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King Kyle II of Brutland and Norden

Kyle II

Kyle II in 2013

King of Brutland and Norden
Grand Duke of Arnautia
Count of Ceretania

Reign: 16 June 2006 - present
Coronation: 11 September 2006
Predecessor: King Adam IV of Brutland and Norden
Prime Ministers:
for Brutland and Norden:
Marianna Cortanella
for Arnautia:
Molnár Ernő
Rajcsányi László
for Ceretania:
Artur Miró Castells
Josep Simó Boher
Froilà Jornet Barcells

Spouse: none
Issue: none
Full Name
Dorstino Paolo Arduino Giustino Kyle Tarján
Fruitós Tristão
House: House of Brutland and Norden
Father: King Adam IV of Brutland and Norden
Mother: Dr. Charlotte Mordevacchio from Stampione
Heir: Prince Bryce, Duke of Brugnatella
Born: 11 September 1988
Montecrestese Castle
Stroppiana, Union Territories
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Kyle II (Nord-Brutlandese Kail II; born 11 September 1988) is the reigning King of the United Kingdom of Brutland and Norden and head of the Royal Family. As the eldest child of King Adam IV of Brutland and Norden and Queen Mother Charlotte II, he succeeded his father after King Adam IV's death in 16 June 2006.


The monarch was born Dorstino Paolo Arduino Giustino Kyle Tarján Fruitós Tristão on 11 September 1988 at the Montecrestese Castle in Stroppiana, Union Territories to the Crown Prince Adam IV of Brutland and Norden and Princess Consort Charlotte II. His father was the eldest son of King Simon VI of Brutland and Norden and Queen Giustina Porscale, Marchioness of Trascara. His mother, a physician by training, was a commoner from the village of Foscaterro in the grant of Stampione and is a matrilineal granddaughter of Princess Susanna, a daughter of King Chester II of Brutland and Norden.

The monarch’s long name is a due to the tradition that children of the Nord-Brutlandese royal family receive up to eight names. The names represent the following realms (in order of appearance): the Kingdom of Brutland, the two sub-kingdoms of Norden, the Lordship of Union Island (Moncucco), the Province of Timberland, the Grand Duchy of Arnautia, the County of Ceretania, and the Grant of Saotivalles. The English, LinkArnautian, Catalan, and Saotivallian Portuguese names are usually left untranslated. Only one of the names is selected for common use across all realms, which in this case, was Kyle, after King Kyle the Fair of Brutland and Norden.

Kyle was baptized on 24 September 1988 at Roman Catholic Holy Queen Cathedral, Kingsville, by Archbishop Sebastiano Cardinal Sportiello of Kingsville. His godparents included his uncle, Duke Geraldo Falcone of Stampione and Borcenna; his father’s Lord Protector, Duke Pierro IX of Trascara; Grand Duke William and Grand Duchess Elizabeth of Van Luxemburg; his father’s cousin, Lady Antonella II LaGuardia of Doro; and his maternal aunt, Carina Scandroglio-Rubinato, a newsreader for the state broadcaster.

Early Life
Kyle’s designated Lord Protector is Marquess Adam V Porscale, Heir-Apparent to the Duchy of Trascara. Typical of monarchs and their lord protectors, the two had formed a strong friendship.

His mother and his paternal aunt, Duchess Samantha Canuccone of Campedusa and Trefini, instilled in Kyle a noble upbringing and sense of responsibility as a future monarch of Brutland and Norden. As heir to the throne, Kyle was exposed to the public light at an early age and was taught to ignore curious and intrusive paparazzi and mediamen.

Kyle, like many other royal children, was educated at the School inside the Royal Palace. Though the school is inside the palace, his classmates and friends included commoners, such as the children of the Royal Pannondrian Guards and Royal Palace employees, and residents of the Cito Tanda borough of Kingsville.

He was noted to have noted to have an above average intelligence. He placed seventh in the nationwide aptitude exams given to eighth grade-students. He passed his esame scuolèntecca (ESl; a school-leaving exam similar to the Abitur, Matura or A-levels) in the highest possible score category, in the 99th percentile above his peers. This was despite the recent death of his father and his impending coronation.

