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Chairman Adalbert Corvinius (WIP)

The Chairman of the Administrative Committee
Adalbert Corvinius

Adalbert wearing his doctor's robes (art by Shirabi, found Linkhere.)

Recognized Ruler of the Grand Republic


– The Honorable (Formal)
– Mr. Chairman (Informal)


2282 – Present

Appointment Date

August 15, 2282


June 4, 2233 (age 61)





Full Name

Adalbert Michelin Corvinius




Adalbert Francois Corvinius


Mirabella Kanae Langley


University of Castelia Faculty of Medicine (doctorate holder)


The High Church of Castelia (non-practicing)


Military Service



Service Branch

Castelian Air Force Medical Corps

Years of Service



Captain (Reserves)

"I cannot, in good conscience, prioritize profit over the well-being of our citizens. Money that is spent can be earned again; lives lost cannot be regained."
- Adalbert Corvinius, addressing the Administrative Committee after being appointed as Chairman

Adalbert Michelin Corvinius (born June 4, 2233), also known as Albert or simply referred to as Chairman, is the currently recognized ruler of the Grand Republic of Castelia as the incumbent Chairman of the Administrative Committee. Before entering politics, he was a doctor by trade, a veteran and reserve officer of the Castelian Air Force Medical Corps, and the head of various charitable organizations dedicated to bringing medical services to the lower-class members of Castelian society. Together with Margarethe Galliera as the Guardian and Charles Rochefort as the Divine Representative, the three of them serve as this Castelia's foremost figures of authority.

Early Life


Rise in Politics



Unanimously appointed to the position of Chairman by the rest of the 25-man Administrative Committee, Adalbert has ruled the Grand Republic with a firm yet gentle hand. His domestic policies are commonly seen to be beneficial to the middle and lower-class citizens, with a common purpose of promoting their general well-being.

Adalbert's government follows the concept of total autarky, which he confirmed is one of his foremost policies. As per tradition, he has continued his predecessors' policies of laissez-faire capitalism to allow the continued operation of the Grand Republic's infamous megacorporations, whose representatives sit as the members of the Administrative Committee.

The promotion of Castelian ideals, meanwhile, form the backbone of Adalbert's social policies. Lamenting what he calls the "degradation of the cultural spirit", Adalbert has promised that his term would fix the issues that has long been a problem of the Castelian cultural scene. However, his policies in this area has been criticized as being borderline xenophobic, due to its alleged degradation of foreign cultures and influences.

Foreign policy, in contrast to the other three, has been largely ignored during Adalbert's term. Though Adalbert has stated that he intends to continue the treaties and alliances Castelia has with other countries, he has not revealed any specifics at all regarding his long-term goals in this area.


    A few examples of his policies may be found here:

  • Domestic Policies

    • Environmental regulations

    • Increased funding for healthcare

    • Mass transportation

  • Economic Policies

    • Decreased economic regulations

    • Increased corporate welfare

    • Total autarky

  • Social Policies

    • Construction of cultural centers

    • Grants for struggling artists

    • Sponsorship and promotion of Castelian works of art

  • Foreign Policies

    • Encourage the return of migrant workers

    • Increased exports

    • Non-interventionism

Selected List of Passed Acts:

  • The Hand-in-Hand Act of 2282
    An act to grant substantial tax breaks to any foreign corporate entity that is willing to sell majority shares to the Castelian government through its various state-owned enterprises. It has been described as unfair to both foreign entities, due to predatory practices, and to the Castelian people due to the exploitation of their labor.

  • Increased Healthcare Act of 2286
    An act to permanently increase the percentage of the annual government budget allocated to the healthcare sector, from 3% to the current 8%.

  • The Tit-for-Tat Act of 2287
    An act to grant substantial tax breaks to corporate entities who donate to the welfare budget. The percentage of the tax break is proportional to the percentage of the annual profit donated by the entity.

  • Castelians for Castelian Culture Act of 2288
    An act to promote the study of Castelian culture by mandating all schools to have compulsory lessons on Castelian culture, history, and society. It has been described as discriminatory in nature due to alleged supremacist concepts and ideas being part of the recommended courses.

  • Militarization Act of 2290
    An act to permanently increase the percentage of the annual government budget allocated to the military, from 10% to the current 15%.

For & Against

  • For: Business subsidization, Capitalism (Laissez-faire), Corporate welfare, Environmentalism, Free education for all citizens, Freedom of expression, LGBTQ+ rights, Militarization, Secularism, Welfare state, Universal healthcare

  • Against: Communism, Fascism, Freedom of religion, Geneva Conventions (and any equivalent), Geneva Protocols (and any equivalent), Hague Conventions (and any equivalent), State-controlled economics, Total automation of production

Personal Information

Adalbert has never married, though he had various relationships in the past. He describes himself as pansexual and is rumored to have had numerous lovers of various genders throughout his life. He is currently rumored to be in a relationship with his secretary, Margarethe Galliera, though he has neither confirmed nor denied it.

Though he currently has no acknowledged children and has denied ever fathering any, several people claiming to have been either his lovers or his children have come forward challenging these claims. Adalbert, however, has refused to acknowledge this, dismissing their claims as "preposterous lies."

Adalbert is an avid fan of video games and has competed against professionals during his youth. However, he dislikes the term "gamer" and prefers to be referred to as a "game enthusiast." Aside from video games, he also has an interest in dance, films, novels, and geography. Adalbert is known to have a large vehicle collection, including luxury vehicles and sports cars. He personally estimated his own collection at 75 vehicles, at least.

Adalbert is a teetotaler and a non-smoker, having developed a distaste for both during his time as a doctor.

Adalbert has the appearance of a young man in his early thirties, with long auburn hair tied in a ponytail, smooth and fair skin, a lanky build, and green eyes. He stands 190.5 cm (6'3'') tall, weighing 75 kilograms (165 pounds). Many people have commented on his strangely youthful appearance, especially since he is known to be over 60 years old. When asked what his secret was, Adalbert simply commented, "A good routine!"


Personal Trivia

  • He is perpetually overworked, though it is by his own choice.

  • Despite being the leader of a nation, he still finds time to practice medicine for charity. He describes it as his "hobby".

  • He does not like tea and prefers to drink coffee. He drinks at least 8 mugs a day.

  • He is a massive flirt, though he seems unaware of it himself.

  • Due to his upbringing, Adalbert is extremely ethnocentric, nationalist, and xenophobic, looking down on anyone who is not culturally Castelian. He is not racist though, as he refuses to discriminate based on race.

  • It is speculated by his enemies that Adalbert is not entirely who he says he is, and as such this profile may not reflect his actual biography.

Powers and Combat Abilities


“It's the truth that our very power rests on the backs of our workers. So why is it wrong to treat them better?”
-Adalbert addressing the Administrative Committee regarding universal healthcare

“I see no reason why I should concern myself with the well-being of foreigners when our own workers aren't being treated much better abroad.”
-Adalbert addressing concerns regarding abuse of foreign workers

“A Castelian worker can do anything and everything a foreign worker can. This is the absolute truth. So, tell me, what need have we of foreign workers? We should be hiring more of our own countrymen instead.”
-Adalbert on foreign workers

“Access to the best medical care shouldn't be a privilege. It should be a right. With this act, it will be.”
-Adalbert promoting the Increased Healthcare Act of 2286

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