ( Capable of stopping Medium-to-High Caliber bullets. Utilizes Energy to restore Suit Integrity. ::>
<:: Standard Issue Combat Respirator. ::>

<:: Overwatch Elite Soldier ::>
<:: Elite Overwatch Soldier ::>

<:: The Elite Overwatch Soldier is a skilled Overwatch Soldier who has managed to survive multiple combat engagements and is noted for a promotion in the Overwatch Ranks. They are assigned as Team Leaders in every Overwatch Squad that is deployed, acting as 'Officers' for each Overwatch Squad. They are more highly-regarded as to opposed the standard Overwatch Soldier, and given better equipment and armor than the average soldier. They are further augmented in the cranium region, allowing for direct uplink to other unit's biosignals and readings. They are also have more 'Memory Replacement' than the regular Overwatch Soldier, enhancing their mental capabilities than already possible. ::>

<:: Equipment ::>

<:: AR2 or OSPIR ( Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle, Granted access to Dark-Energy Plasma Charged Shots ). ::>
<:: 2-3 High Explosive Grenades. ::>
<:: Combat Flak Vest Mk.II ( Capable of stopping Medium-to-High Caliber bullets. Utilizes Energy to restore Suit Integrity. ::>
<:: Enhanced Combat Oculus Helmet. ::>

<:: Metropolice Units ::>
<:: Notice : Not all Metropolice Units will be the same. ::>
<:: Metropolice Sector Supplements ::>

<:: Metropolice Supplements are just that, Metropolice that have been selected by Sector to assist Overwatch Ground Forces in eliminating 647e ( Anti-Citizens ) whenever they can. As the name suggests, they are mostly trained with policing every Sector, given only light armor and a gas mask to boot. However, those selected for Supplements are granted higher access to better equipment than they would patrolling the Sector, and as such, are more heavily armed. However, they cannot compare to the Overwatch Solders due to their lack of Augmentation and 'Memory Replacement' ( in which units have either little-to-none unless their rank requires it ). Metropolice Supplements are rarely used in Outlands or military tasks unlike the Overwatch Soldiers, and are most likely not to be seen in combat unless in dire circumstances. A notable aspect for the Metropolice Supplements is that they are organized into sub-divisions to break them up into more specialized roles. ::>

<:: Equipment ::>

<:: Non-Standardized Conventional Weaponry ( EX : MP7s, M4A1s, G36Cs, ETC ). ::>
<:: 2-3 High Explosive Grenades ( Officers ranking Intention Rank 3 or Higher ). ::>
<:: S.I ( Standard Issue ) Metropolice Ballistic Vest ( Capable of stopping Low-to-Medium Caliber bullets. Utilizes Energy to restore Suit Integrity. ::>
<:: S.I Metropolice Mask. ::>

<:: Overwatch Beta Soldier ::>
<:: City 8 Beta Soldiers ::>

<:: These early experimentation of Overwatch Soldiers are the first attempts of Transhuman Augmentation. They were less sophisticated than their Standard Overwatch Soldiers and had very little augmentation or 'Memory Replacement'. They were made to gather combat experience along with testing the new prototype OSIPR, but ultimately this line was cancelled due to the outdated program of Beta Units with introduction with the proper Overwatch Standard Soldiers. As such, all Beta Units were to be 'De-Serviced' from the frontlines and were ultimately disposed of. Very few still remain, if at all. ::>

<:: Equipment ::>

<:: Protoype AR2s or OSIPRs ( This version of the Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle was highly inaccurate with an incredible amount of recoil ). ::>
<:: Combat Flak Vest Prototype ( Early-Stage Combat Vest capable of stopping Medium-Grade bullets ). ::>
<:: Combat Respirator Prototype ::>

<:: Overwatch Stormtrooper Soldier ::>

<:: City 8 Specialized Units ::>

<:: These are Specialized Overwatch Soldier Divisions exclusive to City 8, approved by the National Commander. These specialized divisions have often times, varying levels of access of equipment for each specialization along with further or lesser augmentation. They are normally used for supplementing current divisions or for specialized tasking that average Overwatch Soldiers cannot complete without the use of certain equipment. They are randomly selected from average Overwatch Soldiers for specialization training and are usually not seen aside from a few major or minor operations in which they are required.::>

