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Bloodshade Difesameijala

The Bloodshade Difesameijala are the military forces of Bloodshade and consist of three service branches: the Tercérito (Land Army), Fànazio (Space Navy) and Weltraudahsila (Special Arcane Forces). While all are primarily tasked with protecting Yvresse, Bloodshade's home planet, and projecting its power across accessible space, its duties and significance differ from one service branch to another.

The Bloodshadian Army is primarily tasked with organising the defence of the confederation, defending it from terrestrial monstrous hordes, neighbouring hostile civilisations, malicious organisations and so on. They're responsible for acquiring and invading land-based assets while maintaining land dominance, whether it be for aggressive or defensive purposes.

To civil power, the military can be used for a wide variety of roles. They can be used to aid and supplement law enforcement and firefighters in case their capabilities are stretched thin. The defence forces may be called upon during times of natural or artificial disasters. Military forces are commonly assigned with supporting and aiding social projects that are of great importance to a community. Military reservists normally have and are encouraged to have full-time civilian jobs that may or may not benefit the Difesameijala in case they were called upon.

While the Bloodshadian Navy still maintains aquatic vessels that are used to ensure sea-based naval superiority on the homeworld, it has significantly shifted to space warfare and transportation. It is responsible for transporting the army, maintaining naval superiority across friendly space to ensure the integrity of trade routes, hyper-lanes and supply lines. Simply put, the navy ensures is the life-line of the army.

The Weltraudahsila are the trump card of the Bloodshade Defence Forces. When overwhelming firepower, mind-numbing maneuver warfare, absorption tactics and so on are not enough, the Weltraudahsila are called in to manipulate the battlefield by deriving their power from Daorun, melding psionics and technology together to give them an edge against overwhelming odds.

The total number of active military personnel in the defence forces are at 51,315,289 active-duty troops, with 47,983,325 in reserve. In total, there are 43,235 ships in service. In the event of total war, 57% of the total population, 144.2 billion individuals, are combat-suitable and as a result, they are eligible to be pooled into the nation's available manpower. The Difesameijala does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. Those with medical issues are shunned from service only if they refuse to engage in gene therapy or possess conditions that are beyond the means of Bloodshade's medical advancements.

There are a number of weapons, armoured vehicles, strike craft, spaceships, uniforms, lethal equipment, tactical equipment and armour that is currently being used in the Bloodshade Tercérito.

Small Arms



VT-55 Plasma Rifle

  • Role: Assault Rifle

  • Ammunition Type: Super-heated plasma

  • Rate of Fire: 600 RPM

  • Feed system: 100 battery units (200 shots)

  • Sights: Holographic sight

  • Length: 127.4 cm

  • Muzzle Velocity: 234 m/s

  • Effective Range: 142 meters

  • Mass: 6.34 kg

  • Recoil: Low

VT-51 Particle Beam Rifle

  • Role: Precision Rifle

  • Ammunition Type: Ionised accelerated hydrogen particles

  • Rate of Fire: 30 rounds per minute

  • Feed system: 200 battery units (20 shots)

  • Sights: x5 - x10 scope

  • Length: 143.2 cm

  • Muzzle Velocity: 3,000 m/s

  • Effective Range: 3,000 m

  • Mass: 13.4 kg

  • Recoil: None


  • Role: Bullpup Battle Rifle

  • Ammunition Type: FMJ-AP

  • Rate of Fire: 900 rounds per minute

  • Feed system: 36-round magazine

  • Sights: x2 scope

  • Length: 115.8 cm

  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,000 m/s

  • Effective Range: 800m

  • Mass: 3.2 kg

  • Recoil: Low

VT-44 Storm Gun

  • Role: Combat Shotgun

  • Ammunition Type: Scattershot beam pulses

  • Rate of Fire: Pump-action

  • Feed system: 12 cluster rounds

  • Sights: Iron sights

  • Length: 84.2 cm

  • Muzzle Velocity: 1000 m/s

  • Effective Range: 40 meters

  • Mass: 7.3 kg

  • Recoil: Medium

VT-15 Energy Pistol

  • Role: Energy pistol

  • Ammunition Type: Ionised Particles

  • Rate of Fire: 300 rounds per minute

  • Feed system: 40 battery units (40 shots)

