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Ambrosia von Carstein

Ambrosia's gallery

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President of Bloodshade

In office:

2033 - Present

Preceded by:

Adair Caron

Personal Details


10 of Nachgeheim, 2003 (34 years old)
Sylvania, Bloodshade


184.32 cm


Ambie, Ambie-wambie, Bie Bie


75.8 kg










Blood-Fire Party


Amaki Astela nar Suurewie


Alaria von Carstein

Alma Matar:

National University of Bloodshade
- Bachelor's of Mechanical Engineering
- Bachelor's of Business Administration
- Master of Business Administration




Ambrosia is the current democratically elected 'Countess' of Bloodshade. She's known to be one of Bloodshade's most outspoken, progressive and charismatic ladies. Also, her beauty hasn't gone unnoticed. It is believed that her allure is due to her young age, seductive nature, friendly demeanour and aversion to using force and violence to solve a problem. Ambrosia is known to be a pacifist. Every race in Bloodshade has a history of martial ambition and prowess. Ambrosia is trying to prove that the sword isn't always the best way to deal with an issue.

Long has Ambrosia been a target for marriage by the high society of Bloodshade, obviously due to her stunning beauty and influential position. Still, most unusually, many elites claim that they wish to ensnare Ambrosia because her aversion to the theatrics of high society makes it challenging to acquire her. To them, the more challenging it is to purchase a prize, the more desirable it becomes. To Ambrosia, however, marriage is nothing but a crutch and a curse as she believes that commitment will break her down into a demure, submissive homemaker. Instead, Ambrosia prefers to have passionate but short relationships. Sometimes though, Ambrosia has long term relationships with people she cherishes.

As seen in her official state portrait, she wears her signature black dress during formal occasions and daily life. Despite the overwhelming amount of derogatory remarks coming from quite a spectacular number of people both inside and outside of Bloodshade including several foreign leaders, her comfort is more important to her than the opinions of prudes and conservatives.

Initially, Ambrosia was known as a juvenile and naive woman trying to have fun while making sure others can live a comfortable and happy life until they expire. She's a pleasant woman and a vicious rival, depending on what she makes of you. The Lahmian will never hurt you physically unless you endanger her family and friends. However, over time, shame has slowly found its way into Ambrosia's mind. For all her life, she was afraid of touching the battlefield or inflicting pain on others unless pushed in the most extreme of situations, her indecisiveness often resulting in loss for herself and others. While Ambrosia now retains the fighting spirit that the rest of her family and species posses, our dear Lahmian still possess a gentle, merciful heart. Now, she cannot and will not tolerate anyone threatening her loved ones or people. There will be no hesitation or doubt. It's clear to her: Threaten anything that she holds dear, and you shall face her full might. What happened to Ambrosia you might ask? Simply put, she realized that she couldn't escape the responsibilities of her position.

Nowadays, Ambrosia has a multitude of tasks to face. Most importantly, Ambrosia's been doing her best to ensure that the democratic regime of Bloodshade stays clear of special interest groups for the most part, ensuring a relatively high state capacity mainly to provide infrastructure, public goods to the population and combat corruption at every step of the way, ensuring that conglomerates and corporations have to pay an ever-increasing higher price if they keep thinking about bring susceptible politicians under their wing, mostly through the increased independence and professionalization of civil services. However, Ambrosia's also been receiving and responding to demands and pressure from a wide variety of social groups. An important aspect of what's to come from Ambrosia's rule is her style of accountability. Leading by example, Ambrosia's ensured a set standard that all politicians must achieve and if by any chance, one member of the governmental organization fails to meet such standards, they're vulnerable to scrutiny by both their colleagues and the people, possibly resulting in their dismissal. This is part of Ambrosia's efforts in the soft war against concentrated private interest groups.

One important facet of Ambrosia's rule is her approach to war and the redefining of Bloodshade's role in its galaxy and beyond. The end of the Res'vian Silver Wars were all thanks to Ambrosia's efforts in communicating with the various Res'vian guilds and tribes. Ambrosia and her cabinet used a mix of coercion and persuasion to bring an end to their illegal drug trades as well as the spread of their elective totalitarian model of rule through containment. It was a complete risk considering the fact that this would've resulted in a total escalation of war but when it came to total war, the Res'vians were not ready to commit and along with some uninvited neighbors also pressuring the Res'vians to cease their organized drug trade and either work within the laws of other nations or suffer a replacement of leadership. However, Ambrosia personally tried to look for new ways for the Res'vians to earn an honest living, introducing other herbs and crops to their market that could eventually supplement their need to grow and sell hard drugs.

Nowadays, Ambrosia's time is spent focusing on her day to day activities. Coordinating with the Elyra Galactic Polity, Bloodshade's primary ally in the Andromeda galaxy, Ambrosia's hoping to pursue a policy of harmonious cohabitation and cooperation, decreasing the costs of colonizing new planets or creating new orbital habitats through the pooling of both state's resources. This is in the hopes that both people's end up forming a cultural and familial link that could spawn the conditions for an alliance down the line. Despite historical altercations, states such as the Belenil Commonwealth of Nations has also expressed in this relationship building program that could insure future generations from the possibility of war through the intermixing of cultures and species. Despite ideological differences, Bloodshade has, during Ambrosia's term, engaged in free trade and dialogue with the Celestial Lapine Empire, in the hopes that the state can attract more Lapine tourists to its borders. Although it is still in its infancy, Ambrosia hopes to make her mark in history by creating a political galactic entity that would permit communication between all states with this galaxy, regardless of ideology or attitude and therefore, interstellar civilizations would hopefully evolve beyond the concept of petty alliances and rivalries and focus more on the most pressing problems of the universe, especially the rumors surrounding a malicious force growing in the shadows.

When it comes to Ambrosia's personal life nowadays, she's managed to find peace in her life. She enjoys spending her time caring for her daughter, helping her with her studies or partaking in hobbies that both of them can enjoy together such as board games. She also makes sure to take her demigryphs on walks in the nearby national parks in order to keep them fit and happy. On occasion, she's made some time for her sisters so that the three can make up for lost time during their childhood, even though Ambrosia has found it difficult to connect to her two older, distant sisters. Whenever she finds the time, Ambrosia does not hesitate in visiting her love, Amaki, on her homeworld in the galaxy next door so they could spend some quality time together and enjoy each other's warmth and company.

Family and Early Life

Childhood and Origins

Ambrosia was born into the affluent von Carstein family in the city of Sylvania on the 10 of Nachgeheim, 2003. the daughter of Marius von Carstein, a highly recognized mercenary, and Vayne von Carstein, one of Bloodshade's most notable fashion designers and political activist, Ambrosia was the youngest of Marius and Vayne's three children, Serath and Helena.

Due to the nature of their work, Ambrosia hardly, if ever, had any contact with her parents. The moment she was born, Ambrosia's upbringing was the responsibility of her governess, Emmanuelle von Liebwitz. This governess was tasked by Marius and Vayne to influence Ambrosia and help her grow up into becoming a spotless image of themselves. However, von Liebwitz was no miracle worker and she was no liar. Ambrosia's curiosity and reclusive nature made it terribly difficult for Emmanuelle to teach her to be a normal child and more importantly, a child that her parents could be proud. Ambrosia had a quick mind for a child and quickly came to the conclusion that her parents hardly valued her after interrogating her governess on multiple occasions. Even then, she didn't need to ask her governess when she could see for herself that their mansion was empty most of the time. Emmanuelle was terrified of the way Ambrosia was developing as a child and couldn't possibly alter her character with the restrictive guidelines outlined by her employers. Ambrosia found it difficult to enjoy anything when she realized that there was nobody to look up to or witness her achievements. Emmanuelle couldn't deceive Ambrosia with her superficial kindness and it was clear to the young Lahmian that Emmanuelle was just doing her job. She tried her best to give Emmanuelle the illusion of success but it was obvious to both of them that Ambrosia was treading a dangerous path, for herself and for her governess. Marius and Vayne weren't exactly forgiving folk and Emmanuelle knew the consequences of 'ruining' Ambrosia's upbringing, even though she knew that Ambrosia's depressive state stemmed from the absence of her parents. Eventually, Emmanuelle had to abandon Ambrosia at the age of 7. In truth, it was simply too difficult for her to shower Ambrosia with apparent kindness and enthusiasm when Ambrosia was already wise enough to realize she was not worth loving. It moved Emmanuelle to see Ambrosia be so aware of the lack of sincere love she was receiving. Emmanuelle had tried to get Ambrosia's sisters to comfort her but unfortunately, the generational gap between the two was simply too large for them to relate to one another, let alone support each other. Serath and Helena were engaging in higher education already. They didn't have the time nor desire to care for Ambrosia.

