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Opinions on Bloodshade, Ambrosia von Carstein & Company

"Because some opinions need to be immortalized in electric stone rather than be left at the mercy of the dreaded auto-prone." - The being behind Bloodshade

In all honestly, I thank each and every one of you for the time you took to write out these opinions. Give yourselves a pat on the back. (There are more to come of course! This list will be an eternal WIP. There are some who've never had the chance to give an opinion or had theirs succumbed by the dreaded auto-prune. Sometimes, I'm also rather stupid and have probably forgotten to add some people. Please let me know if you come by this list somehow.)

The Avant-Gardist States of Surrealist Patagonia

"Beauty is in the eyes of beholder and I struggle to find any beauty in Ambrosia. For there is only beauty in chaos and asymmetry. Her political positions only spell out this for me - L I B E R A L I S M. There's no revolutionary drive and zeal, just complacency and acting within the realm of reason. A true revolutionary would have done away with representative democracy and constitutional monarchism, and ascend to a higher realm of governance which is absolute direct democracy of the masses. I dislike the holier-than-thou personalities which exhumes from her circle without having the ability to grasp the bigger picture as well."
"But her heretical stance is a fine one. Gods are cruel in creating us without our consent and shaping the world as the Gods see fit against human (and vampire) interests. She gives off an aura of hubris and I could commend her for it. Yes, let us curse the Gods and do away with human faith. Aimlessness will accelerate the process of bringing about a Futurist society."
~ Konrad "Caligula" Svoboda, Le Patron of the Most Surreal Confederation of Patagonia

The United Federation of Zitravgrad

Right Over Here

Look upon those green eyes.
Wouldn't you think alike?
Those eyes do shine oddly bright
For a creature of the night.

Young for vampires, but wise.
The fire burns right in heart.
Beyond her is so long a path.
But with her, she carries a prepared heart.

Her beauty of the face is one thing.
And the grace of her mind is another.
Come now, we ought to remember.
She is more than for show!

Darkened past fought and reconciled
For the Countess has determined.
"If I were to live a thousand years,
Should I not make them good ones?"

True, carefree passion might be her ace.
But after years upon years of heartache,
Happiness she has long sought,
Might be in the comfort of the loved ones.

Over the realm of Bloodshade she overlooks.
A route of peace and progress, she took.
Internal conflicts to be neutralized.
And the spirits of all factions united.
Vladimir Kirillovich Zaradinsky
Public Relations of the Workers' Party

"For Frau Hoffmeister... of course, I would say that I prefer her as much as she prefers us -- not really. But that's what's so great about her, an almost independent spirit, an almost dignified soul and an almost shrewd administrator... she has this excellent ability to make anyone sigh in contemplation with her oratory skill: "why am I still listening?" kind of oratory skill."
Signed with due regards -- His Excellency, Kazimir Ivanovich Miroslavsky
Premier of the United Federation of Zitravgrad, Commander-in-Chief of Zitravgradian Armed Forces, Director of National Law Enforcement Committee

"There are both senses of superiority and inferiority in our games, but we did not think much about it. The Bloodshade Difesameija is an organization that rules more than lands, waters, and skies -- but we have duly informed them that we are not yet capable of space warfare and definitely not capable of arcane... whatever. This means that the drill training we can offer them is mainly physical and mental, since their technical training at home will be definitely superior to ours."
"I could definitely tell that they are not impressed with our equipment and weapons. *snickers* But that's not the point... and perhaps they know not to rely too much on machines. Today, we just do the drill and have a few tests. The soldiers of Bloodshade have near-impeccable physical endurance, being of many races other than humans (but we will not discern the difference of their humans and ours). Mental strength is also something of note -- it does appear that the Bloodshade soldiers are surprisingly more individualistic than our men. A reminder of our imperial days in which upper-class officers pursue military careers for personal glory rather than nationalistic cause. They operate well together as a group, but only when ordered, and do not bond much outside of duty. It is an oddly cold circumstance to witness and I am not used to it."
"Also, I just kind of found out that some of them were deadly afraid of A.I. Not 'afraid' as in 'I can't fight it' but 'afraid' as in 'cringe'."

- Staff Sergeant [Name Redacted], Zitravgradian Army

The ထာဝရပျော်ရွှင် ကြောင်ကမ္ဘာ of Valentine Z

Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General ov Valentine Z” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Tristian Marnix Basilisk Lewis Hyatt X. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing: Ambrosia has been a very true friend since Day 1, from the very start, I know that our nation and theirs have something special. It's still unbelievable that just because she is a vampire, that she has to conform to some standards, or that people are looking in scrutiny at her. I mean, she got her blood consumption controlled, right? That should at least account for something, but nope, these people, I swear to goodness. Either way, I am very positive, of course!

