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Catsfernian Government

The Catsfernian Government
Catsfern is a massive nation with an equally massive amount of people living in it. Governing such a sizeable nation can be a challenge, but The Catsfernian government is up to the task.

National Government
The Catsfernian National Government is the highest level of government in Catsfern. The laws made by the National Government apply across the entire empire, and international relations are also maintained by the National Government. This level of government is divided into for branches the Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch, and the Militaristic Branch.

The Legislative Branch
The Legislative Branch of the Catsfernian National Government is the branch of government responsible for debating and writing possible new laws then sending them to the President for approval. This branch is divided into two Houses the Common House and the Specialized House. The Common House is responsible for legislation that effects the average Catsfernians everyday life. This includes topics like taxes, public decency, traffic laws, licensing, etc. The Specialized House makes legislation that primarily concerns Catsfern as a Political entity debating topics such as tariffs, declarations of war, treaty negotiation, etc. Both houses are made up of a large number of elected representatives from each of Catsfern's states and colonies. The common house is made up of one thousand representatives chosen by proportional elections every 5 years. The Specialized House is made up of 200 representatives chosen by proportional evections every 10 years. Nether house actually has final say over which pieces of legislation become actual law. Instead the houses debate issues into several possible proposals for laws which are all sent to the President who will chose one to make into actual law.

The Executive Branch
Once the President has signed off on a law it's the job of the Executive Branch to see it enforced. The Executive Branch is divided into different sections known as Commands and each Command enforces different types of laws. Existing Commands include the Law and Order Command, Food and Drug Command, Building Code Command, Occupational Safety Command, Criminal Justice Command, Environmental Protection Command, Agricultural Command, Extraterrestrial Command, Education Command, Communication Command, Organized Crime Command, Financial Command, Taxation Command, and many others. These Commands are lead by Command Heads who are personally appointed by the President.

The Judicial Branch
The Catsfernian Supreme Court is the highest level court in the nation and lower level courts are expected to follow its example. The Supreme Court exists to try cases where there the law violated itself may be unjust and in those cases declare the law unjust and remove it from the books. The Supreme Court also tries cases of treason against the nation as well as cases of severe national importance. The court is made up of nine justices who try cases in three groups of three. This system of a triumvirate of justices is used at all level of courts.

The Militaristic Branch
The Militaristic Branch of the government is the least practically powerful with only a few duties. Maintenance of military structure and chain of command in all aspects of the Catsfernian Military is the direct responsibility of the Militaristic Branch. The Militaristic Branch is also responsible for ensuring Catsfernian law is upheld on Catsfernian naval ships in international waters and on Catsfernian military bases within foreign countries. The Militaristic Branch is headed by a General Five Star who is personally appointed by the President.

The The President
The President doesn't fit comfortably into any one branch of government and is generally considered to be part both the Legislative and Executive branches. The President has many responsibilities to the nation including deciding which possible piece of legislation form the Legislative Branch becomes law, appointing all of the Command Heads of the Executive Branch, Meeting with foreign leaders as Catsferns chief diplomat, and being a figure head for Catsferns people. Aside from those duties the President is also considered the highest ranking officer of Catsferns military and can personally promote or demote military personnel as they see fit.