  • Sights: Iron Sights

  • Length: 54.1 cm

  • Muzzle Velocity: 120 m/s

  • Effective Range: 50.7 m

  • Mass: 1.92 kg

  • Recoil: Low

VT-10 Magnum

  • Role: Personal Defence Handgun

  • Ammunition Type: 12.7×40mm AP-HE

  • Rate of Fire: 240 rounds per minute

  • Feed system: 8 round magazine

  • Sights: x2 smart scope

  • Length: 26.7 cm

  • Muzzle Velocity: 564 m/s

  • Effective Range: 74.7 m

  • Mass: 1.37 kg

  • Recoil: Medium




BDF Combat Sheath

  • Components

    • Core components:

      • Carbon nanotube-infused spider silk bodysuit

      • Nano-particle magnetorheological fluid layer

      • Titanium battle helmet w/ a Heads-up Smart display

      • Ablative Ceramic-Polyethylene composite body plates

      • Environmental temperature regulator

      • Magnetic weapon holder strips

    • Optional components:

      • Energy shielding suite

      • Valyrian battle vambrace

      • Refractive coating

      • Nano-weave artificial muscle system

      • Automatic internal nanobot medical system

  • Used by:

    • Bloodshade Tercérito

    • Bloodshade Marinarica

    • Bloodshade Weltraudahsila

  • Mass:

    • 2.7 kg (Without body armour plates)

    • 4.2 kg (With body armour plates)

BDF Nanosuit

  • Components

    • Core components:

      • Nanoweave electroactive polymer artificial muscles

      • Carbon-titanium exoskelaton

      • Multi-layered, energy-dispersive nanotube carapace

      • Ablative Ceramic-Polyethylene composite body plates

      • Thermoneutrality cloak

      • Energy shiled suite

      • Universally-rechargeable hydrogen cells

      • Magnetic weapon holder strips

    • Rapid nano-based integrated medic-repair system

    • Chemical regulation system

    • Bullet trajectory back-tracking visual display

    • 'Tag-&-Track' tactical heads up display

    • Magnetic weapon holder strips

    • Hydro-thrusters

    • Psionic mind shield

    • Integrated electromagnetic detection visor

    • Self-repairing ablative armor

  • Used by: Bloodshade Weltraudahsila

  • Mass: 13.7 kg




BDF Mongoose

  • Role: Siege Tank

  • Armaments:

    • 1 x Plasma volley cannon

    • 1 x .50 HMG

    • 1 x Laser Active Protection System

  • Armour:

    • Carbon nanotube metal matrix composite armour

    • Depleted uranium alloy plate

  • Rate of Fire: 20-30 rounds/min (Plasma volley cannon)

  • Mass: 178 tonnes

  • Dimensions: 12.7L - 15.6W - 15.6H (m)

  • Crew:

    • Enlisted: 4 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, A.I assistant)

  • Muzzle Velocity: 3,000 m/s (Plasma volley cannon)

  • Effective Range: 4,324 m (Plasma volley cannon)

  • Maximum Speed: 78 km/h

BDF Quagga

  • Role: Cavalry Tank

  • Armaments:

    • 1 x 150mm ETC cannon

    • 44 x ATGM missile pods

    • 2 x .50 HMG

    • 1 x Laser Active Protection System

    • 1 x Smoke grenade launcher

  • Armour:

    • Carbon nanotube metal matrix composite armour

    • Frontal metal foam armour

  • Rate of Fire: 40 rounds/min (ETC cannon)

  • Mass: 75 tonnes

  • Dimensions: 9.1L - 3.7W - 2.7H (m)

  • Crew:

    • Enlisted: 4 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, A.I assistant)

  • Muzzle Velocity:

    • 2,432 m/s (ETC cannon)

    • 640 m/s (ATGM missile)

  • Effective Range:

    • 3,231 m (ETC cannon)

    • 4,201 m (ATGM missile)

  • Maximum Speed: 127.4 km/h

BDF Medjay

  • Role: Infantry Fighting Vehicle

  • Armaments:

    • 1 x 40mm rotary cannon,

    • 1 x Mounted Plasma Marksmen Rifle.

    • 1 x Active Protection System

    • 1 x Anti-air HE blast-fragmentation missile rack

  • Armour: Composite Nano-Cermet armour

  • Rate of Fire: 6,000 rounds/min (Rotary cannon)

  • Mass: 45.3 tonnes

  • Dimensions: 9.3L - 4.8W - 4.8H (m)

  • Crew:

    • Enlisted: 4 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, A.I assistant)

  • Passenger Capacity: 6

  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,343 m/s (Rotary cannon)

  • Effective Range: 3,642 m (Rotary cannon)

  • Maximum Speed: 108 km/h

BDF Raccoon

  • Role: Armoured Personnel Carrier

  • Armaments:

