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The Free Republic of Brasilistan (2022-)

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The Free Republic of Brasilistan

Motto: Nothing Left To Lose
Population: 3.2 Million
Capital: New Volgagrad
Largest City: Brasilis
Official Languages: Brasilistani Spanish, English
One Party Military Dictatorship
Head of State: Andreas Weston
Minister of War: Juan Dallas
End of Boldonian Occupation: April 4, 2022
Land Area:
Highest Point: Mount Neuevos
Lowest Point: The Ash Forest
GDP Per Capita:
Currency: Brasilistani Ruble (BRR)
Time Zone: Chamorro Standard Time (GMT +10)
Driving Side: Right

The Free Republic of Brasilistan is a small island nation located in the Pacific Ocean just north of Boldonia. Throughout its history the nation has been under the control or influence of larger powers, with the current government being no different with it under the watchful eye of Boldonia. The current government came into power after the Boldonian-Brasilistani War as the occupation authority, but eventually became the formal government of Brasilistan.


Spanish Conquest
The island was first discovered and settled by the Spanish in 1521. Brasilistan became a large producer of sugar and coffee in a plantation system across the island. It would remain like this until the early 1800s.

A Taste of Independence
In the 1810s the Brasilistani people would lead a revolt against the Spanish and successfully form the Republica de Brasilista. The Republic was mostly free although it was very flawed and weak.

The World Wars
Brasilistan would align with the German Empire during the Great War, leading to the island being invaded by Japan. In the peace conference Brasilistan was handed of to Japan, which as the Japanese Empire slowly rose would lead to mass killings of the native Brasilistani and the population would fall by a whole 1/4. When the Japanese lost the Second World War Brasilistan was handed off to the USSR.

Communist Brasilistan
Brasilistan was forcibly turned into a communist state and as such the Cold War would be brought to the Pacific with US controlled Boldonia to the south. The territorial governor of Boldonia at the time declared that the "Water Wall" had been erected between the two nations similar to the Berlin Wall. The two islands would remain in a state of Cold War, even after the fall of the Soviet Union Brasilistan would remain communist, although it was weakened. Facist politicians camouflaged as revolutionaries and took control, claiming that the Brasilistani workers were superior to westerners, and it was Brasilistan's job to rid the world of the inferior westerners.

The Boldonian Invasion
When Boldonia was granted independence, the Brasilistani would abduct a few Boldonian citizens who boated just a little too close to the Brasilistani EEZ. When the Boldonian government found out about this, they declared war on Brasilistan with US support. Brasilistan fell in only 5 short days due to their outdated, outnumbered, outgunned, and out trained military. An occupation authority was set up to rid Brasilistan of communism, which is still in effect today as the legitimate Brasilistani government.


Brasilistan is located north of Boldonia. It is a small island with a slightly hilly center. The center, now named the Ash Forest, was declared uninhabitable after the war due to the usage of incendiary weapons on the rainforest over the months to smoke out any guerrilla fighters.


Brasilistan is not a very populous nation. The most populated city is Brasilis, which was also the pre-war capital. The second largest city and capital is New Volgagrad, which was renamed from New Stalingrad by the Boldonian occupation authority. Most of the population is made up of Hispanics who are descended from Spanish settlers, as well as a small population of people of African descent who are descended from African slaves brought by the Spanish.


The Brasilistani government is a one party military dictatorship with the head of state being the "Head General" of the Brasilistani armed forces. The government only has one party, the Capital Party, who runs Brasilistan with some economic freedoms and few personal freedoms. Any communists are declared by the government as terrorists, who hide out in the Ash Forest and attempt a futile guerrilla war.


The Brasilistani Armed Forces is a sizable military for the small nation. The equipment used is mostly old Soviet equipment that was left behind combined with the rare Boldonian manufactured weapon. The flagship of the Brasilistani Navy is the BSS Andreas Weston, an Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer and the only non-Soviet ship in the entire navy.