Eventually, Emmanuelle handed over her resignation papers to her employers and simply concluded that Ambrosia was too aware for her own good and she couldn't, in good faith, continue caring for Ambrosia when it was clear that she desired intimacy and care from her family. Emmanuelle also mentioned she would've loved to be Ambrosia's true mother but unfortunately, her contract specified that she maintain professional distance from Ambrosia, in terms of emotional connection. A condition that Emmanuelle found to be preposterous and indicative of the possessive nature of Marius and Vayne von Carstein. She concluded that what they wanted was beyond her control and her moral compass denied her from continuing this charade any further, especially since Ambrosia didn't care for her existence.

The two were furious at Emmanuelle's resignation but did not deem it necessary to pursue her for what they deemed to be a betrayal. They were more focused on salvaging Ambrosia's mental growth, doing what they can to force her to become the ideal child. While Ambrosia was initially ecstatic to be under the care of her real parents, it didn't take long for her to realize that they weren't happy to see her. Even to a child, it was obvious to Ambrosia that she was nothing but a burden. Marius was insistent that Vayne take the lion's share of time in regards to bringing up Ambrosia as bringing a child into warzone across the galaxy wasn't exactly advisable. While his logic was undeniable, Vayne was terribly bitter about being forced to worry for Ambrosia as her daughter became a stain on her public image as a socialite. Ambrosia usually tried her best to steer clear of her mother, knowing that her mother was terribly busy. Even though her mother was pleasantly surprised by Ambrosia understanding her situation, she was still obliged to check up on her daughter's progress and education. Ambrosia's parents always expected her to be ahead of the curve, ensuring that she was years ahead of children her age when it came to her education. To say the least, Vayne was not pleased whenever she felt like Ambrosia was slacking or allowing her emotions to take control of her, wasting time that she could've used to study or learn a useful skill. Vayne was terribly ruthless with her upbringing of Ambrosia, threatening and applying physical or verbal punishment, conditioning Ambrosia into doing what's best for herself, at least from Vayne's perspective. Ambrosia might've been sharp-witted for her age but she couldn't understand why someone she supposedly loves would hurt her. She initially tried to justify to herself that her mother did what was best for her but as these negative memories piled up, Ambrosia realized that isolating herself from her mother made her relatively happier. It wasn't like Vayne had much to say to Ambrosia. She only ever constantly reminded Ambrosia of her duty and need to excel above all others. Ambrosia just nodded and tried her best, not because she was truly had a goal in her mind but because she despised seeing her mother be angry, something that ended up being a common occurrence in her life. Ambrosia swallowed her emotions and kept her eyes glued to her studies.

Although Vayne was Ambrosia's greatest influencer of her childhood, Ambrosia grew to despise her father the most. At the very least, there were few pleasant memories with her mother, Vayne, whenever Ambrosia was at the top of her game but her father proved himself to be cruel father figure. Unlike Vayne, he could read Ambrosia's body language and understand what she was truly feeling. It wasn't difficult for him to know a liar when he saw one. Whenever he had the time to spend back home, he spent his time in two ways: Enjoying his time with Vayne and monitoring Ambrosia's progress. Unlike Vayne, he never held himself back from punishing, even to the point where Vayne had to intervene and stop him. Being an accomplished member of the private military company, Charon, Marius knew nothing but callosity and cynicism. Whenever he looked at Ambrosia, he was disappointed with at how she was shaping up to be. She'd eventually come to the point where she'd plead with her mother to help her steer clear of Marius. Surprisingly enough, this was one of the times Vayne agreed to Ambrosia's demands. Vayne was a tough parent but she wasn't heartless and she most certainly was furious with the way Marius would treat her daughter. Still, even though Vayne explicitly denied Marius from interfering with his daughter's development, his reputation was already sealed in Ambrosia's mind. As Ambrosia grew, Marius would occasionally forced himself to repair his relationship with Ambrosia. Unfortunately for him, Ambrosia was fearful of his every word, even if she was under her mother's protection. Marius was the type to act first then ask questions later, especially about his own actions. The father figure never knew how to approach a situation with anything other than bullheadedness and seeing Ambrosia recoil from him only made him furious. He didn't want a timid child. He wanted a powerful child he could relate to. One who could exceed him and even show this old dog some new tricks. Marius was completely absent from Serath and Helena's upbringing and he desperately wanted to engage himself in Ambrosia's life. He believed if she knew hardship from the start, she'd become a stronger individual. Unfortunately for him, his ignorance only pushed Ambrosia further down the rabbit hole. Marius was frustrated that Ambrosia couldn't understand that he wanted the best for her but it was rather easy for him to forget that he was speaking to a child.

Eventually, he moved on from Ambrosia, keeping himself focused on his more promising children, his career and his wife. For his sake and Ambrosia's, he simply stopped treating her like his own daughter. This next step of their relationship was a relief for both of them, as Ambrosia escaped his wrath and Marius was much less stressed out when he blocked Ambrosia from his mind. Unfortunately for Ambrosia, she had hoped that her father would eventually calm his nerves later in their lives but a year afterwards and Ambrosia realized that Marius had no intention to value his daughter. It was too stressful and it was for the best. Ambrosia didn't take that too well and from that point onwards, she kept cynically picking herself apart, wondering what she did to deserve the silent treatment. The older she got, the more she found herself digging her own hole of self-despair. Her thoughts became more and more complex with every passing year. She couldn't bring herself to think positively of herself when her own father had shunned her. She was dead to him and he might as well have been dead to her.

During her teenage years, Ambrosia grew to be a much more spiteful individual. She realized just how lonely she was and decided she'd unravel all the progress she'd made in her life just to spite her parents, undermining her own wellbeing in the hopes that her family would notice and feel some sort of guilt. That only caused even further conflict between Ambrosia and her mother, who found it much more difficult to rein in her daughter's behavior as she was more capable of responding to her disciplining measures. Ambrosia's behavior had changed radically in such a short amount of time that it took her mother off guard. Most of her teenage life involved her in heated arguments with her mother along with throwing away her life by getting herself involved with more than questionable cliques at and around her high school. Ambrosia didn't assign much value to her life at this point. She just continued to live in the hopes that she could make her cold family watch her descent into obscurity and seclusion. With her childhood ending up as a complete waste of time, Ambrosia spent the remaining years of her life in the von Carstein household hurting herself in order to hurt her family. Even in her current state of mind, she couldn't bringing herself to bring harm to others.

Once Ambrosia reached 18 years of age, it was demanded of her to enlist in local martial academies geared towards creating a populace that could, if the need arise, serve in the Difesameijala's reserves. Conscripts serve at least a year. Her mother, Vayne, had hoped that such an experience would set her straight and perhaps give her some purpose in life but in reality, that year was one of the most stressful parts of her life but despite that, she had some sense of duty and didn't let these experiences get to her mind. After all, even though she was deep in the rabbit hole, she shouldn't take the suffering to heart. Still, she left the academy with greater physical conditioning, weapons training and other important, transferable skills that could benefit Ambrosia in the future.