    • 1 x Gimballed Double-Barrelled Plasma Autocannon

    • 1 x retractable firing port w/ an HMG

  • Armour: Composite Nano-Cermat armour

  • Rate of Fire: 600 rounds/min (Plasma autocannon)

  • Mass: 37 tonnes

  • Dimensions: 5.8L - 4.2W - 5.6H (m)

  • Crew:

    • Enlisted: 4 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, A.I assistant)

  • Passenger Capacity: 12

  • Muzzle Velocity: 2,800 m/s (Plasma autocannon)

  • Effective Range: 5,000 m (Plasma autocannon)

  • Maximum Speed: 108 km/h

BDF Talos

  • Role: Unmanned ground vehicle

  • Armaments:

    • 2 x 20mm rotary cannons

  • Armour: Composite titanium alloy armour

  • Rate of Fire: 6,000 rounds/min (Rotary cannon)

  • Mass: 1.2 tonnes

  • Dimensions: 0.7L - 1.3W - 1.3H (m)

  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,500 m/s (Rotary cannon)

  • Effective Range: 3,753 m (Rotary cannon)

  • Maximum Speed: 94 km/h

BDF Testudines

  • Role: Autonomous 'mobile fortress' ground vehicle

  • Armaments:

    • 1 x 30mm rotary cannon

  • Armour: Composite titanium alloy armour

  • Rate of Fire: 6,000 rounds/min (Rotary cannon)

  • Mass: 3.1 tonnes

  • Dimensions: 3.4L - 2.6W - 2.6H (m)

  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,200 m/s (Rotary cannon)

  • Effective Range: 3,393 m (Rotary cannon)

  • Maximum Speed: 70 km/h

BDF Ushabti

  • Role: Unmanned utility and logistics vehicle

  • Armaments:

    • 4 x Multi-shot incendiary missile racks

    • 4 x Rotary cannons (Alternative weapon)

  • Armour: Composite titanium alloy armour

  • Rate of Fire: 6,000 rounds/min (Rotary cannon)

  • Mass: 1.2 ton

  • Dimensions: 3L - 1.5W - 1.5H (m)

  • Muzzle Velocity:

    • 300 m/s (Missile rack)

    • 1,500 m/s (Rotary cannon)

  • Effective Range:

    • 1,753 m (Missile rack)

    • 3,123 m (Rotary cannon)

  • Maximum Speed: 40 km/h

BDF Azazel

  • Role: Unmanned ground vehicle

  • Armaments:

    • 2 x Rotary cannons

  • Armour: Aluminium shielding

  • Rate of Fire: 6,000 rounds/min (Rotary cannon)

  • Mass: 35 kg

  • Dimensions: 1.1L - 0.2W - 1.1H (m)

  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,500 m/s (Rotary cannon)

  • Effective Range: 3,753 m (Rotary cannon)

  • Maximum Speed: 368 km/h

BDF Zenith

  • Role: Reconnaissance vehicle

  • Armaments:

    • 1 x Plasma Railgun

  • Armour: Composite Nano-Cermat armour

  • Rate of Fire: 600 rounds/min (Plasma Railgun)

  • Mass: 37 tonnes

  • Dimensions: 5.8L - 4.2W - 4.0H

  • Crew:

    • Enlisted: 4 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, A.I assistant)

  • Muzzle Velocity: 2,800 m/s (Plasma Railgun)

  • Effective Range: 6,000 m (Plasma Railgun)

  • Maximum Speed: 108 km/h

BDF Salamander

  • Role: Self-propelled artillery gun

  • Armaments:

    • 1 x 350mm plasma accelerator

  • Armour: Composite Nano-Cermat armour

  • Rate of Fire: 15 rounds/min (Plasma accelerator)

  • Mass: 78.2 tonnes

  • Dimensions: 14.7L - 4.3W - 11.3H (m)

  • Crew:

    • Enlisted: 4 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, A.I assistant)

  • Muzzle Velocity: 14,000 m/s (Plasma accelerator)

  • Effective Range: 20,000 km (Plasma accelerator)

  • Maximum Speed: 30 km/h

BDF Harpy

  • Role: Self-propelled mobile air defence vehicle

  • Armaments:

    • 1 x Triple-barreled hyper-sonic autocannon

  • Armour: Aluminium-Graphene alloy

  • Rate of Fire: 120 rounds/min (Autocannon)

  • Mass: 3.9 tonnes

  • Dimensions: 4.3L - 2.2W - 2.2H (m)

  • Crew:

    • Enlisted: 3 (Driver, Gunner, A.I assistant)

