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Basic list of Catsfern lore things

OOC note: this is sort of an overview of things in Catsferns lore both for myself and others. This should help others get a quick overview of my nation while I figure out how the heck to make an overview factbook for all of this. more in depth info can be found on the Catsfernian wiki, but without further adieu here a basic list of things in Catsfernian lore.

-Demi humans call Catsfern home including
- Neko Girls
- Lamia
- Harpies
- Dog girls
- Scylla
- cyclopes

-Neko girl facts
- Neko girls have a higher rate of cognitive disability
- Neko girls need a special permit (Independent Action Permit) to receive full rights
- Neko girls are always born female and with full neko girl characteristics
- Neko girl races are a popular sport in Catsfern attracting wide audiences and with competition on a national level
- Neko Girls were created through experimentation by rough geneticist Dr. Tucker
- Neko girls are Catsferns national "animal"

-Other demi human facts
- All the other demi humans are very recently discovered
- All the other demi humans are also the result of Dr. Tuckers experements
- Originally only one of each kind of demi human were developed from frozen embryos.
- President John Henry Eden personally adopted each or the original developed demi human to raise and study
- After 3 years of raising them President Eden released a care guide and the government began to adopt out demi humans.

-Catsfern Government Facts
- Catsfern's legislature is divided into two housed the Common House and the Specialized House
- The Common House deals with matters that effect the daily lives of the average Catsfernian citizen like taxation and waste
- The Specialized House deals with matters that effect Catsfern as a sovereign nation like trade deals and military policy.
- Catsferns President serves for live
- Catsfern has very loose gun laws
- Recreational drugs are not only legal, but government distributed.
- Vaccines are mandatory
- The Catsfernian government trades in ivory as well as drugs

-Catsfern Military facts
- Catsfern practices orphan conscription
- Catsfernian soldiers wear suits of armor inspired by medieval knights
- Catsfern has weaponized killer bees
- Catsfernian military rifles still use primarily wood fruniture
- Catsfern maintains a nuclear arsenal of over 100,000 warheads
- About 30% of government spending goes towards the military
- Catsfern has developed a missile that explodes into shrapnel and napalm known as the Hellfire Missile
- Catsfern's navy still employs the use of battleships.

-Economic Facts
- Agriculture done in vats
- Breast milk consumption is common due to a lack of milk giving livestock thanks to vat agriculture
- Extraterrestrial contact has been made and exclusive trade established.
- Recycling is an important industry
- Some people scour the sewers for lost valuables to make a living

-Geography facts
- Catsfern's territory consists of all of Europe and Russia as well as having many over seas colonies
- Catsferns Capitol is the city of Raven Rock within the state of Raven Rock
- Raven Rock is named after a large boulder in the middle of town where large amounts of ravens have nested

-Miscellaneous Facts
- 8 legged, but otherwise perfectly healthy cats are common
- A yogi bear like entity lives in one of Catsferns national parks
- The Catsfernian currency is called the Septim
- President John Henry Eden is married to a former exotic dancer.
- A windigo like creature was caught in a Vashan forest

I'll add more as I go on and update Catsferns lore over time.