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The Horrible Collapse Scenario of
Left-wing Utopia

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Hub 2: Electric Boogaloo

So. An explanation is in order for why I've done this, I suppose, and how it's """meant""" to be read.

In a nutshell, well- I'm a person who has no clue how to properly manage time and who has far more ideas in their head than skill to implement them with. That should be made clear by the truly vast number of placeholder titles beneath this gloss, most of which are meant to lead to complete projects of their own, at least when they're finished with. Because, really, that's what this is- an attempt to detail not just a nation, or a set of nations, but a whole region's worth. Or, more accurately, a Reach's.

When this project is completed, if it ever is, then the reader will be able to explore a region of space wracked by a number of posts; post-collapse (several of them!), post-democratic, post-agricultural, post-terrestrial- Liam's Reach, named for its eponymous explorer "Liam", colonized by the long-collapsed Colonial Authority, until recently governed by the fiercely democratic (in name), expansionist, antagonistic Confederacy of Liam's Reach, now divided up into dozens of petty, squabbling powers rather than just a few of them. Its most colorful inhabitants can be read about below, in some form or another, and hopefully in a comprehensible form within the next twenty years. If this website still exists then. After reading through the introduction to get a feel of the setting, there's no particular order this must be read in- just jump down the rabbit hole. The factions are presented in no particular order, with the exception of the first and last.

As this project remains a work in progress, below the reader may find a construction schedule. No hard dates are set there, given this endeavor exists as a passion project of a passion project, but it should serve as both a guide to what remains and a hint at what might come. If you even care, that is. Selected out-of-character information may be found at the end of this hub as well, linked in separate dispatches. There's quite a lot I feel is unclear, and as such it shall be presented in a more comprehensible manner until such time as it can be found ICly. Not to mention even at an early stage there's quite a lot of material on the cutting-room floor, and presenting it in one way or another might interest at least a few godforsaken souls with far too much time on their hands. I wish I had some of that.

Oh, and if I haven't mentioned it yet- everything here is designed for dark mode, as there's some visual tricks there that don't work in light. So, for the best reading experience, please switch to that theme. Additionally, wider screens are better, as they avoid image-cramping.






Summaries, Commentaries, and Miscellany
(Titles are links.)

Notes on Literally Everything Old Future Compass

kiu, you buffoon, read this

1 - Completed 12/10/2020
  1. Created FREERANGE Hub and dispatches ✔

  2. Created FREERANGE graphics and templates ✔

  3. Filled in FREERANGE overview and the direct PALISADE overviews ✔

1.5 - Completed 1/21/2020
  1. Add up-links to footnotes in FREERANGE format ✔

  2. Make Messages reply-link more obvious ✔

  3. Remove/replace Valk copyright symbols w/ something more fitting ✔

  4. Redo Valkyrie header ✔

  5. Create an Overview-In-Brief ✔

2 - In Progress
  1. Fill in Rainier page ✔, psychology page, Russo page, and capabilities page

  2. Create Valkyrie Hub and dispatches ✔

  3. Create Valkyrie template ✔

  4. Fill in Brittany ✔, services, history, mission, external log pages

  5. ADD - OOC ideologies meme page (took this one too seriously) ✔


3 - To Be Started
  1. Create IntColMilGov Hub and dispatches

  2. Create IntColMilGov template

  3. Fill in Kovalova (Chair.), mission, legislation, forum(?), newsreel, chairs, mil. directory, etc. pages

  4. Add Kovalova (Ves.) to FREERANGE pages

  5. Narrative 1?

4 - To Be Started
  1. Create Unions Hub and dispatches

  2. Create Unions template

  3. Fill in Delisle (Speaker), legislation forum, the Ideologue newsletter thingy, etc. pages (might not focus on military w/ this one?)

5 - To Be Started
  1. Create CoEP Hub and dispatches

  2. Create CoEP template

  3. Fill in Jim Jones in space Miran, sermon, ext. views, int. views, militias dispatches (link a recruitment ad somewhere else)

  4. Narrative 2?

6 - To Be Started
  1. Create van Heerden Dev. Hub and dispatches

  2. Create Dev template

  3. Fill in van Heerden, catalogue excerpts, overview, Musings on Philosophy, et cetera. pages

7 - To Be Started
  1. Come up with more ideas. This one is easier said than done.

Factions to Write

  2. Valkyries- PMC

  3. Interim Military Government of Liam's Reach

  4. Assembly of Free Unions

  5. Cult of Eternal Prosperity

  6. Van Heerden Development

  7. Free League of Liam's Reach

  8. Sidorov's Remnant

  9. Rudin Twins' Remnant

  10. College Thingy

  11. As-Yet Unnamed Automated Region

  12. The Fleet