  • Passenger Capacity: 4

  • Muzzle Velocity: 7,000 m/s (Autocannon)

  • Effective Range: 700 km (Autocannon)

  • Maximum Speed: 170 km/h

BDF Terradon

  • Role: Self-propelled mobile utility defence vehicle

  • Armaments:

    • 1 x Single-barrelled autocannon

  • Armour: Aluminium-Graphene alloy

  • Rate of Fire: 400 rounds/min (Autocannon)

  • Mass: 7.2 tonnes

  • Dimensions: 5.7L - 2.4W - 2.4H

  • Crew:

    • Enlisted: 3 (Driver, Gunner, A.I assistant)

  • Passenger Capacity: 10

  • Length: 5.7 m

  • Width: 2.4 m

  • Muzzle Velocity: 2,000 m/s (Autocannon)

  • Effective Range: 1.4 km (Autocannon)

  • Maximum Speed: 180 km/h




BDF Firestorm

  • Role: Stealth air superiority fighter craft

  • Dimensions: 20.3L - 19.3W - 7.13H (m)

  • Armaments:

    • 2 x Plasma cannon

    • 2 x Torpedo/Missile Pylon

  • Crew:

    • Officers: 1 (Pilot)

BDF Beluga

  • Role: Assault transport gunship

  • Dimensions: 17.3L - 15.2W - 8.2H (m)

  • Armaments:

    • 2 x Plasma Rotary cannons

    • 4 x Precision-Guided Air-to-surface missiles

  • Crew:

    • Officers: 2 (Pilot, Co-Pilot)

    • Enlisted: 2 (Aerial gunners)

  • Passengers: 40

BDF Aegis

  • Role: Close air support gunship

  • Dimensions: 36.9L - 11.3W - 9.3H (m)

  • Armaments:

    • 2 x Gauss cannons

    • 2 x HE anti-armor missile guns

  • Crew:

    • Officers: 1 (Pilot)

    • Enlisted: 2 (Aerial Gunners)

BDF Djinn

  • Role: Strategic stealth bomber

  • Dimensions: 20.5L - 36.6W - 4.4H (m)

  • Armaments:

    • 2 x Plasma Rotary cannons

    • x1 BV-5A Anti-missile Sentry Gun

    • 6 x radar-homing hardened penetration cruise missile

  • Crew:

    • Officers: 1 (Pilot)

    • Enlisted: 2 (Aerial Gunners)




Laserai-class Strike Craft

  • Role:

    • Swarm tactics

    • General fleet-escort

    • Strike-craft interception

  • Dimensions: 29.9L - 24.7W - 8.7H (m)

  • Armaments:

    • 2 x VM7 Naval Coilgun

    • 2 x Heat-seeking plasma torpedo pylon

  • Crew:

    • Officers: 3 (Commander, Pilot, A.I construct)

Basilisk-class Corvette

  • Role:

    • Interdiction

    • Escorting

    • Strike-craft interception

  • Dimensions: 135.1L - 118.4W - 39.3H (m)

  • Armaments:

    • 2 x 400mm VM12 Multi-cannon

    • 3 x VM96 Plasma Accelerator

  • Complements:

    • 1 x Laserai-class Strike Craft

  • Crew:

    • Officers: 6 (Commander, Pilots, Engineer, A.I constructs)

Lahmian-class Frigate

  • Role:

    • Wolf-pack hunting

    • General fleet escort

    • Fire support

  • Dimensions: 413.3L x 193.6W x 141.9H (m)

  • Armaments:

    • 2 x Heavy Plasma Accelerators

    • 2 x VM5 Naval Coilgun

    • 4 x VM6 Solid-state Laser Gun

    • 10 x HE Point Defence Turrets

    • 50 x Ship-to-Ship Missile Pods

  • Complements:

    • 4 x Laserai-class Strike Craft

  • Crew:

    • Officers: 10 (Commanders, Pilots, Engineers, Quartermasters, A.I constructs)

    • Enlisted: 30 (General-purpose sailors, A.I assistants)

Merywrm-class Cruiser

  • Role:

    • Pirate suppression

    • Dreadnought support

    • Flanking manoeuvres

  • Dimensions: 867.8L x 487.2W x 528.3H (m)

  • Armaments:

    • 200 x Ship-to-Ship Missile Pods

    • 5 x VM16 Heavy Naval Coilgun

    • 5 x VM83 Flechette Launcher

    • 10 x VM23 Solid-state Laser Gun

    • 20 x HE Point Defence Turrets

    • 30 x Plasma Torpedo Pylon

  • Complements:

    • 1,000 x Laserai-class Strike Craft

    • 20 x BDF Beluga

  • Crew:

    • Officers: 20 (Commanders, Pilots, Engineers, Quartermasters, A.I constructs)

    • Enlisted: 160 (General-purpose sailors, A.I assistants)

Numen-class Shield Boat

  • Role:

    • Screening

    • Damage absorption

  • Dimensions: 81.6L x 56.1W x 25.4H (m)

  • Armaments:

    • 1 x Bubble Shield Projector

  • Crew:

    • Officers: 3 (Pilot, Engineers, A.I construct)

    • Enlisted: 6 (General-purpose sailors, A.I assistants)

Victoria-class Carrier

  • Role:

    • Troop deployment

    • Strike craft deployment

    • Local system domination

  • Dimensions: 3,267L x 574.2W x 642.1H (m)

  • Armaments:

    • 340 x HE Point Defence Turrets

    • 230 x Close-in weapon system

    • 20 x VM83 Flechette Launcher

  • Complements:

    • 12,000 x Laserai-class Strike Craft

    • 500 x BDF Beluga

    • 1 Weltraudahsila Expeditionary Unit

  • Crew:

    • Officers: 30 (Commanders, Pilots, Engineers, Quartermasters, A.I constructs)

    • Enlisted: 200 (General-purpose sailors, A.I assistants)

Alarielle-class Flagship

  • Role:

    • Command and control

    • Air-staging facility

    • Strike craft deployment

    • Medical facility

    • Repair facility

    • Projectile range instrumentation

  • Dimensions: 4,267L x 874.2W x 542.1H (m)

  • Armaments:

    • 330 x HE Point Defence Turrets

    • 380 x Close-in weapon system

    • 30 x VM83 Flechette Launcher

    • 50 x VM3 Tractor Beams

    • 70 x VM43 Heavy Naval Coilgun

    • 1 x Bubble Shield Projector

  • Crew:

    • Officers: 1,000 (Commanders, Pilots, Engineers, Quartermasters, A.I constructs)

    • Enlisted: 5,000 (General-purpose sailors, Technicians, A.I assistants)




Bardiche Torpedo

  • Unit cost: ₴81,360

  • Mass: 2,380 kg

  • Warhead:

    • High-explosive vacuum-enhanced

    • Nuclear shaped charge

  • Warhead weight: 752 kg

  • Detonation mechanism: Proximity fuse

  • Engine: Ion drive/Solid propellant

  • Operational range: 10 - 40 AU

  • Maximum speed: 300 km/s

  • Guidance system: Gravitic detection, infrared, acoustic homing

  • Launch platform: Laserai-class Strike Craft, BDF Firestorm, Merwyrm-class Cruiser, Lahmian-class Frigate, Sea-based vessels

Manticore Air-to-Air missile

  • Unit cost: ₴56,130

  • Mass: 285 kg

  • Warhead:

    • High-explosive blast fragmentation

    • Continuous-rod

  • Warhead weight: 70 kg

  • Engine: Solid-propellant

  • Detonation mechanism: Contact, proximity fuse

  • Operational range: 650 km

  • Maximum speed: 2744 m/s

  • Guidance system: Infrared, semi-active radar homing

  • Launch platform: BDF Firestorm, Lahmian-class Frigate, Laserai-class Strike Craft, Merywrm-class Cruiser

Tartarus Air-to-surface missile

  • Unit cost: ₴41,360

  • Mass: 83 kg

  • Warhead:

    • High-explosive anti-tank

    • Shaped charge

    • Dual-charge

    • Cluster Bomb Unit

  • Warhead weight: 30 kg

  • Detonation mechanism: Contact

  • Engine: Solid-fuel

  • Operational range: 34 kilometers

  • Maximum speed: 1372 m/s

  • Guidance system: Radiation homing, laser-homing, infrared homing

  • Launch platform: BDF Beluga, BDF Firestorm, Laserai-class Strike Craft

War Doctrine

"Boiling it all down, strategy is about choosing what not to do."
- G.E.B Director, Victoria Hoffmeister


Military strategy is an ever-changing phenomena that will never stay static. There are four closely related battlefield functions that are universal in its application. Those being firepower, mobility, protection and shock. Each function takes the limelight for a temporary period of time through history.

  • 2D-orientated tactics:

    • Individual movement techniques: Bloodshadean fireteams, squads and platoons are all taught such a tactic through basic combat drills. Its purpose is to teach and ingrain a set of rules and reactions when sighting an enemy or coming under fire.

