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President Petit (2006-)

Madame La Présidente
Chrissy Petit

The President of Calidia
Ms. President (Madame La Présidente)

Dr. Chrissy Petit Sc.D.

A particularly risque picture of Mlle. Petit

President of Calidia


– Madame La Présidente (Formal)
– Mlle. Petit (In-Formal)


2006 – Present (12 Years)


November 2nd, 2006


September 2nd, 1976 (a.43)

Full Name

Chrissy Grace Marie Petit


Marechal Petit


Chrissy H.Y. Petit


Lord's University in Caron (Sc.D)


Roman Catholic


"I'm all about getting it done. That Green Party thinks of me merely as some so-called 'leggy lamb', but what will they do for us? Calidia is already quite clean. Their party is there to injure foreign relations through complaining and to fix what isn't broke."
- Madame La Présidente, Chrissy Petit, criticizing her opponents in the Green Party in 2005

Dr. Chrissy Petit Sc.D is the incumbent President and head of government in Calidia. She has been the leader of the parliament-majority Catholic Liberation Coalition party since 2006. Petit has been described as a strict, stern, and extraordinary hard working woman who lives as a strange contrast to the jovial nature of the country. Having just entered her third term, she experiences high approval rates by the public and also within her party. Her leadership has seen a sudden burst of legality of many things.

She is a highly educated woman with a Doctorate of Science earned from her university education at the Lord's University at Caron and is thus officially allowed the title of "Doctor". She has served as a teacher of high school physics teacher for a year.








Early Life

Chrissy Petit was born during the aftermath of the 1969 recession, which was irrationally blamed on the United States for supposedly destroying the Calidian engineering sector in its pursuits in the space race. This was soon disproved. The conditions of the recession left Chrissy's family, which relied on her father's income as an engineer, struggling. Her parents worked their hardest to make sure she excelled in intellectual pursuits so that she would be able to go through college. She graduated college at the age of nineteen with a Masters of Science in Physics.

She, for a year, worked as a physics teacher at her alma mater high school. She moved on to working on her doctorate, and began to dabble in local politics. At the age of 27, she gained her doctorate after her thesis, 'A study on aerodynamics at ultrahypersonic speeds', and became a senator the same year shortly after. She remained a senator until 2005 to successfully pursue the presidency.


Political Views
She has been known to value freedom greatly as a centre-right-libertarian. She has, over the twelve years she has been President, legalized abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage, and some amounts of recreational drug usage. She has, more controversially, legalized prostitution in the form of regulated brothels (pimping, pandering, or street prostitution remains illegal). She has sharply weakened the abilities of the Calidian equivalents to the CIA and IRS, and even the Homeowner's Association in protection of property rights; all of which are remnants of Cold War era policy. In generally, while diplomacy is not lost on her, it takes second place in priority to the furthering of Calidia in a light form of nationalism.

Religious Views
She is a devout Catholic. She attends the Dijonet Cathedral every Sunday and owns an ornate and expensive bible, which she swore her election oath on. She has met with the Pope several times, though they are now estranged over difference in ideals. She has, however, followed the ideals of separation of church and state, and has not been visibly influenced by her religion in her policy. This does not free her from criticism on the subject, however...


Chrissy is quite nerdy. Whenever any sci-fi movie from her nation or America, France, and Britain comes out, she watches it as soon as possible. She reads a lot of fantasy and science fiction books on and off her Kindle. She has reluctantly admitted to having watched several unnamed animes, and spends a lot of her late-night downtime on Netflix. She, however, admits to none of this to maintain her workaholic image, and she doesn't have much free time anyways as the head of government and of her party.


  • Mlle. Petit is 5'8" and weighs somewhere between 120 and 130 lbs (54-59 kgs) by estimate.

  • She is notable for being an excessive workaholic. She very commonly collapses from exhaustion and 'runs on coffee'. Her close associates and even the Captain himself frequently will attempt to deprive her off coffee to nudge her back towards a healthy sleeping schedule.

  • She is a master of make-up, capable of effortlessly concealing her large, purple eye-bags and making herself look like a college-aged girl at the same time.

  • Petit, without her aforementioned makeup, still appears strangely young. In fact, she does not appear to be a day over thirty. She has never been called "MILF" to her face and would take offense to such a name, though.

  • She is known to have heavily contradictory views on Calidia's neighbor, the Republic of Brigida. One day, she's very adamant about how Calidia is the superior of the two in their friendly rivalry, and the next day she'll be more than willing to concede multiple victories to said rival. It all depends on how much energy she has on a particular day; the more energy the more patriotic she gets on the subject. When entirely exhausted, she has little to no jingoist spark.

  • Petit does not like guns. Not from a legal standpoint, but from a personal standpoint. She tried to shoot a rifle once and broke her nose.

  • Because of the aforementioned accident, but the lack of visual evidence of said injury, many believe that Petit has undergone a nosejob. She refuses to answer on the subject nor are there any medical records able to be found about it.

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