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Centralis Ripam Info

The Money State of Centralis Ripam


Motto: Money is the root of all success

Location of Centralis Ripam in Germany

Population: 1,510,000

Capital: Centralis Ripam (City state)

Official Languages: English, German, Swiss German, Swedish

Demonym: Ripamian

Lord Mayor President: Euripides Erdmann

Establishment: from Germany
Independence: March 23th 2017

Land Area: 248.31 km/95.87 mile

Elevation: 112 m/367 ft

GDP (nominal): 145 trillion
GDP (nominal) per capita: 180,413

Human Development Index (NS Version): 63.47

Currency: Euro

Time Zone: UTC+1

Drives on the: Right

Centralis Ripam

The Money State of Centralis Ripam, commonly called Centralis Ripam or Ripam, is an enclaved city state in central-western Europe which is surrounded by Germany. Centralis Ripam covers 248.31 square kilometers and has has an estimated population of 1,510,000. Centralis Ripam is divided into 16 area districts, are are in turn divided into 46 city districts.


"Centralis Ripam" is Latin for "Central Bank", referring to the European Central Bank which was taken over and remade as the new nation's government building as it was being formed. The standard way to refer to a citizen of Centralis Ripam is as a "Ripamian".


Centralis Ripam is contained in the federated state of Hesse in the south-western part of Germany. It is located on both sides of the Main River, south-east of the Taunus mountain range, and the southern part of the nation contains the Centralis Ripam Forest, Germany's largest city forest. Centralis Ripam has a temperate-oceanic climate. Its average annual temperature is 10.6 C with monthly mean temperatures ranging from 1.6 C in January to 20.0 C in July.


Centralis Ripam has the 149th largest population in the world at about 1,510,000. The nation is considered very multicultural because it is home to people of 180 nationalities. In addition to the ethnic German majority, the nation contains sizable immigrant populations from Turkey, Afghanistan, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Greece, Macedonia, Russia, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Portugal, France, China, Japan, the United States, Austria, The United Czechippines, Pakistan, Morocco and India.

German and English are the main languages used in the nation, but the government also makes extensive use of Swiss German and Swedish.


Centralis Ripam is historically a Protestant-dominated nation. However, during the 19th century an increasing number of Catholics moved there. The Jewish community has a history dating back to Medieval times and has always ranked among the largest in Germany. Due to the growing immigration of people from Muslim countries beginning in the 1960s, Centralis Ripam has a large Muslim community.
As of 2013 the largest Christian denominations were Roman Catholicism (22.7% of the population) and Protestantism (19.4%). Estimations put the share of Muslim inhabitants at approximately 16%, and approximately 1% of the population were affiliated with the Jewish community.

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