    • Overwatch: A simple technique where one small unit or vehicle, taking a defensive position where it can observe the desired terrain ahead, lays effective covering fire for advancing friendly units.

    • Ambush: Soldiers take advantage of concealment and the element of surprise to attack unsuspecting enemy combatants from naturally concealed positions, such as among dense underbrush or behind hilltops, or using active camouflage systems.

    • Swarming: Requiring a degree of intelligence and self-sufficiency from soldiers, swarming involves the use of a decentralized force against an opponent, in a manner that emphasises mobility, communication, unit autonomy and coordination or synchronisation.

    • Hit-and-run: Engaging in short surprise attacks, soldiers are constantly manoeuvring to avoid full engagement with the enemy while weakening the enemy through quick 'stabs'.

    • Centre Peel: When engaging a larger enemy force, soldiers form a column facing the enemy and retreat the enemy, all the while maintaining suppressive fire.

    • Shoot-and-scoot: A tactic used by mobile artillery platforms. This involves shooting and immediately moving away from one's former position in order to avoid counter battery fire.

    • Turret or Hull-down: The former involves concealing the turret of an AFV which allows the crew to observe forward from the roof. The latter involves concealing the hull of an AFV in order to protect it from enemy fire while allowing the AFV to both observe and fire at enemy positions or advancements ahead.

  • 3D-orientated tactics:

    • Preventive interdiction: Primarily using aircraft or spacecraft, this involves the use of preventive tactical bombing and strafing against stationary or unaware enemy targets that are not an immediate threat, in order to delay, disrupt, or hinder later enemy engagement of friendly forces. The point is to cripple the enemy's ability to reinforce an area of operation with assets in reserve.

    • Orbital drop: Infantry are inserted onto a battlefield by way of Exoatmospheric Insertion Vehicles (EIVs). Such vessels are generally shot from spacecraft or stations orbiting a planet. Such insertions are fast-paced in nature, taking a few minutes at most for infantry to be deployed on the battelfield, adding an element of shock and surprise that usually catches hostile elements off-guard or at least with a limited window to react. Orbital drops usually involve raiding where they're tasked with capturing or destroying high-value targets or information.

    • Offensive Counter-Air/Space: An enemy's military air or space power is suppressed by attacking relevant infrastructure such as runways, stations, carriers, stations, hangers, parked air or spacecraft. If and when possible, it is a cost efficient method used to cripple an enemy's ability to utilise its aerial or space assets.

  • Military strategies:

    • Local superiority: Before voluntarily engaging in any planet-based operation, spacecraft must be capable of projecting their power and reliably maintaining formation integrity, ensuring all planetary theatres have a clear and steady stream of supply and support.

    • Clear and hold: A counter-insurgency strategy in which military personnel clear an area of guerrillas or other insurgents, and then keep the area clear of insurgents while winning the support of the populace for the government and its policies, particularly employed during the Res'vian Silver Wars.

    • Counter-offensive: A strategic offensive taking place after the enemy's front line troops and reserves have been exhausted, and before the enemy has had the opportunity to assume new defensive positions. Tactic is usually implemented through surging at the enemy after their attack, primarily employed during the Central Perseus Conflict.

    • Defeat in Detail: Bringing a large portion of one's own force to bear on small enemy units in sequence, rather than engaging the bulk of the enemy force all at once. The advent of FTL technology has allowed this to grow further in effect.

    • No Appeasement: The first and foremost thought instilled in an operation is the belief that appeasement is not to be given nor expected. Such a mindset instilled through the hierarchy ensures that all are geared and focused towards the war effort.

Military Organization




No. of personnel

No. of subordinate units

Rank of leader




3-4 theatres

General of the Army




5-7 army groups

Field Marshal


Army group


5-7 armies

Field Marshal




4 corps





2 divisions

Lieutenant General




3 brigades

Major General




2 regiments





4 battalions





5 companies





5 platoons

First Lieutenant




5 squads

Second Lieutenant




3 fireteams




2 fireteams






Lance Corporal

This is a list of military projects composed by Bloodshade's most prestigious engineers and scientists in an effort to improve Bloodshade's aggressive and defensive military capability. This report will be constantly updated until our scientists can't think of anything else.

Project Ark


We've decided on constructing a defensive weapons system that'll render other methods of transportation to be obsolete within the borders of Bloodshade. An extensive study of hydraulics and nuclear fusion was required prior to its construction.