Valentina “De Sierlijke en Vrij High Valkyrie ov Valentine Z” Anastasia Freya Ada. Jolin Annelijn Caitlin Trijntje Crystal Clarice Constance Judy Voi. D. Nexitros Annile Teresa Thida Myat Yadana Aye: Oooh, I always love your dresses! It's a shame that they don't usually come in, well, giantess size! Maybe I could shrink down and wear them, or maybe make these clothes bigger with sheer magic! The possibilities are endless! I don't know why I didn't think of it before, but I guess maybe some other time. I am positive on you as well, Ms. Ambrosia! I think you and I have some resemblance to each other, given our common abilities in magic. Is it the same type?

Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison: Well, I will have to say. Throughout the eternities I have spent around here, I am still very happy to see and have them as a company, and that includes the Divine Queen herself as well. I swear, she used to have a different look, but who am I to judge? After all, people do love to dress up now and then, and we Valentians are no stranger to that idea. The only unfortunate thing is that for the Queen, she might have changed appearance, but she's the same shtick.

Exuberant Superintendent T-2000/2904-3 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi: Oooh, Ms. Ambrosia! It's been soooo long, how have you been? I believe that we have known each since those good old days, if you know what I mean! You know, when I used to have a more cartoonish look, orange hair, and always holding a bunch of flowers in her hand. Ahh, how time has passed, and look at us now! I mean, we are still very, very dipper, but ohh, how I do miss those times back then. Very simpler times that people call "nostalgia", I believe. I am still very positive on you, and especially towards Alarielle! Looks like we are not the only ones who knew about Holly and Klarissa, who can control the flow of Nature! Hmm, this is certainly interesting! Adrianaaa! ^^

Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian: Ooooh, haha! Hello there to everyone! Ahh, I must say that it is a pleasure to meet the familiar faces, along with the rest of you! Ahh, I remembred what you said about me, Victoria! "I pity you, Adriana. At the end of the day, you live in the shadow of a much more recognizable and bubblier being, similarly to how everyone sees me as the meek version of Ambrosia. You were born for war and yet you are a bubbly, cheerful little thing. Does war allow for cheerfulness? No and yet you've been programmed to be as happy as your big sister! My dear, you are lost potential. You do not have to be a clone of your dear Clarissa. You can be so much more!" Don't worry about that! Both Clarissa and I are treated in the exact same way as each other, just like the other AI around us! I won't really call myself a clone. More of that I have a different function compared to Clarissa, but we are still spiritual sisters to each other, and we each have a different personality from one another. I am not saying this because I am hurt by your words. I think you deserve some clarification, and I am here to deliver it! Talk to you again soon, of course!

The I Need a Hero of Fallen Albali

"I have to admit, Ambie surprised me. She's patient and kind, yet she has a backbone and quite some sass that she won't hesitate to use. I love how she is willing to stand up for herself and for what is right, even when it is easier not to. To get personal, she has taught me many things about myself, and has helped me in my life immeasurably. Life would certainly be less complicated if I didn't fall in love with her, but would it be better? I doubt it."
- Amaki

"Ambie is a leader - a woman - everybody can strive to be. Caring. Nice. But she isn't afraid of sticking up for herself and speaking her mind when she feels the need to. I can respect that. I'd like to keep my own... ahem, personal experiences with her out of this, but I think she knows exactly what I think of her in a less political setting. There are only so many ways I can say she is a good woman. I love her. Whoops, I said I wouldn't say that. Oh well, she knows that anyway."
- Amaki

The Dominion of Platinia

"Quite the pretty looking lady, if i may say so myself. Politically, she is very ruthless but very well-meaning. i definitely approve of her being for the rights and freedoms of the individual. the brashness of the removal of these came at a surprise, but it is totally understandable as you want to do what is best to protect you people and ensure their absolute survival, i would do the same if i did not have my own defences, but my people have always been ready to put down all that to help if it ever came to such. but i digress. her views on religion and culture are fair. she is also another who wishes to stay away from the likes of socialism, which again, is perfectly fine. she leads her own way and i fully respect that decision. all i care about is keeping such differences aside and growing a friendship of other common causes, which, i would hope to earn such from her in due time, but we shall see. All that being said, she is pretty respectable and capable. here is hoping we can start off positive."

