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The Orientian Union of
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Republic Union | Department of Defense (IC)

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...We will protect our homeland, the successor of the nation, the country's future hope, the lands, even though it will bring us into eternal silence....

GEN. Wallace Andford, High-ranking General, 5 March 1978

The Republic Union of Orientia and Australia

O R I E N T I A ' SD E F E N S E

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Orientian Republic Defense Forces
Republic Defense Forces (RDF)


Emblem of the Republic Defense Force

General overview


25 December 1930
as a unified command




Republic Ground Forces (Army)
Republic Maritime Defense Force (Navy)
Republic Air Defense Force (Air Force)
Republic Coast Guard (Coast Guard)


Warhouse, Central District, Alexandria


President of The Union Republic


Military Age

18 years old, compulsory military service

Active Personnel


Reserve Personnel




$64,7 billion (2019)

Percentage of GDP



Supreme Commander-in-Chief

Chancellor Anna Fairer

Minister of Defence

Mr. Charles H. Quentin

Chief of the Joint Defence Command

GEN. Varrel P. Bennington

The Republic Union Defense Force (Maori=Ko Te Ope Tauhokohoko A Motu), abbreviated as RUDF or simply called Union Defense Force is the unified armed forces of Orientia. The RUDF is responsible to defend country, promoting the might of Orientian military, and also help send reinforcements to countries in need.

The RUDF was formed in 1930 after Union Forces was dissolved by the Orientia's New Government. It's consisted in Four Branches: The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard, much like the US. Part of the Orientia military also includes the Union Guard whose duty is to guard the head of state when traveling and going abroad. But the Union Guard itself is a branch of Ground Forces or Army, so it's not included in main branch of Republic Union Defense Force.

RUDF is well known for its conscription. However, his own compulsory military policy began to be relaxed in 2017, during the administration of Chancellor Anna Fairer. So, people are free to choose whether they will join the military service or not, however, conscription itself has several advantages, namely: can easily get into Defense Forces, it will be easier to apply the Protection Card, and it will be younger to apply for work related to protecting such as the Police, etc.

Not only is known as a conscription, the number of female soldiers and women who work in the military also includes many. A female soldier named Fanny A. Halford, broke the record by killing 15 ISIS soldiers during the terrorist crisis last year. This is also coincidentally related to it's compulsory military policy.

Historically, The RUDF, from the date it's formed has won in over 300 battles until today. Start from World War 2, Korean Insurgency, Subcontinent Intervention, US-Led Intervention in Libya, and The Second Vietnamese War. RUDF's defense equipment is also known as the best defense equipment in Asia and Oceania. In addition to getting its defense equipment from the United States, Orientia also did reverse-engineering, which was to make its own projects based on existing goods. So, basically, in defense equipment topic, Orientia is like China, and the US is like Russia.

Presently, the Union Military is entirely a people who take compulsory military service. The active strength reaches over 1 million men and women make up 25% of total strength with available manpower in reserve forces (part-time) around 540.000 personnel.

Members of the Union Defense swear ultimate, unwavering allegiance to Chancellor and President, the Republic, and the people of Orientia and Australia. The Chancellor is nominally the Supreme Commander-in-chief of the Union Defense, a mostly ceremonial position. However, in times of war, the Chancellor may take direct command of the military through Imperial decree. Otherwise, the military is subordinated to the Orientian Department of Defence, headed by a civilian cabinet minister who in turn is responsible to the incumbent Premier, enforcing civilian control over the military.

Orientian Department of Defence
Tuhinga o Mua

Ministry Overview


10 August 1940


1-10 Free Golf Av.,
Central Alexandria


Republic Union Government



Mr. Charles H. Quentin

Chief of the Joint
Defence Command

GEN. Varrel P. Bannington

The Department of Defence is a department of the Government of Republic Union charged with the responsibility to defend Orientia and its national interests. Along with the Republic Union Defence Force (RUDF), it forms part of the Union Defence Organisation (UDO) and is accountable to the Republic Parliament, on behalf of the Orientian people, for the efficiency and effectiveness with which it carries out the Government's defence policy.

The head of the Department, who leads it on a daily basis, is the Secretary of the Department of Defence (SECDEF), currently Greg Moriarty. The Secretary reports to the Minister of Defence, currently The Hon. Mr. Charles H. Quentin, following appointment by Chancellor Anna Fairer in May 2019.

Republic Union has had at least one defence-related government department since Federation in 1870. The first Department of Defence existed from 1901 until 1910. In 1915, during World War I, a separate Department of the Navy was created. The two departments merged in 1921 to form the second Department of Defence, regarded as a separate body.

A major departmental reorganisation occurred in the lead-up to World War II. The Department of Defence was abolished and replaced with six smaller departments the Defence Co-ordination (for defence policy, financial, and administrative matters), three "service departments" (Army, Navy, and Air), the Supply and Development (for munitions and materiel), and Civil Aviation. The current Department of Defence was formally created in 1940, when Chancellor John Curtin renamed the existing Department of Defence Co-ordination. The other defence-related departments underwent a series of reorganisations, before being merged into the primary department over the following decades. This culminated in the abolition of the three service departments in 1963. A new Department of Defence Support was created in 1972, but abolished in 1974.

Organisational Group
The Department of Defence consists of ten major organisational groups:
  • Associate Secretary Group provides administrative, legal and governance services including audit and fraud control, security and vetting, the Judge Advocate General, and communications and ministerial support.

  • Chief Information Officer Group leads the integrated design, cost effective delivery, and sustained operation of Defence information

  • Chief Finance Officer Group to drive the financial and management improvement programs for Defence

  • Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) Union's largest project management organisation and its mission is to acquire and sustain equipment for the Republic Defence Force, created through the amalgamation of the Capability Development Group and Defence Materiel Organisation in 2015.

  • Defence People Group human resource outcomes across the Defence employment cycle from strategy and policy development, through to implementation and service delivery

  • Defence Estate and Infrastructure Group consolidated service delivery organisation for Defence that enables Defence capability by working in partnership to deliver integrated services through a highly capable workforce

  • Defence Science and Technology Group lead agency charged with applying science and technology to protect and defend Orientia and its national interest

  • Defence Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group provides policy advice and coordination for strategy and intelligence for Defence, including overseeing the Defence Intelligence Organisation, Orientian Signals Directorate, and the Orientian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation

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