Education and Intellectual influences

Ambrosia had attended a private institution known as 'Sylvania National Academy' which she had attended for the entirety of her educational lifetime. It was also one of the largest based on enrollment and government grants and was one of the best schools money could be within the borders of Bloodshade. Ambrosia took after her mother and tried her best to be as sociable as possible from day one. Unfortunately, Ambrosia found it difficult to be sincere with other people and never truly had anyone she could call a close friend throughout her time in both primary and secondary school, another aspect of her mother that she inherited. Ambrosia tried her best to be adored or at least, admired, by everyone at least from face value. What little recognition she received in her household, she made up by surrounding herself with students who could just sate her ego. Eventually, it didn't take long for Ambrosia to realize that the people around her never truly cared for her. They just wanted to bask in her brightness and hope that some of it could rub off and onto them. As the years went by, Ambrosia found it more difficult to even enjoy her time in school and she was too afraid to give up this image of the 'queen bee', lest she end up being alone in her second home as well. Unfortunately for her, it became more difficult by the day to keep up this façade and she simply gave up in her mid teen years, wearing the same mask of indifference and indecisiveness that she wore at home. It didn't take long for her classmates to steer clear from her. Still, she enjoyed this form of solitude. She found herself sitting at the back of her classes, enjoying a good book and doing the bare minimum to pass. Occasionally, a kind soul or two would try to sincerely cheer up the young Ambrosia but she waved them off. It was too tiring to bare her emotions when she could just enjoy her own hobbies by herself.

Ambrosia did end up being sent to school councilors due to the request of some kind souls within the ranks of her classes. In such cases, Ambrosia put on a convincing show and try to shoo away any concerns through skillfully crafting excuses and fake stories. It was better to put in some effort in those lies than tell them about her nerve-wracking lifestyle back home.

School was where Ambrosia formed the majority of her hobbies. Initially, she loved spending her time being flattered by the cliques she was embedded in. A shallow, vain activity but one that brought her happiness. However, once that was impossible, Ambrosia found that the library was her favorite area. She looked forward to hibernating in the school library during the 1-hour break times, opening up a pack of chips, unwrapping some chocolate bars and sipping on her orange juice before enjoying a good book, podcast or video. These were the times she was at peace with herself the most. Eventually, her hobbies involved writing and worldbuilding. She enjoyed imagining the dialogue and story of her created characters in her mind. The scribblings she engaged in during her time in the library was rather fruitful and by the time she had graduated from secondary school, Ambrosia had written a 70,000-word epic fantasy story, one based on the ancient legends of Stormfels. However, Ambrosia, to this day, has never thought about publishing it. She just keeps on expanding and editing it perpetually. It's one of the few things she was ever genuinely proud of creating but even in the present day, she's too insecure to let a product of her childhood be exposed to the public. She just wouldn't be able to take the inevitable criticism.

Once Ambrosia had graduated from secondary school, she was forced to look to her parents for funding on her major of choice at the National University of Bloodshade. Ambrosia wanted to drown herself in numbers and calculations. She wanted to enter mechanical engineering to be more specific. Even though her grades weren't exactly representative of her true intellect and work ethic. That was because Ambrosia was completely disillusioned and disheartened by the irregular collection of subjects that she was forced to learn in high school. Her poor academic record so far was due to her wish to spite her parents and not necessarily because she wanted to fail. In fact, she'd pass her math, language and economics classes with flying colors but everything else with given the bare minimum of attention. Fortunately for Ambrosia, the fact that her chosen major was in the field of STEM made it much easier to ask her parents to provide the necessary funding, which there was plenty of.

The library in question

Ambrosia found that being isolated in a dorm was much more preferable to being isolated in her house, especially when her only neighbors were her mother and her many guests that she brought for the many cocktail parties that she hosted within the confines of their lavish estate. Now, Ambrosia's neighbor was an entire university residence and a raucous one at that. She enjoyed being surrounded by people who were enjoying their time, even if she was holed up in her dorm room for most of the day, preferring to attend classes within the confines of her own dorm and never having much of a need to leave, unless she wanted to go eat out or enjoy the grandiose library of the university.
Ambrosia's favorite spot within the library

Soon enough though, Ambrosia couldn't resist the charm of the members of her residence. She was entertained by the hijinks of her freshman colleagues and was more than happy to watch from the sidelines. She did, on occasion, partake in their festivities whenever she had the time to burn. Another activity that she took interest in was sex, simply put. As a now mature young adult, Ambrosia's beauty bloomed and she couldn't help but feel rather proud at her own appearance. It was one of her aspects that kept her going. Compliments thrown her way were genuine and it was rather obvious that some students in her major wanted Ambrosia to themselves. The attention she'd garnered was almost too much to bear and she eventually let herself indulge with the people around her, drinking and tumbling to her heart's content. Her first year in college was not too heavy in terms of studying material and once Ambrosia had adapted to a university setting, she let herself indulge in what she was restrained from doing at home. The merry-making she took part in during university helped Ambrosia sprout her social wings and she went from being the quiet, studious girl next door to what many freshman would consider to be a role model of university life: Fun-loving, gregarious and eccentric. She'd end up joining a social guild known as 'Verandi Polarious' and became its president the next year thanks to her gregarious nature, being capable of garnering enough support by presenting herself as calm, collected woman who was much more mature than your average freshman. She couldn't help but think that her looks made her look more suitable for the role and knowing freshman, they thought with their nether regions and not their mind.

Of course, Ambrosia knew how to separate her professional life from her social life and she was more than worried about the possibility of her actions ever being exposed on social media. She was mostly worried about the reaction from her parents and from her professors, who, unlike the former, she held in high regard. She was mostly worried about the former cutting off her funds so in case of such a scenario from occurring, Ambrosia tried to rein in her libertine activities but she mainly just ensured that no one had any recording devices. She wanted to de-stress, not worry about whether some dumb colleague she's having a fling with decides to record them for some otherworldly reason. She started by offering tutoring sessions to students that were struggling in her year and charged reasonably high prices, around ₴20-30 Florins per hour. Ambrosia would've been lying if she didn't feel like this was position was a convenient way to get the flings she had suddenly desired but she shoved such thoughts out of her head. It was difficult for her to get such scandalous thoughts out of her head and even though it had only been a few months or so into the first semester, Ambrosia felt disgusted by what she deemed to be whoring herself out. She knew that no one truly cared for what was underneath her surface. She was a pretty flower and a studious role model. Why bother with the toxic, black ocean that is her persona when people would like and admire what Ambrosia chooses to show? Ambrosia, once again, decided to keep to herself from here on out but not necessarily lock herself up in her dorm. Surely, people would understand her reluctance to be known as a libertine. Instead, she spent her time getting to know her professors and hopefully, snag herself a worthwhile internship, making the most out of her time at the NUB. She also decided to minor in political science, public policy and economics at the NUB.

As the years went by, Ambrosia found herself being much more reserved and committed to her studies. She'd been a part of a number of internships and competitions as a student due to the amount of attention she'd been giving university life, the most notable one occurring during her senior year when she and her group were tasked with creating a new corvette design for the Bloodshade Difesameijala, coming in third place. A respectable position to her and more importantly, she learnt from her more skilled colleagues who had exceeded her in this competition.