- Exarch Sera

The Republic of Sibirer Refublik

"Victoria... what a pretty name... don't take that the wrong way, please. Regardless, I do have my respect for her. In many ways, I respect her more than I respect myself. I'm a lawyer and she's a soldier. My battles were all legal, her struggle with figurative demons with guns and explosives... Elohim above, I can't even begin to imagine what you have been through, though I can certainly read it. Veinhorn... I bet that name is synonymous with Afghanistan in your world. Then again, your people seem to always be at war. Not to mention the heartache that is your life back home. You poor, poor lady.

But enough feeling sorry. I am not here to sob over the life of someone thousands of lightyears beyond my own domain. I see in her an unfortunate soul, one driven by a desire to save people if it means abandoning one's morals. I can sympathize with that in a way. The collective does matter more than the individual, especially in times of dire strife. I can even agree with her peacetime policies, though only somewhat... And- hey, she hates Nazis, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend... right?"

The Polite People's Pepublic of Socialist Communist States

"Ambie Wambie uwu. It's nice to see you again. While we may have some 'minor' political differences -- you oppose the sane notion of allowing rich, greedy, corporations to lobby governments -- we can still get along. I see you're a woman of culture, drinking vodka and Pinot Gris. I'm a man of drinks as well. I can handle a bottle of carbonated orange drink... well I know its not that impressive as alcohol, but it is in my book. Although, if I'm being honest, I would like to taste a bit of your cooking. It's not because me and Gore are starving because we buggered up the nations food supply... partially... but because we're interested in knowing what the great Ambrosia likes to make. I'm sure if you made us something, we'd quite enjoy it. You know you'll always have a positive rating in my book, regardless of our differences."
- The Ultimate Supreme Leader: Kokichi Oma

"Ms Ambrosia, I hear you can speak to Deitys, such as Isis. I wonder if this mystical power you have could let me find ManBearPig. You would be greatly rewarded with one of my many inventions: the dial-up modem. It'll allow you to have access to my other invention, the internet™. Although, if your power involves ManBearPig taking over your body like Isis, then we may have a problem. However, I see you are also a friend of the environmental movement as you are opposed to Fossil Fuel usage. As an Emmy award winner, and winner of the 2000 election popular vote, I'd like to give you now of my famous UN PowerPoint presentations. *clears throat* Climate change is an existential threat that has caused uwu memes to..."
- The Vice President and Super Cereal Presidential Candidate: Al Gore giving his super cereal PowerPoint Presentation

*Kim Fatty I is seen at a table with Salem, who is panicking and tied to a plate, getting ready to eat.*

"Oi, Kim, no! Ambie Wambie's gonna make us something! Stop, you'll ruin our chance for food!"
- The Ultimate Supreme Leader: Kokichi Oma panicking.

The Republic of Ignis States

“You know, I have to say: Vishala actually has some damn sense compared to everyone else. Not only is she strong enough to not give a sh*t about what people do, but she’s headstrong and reliable. Honestly, she reminds me almost of a genderbent me. Pretty sure she can kick ass, too. All in all, I’d love to have a drink with her and just talk about life. Positive opinion.”

-Mark Draksesa

“I don’t know much about Ms. Victoria, but I really want to meet her! If Mrs. Ambrosia likes her, I bet I will. But...I don’t like some of her ideas. I don’t think anyone’s a leech, everyone’s important to society! Survival of the fittest just makes people sociopaths...And I don’t like it when people just turn on each other for their own gain. That and...well, I don’t think she really worked for anything on her own. But I bet she’s a nice enough lady! I’m neutral.”

-Strein Iuseira Draksesa Váradi, Princeps Senatus

The Empire of Daruwong

“The Dream is unveiled once more; another reviled future that I pray comes not to be. Before I speak of the chalked-women I make now my confession; every passing omen brings my greater doubt; greater despair; I see so little of us and myself within this soul and so much we have deemed wrong; it unsettles me.

Victoria is some manner of demon; a ghoul upon the world; a mosquito-walker. She has endured battle and for this I offer the faintest respect, though she lacks the blood of Djab Wurrung; let alone the blood of kin. ignorant of much of what she encountered. Every day I feel more ignorant of the world of Dreams; of the omens...I digress. She recognised authority in crises; else she values the words of the lesser kin of common blood. This is a sacrilege. But it is not a sacrilege solely her own. On the matter of her I am hesitant to speak; so much remains unknowable and my convictions grow ever more shaken each portent that is revealed to my eyes.

Of Kali I may say even less; I despise her ideals with passion and fire; she would feel the same of my own and my reign. She carries the arrogance of a certain fool; it shadows her and I will not ignore the slight that it is. Even more than Victoria she sees the common good as the arbiter of all. No crown to watch over her, no gods to fast their judgment, no distinctions between blood of the stillborn and firstborn; this is the way she wishes for herself and for her people and it is wrong. No more shall I utter of her methods. There is...too much even now.”

