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Catsferns Military: an in Depth Look. (WIP)

The Catsfernian Military
Catsfern's military is large to say the least, five percent of the nations population is active duty in one branch or another, and another ten percent are in reserve. This large size is to maintain the nations position as the worlds most powerful nation. Around thirty percent of Catsferns total government spending goes towards is military to inure it's staying large and well maintained.

The Catsfernian Army consists of its land forces including infantry and field artillery. In total about 35% of Catsferian military personnel are in the army. with 28% belonging to the infantry and 7% belonging to field artillery crews. There are also the famous Catsfernian rocket trucks the Catyusha which launch large amounts of hellfire missiles at opponents. These trucks are considered a specialized part of the infantry along with tanks and APCs

Infantry Weapons
The Standard infantry weapons for the Catsfernian army belong to the Catsfernian Service Rifle (CSR) series. These guns are produced by a number of manufacturers all based off the same plans. Many of these weapons are also used by the air force and navy

Catsfernian Army Structure
Army 10,000,000 Soldiers
Korp 1,000,000 Soldiers
Division 100,000 Soldiers
Brigade-10,000 Soldiers
Company 1,000 Soldiers
Platoon-100 Soldiers
Squad-10 Soldiers

In Catsfern the smallest grouping of soldiers in the Squad which contains 10 soldiers. Second smallest is the Platoon with 100 soldiers, and then following that is the Company with 1,000 soldiers. After the Company is the Brigade containing 10,000 soldiers, and after the Brigade is the Division containing 100,000 soldiers. The second largest army grouping is the Korp with 1,000,000 men, and finally the largest army grouping is an Army with 10,000,000 men.

Catsfernian Army Command Structure
General 5 Star
General 4 Star
General 3 Star
General 2 Star
EP (Enlisted Personnel)

Command Structure
At the top of army hierarchy is the President; They are the single highest ranking member of the armed forces and personally appoints the second highest rank of General 5 Star. The General 5 Star is in charge of the entire army and is responsible for appointing General 4 Stars to lead Armys. General 4 stars appoint General 3 stars to lead Korps, General 3 Stars appoint General 2 Stars to lead Divisions, and General 2 Stars appoint Generals to lead Brigades. Companies are led by Commanders appointed by Generals, and Commanders appoint Colonel to lead Platoons. Right above the bottom we have Lieutenants leading Squads, and at the very bottom we have EP's or Enlisted Personnel. In heavy combat situations the Catsfernian army practices what is known as Flexible Command, which means that if separated from their group a soldier is simply to find the highest ranking soldier they can and begin following their orders.

Flexible Command

In certain combat scenarios where chain of command breaks down soldiers can be separated from their squad or a squad leader can be killed. likewise a squad can find itself separated from its platoon and so on. in these situations the rule of Flexible Command comes into play. This rule states that if chain of command breaks down or a soldier finds themselves separated from their squad or a squad from its platoon or so on soldiers are to follow the orders of the highest ranking officer until a higher ranking one can be found and chain or chain of command is reestablished

Catsfernian Tanks
Tanks are used in wide verity of roles by the Catsfernian army. These roles include mobile artillery, city occupation, convoy escort, infantry support, and once even costal defense. Tank crews can include anywhere from 3 to 6 men, and are also trained for field artillery. Tanks are either considered part of the infantry or part of the artillery depending on what their being used for, but in marches and parades fall within the preview of the artillery. Catsfern currently has two Korps worh of tanks.

The IST-1 or Infantry Support tank Model 1 is a tank used for infantry support operations and solo actions. It features an 85mm main battle cannon 2 rear mounded machine gun turrets, and a top machine gun.

The MAC-1 or Mobile Artillery Cannon model 1 serves as a self mobile artillery piece whic are deployed as both field and sedge artillery. It features a 300 mm cannon and a front machine gun.

Specialized Units
Catsferns army contains several specialized units. These units can vary in size from just a Squad or two, to whole Korps.
Beekeepers:Catsferns militarized beekeepers are some of the most feared by enemy soldiers not so much because of their actual effectiveness in a fight, but rather because of their weapons the militarized killer bees. These deadly bees attack in swarms and only three stings is enough to kill the average man. Even if you survive the stings are horribly painful, and have even driven some to suicide. Beekeepers control these bees by spraying enemies with a pheromone either with a pressurized nozzle or by crop duster. This pheromone makes the bees incredibly aggressive to any animal with the pheromone on it causing the bees to swarm killing them once released. After a while the beekeepers will release a second pheromone into the bees containers that calms and attracts the bees. This will make the bees return to their containers. Any bee separated from the rest of its nest or swarm at any distance over a kilometer will die within an hour. Currently there are about 5 Korps worth of militarized beekeepers.
Infantry Drivers:Catsfernian troop transports can carry 50 men each not including the drivers, and these drivers are rather important. Transport drivers are responsible for delivering troops to the field for deployment and for defending them with their APC's guns as they exit. Aside from troop transports Infantry Drivers also drive field ambulances, supply trucks, jeeps, and any other vehicle one would find in the army.
Artillery Drivers: Artillery Drivers are responsible only for transporting pieces of field artillery and driving rocket trucks. These Drivers are also trained to operate artillery equipment so that they can operate the pieces they transport if need be.