After four relatively tame years at the NUB, Ambrosia found herself happy and yet unfulfilled by her graduation. She understood that, at this point of her life, she needed to pursue her own goals in life but one fearful thought surfaced on her mind on the eve of graduation day. Did she truly want to pursue the life of an engineer when she found out that she had a knack for attracting attention and support during her time at the NUB? What she learned from her general education classes took a hold in her mind. She felt like she could take on the political scene of Bloodshade. She was knowledgeable of Bloodshade's woes and felt like she knew exactly what to do to solve it. More importantly, she despised witnessing the upper echelons of Bloodshade's society undemocratically forcing themselves into the political process through underhanded yet legal tactics such as lobbying. Her mother and father were guilty and she knew exactly how they operated. Unfortunately for Ambrosia, her parents were not exactly supportive of such plans after the money they'd spent, even though they were some of the richest people in Bloodshade. To them, it felt like Ambrosia was, once again, punishing them and they did not hold back their hostility to their youngest daughter. Marius finally acknowledged his daughter after years of ignoring her only to tell her that she was a spiteful devil, desperate to be a disappointment. Vayne was simply critical of her indecisiveness. Still, unlike her husband who'd once again disappear from their lives to commit to his life as a mercenary, Vayne entertained Ambrosia's dreams up until she realized that her daughter would be a threat to her way of life. Being as blunt as possible, Vayne promised that not one dime of hers would go to Ambrosia's pet project of becoming a politician, while also subtly calling her naïve due to her idealism. The ensuing, tempestuous argument sealed the deal for Ambrosia when it came to her family. They were dead to her and she would do what she can to ruin their lives, just as much as they ruined hers. At least, that's what she felt right after she stormed out of her family estate, for the last time. Fortunately for Ambrosia, a certain individual took interest in her. He'd been watching her progress ever since she was a child. Her dear old uncle, Konrad von Carstein, was going to give her a chance to shine.

Becoming the Countess

Following her falling out with her parents and graduation, Ambrosia found herself renting a cramped studio apartment after moving to the surface city of Arvena. That's when she received a message from uncle, Konrad. Apparently, he caught a whiff of Ambrosia's desires to delve into the political scene of Bloodshade and decided to put her faith in this young, spirited niece. He wanted to speak to her in person, in a park conveniently near her place of residence. Ambrosia was terribly suspicious of Konrad's intentions and was more worried about how he even know of her intentions. Still, she wanted to entertain her uncle and get to the bottom of this situation. If he was sincere, she wouldn't mind working with him. He couldn't possibly be worse than her parents.

A day after this cryptic message reached her doorstep, Ambrosia found herself face to face with an unnaturally mirthful yet collected gentleman of sorts but to someone as observant as Ambrosia, it was obvious that he wasn't a clean man. She'd evaluated and spoken to all sorts of people and Konrad definitely struck her as someone who played outside of the rules of the sandbox. Sending her an old-fashioned letter had already rung alarm bells in her head. Still, Konrad was awfully forthcoming and perhaps even sympathetic to Ambrosia, who was visibly reserved in her disposition towards him. He started by admitting he had a bone to pick with her parents. Marius was nothing but a hitman designed to be the arm of the nouveau nobility of Bloodshade or something greater. That something was unknown to Konrad but all he knew that people like his brother deserved nothing but a lethal injection. A killer with the desire to keep the chessboard in favor to the special interests that be, those who had no desire but to turn Bloodshade into a mega-corporation's backyard simply because that was the most lucrative option. As for Vayne, she was nothing more but a selfish political activist, one who poured money into the system just to get her way, being one of the many agents of egotism in Konrad's eyes. He couldn't help but let his own beliefs seep into his lecture to Ambrosia and it was rather clear to Ambrosia that he had great disdain towards the upper class of society. He associated true lawlessness with ones who had the tools and funds to escape the ever-reaching hand of the law. He had plans for the future and wanted Ambrosia to be a part of them, believing that someone like her had the necessary charisma, connections and know-how to navigate Bloodshade's system and turn this fledgling state into a bastion of equality. Still, as much as he sounded like a collectivist ideologue, Konrad respected the democratic process and decided they'd try their hand at reforming the system peacefully. His offer was a simple one. Ambrosia would be the one to save Bloodshade from becoming a playground for the rich and a propagator of social equity across their galaxy, whether by peace or by force. If Ambrosia wasn't lying, she couldn't help but feel disgusted by what she deemed to be the increasing possibility of a dystopian future for Bloodshade, where a child would need to beg for spare change to afford life-saving surgery while cocktail parties ran aplenty through the skyline of Yvresse's cities and beyond.

Ambrosia accepted the offer but inquired as to what would happen if she failed, Konrad grimly replied that people such as her mother and father would have their heads on a spike and half of Yvresse would burn, if that's what it took to root the rich before their disease grew. He also let slip that he'd organized a number of covert insurgencies that were ready to drop their daily lives and commit to his cause. He broke his demeanor with a giggle and reiterated his offer. Konrad also mentioned that he was an independent contractor working for the Galactic Espionage Agency. He and other agents will ensure that in the coming elections, Ambrosia would get her chance to shine legally while he and his colleagues would work in the shadows and make sure that those who slither in the shadows against her would die a horrible death

The Lahmian lady was taken aback by Konrad's willingness to resort to violence but she was fortunate enough to receive this chance to be a progressive, honest voice in Bloodshade's political scene, mainly driven by the fear of the fires of revolution across the corner. Right now, she decided to take whatever offer coming her way and let Konrad do what he did best, take out her elite opposition and make her rise to power ever more smoother than what it could've been without him. Still, she kept Konrad at the back of her head. She had no love for the man and would find a way to knock him out of Bloodshade's political stage. An anomaly like him was not one she was comfortable having around and she was rather sure he knew that too.

The man himself, Konrad von Carstein

Regardless of what plans Konrad had, he had no reason to betray Ambrosia. Their goals had now aligned. In any case, Ambrosia would have herself initiated into the Blood-Fire party, a collection of like-minded social democrats along with the occasional disgruntled socialist who simply joined to popularize their views. Their main goal was to appeal to and expand the middle class of Bloodshade, believing that the stability of Bloodshade is directly proportional to the wellbeing of the middle class. Like many others, Ambrosia had ideas but she wasn't here to spout ideas that were probably already discussed a hundred times over. She wanted to create a sense of party solidarity, even with those who'd joined just to piggyback on the Blood-Fire party's popularity with the general population. Ambrosia tried her best to sympathize with their ideology and struggle, slowly but steadily convincing the fringes of the party to support her bid to presidency as she claimed that with someone like her at the helm, she'd be installing popular policies and the nationalization of the transportation, healthcare, banks and communication industries. Generally speaking, industries that are prone to forming a natural monopoly would be taken on by the government. This was Ambrosia's attempt to normalize the public acquisition of such industries while also eventually garnering support from the farther side of the left spectrum, socialists who, while not aligned with her objective of regulated capitalism, were ecstatic to see someone take the lead against special interest groups and preventing them from circumventing the system and hoarding the lion's share of Bloodshade's resources within its celestial borders. Ambrosia wanted the final frontier to be opened up the entire population, making sure that barriers to industries, especially ones as lucrative as asteroid mining, had few, if any, barriers of entry.

Ambrosia continued to do what she was set out to do, taking no note of any questionable business going on behind her back. She just kept moving forward and did what she did best, make alliances and compromises in certain areas with every camp in Bloodshade's politics. There was always one way or another for Ambrosia to appeal to Bloodshade's voting population. There was plenty of room to improve in. For one, the expansion of social services would be met with general approval. Most importantly, Ambrosia appealed to the working and middle class through the regulation of Bloodshade's most active industries, ensuring that workers had a say in how they were treated and could bargain equally with corporations, with the government's authority being their bargaining chip. Ambrosia's main aim is to craft working environments that are least exploitative as possible. To completely balance the power dynamic would be completely unrealistic so it's best to just tip it in a way where both sides are content. At the end of the day, Ambrosia is a disappointment to collectivists across the galaxy for her but fortunately for her, she never sold herself as one. Ambrosia still believes in the concepts of class and competition. Her personal opinion on the matter is not of much important. She's of the belief that inequality is an omnipresent concept but it's up to authority figures such as hers to curb the excesses of individualism and capitalism.

