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The Orientian Union of
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Union of Orientia-Australia (Present Day WIP)

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"...The true Orientian battler thrusts doggedly onwards: starting again, failing again, implacably thrusting towards success.
For success, even if it is only the success of knowing that one has tried to the utmost and never surrendered, is the target of every battler..."

Sid Alfred
Union Founding Fathers

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Catlanonia or commonly called AOR (Austra-Orientian Republics) is a continent located in Southeast Asia. The AOR area includes Orientia, Australia and several small islands in Oceania.

AOR is the largest exporter of milk and cow products in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Not only that, a total of 200 million residents have diverse races and all are united in the auspices of this great country. Since being separated from the British Commonwealth in 1920, AOR is now one of the most advanced countries in Asia. Since then, AOR has become one of the countries that have a role in maintaining peace in Asia.


Catlanonia atau yang biasa disebut AOR (Austra-Orientian Republics) adalah benua yang terletak di Asia Tenggara. Wilayah AOR meliputi Orientia, Australia dan beberapa pulau kecil di Oceania.

AOR adalah pengekspor produk susu dan sapi terbesar di Asia Tenggara dan Oseania. Tidak hanya itu, total 200 juta penduduk memiliki ras yang beragam dan semuanya dipersatukan dalam naungan yang hebat ini. Sejak dipisahkan dari Persemakmuran Inggris pada tahun 1920, AOR sekarang menjadi salah satu negara paling maju di Asia. Sejak itu, AOR telah menjadi salah satu negara yang memiliki peran dalam menjaga perdamaian.

The name Orientia cames from Latin Phrase Orientis which means "Eastern" in English. However, the indigenous people in Orientia named their land Catlan' o Nia which means Land of The Sea, considering this land is surrounded by sea. The official name, however is Orientia, but often Catlanonia (simplified version) is used also.

The Great Southern Mountain in Orientia continent.

Felltonia, the Capital City of AOR.

Opera House in Sydney, New South Wales

RSS Oscar along with it's strike group

The prototype of F-36 Hurricane.

Prototype of X-100, NextGen Concorde made by AOR

RSE (Republic Stock Exchange) Center, the tallest building in AOR

The Great Southern Reef, a world class ocean destination.

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