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The Hyperpowerful, Quintessential and United Realm of Bluelight

The Great and Grand, Magnificent, Imposing, Awe-Inspiring, Prominent, Significant, Incredible, Astonishing, Ultimate, Paramount, Superlative, Unsurpassed, Unrivaled, Topmost, Quintessential, Hyperpowerful, Influential, Dynamic, Formidable, Daunting, Space-Fairing, Fearsome, Dominating United Realm and Arch-Empire of The Box, Existence, Endless, towards the Ultima-Endless, and the Omega, also known as The Great Nation of Bluelight

Flag of the Realm of Bluelight
The Illumination

”Wherever you come from, come with a kind heart.”

— Ethrax The Great of Lightia

Alternative Mottos:
”Fight back, not with guns, but with love.”

— Ethrax of Lightia

“We’ve came this far, not to stop, but to go further.”

— Ethrax of Lightia

“It’s time to proclaim tribulation to deniers of Lightia’s dominance!”

— Ethrax of Lightia



Due to an extremely high population, the last population record was set in December of 1731 through calculation.

Density: Unknown

Capital: Aechapemore City, Westerland Blue
Largest City: Aechapemore City

Official Language: English-Binary

National Language: English-Binary, English (Lightian), Binary Code, Lightian Universal Code

Demonym: Lightian; Brightian; Crystalian

- Monarch: LHA-EB

Establishment: from France (America)
Independence: April 19, 1651, Friday

Land Area: Unknown

Highest Point: Unknown
Lowest Point: Unknown

GDP (nominal): Unknown
GDP (nominal) per capita: Unknown

Human Development Index (NS Version): Disputed

66.1 (According to NS Stats)

Currency: dollarBlue ($db)


The The Great and Grand Ultimate, Hyperpowerful, Space-Fairing and Dominating United Realm of Bluelight, commonly called Bluelight or Lightia, is a Benevolent Dictatorship in The Ultima-Endless. It is bordered on the north by over 3 million space-fairing nations, on the south by over 10 quadrillion planetary-based nations, by the east by unclaimed land and on the west by the edge of Existence itself. Bluelight covers a ridiculous amount of space which it’s area is unknown and has has an estimated, disputed population of 10^100,000. Bluelight comprises of over a vigintillion subdivisions and an Unknown amount of territories.

This nation has the role of being an overpowered, quintessential, perfect Fantasy and Farther Farther Far Future Tech nation in space scaring all other nations.


The origin of the word and name Bluelight can be split down into two main parts. The first syllable, Blue, derives from the current national leader, LHA-EB. Where as the second syllable, Light, can represent the nation’s shining glory.

The standard way to refer to a citizen of Bluelight is as a ’Lightian.’


The nation originally started out as an settlement on the East Coast of New Brunswick of modern-day Canada after a group of explorers, one of them being the current monarch and his to-be wife after a 9 week journey from the Thames River in London.

The date the settlement was formed is unknown. Many historians, however, decide to point the date to February 14, 1652.

The group of settlers then formed a temporary government which one of the settlers claims the town was a Democratic state until a final type of government can be figured and used.

One of the settlers also claimed that they claimed to be an independent state, instead of being a French town. Which later gave inspiration for the then population of 50 to declare independence.

On April 19, 1652, that very day at noon, the town became a Independent Democratic Republic nation. Ethrax, now the current leader, wrote the Declaration of Independence from the French and led the entire settlement through economical crisis, and sometimes even domestical problems and abuses since that day forward.

Because the settlement then was temporarily a Democratic state, there was one presidential election in November 1653. The original settlers decided to make up an electoral system, where a candidate would have to win a certain amount of electoral votes, instead of getting the majority of popular votes to win.

The election of 1653 then decided Bluelight’s first president: Sabel S. Tundre. Although being very democratic, he was not fit enough to rule as a president, many settlement citizens claim, as he can’t even handle stopping a baby from crying and disrupting a church. Yet even serve justice.

It was not until 1654, however, that the current and only reigning monarch would prove himself worthy of being the true leader. The citizens of the settlement then started a small protest against Sabel S. Tundre.

Sabel S. Tundre, then the president was not happy, and due to the fact he did not know what to do, he immediately resigned from being president, on March 13, 1654. He was known to keep an intolerable grudge against Ethrax, claiming him to ruin his only chance for him to shine.