With the connections that she'd garnered at her time at the NUB, Ambrosia's base had more potential to grow even further. Her former professors were proud of how far she'd climbed her life, unbeknownst to them that a collectivist revolutionary was the architect of her rise to power. However, her professors did not mind adding on to her legitimacy as Bloodshade's next president, believing that she had the necessary vision and strength to stand out amongst her opponents, arguing for her to be seen as the ideal politician. With the ever-growing web of connections that Ambrosia had fostered, she was a hit amongst the intellectuals of Bloodshade, who'd gone out of their way to publicize Ambrosia and sell her image to the general public. Students at the NUB and a handful of other esteemed universities also campaigned for the Lahmian lady. Fortunately for Ambrosia, her power base was growing and diversifying but she wasn't out here to claim all the credit. She was simply the first of many dominoes who decided to set the reformation of Bloodshade in motion and help the country truly make its mark in the galaxy, rather than live in obscurity.

Of course, while the enthusiasm of her base was admirable, Ambrosia didn't want to suddenly alienate the upper class of Bloodshade. While her demands came off as tyrannical to the rich, she reassured them and promised that she would give the rich space to breathe, claiming that this temporary villainization was for the best. Although she had no respect for them, Ambrosia didn't mind being diplomatic with the rich. She kept an open line with them, promising that she'd allow them to voice their concerns to her directly when she was president. It was better than ignoring them and allowing them to circumvent the democratic process through legalized bribery cutthroat politics and lobbying.

After much fanfare, Ambrosia was deemed to be the winner of the 2033 presidential election on the 10th of Nachexen, 2033, winning 61.4% of the popular vote and establishing herself as the new president of Bloodshade, donning the title 'Countess'. The title was a jab to her mother, most of all, as most of her sycophants used to call address her by that title through the many parties she'd been a part of. No one ever said Ambrosia wasn't petty.


Universal Health Care, Marijuana Legalization, Living Minimum Wage, Freedom of Worship, Freedom of Speech, Polyamory, Abortion, Clean Energy, Criminal Rehabilitation, Net Neutrality, LGBT rights, Equality, Constitutional Monarchies, Wine, Pacifism, Globalization, Foreign Vampires, Free Love, Space Mining and Exploration, Reikland Capitalism, Cats, Gun Control, Cultural Diplomacy, Freedom of Information, Right to Privacy.

Fossil Fuels, Homophobia, Social Conservatism, Marriage, Artificial Intelligence, Religion, Alt-Right movements, Corporate Lobbying, Sexism, Racism, Animal Cruelty, Absolute Monarchies, Crackpot Dictatorships, Military-Industry Complex, Gunboat Diplomacy, War, Royalty.

Political Stances

When Ambrosia looks at Bloodshade, she sees a country that's lacking any drive or purpose. She doesn't want Bloodshade to slowly permeate space and sit around in the galaxy as a neutral power. All around her, she sees galactic empires and states that have an impossible yet motivating focus. With Bloodshade, Ambrosia wants her nation to be at the helm of an economic and martial alliance of like-minded states that can maintain the peace of the galaxy. Concepts such as slavery and genocide must be eliminated, by force or diplomacy. Whatever it takes to make the galaxy a better place and when that happens, onto the universe itself.

Ambrosia hopes to implement a the foundations of a direct democracy, doing away with representative democracy altogether. An educated and informed populace is something she strives for. Under her service, Ambrosia has made it her life's goal to ensure that although corruption is ever-present, it'll be a tough act to take due to her policies focused on accountability and transparency that allows the citizenry and media to scrutinize any politician, especially Ambrosia. Whatever it takes to ensure that a politician finds it harder and harder to pull the wool over a voter's eyes. One way to ensure this is through easily accessible data dumping, allowing citizens to examine all sorts of civil information. By deploying a portal to public records, authorities can redirect resources and expertise to more important areas as citizens don't need to request the government for their own information. More importantly, Bloodshade presiding itself as a state with seemingly no secrets makes it so that it's rather difficult for a foreign organization or state to undermine the state. Such measures not only increase transparency but builds state confidence on top of its intended goal. Also, all major administrative divisions are pushed to use all available communication channels in order to efficiently interact with the citizenry. While more resources are inevitably dedicated to such a task, increasing the transfer of information between the government and its citizens is paramount to the development of the state.

Expanding on the topic of transparency, whistleblower protections have been expanded in both public and private organizations, especially with the latter. Previously, whistleblowers were required to report their grievances with their industry anonymously and any who were brave enough to reveal their identities usually ended up ruining their lives due to being thrown into an unofficial corporate blacklist maintained between the myriad of corporate authorities and figures. Nowadays, it is punishable for an organization to prevent the hiring of an individual on the basis of being a whistleblower, allowing whistleblowers to garner greater awareness when people know that there's finally a face behind the complaints.

A typical cybernetic forearm

When it comes to legislation related to body modification, Ambrosia is extremely lenient when it comes surgical procedures such as sexual reassignment surgery, making it the government's priority to care and modify the bodies of consenting transsexual adults to reassign themselves to their gender of choice. With the medical technology at hand, such procedures are relatively simple to perform. When it comes to 'designer babies', Ambrosia is heavily against the editing of a child's genes to perform needless genetic editing that would simply change a baby's physical characteristics. Genetic editing is generally limited to editing out negative genetic or mental disorders. However, even then, the line is blurred. For example, autism is not considered to be a negative trait and so long as an individual is a functioning, safe individual that is virtually no different to a 'normal' individual, genetic editing of the DNA responsible is not advised or supported by government services. However, citizens are free to use private services if they deem it absolutely necessary. Cybernetic enhancements garner much more approval in comparison to genetic editing as most individuals who resort to cybernetics are active duty soldiers, law enforcement or national intelligence agents, professions that are respected by every echelon of Bloodshade's society. However, during Ambrosia's term, she's made it less difficult for citizenry to receive cybernetic enhancements, especially the elderly and disabled.

Although they're not necessarily staples of her platform, Ambrosia does believe that every citizen has the right to arm and protect themselves from whatever danger that they may encounter, whether it be the fauna or criminal elements of Bloodshade. However, when it comes to foreign or domestic conflicts, it is expected of every citizen to join the Difesameijala's army reserves, rather than be expected to solve issues on their own accord. Due to the nature of the Difesameijala's soldiers, it's almost impossible for the government to use illegitimate martial force against its own citizens and Ambrosia wants to keep it that way, in order to foster a sense of trust between the common man and the military, so even if the state authorities become rotten to the core, the military can continue to be a secular order that only intervenes in the most desperate of situations. However, while Ambrosia might be buddying up with the military, she is genuine when she calls the military a 'defensive force'. She's put her foot down in this regard and has asserted time and time again that the military of Bloodshade will only ever be used to safeguard its sovereignty, its people and its future. Ambrosia personally finds little reason to sugarcoat any war that Bloodshade is a part of. Being upfront and direct with the populace about she and her cabinet have decided to engage in hostilities is the first step to nurturing trust, even though such blunt action tends to stir on-the-fence citizens to protest such aggression, although that only ever happened when Ambrosia was open with the reasoning regarding Bloodshade's entry in the Central Perseus Conflict, mainly because people were afraid of the scale and size of the war and rightfully so. It was Bloodshade's bloodiest conflicts but one of its most just, according to the majority opinion and Ambrosia. Other than that, no active conflict has been attributed to her actions or to the actions of her acting cabinet. The Res'vian Silver Wars were carried over from her predecessor and was ended, partly thanks to Ambrosia's effort but mostly due to the fact that war fatigue had set in and people just needed someone to take responsibility and sue for lasting peace. Ambrosia strives to avoid war but will not hesitate to commit herself and her countrymen to a conflict that threatens the nation's sovereignty or future.

