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The Multiversal Elements of Castelia (WIP)

Castelia actually exists across all points of time and space, making it a country that exists on multiple universes, dimensions, timelines, whatever you call it. From the most ancient of times to the far-flung future, to worlds very similar to ours to dimensions that human minds cannot even hope to comprehend, Castelia has always been there in some form or another, either as merely a travelling band of settlers to a vast interstellar empire stretching across entire galaxies. It has always existed even probably before the first civilizations had even taken root, and will probably continue to exist as long as reality exists (and probably even if reality doesn't exist. "How does that work?", you ask. I don't care).

As such, the country regularly changes to fit the current theme and timeline of the region it is residing in. Rumor has it that Castelia has the ability to summon its multiversal elements at will, but this has not been proven. Yet.

This factbook contains all known incarnations of Castelia.

001: LinkCastelia City - a large seaside city on the Unova Peninsula from the video game franchise Pokemon. This is the first known incarnation of Castelia to have been documented, and is thus designated 001. Located on the Pokemon universe.

006: The Castelian Empire - an absolute monarchy located on a continent 1 1/2 the size of Russia, modern day Earth. Last seen residing on The East Pacific before its disappearance. A variant exists as part of the ancient histories of Castelia-601, before the Dictatorial Revolution ushered in the era of the Castelian Republic. Current location unknown.

009: The Grand Kingdom of Castelia - located on a continent roughly the size of France. Formerly a member of the Purgatorium Consortium. Confirmed to have existed in an alternate universe. Current location unknown.

176: The People's Republic of Castelia - a communist state located on the Philippine Islands of modern day Earth. Formerly a resident of Soviet Democracy and The Socialist Syndicalist Union. Noted to have disappeared around the time Castelia-601 made an appearance. Current location unknown.

420: Animeland Castelia - Castelia but with the weebness turned up to 100. Current location unknown, but was noted to have made an appearance during April Fools Day 2019 in the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators.

421: Incomprehensible Weebland Castelia - formerly located in the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators. A horribly mangled version of Castelia-420. It's basically a nation with the power of God, anime, sh*tposting, and metagaming. Current location unknown.

437: Prussian Castelia - a strange incarnation of Castelia located on Germany, 18th Century Earth. Imagine Prussia under Frederick the Great except its Castelia. Current location unknown.

599: Kingdom of Castelia - Another strange incarnation of Castelia, located on the Iberian Peninsula, 13th Century Earth. Notable for having Spanish influences and being the only known incarnation to have existed in the Middle Ages. Current location unknown.

601: The Benevolent Republic of Castelia - located on its own continent 1 1/2 the size of Russia. Formerly a resident of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators. Disappeared suddenly one day and was replaced by Castelia-421. Current location unknown.

602: The Benevolent Republic of Castelia - located on modern day Earth, at the current territory of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Last seen residing on the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators before its disappearance. Existence proven due to maps made by North Mavia. Current location unknown.

666: The Demonic Furry Empire of Castelia - current existence unverified, but was noted to have come about during the time of The Great Luciferian-Christian War. Current location unknown.

9876: The Retropunk Eperopolis of Castelia - the current incarnation. A continent-sized city-state with a Linkcombination of 80's tech and FT.

10783: The Galactic Empire of Castelia - an absolute monarchy governing nearly three dozen galaxies. Current location unknown.

11276: SS Castelia - a single "seedship" containing genetically modified colonizers. Last known status: to be drifting across space looking for a new home. Current location unknown.