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gender (pron/ouns)
sexuality for some reason?

Name's April. I'm a 20 year old with too many aspirations and not enough time in my life to accomplish them, so I just type on NationStates instead.
I used to be a die-hard lost-cause slinging neoconfederate. Now I'm a Confederacy-skeptical Southern secessionist.
Henry George was right and John Brown did nothing wrong.
Into old computers, games consoles, and the software for them because of course I am, I have no personality and don't reliably use my shift key. Besides that, I'm into guns, cooking, tea, and music. I'm a nudist thanks to my terrible genetics and just generally an inexplicable dislike of clothing. Considering being any of:
·Hardware engineer
·Visual artist
·Locomotive driver
·Nuclear power plant operator
·Firearm designer
·Politician possibly, later on in life
Probably not going to be any of them.
I have a genetic skin condition. And schizotypal personality disorder. And a dread of other people's deaths. And bad eyesight. And a nose that stopped working right after catching COVID-19 that was operating at a quarter strength even when it was working right. And 5db hearing loss. And a mother that's been described others as "comically abusive".

And dysphoria.
I don't know if I'm a woman or nonbinary. I don't think it matters. Use she or they however you like, I'm not even offended by he/him even if I don't feel any connection to them.
I don't like talking about this stuff much and think doing so is both tiring and uncomfortable, so you're not going to have a fun time around me if you have a transgender pride flag avatar.

Yay, I kept this to a decent length. If you're reading this, you're banned from just rehashing any of this info on F7 guessing game threads unless you elaborate further.


Reject leftunity, embrace freedom.
Reject rightunity, embrace liberty.
Reject authunity, for they're the ones to take them from you.