Ambrosia might come across as a dirty socialist in the eyes of a conservative who thinks that welfare and socialized services are great examples of tyranny but in all actuality, that is far from the truth. Ambrosia's a believer of private ownership but is more inclined to help your typical spouse-and-spouse store than a megacorporation that's begging for subsidies just so it could give its high-ranking staff some purposeless pay rises. Ambrosia might be outed as sympathetic to collectivistic ideologies but her methods differ greatly. For one, she's an advocate of the free market but one that is regulated by the long arm of the law but mostly by federal services.

When it comes to the fickle matter known as taxation, Ambrosia does understand one's contempt for such a concept. She ultimately believes that any interstellar civilization worth its salt is going to tax its own citizens. However, those tax dollars should always be paid back to society and result in a net positive to society. One particular policy that Ambrosia pursued is guaranteeing a basic income for all citizens within and without Bloodshade's borders, a progressive form of wealth redistribution that guarantees economic security to the working class. While this income varies depending on a system's priority, it generally averages at around ₴17,436 a year, allowing one to cover the nation's average rent or mortgage payments as well as food costs.

Policies and actions

  • Nationalization of multiple industries and services, including but not limited to healthcare, transportation and communications.

  • Enactment of several social welfare policies such as basic income and public healthcare, designed to improve the economic security of the average citizen.

  • Extension of worker rights, improving the worker's ability to bargain with their employers for better working conditions and pay through the formation of a single, overarching union in an industry.

  • Improved government transparency and accountability through the publicization of important records and proceedings as well as the expansion of whistleblower protections, permitting effective public and private oversight.

  • Experimental cohabitation policies with neighbors such as the Elyra Galactic Polity which involves the creation of colonies inhabited equally by both citizenry.

  • Modernization of the Bloodshade Difesameijala, placing great importance on defensive measures, material engineering, inter-system precision fire, drone warfare, nanotechnology and psionic-inclusionary weaponry.

  • Negotiating for peace and subsequently ending the Res'vian Silver Wars.

Religious Beliefs

Ambrosia is a vocal and staunch 'blasphemer' as some priests have decided to call her. She has frequently projected her beliefs on live TV and can occasionally be seen ridiculing many different religions Ambrosia hosts a talk show every week where she talks about religion, spirits and gods. There have been times where she descends into a rage, cursing the gods with every language she knows but that was in her earlier years. Most recently, she'll attempt to enlighten worshippers and attempt to make them forgo their loyalty to religion through discourse and conversation or she tries to reach an 'Agree to Disagree' stage of co-operation where both she and the opposing party simply admit that both sides are too stubborn to forgo their philosophy.

Ambrosia has been the figurehead in criminalizing or pushing to criminalize several religious practices such as sacrificing, dowries, infant baptism, the caste system in recently-absorbed Chyluliwan society, cannibalism, infant circumcision, exorcism, and self-harming rituals. She'll go out of her way to ban any religious practice that she finds abhorrent to one's individual rights. Even if she's not successful (this happens quite a bit), she'll inspire animosity towards the religious figureheads who continue to practice it and pressure the Parliament into banning it by hosting organized protests outside of the Parliament building. However, Ambrosia has made sure that any violence or harassment to individuals of a religious community would not be tolerated. It does sound that Ambrosia might inadvertently support xenophobic groups that would wish to cause harm to a religious minority but she has done her best to be aware of their efforts. She does what she can to undermine such people as well. It's definitely possible to be against one's religious principles while remaining on cordial terms with the religious individuals themselves. Ambrosia's an enemy of organized religion as a concept, first and foremost and she would never purposefully bring harm to a religious community. In an effort to shield communities from unwanted 'allies', Ambrosia's opened channels of communication with religious communities all across Bloodshade, maintaining a back and forth to ensure that they remain unharmed while also responding to their concerns.

Relationship with Amaki Astela nar Suurewie

Meeting Amaki Astela nar Suurewie: Amaki, who Ambrosia usually loves to describe as a cinnamon roll, is the civil dictator of Fallen Albali and one of Ambrosia's most treasured and enigmatic friends and a potential lover if Ambrosia's social skills manage to break down Amaki's mental wall which has finally been broken recently and now, the two are extremely passionate lovers who see each other better halves nowadays with them also not being afraid of being intimate with one another.

Ambrosia found out about Amaki by chattering with foreign alien contacts and friends. One contact, a former grand admiral of a currently extinct galactic empire, spoke about a civil dictator that was able to resist and fight back against alien invaders outside of their galaxy. Upon demanding to know more about this civil dictator, Amaki, the former admiral obliged and gave her access to a data-pad, containing information about herself and her likeness. Paradoxically, despite Ambrosia's pacifist nature, she admired her ferocity, and this pleasantly reminded her of the past warrior-aristocrats of her homeland. Thanks to the admiral's grand stories about this mysterious lady, Ambrosia managed to grab the attention of a famous smuggler. She had to attest to his exorbitant demands just so she could be smuggled into the Free City of Roulons and finally meet Amaki.

Ambrosia was implanted with a language chip to speak Albalian automatically, and through the smuggler's professionally crafted forged paperwork, guile and a bit of stealth, Ambrosia was delivered almost directly to the home of the lady that Ambrosia was desperate to meet. However, it turned out Amaki was tipped by Ambrosia's admiral acquaintance, who vouched for her character. The smuggler managed to make up an excuse about having met up with another client before Amaki could interrogate him, but it didn't seem like she cared.

Upon meeting the notorious lady herself, Ambrosia was rather surprised to encounter a cold and hostile demeanor. She also seemed rather suspicious of Ambrosia's intentions. It didn't matter though, and they got down to business, simply taking a seat right next to Amaki and only slightly scooting away from her every time she gave Ambrosia the "I'm about to rip your fangs off" look.

Ambrosia humbly introduced herself as the leader of a faraway confederation of nations on a planet that's light-years away. She talked about the gods that inhabited her planet, and she even showed Amaki pictures of her being smashed at a divine party which was taken by the God of Wine himself, according to Ambrosia. She pointed out the many other gods present at such a party. To Amaki's surprise, Ambrosia instantly said she's irreligious despite all the proof that divine beings exist (Divine to Ambrosia at least). The vampire went on to explain her platform as if she was the hipster reincarnation of Plato and to her delight, Amaki responded briefly but positively about Ambrosia's stance. However, Ambrosia detected Amaki's somber tone, which only made Ambrosia aggressively curious about what she was trying to hide. With this little bit of approval, Ambrosia recklessly tried to bring up some risqué humor to the table, in an atrocious attempt to woo the fetching canine dictator, which was only met with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. Ambrosia retreated, but she could've sworn she saw her face go red. Regardless, Ambrosia just wanted to playfully indicate that she was not a prude and hoped to reel in Amaki with one fell pick up line.

After hearing Amaki's very reserved, prepared and robotic personal story as well as her tales of valor, Ambrosia concluded that Amaki has a powerful fortification built in her mind, ready to push back any dangerous memories lurking up from the deep recesses of her brain. It was rather obvious to Ambrosia. She had dealt with many sufferers of PTSD and Amaki was one of them. Being the delicate, bold and compassionate lady that she is, Ambrosia took another risk by getting close and personal with Amaki, laying a hand on hers, and gifting her words of comfort. Amaki reacted in the only way she could to prevent herself from opening up old wounds, and that was by angrily distancing herself from Ambrosia and attempting to provoke her. Ambrosia only gave her a warm smile, accompanied with calm composure, and extended her a hand. Ambrosia decided it'd be better if she changed the subject and asked Amaki if she'd like to go back to her home planet and experience the beauty of the planet with a plethora of biomes. She said they could use a friend's ship so long as she didn't ask any inquisitive questions about his career, life or his tall, noisy furry mercenary friend.