<:: City 8 Stormtrooper Division ::>

<:: The Overwatch Stormtrooper Division was created ## Years after the initial development of the Overwatch Transhuman Arm Program. During this time, Anti-Citizen forces have been slowly rising in numbers along with notable reports of their equipment getting better than the usual scavenged weaponry from downed Civil Protection Units. Along with that, outside forces or nations have been interfering with Sector 8's business, calling for them to be utterly destroyed for violations of human rights. In response and partially due to a needed quick response program besides the Civil Protection Supplements, the Overwatch Stormtrooper Division was created. The Stormtrooper Divisions was made to act as a spearhead for future operations, often times striking enemies whenever a conflict broke out, acting quickly and efficiently. The Stormtrooper Soldier is generally given equipment that is quickly created for fast-acting operations such as the new variant Assault OSIPR and the non-standardized Flak Vest. Stormtrooper soldiers often have somewhat less 'Memory Replacement' than the Elite Overwatch Forces, but slightly more than the average Soldier, allowing them to act more in their own devices and strategies. They are also allowed access to non-standardized equipment most Overwatch Soldiers are not allowed to have, such as Anti-Tank grenades that stick to surfaces. ::>

<:: Equipment ::>

<:: Assault AR2s or Assault Variant OSIPRs ( This version of the Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle is more consistent with an average Assault Rifle with a slightly less powerful Plasma shot, but with a higher fire-rate ). ::>
<:: Combat Flak Vest Prototype ( Specialized Combat Vests capable of stopping Medium-to-High grade bullets, capable of being recharged off-combat to restore suit integrity ). ::>
<:: Early Variant Combat Respirator ::>
<:: 2-3 Stick Grenades ::>
<:: Entrenching Tools ( Ex. Combat Shovels, Empty Sandbags, Etc. ) ::>

<:: Overwatch 'Ragnite' Soldier ::>
<:: City 8 Ragnite Division ::>

<:: The Overwatch Ragnite Division was created to combat Heavy Weaponry Infantry units or occasionally the Armor Division. They are apart of the 'Ragnite' program that allows them to carry heavy Dark Energy Plasma Cannons similarly to the Strider Synth, but in a more concentrated form of Dark Energy Plasma. They are augmented for strength to help support them carrying more heavier weaponry, along with the heavier combat gear that they might bring along. This is Sector 8's response to Heavily Armored Infantry from other nations, and occasionally the 647e heavy incursions into Sector 8. The Ragnite Soldiers are allowed heavier equipment for long-range operations along with more experimental weaponry to their disposal. ::>

<:: Equipment ::>

<:: Assault AR2s or Assault Variant OSIPRs. ::>
<:: Combat Flak Vest Mk.III ( Specialized Combat Flak Vests capable of stopping High grade bullets and explosives, capable of being recharged off-combat to restore suit integrity ). ::>
<:: Combat Respirator Mk.II ::>
<:: 'Ragnite' Heavy Plasma Cannon Prototype ( A large Plasma-based infantry weapon that is capable of utilizing concentrated Dark Plasma to punch through armor into nothing ). ::>

<:: Overwatch Off-World Elite ::>
<:: Synthetic Overwatch Division ::>

<:: The Overwatch Off-World Elites ( OSE ) are only called in during times of extremely low socio-stabilization. They are first and foremost, the bulk of the Off-world units and are more capable of combat than the standard Overwatch Soldier. There is not much known about them, only being called into battle by the National Commander or the Sectorial Commander themselves. They are equipped with internal communications systems to communicate with other Synthetic units and other Overwatch Units. It is unknown what other equipment or augmentations they have, since they are usually never seen in any combat on-world. If they are seen on the battle, chances are something major has happened to the Sector for them to be called in. ::>

<:: Equipment ::>

<:: AR2 or OSPIR ( Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle, Granted access to Dark-Energy Plasma Charged Shots ). ::>