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What is Caleon?

ĒObviously we learned nothing from the fiasco that continues to be the COT in Sprint Cup. That is working so well; let's mess up the series that is right now carrying our sanctioning body. When will NASCAR get the picture? NASCAR is rule makers and intermediaries, not race car drivers, and certainly not race car builders.

This continuation of the COT fiasco is a slap at the US auto makers that have supported the sport since its inception.

No longer is a Chevy a Chevy. No longer is a Ford a Ford.

They are kit cars that only gain a brand identity from the sticker affixed to the bumper. That lack of loyalty has led us down the path that we currently are forging as a nation as well as a sport.Ē

ĒSpeaking of television, the other facet of this whole ĎNASCAR is dyingí mentality has been TV ratings. And letís not sugarcoat things here: TV ratings for NASCAR have fallen dramatically in the past ten years. Las Vegas in 2009 drew a 5.5 share, and with 11 million people watching. In 2019, the spring race at Las Vegas drew a 3.05 share and with 5.1 million people watching.

Thatís not a good sign at all. However, ratings have remained flat from last year for most of the Cup races this year, so it seems most of the bleeding has stopped. Letís also not pretend that other programs have fallen in TV ratings. Before the start of March Madness, NASCAR this year was still routinely the top rated sports program just about every weekend.Ē

What if it never stopped growing? What if NASCAR wasnít held back by poor leadership and listened to its audience? What if motorsports and TV Ratings were as high as the eye can see? And also what if we put it in Germany?

Welcome to Caleon.

What Caleon is about:

Making a highly technologically progressive country centered around the world of sports, didnít go down the same path as LinkBrian France or LinkFELD, and isnít hindered by corporate conservatism.

What Caleon isnít about:
Cars just turning left, rednecks, racism, and racing being the be all, end all.

"Isn't this just what NASCAR fans want the sport to be today?"
Sure, it probably looks this way from a near-sided perspective, but there's a purpose behind what I have mashed together.

NASCAR was previously defined by its southern bootlegger culture and putting the stock in stock cars. Of course, there's more to a culture than just the product off the track.

NASCAR fans themselves love to point out the bad of modern NASCAR, moreso than they do point out the good. "This package sucks." "Bring back the horsepower permanently." "Shorten the spoiler & get rid of the splitter."
In the mid-2000s, NASCAR reached the peak of its popularity in the Gen 4 era, frequently being listed among the highest rated sporting events in TV Ratings and nearly selling out every race season by season. Now, people consistently moan about the on-track product, the bland youth movement, and the lowering attendance rates.

Caleon represents an enlightened future where that peak back in 2005 never stopped growing with the right decisions and keeping the fans happy through and through, and if that culture defined an entire nation.
What would really make NASCAR a "better" and "more popular" sport that isn't just dismissed by the general public? With a fanbase that isn't stereotyped to hell and back? What if the COT never happened? What if the fans had a bigger say and celebrities hopped on board sooner?

Caleon's motorsport based national culture doesn't need to be everything either. It just needs to not systematically "lag behind" in means of technological advancements and fan interaction. This is the kind of corporation-nation that would rank high in TV Ratings and attendance rates (and not have to forcefully tarp over grandstands year after year).

The motorsport based culture not needing to be everything is exemplified by the rise of other sports in Caleon, particularly the Caleon Professional Baseball league. This nation is not a corporation, it is a group of disparate people with a culture heavily influenced by sports and pop culture, from the North Sea to the Mediterranean.

Also, whatís with the use of Miku?

The use of Hatsune Miku in Caleonís worldbuilding is an aspect of Caleon being able to adapt to foreign pop culture and intertwine it into its own pop culture. Using Hatsune Miku in the way that I do opens up for greater foreign relations with similar nations, hence why Caleon is within the Neo Otaku Utopia while also opening up unique creativity in the sports world and coed competition. In Caleon, Miku is the symbol of female equality, portrayed as a strong, charismatic role model, proving that females can compete with males in sports, which is emphasized by the fact that almost all Caleon sports have a coed option, with some sports having professional coed leagues, like the CPB.

Inspired by Hatsunia