Ambrosia simply delegated all her duties and tasks for an entire week so she could take Amaki to every corner of her home planet. They encountered many odd and strange things, from exploring living forests and coming by titanic sea creatures to just simply kicking back in the nation's cosiest and coolest night clubs. At one point in their trip, they even encountered a hostile band of diabolical Skaven, but thankfully, Ambrosia was a fast flier since she's able to grow a pair of bat wings. Despite Amaki's wish to smite the rodents, Ambrosia managed to fly away, carrying a devilish transformation of Amaki, who was throwing every possible Albalian curse at the filth. All in all, it seemed like the diverse number of experiences that Amaki was put through turned her into a much less aloof individual, at least to Ambrosia. At least now, Ambrosia was allowed to enter Amaki's personal space and being the rascal that she's known to be, Ambrosia made sure to abuse that power so that with every unwelcome hug or touch, Amaki could slowly understand that Ambrosia was as harmless as a paper tiger.

Despite her appreciation of the trip, Amaki was eager to go back home, and Ambrosia made sure that no time was wasted in organizing a trip back to the city of Roulons. Unsurprisingly though, Ambrosia was adamant about accompanying her. She announced to Amaki that she'd like to shadow her for a month, in the hopes that she could learn more about the alien culture and cultivate another relationship with a foreign galactic civilization. However, that was what her nation's senate wanted. In reality, Ambrosia wanted nothing more than to get closer to Amaki and see if she can break her the stone wall in her mind. Ambrosia promised that she'd be on Amaki's good side, communicating that intention in such an unashamedly sultry tone which probably made the canine dictator go a tad bit rosy.

Throughout her time as an apprentice of sorts, Ambrosia was able to prove herself as a competent clerk and was able to make Amaki's life much more bearable. The two would have an odd and fluctuating relationship. Ambrosia could get away with being as seductive as she could be on some days while on other days, she had to act more like a friendly and calm cushion. Hell, there were days where an out of place sound could cause Amaki to snap at her, but Ambrosia always tried to be submissive and calm in such situations. By the end of what Ambrosia thought of like a social experiment, Amaki felt oddly happy when around Ambrosia and even though she never expressed such a thing to Ambrosia, her body language gave it all away, and from that point onwards, Ambrosia made sure to always stay in touch with her adorable canine friend and visit her on occasion.

Current relationship status with Amaki Astela nar Suurewie: Ambrosia and Amaki see each other close friends although sometimes, Ambrosia's playful nature is too much to bear. The possibility of their relationship turning into a romantic one has always been teetering inside Ambrosia's mind while Amaki seems to be too afraid to make a move, like as if destiny is waiting to take Ambrosia away the moment she becomes Amaki's greatest treasure. Also, Ambrosia feels like engaging in a romantic relationship with Amaki would be too exploitative for now, as a wounded person such as Amaki would no doubt yearn for anyone's touch.

You'll find that while the two enjoy bantering with each other on multiverse forums, there's never been any real conflict or disharmony between the two, particularly due to Ambrosia's compromising nature and Amaki's social know-how. It is believed that Amaki is comfortable enough to allow the relationship to become more intimate, believing that Ambrosia is of no harm to her at all. One could claim that Amaki sees her as a spiritual savior or guardian angel, in the sense that Ambrosia can alleviate the pain in Amaki's soul simply by being her considerate, cheery self when around Amaki.

Imagine a dog in a cold, dark room inside a shelter that's filled with nothing but the sounds of its anguished barking, attempting to forget about the pain inflicted upon it by any means necessary. One day though, that dog found an odd being. That being was its polar opposite who ended up adopting the poor thing. A being so filled with optimism and joy that eventually, the dog's deep pain was replaced with genuine, newfound hope and with time, that dog would finally learn to live, instead of surviving. This scenario could sum up the relationship between Ambrosia and Amaki.

Finding a hobby with Amaki Astela nar Suurewie: Considering her workaholic nature, one could say that Amaki is not the type of person who'd waste her time engaging in frivolous activities when she could simply be spending that time bettering her nation. However, upon meeting Ambrosia, that would soon change.

Ambrosia was unaware of the existence of anthropomorphic beings, so upon meeting Amaki, she simply believed Amaki to be an evolved sentient canine. While getting to know Amaki, Ambrosia tried to think up of ways to help out Amaki's mental state, and a hobby would certainly get her on that path to mental recovery. To Ambrosia, a woman such as Amaki is only setting herself up for an extremely dangerous outburst of anger if she can't find a way to let off steam in a safe way that does not include harming others. Ambrosia attempted to push Amaki into finding a hobby that both of them could enjoy. Ambrosia tried to share the joys of cooking with her, but that failed as Amaki complained about the inefficient nature of cooking, stating that she could do so much work while munching down on an MRE before Ambrosia could whip up a plate of spaghetti. After being dejected by the rejection of her cooking, Ambrosia attempted to introduce Amaki to the wild side of nightlife, but Amaki was simply too rigid and preferred more traditional venues such as bars or pubs where she could drown her sorrows alongside Ambrosia who would worry about the amount of alcohol she was consuming in one night, rather than let her hair down at a crowded night club.

After many failed attempts, Ambrosia accidentally found an odd solution when she stumbled into Amaki's bedroom where she spotted a leash lying around. Amaki was almost going to unleash a barrage of expletives towards Ambrosia for snooping around her bedroom, but upon noticing Ambrosia holding her leash, in the span of a second, Amaki went from furious to curious which Ambrosia found rather frightening at first. Ambrosia would be lying if she didn't spot a hint of excitement in Amaki's eyes and that's when the realization hit her, Amaki, despite her sentience, shares many traits with a canine, similar to how humans share traits with monkeys. She realised that the leash was the best way to engage with Amaki and earn her trust. That's what Ambrosia believed though. For all she knew, Amaki simply loved to be at the end of a leash.

Chances are that Amaki simply enjoyed being on a leash and her docile nature emerged when she realized she could trust someone like Ambrosia to pleasure her. On the other hand, Ambrosia innocently thought she was simply walking a sentient dog and saw no problem at all with what could be considered as a questionable, degenerate act of domination by her people back home, regardless of Amaki's species.

As soon as Ambrosia suggested that Amaki could go for a walk, Amaki's head already went through the leash and was tugging at it which prompted Ambrosia to secure the leash so she could finally take an impatient Amaki for her long-awaited walk. At first, Ambrosia thought she'd be harassed by Amaki's people for having their leader on a leash but she was simply met with indifference or approval from the majority of pedestrians that observed them. It seemed that people were surprised that Amaki found joy in something other than her work. The walk with Amaki seemed to be rather enjoyable to Ambrosia too because, despite her theory about Amaki being similar to canines, Ambrosia couldn't deny the sense of satisfaction gained from having another woman on a leash. It reminded Ambrosia of her days back in university but she decided to brush away such thoughts and focus on taking care of Amaki.

Her experience from her volunteer work with shelter dogs back home applied to her walk with Amaki. She didn't pull on the leash to avoid hurting her. Instead, she simply tugged on it now and then to make sure Amaki's attention wasn't drifting away but she still allowed Amaki to be the navigator, going wherever her heart pleased, knowing that Ambrosia was there to guide her in case she was worried or had second thoughts.

Ambrosia's mind almost (figuratively) blew up on Amaki's first walk. She never saw Amaki readily let her guard down and relish in an activity other than paperwork. It was a rather calming activity for Ambrosia as well and she felt rather proud that she was finally able to let Amaki enjoy something for once. What surprised Ambrosia the most was the leap their relationship took after their first walk. Before Amaki simply treated Ambrosia as an interesting acquaintance that she could have a pleasant chat or drink with now and then but after that, Ambrosia felt like Amaki treated her as a trusted companion. Amaki's demeanor towards her permanently changed after their first walk. She was much more tender and kind towards Ambrosia and was willing to pour her heart out more often than not, rather than act cold towards Ambrosia. Much to Ambrosia's surprise, their relationship became more intimate as a result of their walks. Before their first walk, an attempt at a hug would cause Amaki to growl as a warning, causing Ambrosia to awkwardly retreat and apologize. Now, Amaki's ears drop whenever Ambrosia moves in for a hug, indicating her content with such a gesture, and she now even returns the hug! With time, Amaki even preferred to walk on all fours Basically, Ambrosia taking Amaki for walks has caused their relationship to progress to the next level. It is safe to say that the likes of Cesar Millan would envy Ambrosia's expertise.

