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Navy - Leviathon Class

Leviathon Class
Trimaran Battleship

Displacement: 650,000 tons
Propulsion: 8 x Mk 15 Nuclear Reactors/Steam Turbine Arrangement, 600,000 shp, 4 shafts / 4 jets, 36 kts
Crew: 2,000 + 240 Marines + 120 Flag Staff
Radar: AS18 Close-Range Air Search/Tracking, SS34 Long Range Surface Search/Tracking, SS44 Short Range Surface Search/Tracking, G04 Navigation
Fire Control: Overlord N/Command System, T03 Close Engagement Control, NG04A Gunfire Control
EW: 6 Type 3 Chaff/Flare Dispensers, “Cosmic” ECM/ESM suite, undisclosed ELINT equipment.
Sonar: SN12 Bow-mounted, SN 20 Towed-array
Aviation: 1 extensive helipad + hangar, 8 medium helicopters
Armament: 24 x 22"/60 “Peacemaker” Guns (6 x Quadruple Mounts), 8 x 5”/48 Guns (8 x Single Mounts), 2 x 42-Cell VLS (168 SAM/SSM Missiles), 16 x 20mm Legion CIWS, 6 x 20mm Cannons, 4 x 7.62mm GPMGs, 4 x ML Mk22 Torpedo Tubes (20 Torpedoes)
Armour: 500-1000mm Titanium Composite
Builders: Navarre Navy Shipyards(Division of Doujinshi Corporation)
Design: Very large trimaran design, very heavy armour and weaponry, but also maintains comparatively high performance. Excellent combatant in most areas.

Price: 29.7 billion
Note, delivery time will be minumum 5 NS years per ship.

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