The Catsfernian Navy is one of the most fearsome forces on the worlds waters, and absolutely instrument for the maintenance of Catsfernian colonies. The Navy is made of of Catsfernian fighting ships as well as government cargo freighters, submarines, and aircraft carriers. About 35% of Catsfernian military personnel are part of the navy.

Fighting Ships.
The fighting ships of the Catsfernian navy are the battleships, cruisers, and gunboats that make up the bulk of Catsfernian naval forces. They are used for coastal bombardments, naval escorts, ship combat, and even VIP transport.

The Dauntless class battleship is the main battleship of the Catsfernian navy, and are widely considered the navy's poster child ship. These ships are known for their heavy armament and thick armor. Although battleships have been phased out of most navys the Catsfernian navy has instead modernized the platform, adding anti air guns (not pictured above) to the sides of the rear tower and implementing long range guided torpedos rather than switch to missiles.


-4, 4-barrel 16" main gun turrets
-6, 3-barrel 8" secondary gun turrets
-20, single barrel 8" side guns
-4, single tube submerged torpedo tubes
-2, anti air and missile machine gun defense system (not pictured above)

Power and Propulsion
-1, onboard 600MW onboard nuclear generator
-30 Knot max speed
-4, 5 meter propellers
-2, steam funnels
Navigation and Crew
-1,500 crew and officers
- advanced censor array including radar, sonar, compass, etc
- 4, 24 hour communication personnel

The Friar Class Light Cruiser is primarily a coastal patrol and short range escort vessel. It features a much lighter armament than the Dauntless Class Battleship and lighter armor, however it it has much greater swiftness and maneuverability.


-2, 3-barrel 6" main gun turrets
-10, 3-barrel 3" secondary gun turrets
-8 single tube submerged torpedo tubes
-1 anti air and missile machine gun defense system (not pictured)

Power and Propulsion
-1, onboard 500MW onboard nuclear generator
- 35 Knot max speed
-3, 6 meter propellers
-1 steam funnel
Crew and Navigation
-700 crew and officers
- advanced censor array including radar, sonar, compass, etc
-2, 24 hour communication personnel

The Leviathan Class Super Battleship is the largest class of ship in the Catsfernian Navy. These ships are famous for their 20 inch main guns which are unrivaled in terms of sheer firepower. Admirals of the Catsfernian navy tend to choose Leviathan Class ships as their flagships as no other ship the navy has is quite as much of a show of power.


-4, 4-barrel 20" main gun turrets
-4, 3-barrel 6" secondary gun turrets
-4, 3-barrel 4" tertiary gun turrets
-8, submerged torpedo tubes
-4, anti air and missile machine gun defense system (not pictured)
Power and Propulsion
-2, onboard 400MW onboard nuclear generator
-25 knot max speed
-4, 5.5 meter propellers
-1 steam funnel
Crew and Navigation
-2,100 crew and officers
- advanced censor array including radar, sonar, compass, etc
-8, 24 hour communication personnel.

Confederate Class Destroyers are the most numerous in the Catsfernian navy. They serve as escort and backup for the larger Dauntless and Leviathan class ships. Two or three of these ships accompany each the larger vessels on their missions providing compact support for them.


-3, 3-barell 5" main gun turrets
-1, 3-bare'' 2" secondary gun turret
-3, 5 tube on deck torpedo tubes
-1, anti air and missile machine gun defense system (not pictured)
Power and Propulsion
-1, onboard 400MW onboard nuclear generator
-35 knot max speed
-2, 5 meter propellers
-1, steam funnel
Crew and Navigation
-500 crew and officers
- advanced censor array including radar, sonar, compass, etc
-2, 24 hour communication personnel.

Catsfernian Navy Structure
Armada- Up to 10 Fleets
Fleet- up to 10 Convoys
Convoy- Larger ship and escort craft
Ship-single ship

The smallest grouping in the Catsfernian navy is a single ship. a larger ship like a Dauntless Class along with any smaller escort craft are known as convoys. A group of up to ten convoys is a fleet, and a group of up to 10 fleets is an armada.

Catsfernian Navy Command Structure
Grand Admiral
First Mate
Second Mate
Quartermaster / Gunnery Master
Common Seaman

Command Structure
The highest ranking post in the navy is the Grand Admiral who is personally appointed by the President and is in charge of organizing armadas and fleets personally appointing captains to lead them. The leader of an armada is given the position of Admiral until the armada is disbanded or the Grand Admiral assigns someone else to lead the armada. The leader of a fleet is known as a Commodore and like an Admiral they lead a fleet until it is disbanded or the Grand admiral assigns someone else to lead the fleet. A leader of a Convoy known as a Captian and is directly in charge of the largest ship in the convoy and of the convoy as a whole. On a single ship the Skipper is the highest ranking officer followed by the first mate and Second mate. Below them are the Quarter Master and Gunnery Master; these two positions are actually considered to be at the same rank on the hierarchy, but have different responsibilities' on ship. at the bottom of the command structure for the navy is the Common Seaman.