Project Report:

Our final result was the creation of an experimental unit cannon called the Noah. The Noah can launch units such as tanks and mechs throughout the land, using an extensive system of hydraulics and a nuclear power source. As a unit enters the Noah, it's stored in a metal casing and up to 5,000 units can be stored in a magazine. Units will land safely due to pulse engines we fitted onto the casings that'll turn the drop into a slow descent. So far, it's a stationary weapon and it's range only covers Bloodshade but we're planning on improvements.

Project Godfinger


We've recovered a number of interesting materials from the wreckage of the battleship-class UFO. If we can gain a better understanding of the alien fusion core, I believe further research on this path may lead us to the development of an immensely powerful air-to-air weapon.

Project report:

This weapon is among the most powerful we've recovered from the alien craft we recovered and we already have evidence of its devastating effect against our own aircraft. Unfortunately, it was clearly designed for a much larger craft with a greater payload capacity than anything we have currently available. In order to adapt the mechanism for use on our own ships, we've had to redesign the integrated power and cooling systems to a much smaller form factor.

With this, it's doubtful that any terrestrial nations can challenge our skies so long as our secrets are kept safe.

Project Golem


We've decided our soldier's armour needed enhancements. It has been a puzzling task, to say the least, but with our new understanding of the newly discovered element, Elerium, we could turn our soldiers into unstoppable forces.

Project Report:

Among the heaviest of our body armor prototypes, the "Titan" armor makes use of a new element known as Elerium to provide a continually powered assist to the operator of this suit as they move through the battlefield. With the element in short supply and found only in Skadi system, we've tried to find the most efficient means to utilize it in our development programs as well as hopefully recreate the element.

In this case, the Elerium power cell is used to fuel an integrated cooling system designed to minimize fatigue by regulating the operator's body temperature. This system gives the Titan Armor the added benefit of increased resistance to the environmental hazards, particularly fire and poison damage.

Project Nightshade


Based on our continued study of the Hyperwave "phasing" phenomena we've witnessed in the labs, we believe it should be possible to develop an armor kit mirroring these unusual properties. If successful, anyone wearing this suit would be extremely difficult to detect by conventional means.

Project Report:

An advanced prototype based on our earlier Skeleton armor design, this variation makes use of our latest developments in the field of optical camouflage. By studying the unusual phasing behavior exhibited by the Hyperwave beacon we located from existing suits we've located in the depth of Valerian ruins, we've come to understand how this device is capable of existing outside of our visible plane. With this "phasing" behavior in mind, we've implemented several experimental metamaterials into the weave and structure of this suit's outermost layers. As a result, the "Ghost" armor provides near-invisibility to the wearer, allowing for enhanced evasion and infiltration capabilities in the field.

Martial applications of Daorun

What separates Bloodshade from a conventional space-faring civilization's military is its use of a metaphysical realm that most will commonly refer to as 'Daorun', a realm of non-existence where nothing is true and everything is permitted. It is a twisted, frightening realm which the mind cannot comprehend. Daorun is neither malicious nor pure. It simply is. Arcane philosophers consider it to be a sentient manifestation of the antithesis of creation or whatever concept one would consider to be experience-able to the average mind. Now, moving onto the key tangible aspects of Daorun:

  • Drawing: In order to draw upon the powers of Daorun with one's mind and manipulate reality to variable degrees, depending on how commonly one dips their mind into such a realm or how naturally prepared their minds are, you must sacrifice a portion of your sanity in order to mentally acquire a piece of Daorun and use it to manipulate reality, whether it be something as simple as willing a flower into reality or something as mind-boggling as manipulating the value of universal constants in a limited space. However, the more one must think, the more taxing it is on their minds. This manner of energy is not restricted to biological beings as one can will or teach inorganics into drawing Daorun. An inorganic creation can only draw as much power as the one that taught them and is therefore limited by the upper limit of its teacher. Materials in our universe can be 'infected' by stray elements of Daorun and creating dimensional minerals collectively known as Abnikhat that can be manipulated into becoming fuel for mostly experimental and dangerous projects. Tapping into Daorun particles is a natural process that all sentient beings may posses. Some may unconsciously draw into it as they sleep and dream. To put it simply, Daorun is only limited by one's thought process as their mind's abstract thought process dictates what they may manipulate or formulate in real life.

  • Application: As for how this otherworldly energy is used, it is dependent on one's own imagination and information on how their environment and surroundings work. Soldiers, depending on their rank and role in the BDF, can apply Daorun in a variety of ways to improve their capabilities in combat, combat support and combat service support efforts. The higher ones rank is in the military hierarchy, the less inhibited they are and more capable they become in manipulating Daorun. One common example of manipulating Daorun to one's advantage is scaling down the mass of one's personal gear during battle in order to increase maneuverability and eliminate the chance of losing their equipment or having it be damaged by enemy fire. One with the required mental fortitude can possibly manipulate their own presence in the physical world, effectively re-assembling their bodily particles in the realm of Daorun temporarily while their psyche is still aware of their real-world surroundings so they can possibly re-position themselves or avoid damage until they decide to re-assemble themselves in the physical world.