His father, King Adam IV of Brutland and Norden, died early on 16 June 2006 of a previously undiagnosed aortic aneurysm at age 49. Kyle, who was studying for his ESl, had to take a short break from his studies. The nation and the royal family underwent a month of official mourning.

His mother, Queen Charlotte II, took over the regency for three months until Kyle’s 18th birthday. Kyle took his ESl in the meantime. Kyle II was crowned on September 11, 2006 at the Holy Queen Cathedral in Kingsville.

Soon after his coronation, Kyle entered the Royal Military Academy of Brutland and Norden (Academio Militara Reala di Norden e Marchòbrutellia, AMRNMb). Most Nord-Brutlandese would rather let him continue working as King, but on November 2006, he announced that he would delegate many of his tasks to his mother so that he can enter the Military School.

Queen Mother Charlotte II took over as regent. When Kyle graduated from the AMRNMb in 2010, he gradually reclaimed royal duties from his mother. Kyle undertook additional studies, taking a double degree on Foreign Languages and Public Administration at the Royal University of Brutland and Norden – Kingsville. He finished his studies in three years, earlier than usual, in order to fully take over royal duties. He fully resumed the throne on September 2013.

King Kyle II continued the tradition of the Nord-Brutlandese monarchy of non-interference in political affairs and focus on charitable works. The Royal Trust supports more than a thousand charities.

The monarch is known to be open and friendly, driving his own car and piloting his own plane. Except in formal occasions, he usually travels without a bodyguard and mingles with the public.

Personal Life

Kyle had a long relationship with Luanna Mondragone, a commoner from Sant’Unterro di Brugnatella. He met Mondragone during the Royal Blind Date of 2002. Mondragone served as his companion during social events and royal functions. It was widely thought that she would eventually marry the King and become Queen, despite a brief hiatus in their relationship in 2006.

However, Mondragone shocked the public in 2011 when she announced her breakup with the monarch of Brutland and Norden. She said that she terminated the relationship because of her reluctance to take on royal responsibilities. It has been reported that they had remained friends today.

King Kyle II is unmarried and has no children. The current heir to the throne is his younger brother, Prince Bryce, Duke of Brugnatella.

The monarch has a wide variety of interests. He used to play for his school’s ice hockey team, and also is known to be fond of skiing. Kyle is known to be a fan of rock music, as is his brother, Prince Bryce. They attend the yearly Stampione Festive di Rock (Stampione Rock Festival). The monarch also plays percussion/drums in a rock band called Rocknoble, together with other members of the Nord-Brutlandese nobility. He also worked as a radio disk jockey.

Kyle is also fond of intellectual pursuits. He helps host a semi-annual invite-only Linkpub quiz at a bar called la Confederazione in the city of Pannondrio, Brutland. He also sponsors and attends scientific meetings, his areas of interest being inorganic chemistry, human pathology, plant and animal taxonomy, geology, astrophysics, and linguistics.


The King has three siblings:
● Prince Baldro Leandro Clemente Sebastiano Bryce Attila Ramon Dinis, Duke of Brugnatella
● Princess Alessandra Maria Carina Sara Cordelia Piroska Susanna Beatriz, Duchess of Santelleria
● Princess Ernestina Adriana Veronica Liana Jessica Ilona Llocaia Daiana, Duchess of Tonzivibbia


Full Title

The King’s full title is His Royal Highness, the Great King Kyle II of Brutland and Norden, King of Brutland, of Normark, and of Dennland, Grand Duke of Arnautia, Count of Ceretania, Count of Új-Dennország, Lord of the Channel Islands, Sovereign of Timberland, Protector of the Union, and Defender of the Nation.


King Kyle is fluent in Nord-Brutlandese, English, Saotivallian Portuguese, Arnautian, and Catalan.

The king is known for his imposing height of 2.1 meters (6 ft. 11 in.), tall even by Nord-Brutlandese standards.