by Max Barry

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Lets start at the beggining:

11th century mineon:

A group of tribalistic warring villages spread throughout the nation.Starting off as seperated the threat of war slowly allied the tribes together into 2 main rivaling kingdoms.

As the nation was mineral heavy the tribes were split into agriculture and resources.Around Mid-century the resource tribe were in a food crisis and required drastic measures to gain agricultural produce to save their herds. A truce was formed,citizens were allowed to travel between these 2 kingdoms to trade.

12th century mineon:

As these 2 kingdoms grew not much occured between them.

However within the kingdoms the nation slowly grew uneasy with themselves,and the youth became socialist.

A civil war broke out in the resource tribe,Citizens strived for the sharpest pick,the sharpest axe.Strangely a time of loss and gain for the economy.

13th century:

A major famine broke out in the land which resulted in a joint effort from both kingdoms,the start of a greater truce,a greater empire.

Ships became a major part of the economy and so more swords were made and more work was put on the resource kingdom.

However near the end of the 13th century relations broke after the kingdom were unable to provide for their opposing kingdom and people were slowly becoming wary that their were other nations.Possibly being a danger.

14th century:

Political relations finally broke creating an all out war between the 2(now easily matched)regions.

The war raged on for 50 years,with raids on farms here and fires in mines elsewhere.

At the end of the war the nation was in ruins,in need of an ruler.

15th century:

the dictatorship which would run until the start of the 18th century was about to begin,with a charismatic man who created an alliance between both kingdoms and created an empire,a capital which he named:JamesBury after himself, James Bury.

Throughout this time until the end of the 16th century all was good in the nation.

However the focus was no longer on resources.People started to admire nature,art and literature.

Known as the rennaisance period the hierarchy of society rules(mainly the dicators family his friends and then their friends) followed by those fortunate to own a farm or a mine and then the peasants.

Peasants spent most of their time doing the 3 motions mentioned above but noone got recognition over it until after their death.

16th century:

as art and sculptures become prominent in famous households,the peasants slowly lost interest since it was no longer something they could take pride over.

They began to slowly focus on their work and the economy started to boom again,

17th century:

as the economy boomed,so did the poverty this was slowly becoming a major problem in the nation but the dictator didn't care.

By the end of the century the entire population despised the dictator,the start of a revolution!

18th century:

the revolution began,a large mass of peasants against the monrachy,a terrible war the lasted around 4 years before the peasants one and a government was established.

A 2 party system began,one who loved the nature and one who wore economists,loving the economy.

Music became prominent in theatre halls and slowly people had the luxury to relax for cheap.

19th century:

Industrrialism began,science slowly took its roll and mineon took a major part in the race for elements.With its large mineral deposits we could deliver them to science facilities fast and efficiently

Mineon also boomed during this global industrialisation,with its large deposits of iron it slowly was able to make a whole load of new materials.

Political relations were attempted.

overall a great century for mineon

20th century:

As war slowly broke out in the land mineon stayed majoritively passive however took the side of the allies near the end of the wars.



at the end of the war Mineon provided support to those countries in need and slowly created politcial alliences.

21st century:

techonology seems to just boost mineons economy in the world.