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The Summatory Socialist Republic of
Left-wing Utopia

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Revolutionary Flag of Captiotia:

The flag's proportion is 1:2. The meanings of flag aspects are as follows:
Red represents socialism and the revolutionary spirit.
The rightward pointing yellow triangle represents optimism, hope, the constant progress of society, and cheese, an iconic cultural food of Captiotia.
The red star is a common symbol for revolutionary socialism. Its position within the triangle signifies that the revolution drives progress.
The white and red bars represent the result of socialist progress: peace and a bright, clear future for all guided by socialism's principles.

Alternate Flag of Captiotia:

The flag's proportion is 2:3. The three color bands represent the three regions of Captiotia: North, Central, and South, as well as the three branches of government: the Senate, Council, and Forum.
Blue represents knowledge and progress. Pink represents compassion, labor, and the populace. Green represents health and the natural environment. White represents peaceful society as a veil to protect the Captiot. The yellow four-pointed star represents optimism as well as the the core principles and central Summatory Socialist Party which guide Captiotian society.
This flag was adopted in 1998, 50 years after the Captiotian Revolution.

The flag of the District of Malachi:

The green and blue separated by the white wave represents the geographical location of the District as seaside. Besides water, the blue represents unique ideals, progressivism, and intelligence, qualities historically typical of Malachi in relation to regions around it. Historically, the green is also a symbol of the heritage of the District as the Malachite Republic and sustains a cultural meaning to this day. The canton is simply a similar design to invoke the national flag of Captiotia and signify that the District is part of it.