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The Kingdom of
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Cantelese Parliament

Political Parties

Republic Sic! [Green]: Republican, left
Parti Labor CantelÚs [Red]: Socialist, center-left
Frent Popular [Yellow]: Nationalist, far-right
Order Democratia [Blue]: Conservative, Center-right
Representats Regnal [Purple]: Monarchist, Crown-appointed

Party Descriptions
-Republic Sic!-

Republic Sic! has its origins in the wake of the restoration of the monarchy following the Second Cantelese Revolution in 1937 as a successor to the Syndicat de Progres, ruling party of the Cantelese Republic. Formally organized in 1949, Republic Sic! advocates for peaceful abolition of the monarchy and for significant diversion of Crown funds into welfare and other public services. While the party itself is not violent, it has been scrutinized for being supportive of republican militant movements in its early history and failure to explicitly condemn acts of violence by supporters.

-Parti Labor CantelÚs-

Founded in 1898, Parti Labor CantelÚs is one of the many Socialist movements that sprung up in Europe in the late 19th century. During the Revolutions, the PLC organized militias as defensive forces to combat both royalist and republican troops and sought to establish an independent state in the southern exclaves of Denia and Ibiza. Today, the PLC is perceived as the party most supportive of lower-class Cantelese, yet is criticized for pushing for higher taxes on the upper and middle class. In spite of differing opinions on the monarchy, the PLC has formed coalitions with Republic Sic! in order to push for economic reforms and increase spending towards welfare programs.

-Frent Popular-

The Frent Popular is a nationalist far-right party formed in 2015 following the Syrian Refugee Crisis and an influx of 30,000 Syrians into Cantelo. Frent Popular seeks to curtail immigration, leave the EU, and implement strict border controls. While it has seen moderate success, the party is infamous for its fascistic use of Anglo-Saxon and Catalan symbols as well as accusations of promoting white supremacy and inspiring hate crimes against non-white Cantelese. Frent Popular has vehemently denied being a racist political group, and claims its sole mission is to promote and preserve Cantelese values and prosperity.

-Order Democratia-

Founded in 1986, Order Democratia is a conservative party and a member of the European People's Party group. The party seeks to further integrate into the EU and turn Cantelo into a leading economic member by pushing for policies that lower business taxes and less market regulation in an effort to make cities such as Barcelona and Cardona more popular financial hubs. Order Democratia, while one of the more popular political parties in Cantelo, is heavily criticized for catering to upper/middle-class Cantelese and proposing legislation that marginalizes poorer communities, as well as making it more difficult for local businesses to compete against foreign companies.

-Representats Regnal-

The Representats Regnal is a unique political party in Cantelese politics formed in 1848. All of the Members of Parliament belonging to the Representats Regnal are directly appointed by the monarch as representatives of His/Her Majesty, permanently numbering 50 MPs in the Lower Chamber and 20 in the Upper Chamber. This provides the Crown with a strong voice in parliament though at the same time is a small enough contingent that it cannot easily overrule a vote. While the members of the party are meant to represent the interests of the sovereign, each member is free to vote in whichever way they choose but have historically always followed the Crown's orders. The Representats Regnal is criticized for being an unnecessary and undemocratic addition to parliament, though supporters claim that it gives a responsible amount of power to the monarchy without giving it directly to a single person.

The Kingdom of Cantelo