The next day, on March 14, 1654, the citizens voted for Ethrax to be the second, and last president of the ‘Democratic Republic of Bluelight.’ He was sworn in on the day itself at evening. And that night, according to disputed claims, there was a party held in the town.

Also according to disputed claims by both old citizens of the settlement and past-century book writers, Sabre S. Tundre went missing that night, with some theories being him banished, or even executed. But records have been claimed lost.

In 1664, ‘the Democratic Republic of Bluelight’ turned into ‘The Empire of Bluelight’ after the town-state has decided to become a monarchy, at that time, the size of the Empire was the size of New Jersey. Ethrax was elevated to a higher position as ‘Lightian Emperor.’

Using stolen technology from the technologically advanced state of Evilia in Europe, settlers and citizens began to form theories on building contraptions, for defence and for energy.

It’s not until the early 1700s however, that the nation began its rapid transition from a modern-day empire the size of New York to a space-fairing Grand Empire the size of Existence itself.

Over this time period, technological advancement was so rapid, a place that has 2010-technology can have technology 1000 years later in just a span of 2 to 11 earth years.

The huge technological advancement stopped in the early to mid-1950s. When the space-fairing empire had a size of 10% of The Endless.

However, the empire is still expanding, both in size and technology, and rapidly in population.


The population of Bluelight-R006 is unknown. As claimed, “There is so much that we lost track,” notes Professor Helon Mens of the Institute of Birth Rate.

The last time the population number was ever checked was in the early 1900s. When the population was an astounding 10^15000. The census after that lost track, and took 10 earth years to complete, which is still disputed. After a few more censuses, the Census Bureau ceased to exist. The current population is at an estimated 10^27000 to 10^150000.

The official national language of Bluelight is English Binary and Lightian English. Both of which containing words from today, except some words changed to abbreviations, like ‘mate’ into ‘m8.’ And sometimes, new words are formed using binary codes. But shortened. With that, new binary symbols are made so any letter would be less than 8 digits long.

The National Religion of Bluelight is Magicism. The religion believes in a God, capable of Magic. Almost everyone in the nation believes this as its works has been proven numerous times. Many would even say they have met no citizen that never believed in Magicism or does.

The races of Bluelight can be split into two parts. Human and Alien. There are many different races for humans and aliens, both of which different. (e.g. Asian, European, African etc.)

Largest Cities
NOTE All populations last recorded 1856, all corrected to the power of 10 millinilion (miln.).



Metro area population



est. 35 miln.^10 miln.


Land of Ethrax

est. 33.6 miln.^10 miln.



est. 31 miln.^10 miln.



est. 30.7 miln.^10 miln.



28.4 miln.^10 miln.



26 miln.^10 miln.


One upon-Centre

22.8 miln.^10 miln.



20 miln.^10 miln.



18.7 miln.^10 miln.



17 miln.^10 miln.

North-North-Western Land of Aechapemore, 1783

Bluelight is a benevolent dictatorship, with a little governing body of several members controlling branches of the nation, who would meet together with the Lightian High Arch-Emperor for a meeting.

Foreign Relations
Bluelight is surrounded by a numerous amount of nations in the Box, BiEndless and Arctic Space. Most of them are space-fairing nations. The border reaches the end of the Ultima Endless at it’s North and South, with nowhere else to expand due to the dense particle ‘-verse’ beyond the Ultima Endless.

Despite the vast amount of nations Bluelight has been neutral with, only a couple are considered ‘trusted’ and/or ‘lucky’ enough to be an ally, as seeking protection from such a powerful nation would increase advantages to other small nations.

With its fair share of neutral and positive, there are almost as many nations that share a negative view on Bluelight, likely to the vast and major difference in political view. In recent studies, studies has predicted that a ratio of 12/25 of the nations the Empire has met has a negative view. Bluelight joined the World Assembly in April 2017 and has been active in the General Assembly ever since, taking part in many votes. This was intended to help increase the image of the nation but sustaining its reliability in forces.

However, accusation followed in July 2017, leading to Bluelight leaving the World Assembly on July 12, 2017. A vote was held in Bluelight to join back the World Assembly, with 3/4 of the voters in support. Bluelight joined back the World Assembly on July 16, 2018 after one year.

