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The Summatory Socialist Republic of
Scandinavian Liberal Paradise

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Political Parties (OLD)

The Summatory Socialist (Sigma) Party is enshrined in written law and the hearts of the Captiotian people as the ruling party of Captiotia and ideally obligated by said law and evolving social pressure to continually represent a fusion of ideologically sound Marxist revolutionary theory and a summation of the people’s best interests as a whole. However, a variety of other party activity is encouraged by law and guaranteed by culture to flourish in Captiotia, representing a variety of issues and positions important to a diverse range of population groups.

It is notable that the vast majority of politically active citizens are part of more than one party and elected representatives of the National Senate often run with multiple party endorsements.

×SSP · Summatory Socialist Party (Sigma Party)
Dominant-Party DotP MLs
The Sigma Party is the dominant party of Captiotia and acts as the vanguard of the revolution. Therefore, it is concerned with developing a stable proletarian state whilst representing the collective will of the Captiotian population. It advocates for the tenets of scientific socialism with Captiotian characteristics, anti-revisionism, central planning, autarky, increased civil participation in government, and general theory advanced by historical leftist Captiot such as Green, Kowalski, and Lookescope.
"All for one, one for all"
Red and White

×ESP · Eco-Syndicalist Party (Red-Greens)
Diverse Decentralized Eco-Socialists
Center-Left to Far-Left
The Red-Greens are passionate about both decentralization of the government and protection of the natural environment, and despite attracting everyone from anarchists to Marxists to social democrats, they aim primarily for syndicalism due to its broad support base of organized workers. They call for more power to the directly democratic Forums and local worker's Councils, increased administration of protected wildlife regions and national parks, animal rights, and a continuous eco-socialist cultural movement at every level of society to accelerate conservation of the environment and undo damages already done.
Green and Red

×PSP · Popular Science Party (PopSci)
Secular Social-Left STEM Nerds
Center-Left to Left-Wing
PopSci is a modern intellectual party that advocates for drastically increasing general STEM literacy, pursuing scientific discovery including space exploration and genetic engineering, reducing harmful religious influence in all areas of public society, developing the productive forces as well as expanding both health and education services, and maintaining a reasonable democratic socialism by empowering the Councils and electing Senators with scientific experience. Some factions may agitate for FALC, permanent space colonization, artificial reality, transhumanism, or overt technocracy.
"Science is the poetry of reality"
Charcoal and Orange

×RPP · Radical Progressive Party (Progressives)
Left-Libertarian Antifa SJWs
Center-Left to Left-Wing
The Radical Progressives are foremost concerned with social justice and the crucial rights of the individual, especially when viewed under the lens of structural oppression and the struggle to abolish it. They are pro-LBGT, feminists, anti-racists, proud internationalists, defenders of the right to protest through force, and proponents of direct democracy with legal and evolving minority protections.
Navy and Gold

×NUP · National Unity Party (Nationalists)
National Republican Mutualists
Centrist to Center-Left
The NUP is primarily focused on the strength of the Captiotian nation, individual liberties, and fostering a market-based economy constituted of cooperatives. They favor a popular movement led by powerful elected Senators, based on faith in the nation, voluntary actions of the market, and individual merit. Supports enacting far stricter immigration/tourism policy, drastically strengthening national defense via militias, and weakening national public support systems, encouraging the nation's individuals to support each other via decentralized market actions and charity.
Orange and Red

×SCP · Social-Conservative Party (So-Cons)
Traditional Federal SocDems
Center-Left to Center-Right
The So-Cons were formed by an interesting historic party merger to provide opposition to the far-left and a potentially overcentralized, anti-theistic government after the revolution. They support a conservative, spiritual movement to reevaluate (eliminate) current progressive policy, scaling back but not eliminating public services, relegalizing regulated private property, and legally federalizing the government whilst redrawing regional borders along historic lines.
Cream and Navy

×LAP · Archipelago Party (Liberals)
Regional Foreign-Interest Neoliberals
Centrist to Right-Wing
Historically concerned primarily with the rights of minor islands, an influx of anti-socialist centrists around the time of the revolution transformed the LAP into a liberal party still somewhat concerned with the rights of minor islands, but moreso the capitalists who want to do business there. Perpetually influenced by wealthy foreign corporations, it promotes a middle class consumer lifestyle similar to modern capitalist societies.
Azure and White

×RLP · Royalty & Liberty Party (Royalists)
Libertarian Monarchists
Right-Wing to Far-Right
A miniscule radical party calling for the restoration of the constitutional benevolent monarchy and complete liberalization and privitization of the economy via counterrevolution, although nobody knows how to accomplish this or who the new monarch should be. Supports an elite, noble, partially democratic central government but intense relaxations of laws restricting both civil and corporate rights.
Jade and Gold

×NCP · National Cheese Party (Dairies)
Broad-Base Dairy Enthusiasts
Left-Wing to Center-Right
Promoting the interests of the cheese and broader dairy industry and the culture surrounding it, the NCP is popular with farmers, culinary enthusiasts, internet denizens, patriots, cultural traditionalists, and more.
"Say Cheese!"
Red and Beige

×ETP · Extraterrestrial Party (Aliens)
Semi-Authentic Alien Activists
Center-Left to Left-Wing
A rather humorous small party officially concerned with the discovery, contact, and rights of intelligent extraterrestrial life. They also call for Captiotia to colonize the solar system as soon as possible.
Green and Black

×DRP · Democratic-Republican Party (Delta Party)
Disgraced Totalitarian Fascists
A shunned party once associated with the DR Captiotia. Reactionary, authoritarian, and isolationist, the term "Delta" is used today as an insult for an ambitious but backwards-thinking or ill-prepared person. The party is no longer domestically active after the Cultural Revolution of the 60s and 70s.
Black and Purple