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Neko Girls

Neko Girls
If there is one thing Catsfern is known for its their Neko girls. These feline demi humans have become a well renown staple of Catsfern, but many outside the nation often have questions about how they fit into society. Thus here is an in depth look at Catsferns original demi humans.

Neko girls do not have origins one would consider natural instead they were genetically engineered by a rouge geneticist only known as Dr. Tucker. Scientists are still unsure about the methods Dr. Tucker employed to create the Neko girls, but what is known is that over a million frozen embryos and several living specimen were found when his lab was raided. The raid happened early in the term of Catsferns former president, and in the time from then to now those million embryos have become 15% of the nations female population, though most are still rather young.

Physiology and Psychology
Physically speaking there are three physical features that distinguish a neko girl from an ordinary human female. The first is a prominent tail extending from the lower back just above the posterior that can vary in length between two and five feet. The second main difference if the presence of feline ears atop the head which replace standard human ears. Both the tail and ears feature soft cat lie fur that can wary in length, and in some cases can take different shapes to resemble different breeds of cat. Research of these traits is ongoing, and some believe that there are possible different "breeds" of neko Girl. Tails and ears aside there is one final physical difference is the vocal chords. Neko girls have specialized vocal chords which are capable of both regular human speech and of creating feline noises such as meowing and purring. Humans and neko girls can breed, but children born between these relationships are either female with full neko traits or male with no neko traits. This is believed to be due to a imbalance of chromosomes in favor of the neko girl that only manifest in females.

The same chromosomal imbalance is also responsible for the primary psychological difference between humans and neko girls. Catsferns neko girls have a higher rate of mental deficiency compared to humans. Average IQ for human Catsfernians has been found to be around 101, but average neko girl intelligence is 89 a full 12 points lower. This elevated rate of mental deficiency directly lead to the introduction of Independent Action Permits or I.A.P.'s.

Neko Girls Without an I.A.P. Can Not...
Buy or rent land or property,
Vote without recorded supervision of unbiased voting staff,
Own or operate a motor vehicle on a public road,
Be employed in any position requiring education beyond a highschool level,
Own any firearm chambered in anything but 22. LR or 9mm parabellum,
Serve in any branch of the armed forces,
Utilize air travel without caretaker supervision,
Buy or rent land or property,
Marry without legal consent of the P.C.S. caregiver,

Independent Action Permits (I.A.P.'s)
The Independent Action Permit is simply proof that a neko girl is mentally competent enough to care for itself without aid from a caretaker and is earned by taking a test available online or at the post office. Typically speaking a neko girl will take their I.A.P. test at the end of highschool, but the test can be taken at any time free of charge. The test covers mathematics, communication skills, and problem solving. A score of 80% or higher is required to pass the test, and an average high school senior should be able to pass easily.

Neko girls with an I.A.P. are granted full citizenship provided they are over the age of 18; Neko girls with I.A.P.'s under 18 are still considered minors, and neko girls without I.A.P.'s older than 18 have some restrictions and are legally considered dependent to a caretaker. Typically a neko girls caretaker is a parent, legal guardian, or spouse. Because the neko girl is considered a dependent of the caretaker, the caretaker is considered partially legally responsible if a neko girl without an I.A.P. commits any sort of crime. A neko Girl without an I.A.P. can have multiple legally recognized caretakers, however if this is the case one individual must have Primary Caretaker Status (P.C.S.). If a neko girl only has one legally recognized caretaker the single caretaker is automatically given P.C.S.

In Cases of birth parent custody P.C.S. is always given first to the biological mother of the neko girl provided they have an I.A.P. Should the Mother be deceased or not posses an I.A.P. then P.C.S. will be given to the biological father. In cases of adoption P.C.S. is given to whatever parent fills out the adoption paperwork. Neko Girls without an I.A.P. can marry with the legal consent of their P.C.S. holding caretaker, and in such a case the P.C.S. is usually transferred to the spouse. P.S.C. status can be transferred to other people by filing transference paperwork and with the approval of a judge, and contests of P.S.C. status are considered matters of civil court.

Neko Girls and Culture
In the years since their discovery neko girls have become a staple of Catsfernian culture. Neko girls are seen by many Catsfernian as having an acute charm to them, so neko girls and neko girl related imagery have taken hold in many different aspects of Catsfernian culture. Red light districts across the nation have establishments specifically catering to those with particular interest in neko girls. Neko Girl races, events where neko girls run laps around a track in tight and sometimes reveling outfits, attract large crowds of both men and women. Companies have begun to incorporate neko girls into their branding.