Powers and abilities

Ambrosia possesses many powers of a typical Daorun-using Lahmian. Her abilities are more supportive and healing in nature, preferring to use these powers to mend rather than break. However, before getting into her psionic power, let's start with her more conventional naturally-gifted powers.

First and foremost, her ability to perform ultrasonic sounds. In the event where she's placed in dark surroundings, Ambrosia can emit ultrasonic calls which help her echo-locate and navigate her way in such an environment. She can also disorient an opponent Although it's highly dangerous if untrained and without the directional and protective equipment, Ambrosia could possibly use such an ability at extraordinarily high frequencies, causing a myriad of health complications to organic beings. Up the effect with her Daorunic potency and she could cause structural damage to metallic structures and vehicles, even creating shockwaves that could push and propel bodies, vehicles and structures as of now.

While Ambrosia is no master of close-quarters combat, her baseline, untrained strength and endurance allows her to overcome physically weaker races, contending and overpowering with the cream of their crop due to strength alone. However, in comparison to your average Lahmian, Ambrosia's rather unremarkable and would be considered to be subpar.

Now when you enter her mind and her ability to manipulate her surroundings, she's second to none in her field. As one example, she's developed the capability to manipulate, with her current effective level of experience allowing her to affect objects or creatures with a mass of up to 10,000 tonnes. However, the higher the mass, the more difficult it is to maintain such an effect on them, lest she wants to sacrifice more sanity than she is recommended to spare. Now the applications of such a creative ability vary wildly: Ambrosia could perchance bring down a skyscraper on your head, manipulating the surrounding ground around you or frustratingly fiddle with your movement by creating a gravity field separate to that of whatever planetary body one's inhabiting, bringing you down to your knees or sending you bouncing with every step one takes.

Another notable ability of Ambrosia is forming clones of herself from whatever material she may have at her disposal. She could possibly form identical clones, both in their physical and mental capacities but that is an extremely taxing task for her. Instead, she could cut down on her mental expenditure by either using whatever surrounding materials she may find suitable. These clones tend to share the same mental faculties as Ambrosia and often aware of their existence, abiding by their original master's commands. There have been rare moments of rampancy that were purposefully caused by Ambrosia out of curiosity but otherwise, Ambrosia can create a number of obedient clones with a varying level of mental expenditure depending on the complexity of their assigned tasks and volume of material used to create each clone. Maintaining each clone eventually takes it toll on Ambrosia after a prolonged period of time considering the complexity of such an ability where one imitates life.

One other specialty of Ambrosia is being capable of entering and perhaps manipulating one's consciousness. She's done so on few occasions mostly to deeply understand one's character and personality. Other times, she's capable of placing visions or illusions born from her kindness in order to make someone meet their own demons and annihilate thoughts of dejection or fear. Theoretically, Ambrosia's capable of manifesting debilitating thoughts that could cause one to go insane for a short period of time, rendering them useless for the duration she maintains such a practice.

Personal Defense Weapons

Effector Emissions Firearm

The Effector Emissions Firearm (EEF) is an imitated pistol designed, reportedly, by Utopia itself and presented to Ambrosia Von Carstein of Bloodshade as a diplomatic gesture. The firearm is, effectively, a housing for an Effector with scalable power, ranging from light and sudden application of pain in nerve endings surrounding the beam's impact to complete and utter destruction of the nervous system of the target.

However, to do this, the mechanisms involved are too unwieldy to fit in a pistol. Thus, the appropriate infrastructure is generated in subspace, via revolutionary picocircuitry hidden in a brooch that came with the EEF. (Special thanks to The Scientific Utopia of Arkeyana for this description of the EEF!)


Despite Ambrosia being part of an affluent family with royal blood, Ambrosia refuses to live in the many von Carstein family estates, living off of her annual salary of ₴70,000. Alongside her salary, Ambrosia makes a living by being a muse for creative artists and also holding group tutoring sessions for undergraduate students from the University of Valyria in subjects such as economics, mechanics, and statistics. She charges ₴5 an hour per student. Currently, she lives in a small, cosy studio apartment in downtown Valyria, which costs her around ₴8,000 a month.

Fun Facts

  • Ambrosia's a staunch militant pacifist even if that makes her a disgrace to Lahmians! However, you'd be suicidal if you decided to tell her that to her face.

  • Ambrosia easily comes off as a childish girl, but few rumors are claiming that she has an alter ego where she's a ruthless, pragmatic, sadistic, manipulative and stoic. Some say that she is deadly as she is beautiful, but so far, there's no evidence to support this theory, and this might as well all be slander.

  • Ambrosia loves board games, and she has around 400 different board games in her family estate's basement. She hasn't played all of them, but she plans too!

  • Believe it or not, Ambrosia's hermaphroditic being. Just remember, it's not nice to talk about someone's parts unless you're interested.

  • Previously, Ambrosia was known to be a pushover. Now, she's one of the most powerful Lahmians in Bloodshade and at the ripe age of thirty-four years to boot, contesting the power of millennia-old Lahmians in more ways than just destructive power.

  • Ambrosia, as well as all the other Lahmians of her race, are not your typical hematophages. They’re not helpless against sunlight, silver, wooden stakes, garlic and whatever stereotypical vulnerabilities you’re thinking of although some do prove more effective than conventional methods.

  • Ambrosia can go from sounding like a typical valley girl to a sultry and eloquent British noblewoman, depending on her audience.

  • Ambrosia's hair is around 1.5 meters long. It can almost reach her ankles if she lets her hair flow freely.

  • Ambrosia is known as a 'friendly neighborhood Lahmian' because of her positive interactions with the depressed and mentally ill of many vulnerable communities. She's known to spend much time with depressed individuals until they're able to pick themselves back up again. Tutoring was a rather effective tool to help show folks they had potential in them that just needed unlocking

  • If it somehow wasn't obvious, Ambrosia shows symptoms of being a nymphomaniac and is because she's starved for affection for most of her life. Still, most recently, she's learnt to appreciate the presence of a loved one rather than get in their pants.

  • Ambrosia loves cooking, but she's rather mediocre at it. Complimenting her 'food' makes her happy but you'll probably have to eat it to prove it.

  • Ambrosia is in love with alcohol. Her favorite types of liquor are vodka, single malt whiskey, malt beer and Pinot Gris wine. Don't ask how many bottles she drinks.

  • Ambrosia loves meeting hematophages from foreign lands since it humbles her to think the Lahmians on Bloodshade aren't the only species of hematophages.

  • Ambrosia loves meeting aliens or people not from her home-world as she hopes that they'll be able to elevate the nation into the stars someday.

  • Ambrosia has always been irreligious since her family has still been opposing the gods throughout history in an attempt to become one themselves.

  • Ambrosia is a masochist, and the fact that she's a Lahmian makes her able to tolerate this trait due to her strength.

  • Ambrosia has rejected 347 official marriage proposals so far. These proposals don't include all the messages she's been getting on social media. She has her eyes trained on someone else, love.

  • Ambrosia likes kissing. Sometimes, she might not be interested in the person she's kissing. She'd just be involved in the pure sensation of kissing itself. However, now in her current relationship, she enjoys giving Amaki kissies uwu

  • Due to her nature, Ambrosia seeks the most efficient and compassionate effects of Daorun. The last thing she wants to do is hurt another with the power of her mind.