Defense strategy against invaders

In the event of a planetary siege on Yvresse or any equivalent colonized planets, there are multiple methods and a layer of defenses that an invader must get through in order to inflict damage upon the system:

- Alarielle: Not only is she considered as one with the planets within Bloodshade's grasp, she can micromanage and manipulate the environment to her will but often simply resorts to balancing the environment and protecting it from phenomena such as particle radiation, nerve agents, foreign diseases and weaponized biological agents. This is mainly achieved with her inherent ability to connect to the fauna and flora of whatever planet she inhabits or is connected to with spores or seeds originating from Yvresse or if she is capable of creating a connection with another planet's environment in person. She is capable of affecting the tiniest micro-organism to the largest organism in the galaxy, although the energy she must expend increases depending on the number and size of organisms she wishes to bring under her management. Alarielle can, for example, counter lethal dosages of radiation in the atmosphere by radically increasing the growth of organisms capable of radiosynthesis or simply absorb radiotrophic being's traits and synthesize the radiation into energy. Most importantly, Alarielle can generate and control various natural phenomena that can potentially envelop an entire planet's atmosphere if need be. It is possible for her to create sentient life but avoids doing so as she finds such artificial methods to be tasteless and unnatural, unless a species is brought to extinction for some reason. One more thing to mention, when Alarielle has to get down and dirty, she can transform into what she considers to be her optimal 'Avatar of Nature' form (Just imagine Godzilla Earth).

- Skadi Aegis Belt:

  • Run by the power of fusion, this collection of 1,500 defense stations is placed in high orbit of the planet Yvresse and act as its shield, both literally and figuratevely. This ambitious project was initially constructed as a barrier to Res'vian incursions into the heart of Bloodshade due to the fact that Res'vian raiders and slavers would make it a relatively common occurance to ravage the planet's fringes, often causing much unrest and frustration as a result of the BDF's slow reaction time to such penetrations into their own lands. As a result, a robust defense system, often criticzed for its expensive material costs, was formed, preventing Res'vian raiders from being capable of approaching the Skadi system by increasing communications coverage while freeing up BDF ships and transferring them into more efficient roles. There are multiple methods for the Skadi Aegis Belt to protect Yvresse and keep enemies at bay. There is a collective shielding system which has two modes , the first being the disintegration of any kinetic projectiles or tangible masses while the second mode instantly reverses the acceleration of any mass that may be fired at its surface, redirecting its path to whichever source fired upon it. Another trick up the Belt's sleeve is its manned Daorun suite capable of, you guessed it, absorbing Daorun particles in order to affect universal constants at a localized level and subsequently control the surrounding space. Each station is armed with a heavy coilgun, automated point defense turrets, HE-BF missile pods and ion cannons. All working in tandem to bring down whatever threats that come their way. Each station is fitted with a hanger bay module, allowing 2,500 to 12,500 Laserai-class strike craft to be stored, depending on the type of station as there are currently five types of stations orbitting Yvresse: Command, control, civilian, defense and trade. However, the only types that are truly important to defensive doctrine are command, control and defense stations, even though civilian and trade station possess defense platforms of their own.

    • Command: Command stations are fitted with a command center module fitted with navigation and battlefield control suites that allow it to map and moniter the entire Skadi system, monitering any and all mass entering the system. These command stations coordinate with nearby strike craft, giving them a complete layout of the system, the masses flowing through it and the contents of these masses.

    • Control: These types of stations are mainly used to control whatever is in the system, acting as the interstellar border stations of the Skadi system. A control station is fitted with warp interdictors that allow it to decelerate the speed of travelling ships as detected by the station's tachyon beams which detect the movement of ships travelling at FTL from a distance of thirty light years. Each control station has engineering kennels that contain 200 C-D2 Engineering Rover drones that target a ship's hull in order to restore and repair it. While not as armed as defense stations, these control stations are nonetheless equipped with heavy plasma gatling cannons around its surface in order to engage any and all hostile vessels no matter its angle of approach, unless that angle is already covered by another station, in order to optimally avoid the possibility of friendly fire. Another feature of the control stations are their ability to jam communications between hostile ships at an effective range of 300 billion kilometers, effectively.