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The Summatory Socialist Republic of
Left-wing Utopia

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Political Parties

The parties of the National Senate are a coalition under the leadership of the Summatory Socialist Party.

Summatory Socialist Party Sigma
"All for One, One for All"

Socialist Worker's Party (1933) and Labor Party (1909) merged in 1944

scientific socialism (ML)
central planning
Red Archipelago unification
Captiotian theory (Σ)

The Sigma Party is the dominant party of Captiotia and acts as the vanguard of the revolution. Therefore, it is concerned with developing and maintaining a stable proletarian state whilst representing the collective will of the Captiotian population. It advocates for the tenets of scientific socialism with Captiotian characteristics (a development of Marxism-Leninism), anti-revisionism, central planning, consolidating the Red Archipelago under a single unitary government, increased civil participation in society, and social theory advanced by historical communist Captiot such as Green, Goldstone, Kowalski, and Lookescope.


Eco-Syndicalist Party Red-Greens
"Preserve the Earth, Empower the People!"

Syndicalist Party (1925) and Green Union (1978) merged in 1988

organized labor

The Red-Greens are passionate about both decentralization of the government/economy and protection of the natural environment. While attracting everyone from orthodox Marxists to anarchists to democratic socialists, the party aims for syndicalism due to its broad support base of organized workers. They call for more power and autonomy for the worker's councils, increased administration of protected wildlife regions and national parks, animal rights, establishing a wholly self-sufficient economy, and a continuous eco-socialist cultural movement at every level of society to accelerate conservation of the environment and undo damages already done.


Popular Science Party PopSci
"Progress for the People, Science for Society"

Founded in 1991

STEM research
productive forces
technocratic socialism

PopSci is a modern intellectual party that advocates for drastically increasing general STEM literacy, pursuing scientific discovery in areas including space exploration, genetic engineering, and nuclear power, reducing religious or idealist influence in all areas of public society, developing automaton and the productive forces, expanding evidence-based health and education services, and maintaining a reasonable democratic socialism by empowering industrial councils and electing senators with scientific or technical expertise. Some factions may agitate for FALC, space colonization, artificial reality, artificial intelligence, or transhumanism.


Radical Progressive Party Progressives
"Equality and Emancipation"

Progressive Party (1932) and Radical People's Party (1956) merged in 1975

social justice
direct democracy
cultural revolution

The Radical Progressives are foremost concerned with social justice and the crucial rights of the individual, especially when viewed under the lens of structural oppression and the struggle to abolish it. They are pro-LBGT, feminists, anti-racists, internationalists, defenders of the rights to bear arms and protest through threat of force, and proponents of direct democracy with ever-evolving legal protections for minorities, accomplished (in the government sphere) by empowering the forums and electing senators from marginalized groups. They also support reigniting an ongoing cultural revolution to eliminate persisting reactionary ideas.

There are some parties without representation in the coalition of the National Senate, but success on the prefectural level.

Captiot Unity (Nationalists)

Founded in 1940



Social Conservative Party (So-Cons)

Conservative Party (1902) and Social-Democratic Party (1922) merged in 1950

social democracy


Cheese Party (Dairies)

Founded in 1968

big tent
Captiotian culture