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Cheries, part I

Minimum Wage: 13ƌ,4Y,6Ɛ/hr
Maximum Wage: 286ƌ,6Y,6Ɛ/hr
Average Wage: 79ƌ,7Y/hr
Income tax at minimum wage: 13%
Income tax at maximum wage: 107%

Average prefecture GDP: 437.9b ƌ

Average daily expenses: 14ƌ,3Y
Average one-bed apartment monthly rent in Phaores Endephyles: 22ƌ
Average cost of a three-bed home in Phaores Endephyles: 34,563ƌ
Average cost of a homecooked meal: 3ƌ
Average cost of a restaurant meal: 5ƌ
Average cost to build a 3000 sq ft home: 31,206ƌ
Average cost of a full set of clothes: 12ƌ

Largest industry: Computer Components
Number of state-managed companies: 196

Government Services:
-Healthcare: doctors and hospitals are managed and paid by the government. Everything is free.
-Insurance of all sorts.
-Food drives.
-Theaters, libraries, and LARP fields.

Tax breaks for:
-Crippling injury, -49%
-Less than 1000ƌ in reserve, -100%
-Uneployed, -37%
-Mental or physical illness, mild, -17%
-Mental or physical illness, moderate, -28%
-Mental or physical illness, severe, -39%
-Mental or physical illness, devastating, -50%
-More than 7000ƌ in debt, -23%
-Homeless, -78%

System of government:
-Municipal residents elect mayor (runoff).
-Prefectural residents elect prefect,
-Prefect establishes offices of prefecture,
-Prefectural residents elect officers of prefecture offices,
-Prefectural officers select sub-officers for the office council, and elect 2 head prefectural representatives,
-Prefectural residents elect 8 secondary prefectural representatives (runoff), with half the voting power of the primary,
-ALL national and prefectural officers (except Empir-Minister) remain in office for 2 years,
-Office council legislates on office subject within prefecture,
-Prefectural representative represents prefecture in Parliament,
-Parliament nominates Prime Minister, and proposes and votes on grand offices,
-National residents vote to approve or reject Prime Minister,
-Prime Minister, Imperial Sovereign and Sovereign Deputy agree on a prefect to become Empir-Minister,
-National residents vote to approve or reject Empir-Minister,
-Empir-Minister succeeds Sovereign Deputy,
-Grand offices operate as nation-wide variants on the prefectural office.
-Imperial Sovereign inherits title from Ṫarā̇ṅıs Nērinım's line, serves as a figurehead monarch. (Note: The current Emperor is both Imperial Sovereign and Sovereign Deputy)
-Council of district heads are elected in each district (runoff) every 6 years, with 1 head per 1,000 people,
-District council appoints judges and organises voting, polling, and statistics research.