Other than playing an active role in the World Assembly, Bluelight also plays an active role in the region of OmniOne. One way is by updating statistics as being the founder nation.

OmniOne was intended for newcomer nations to join a neutral and peaceful region to stay in, so that to seek protection and reliance within the regional community and its government.


Bluelight’s economy is a mix of mostly free market capitalism and a small amount of communism. Recent sources indicate that the nominal GDP of Bluelight is $10^223,091,000,000. According to NS Stats, the Government constitutes 11% of the economy, with the private sector accounting for 87% and 2% of the economy from Black Market.

Bluelight is the largest exporter of technology in the Endless, and one of the largest exporter for other goods. Bluelight does not rely on other nations for goods. However, when a rare time comes when supply is temporarily out for making new weapons and materials, Bluelight would seek help from random nations, sometimes in the regional community and trade. However, this has never occurred in the history of Bluelight.

Information & Technology is the largest industry in Bluelight, followed by Arms & Spaceship Manufacturing, Beverage Sales, Gambling and Pizza Delivery. These five make up the five major industries in Bluelight.

Other major industries in Bluelight include Retail, Book Publishing, Automobile Manufacturing, Timber Woodchipping, Insurance, Cheese Exports and Furniture Restoration.

Manufacturing and Agriculture are sectors that help and are the main support of the Bluelight economy.

To supplement the industries, Tourism also racks up a storm of money every Earth year due to many new businesses opening up to tourists visiting. Bluelight lures it’s tourists with its slogan: ”Long Love Bluelight’”

Trout Fishing, which although is Bluelight’s smallest industry, brings up over a googol amount of db$ every year.

Economic Indicators

Rank: 1st
Currency: dollarBlue
Fiscal Year: Earth Year February 1 to January 31

GDP (nominal): db$10^9,709,421,079,200,000
GDP (nominal) per capita (10^103m): $95,000,000
Labor Force: 10^103,000,000
Unemployment Rate: 0%


Bluelight’s culture, compared to other countries, is based on science & technology instead of religious traditions. For example, every year, multiple laservision (a type of laser that brings in details from televisions to the brain) channels highlight the type of new element discovered on a periodic table. Whether it’s Noble Gas or Alkali.

The Culture of Bluelight need not focus on science and technological advancements as well but also on ‘The New World’ stereotypes where citizens may generate as much Hot Dogs in their mouths using their brain.

Every National Day, many patriotic citizens come out to the street and dance, celebrating another earth year the nation is prosperous. At Earth evening itself, there are many drama showcases portraying different historical moments in Bluelight’s history.

And despite the fact Bluelight has made up many of their own culture, many of their citizens still believe in the celebration of Christmas and New Year.


The Infrastructure of Bluelight comprises of land transportation, space transportation and international transportation. Land transportation focuses on planetary aspects such as core, underground, land, ocean and air.

Land Transportation

Transportation on ground consists of self-teleportation, public teleporting buses, electric, solar, automated or non-automated cars, bicycles and walking. Self-teleportation is only used by citizens who afford it or those who simply avoid people.

Public teleporting buses are the main type of transportation on ground and are used by all sorts of people; rich or poor, to allocate people to their respective areas, and to those who can’t afford self-teleportation.

Only cars that use electricity, solar energy are allowed to avoid increasing pollution. Cars are used by citizens and tourists who want to view every detail of the city instead of hopping around like teleportation. Other alternatives to this are bicycles and walking.

Underground transportation is the mode of transport used in underground cities. It’s base are lifts, where underground cities have over a hundred floors to make use of every space, stretching down to the core.

Similar to ground transportation, it uses self-teleportation, public buses and cars to facilitate the needs of its people. However, in the top floors of underground cities would usually lie enough space for flying blimps to float around the cities, usually for sightseeing, or sometimes blimps can be seen entering the ground and beyond air.

Bluelight’s energy usage is growing rapidly due to its growing population. Energy from artificially built supergiant stars is harnessed to produce energy to satisfy the demand, whilst dark energy supplements the demand in the Netspace.

Fossil fuels are not used in Bluelight as the processes of gathering such energy requires manpower, and will sacrifice the natural environment of planets.

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