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The Bluecrown Gazette

The Nova Era

After winning a Second Term in an Unopposed Election, Plus Nova Imperii has become the longest-serving Prime Minister and World Assembly Delegate of the Royal Confederation. The Election was controversial, as Rome ran with no opposition, which has led to the creation of the Prosperity Party and Party of Socialism and Liberation. Recent News indicates that the Former Prime Minister will be running against Private Secretary Barlyy in the upcoming Election. Rome has publicly endorsed Sorianora's campaign.

Regional Updates

The New Roleplay World War Has Ended. First, after a Disastrous Campaign by the Italians, leading to a Coup against Mussolini led by King Victor Emmanuel. Then Anglo-American Forces quickly destroyed the Imperial Japanese Navy, and then Russian and British pressures to force Germany into surrender. A Peace Settlement has been given, with the Division of Germany, Relinquished of Japanese Territories, and Armistice with Italy.

A Few Weeks ago, Deputy Prime Minister has released the popular, History of Bluecrown Keep. Originating it with Bruxxa and then ending it with the most recent of Events. Nationstates Dispatches placed it in the Top Ten. Before that, however, The Deputy Minister released, Peargame, the Sequal to the Popular Infinity Bear. Nationstates Dispatches also placed it in the Top Ten for at least a week.

About a Few Weeks ago, The Fifth N-Day occurred, leading to a Terrible performance by the Kings Nuclear Gaurd, The Defense League for the Royal Confederation. Due to bombardments by Larger Alliances, Main Nations were Annihilated, with Members forcing to use Colonies, Puppet States, and Successor Nations, but to no avail. A National Poll stated most people did not like it.

Monthly Interview
In this Monthly Interview, Private Secretary Barlyy reveals his Political Positions and thoughts on Bluecrown Politics. The Private Secretary revealed that the current System is Flawed, and there isn't any competition and that the people's voice is heard. He created the Prosperity Party since he doesn't agree with the current Political Parties, and wants to improve the Political Systems and make the Process Safe. He also intends The Dream of Kirby as his running mate.


I will never be taken seriously anymore, right? - Dominioan

For the Workers of Bluecrown, The Family of the Lost, This Region stands with the good people of Bluecrown Keep, as we mourn the loss of thousands of our people with the Radiation of our Provinces. I can hear you, the rest of nationstates can hear you, and the people whom tourn our Provinces and Confederation will hear down all of us soon. - Plus Nova Imperii

Oh hey look! My Cast List Dispatch for Peargame is number 7 on the top recent dispatches on NationStates! Click on the “Dispatches” tab on the left side of your screen to check it out. - Baloo Kingdom

but it allows for more voices to be heard, so it also increases political freedom. that's the point of TPP: stopping corruption. - Barlyy

As you can see here, It’s gonna get pretty spooky.! - Then Dream of Kirby

The Bluecrown Gazette, est. 2020