- Empress Wallalie I

The BOXY BROWN of Nantoraka

"We could use more Ambrosia's out there, honestly. She thinks of her nation and her people first, and places herself second, and I love that about her. She's lovely to talk to, easy to get along with, and a great conversationalist. I've dug about as deep as I could into her personality and what I know about her, but I can't find anything that should make me hate or fear her. Like at fact the scariest part about her is that there's nothing wrong with her."

"Besides, I don't make it a secret I think she's cute."
-Director Phur'an

The Grand Imperium of Imperial-Octavia

"The main problem we have with Ambrosia is that she is a hypocrite and it can be seen right now. While she praised her friend (and knowing her probable lover) for taking power in a situation of desperation, she despises the Hive queen for almost the exact same thing, but because she can't get into it's pants now it is evil. She hated us for taking proper control of our decadent state and yet turns around and cuddles with the likes of Zen? Who is almost the exact same as us policy wise, except for assimlaton? She will speak of pacifism, but again as seen above, when one talks badly of one of her lovers due to their culture she tells them they can watch themselves get crushed? This is why we call her a w**re, she will throw away any moral pretenses she had for quick pleasure with foreign leaders. This is why we cannot respect her for if she at least had the moral fortitude to hold on to her positions despite being contrary to ours we could at least credit her for that, but she doesn't. And for all those reasons, our opinion is solidly negative to the bloodsucking w**re."
-The Paramount

The Grpyhonic States, puppet of The Kraterocracy of Uvoan

"Hmph... I find myself unimpressed by what is brought before me- A petulant child that has yet to realize the place of itself in the grand scheme. Fighting to keep it's place- But not through steel, but words. 'Ambrosia' is another example of what failed the Human State- She is a pacifist, trying to fight a war against the world itself using worlds, and not the strength of armies. She could rally the people to her, and end all claimants to her position in just a few days! But no- Instead, she fights with words where steel would do far better... Her words mean little to me, if not backed by steel..."
"... Hmmm, what is this...?... Ohohoh- You hide things, child. Something far stronger- And far more willing to take a direct hand. Something I can respect... Even if it must constantly lurk within the shadows- It is still doing far more to change the world that Bloodshade resides within than some pacifist with a dream of a nation carved among the stars. I will simply state this however- I do not like it...But I like it more than Ambrosia."
-Councilor Ual De'Zeven

The Blooded Isle of Rauys Hulms

On the Countess:

"Ah. One of us. An idiotic thing to say, for she and I are alike in ways that are oh so few in number. She appears to have been born into vampirism, for instance. Her world treats it as a separate lifeform entirely, rather than the disease my... contemporaries oh so vehemently insist it is. Who is to say which appraisal bears more weight? And yet I stand somewhat apart from even that - for a covenant-blooded vampire is something of an oddity even among our kind. Regardless, on a surface level, broad similarities of race and provenance are about all we share. She is a pacifist, while I... am not. She hails for her people to be coddled by the institution she leads, while I consider such antics to weaken one's populace. Doctrinally, we couldn't be more apart. And yet... she and I are more alike than she might care to admit. For she too seeks power. Perhaps not to the same ends, and indeed she would no doubt detest the notion that what she is doing is in any way antethical. But she is a manipulator. She may barter and bargain, but it all amounts to seizure of might. She strikes deals with her enemies to secure her position, and stands steadfast against that which she believes to jeopardize her goals. For that, at least, she has some measure of respect from me. This does not mean that I endorse her, by any stretch of the word. I am resolutely against practically all she has set out to achieve with her nation. But she is certainly no pushover, no matter what her critics may assume. To one with an eye for power, that much is obvious."
-Onvyr Tradan, Lord of the Isle

On the Queen:

"A show-woman. One who claims artificial poverty, resigns herself to the life of a pauper for the sake of sucking approval from the masses. Who w***es herself out to self-proclaimed gods to claw some modicum of power for an agenda that is not her own. She too seeks power... but she is a leech. And this is coming from a vampire. I... somehow empathize with Ambrosia more than I do with this woman, despite our broad doctrinal similarities. She seeks rule not by strength or merit, but by some divine "right". She spins tall tales of her rise from the lowest strata of society, but all that gives such things credence is the peoples' wide-eyed belief in her godliness and grace. One must seize opportunity. Build upon it. She and I both know that. But her methods of attaining such are utterly revolting."
-Onvyr Tradan, Lord of the Isle

The Empire of Gary Montgomery Stu

“Vishala—perhaps she and I won’t be so drastically different from each other when it comes to laying our lives on the line to protect those we love. She would go out of her way to defend Ambrosia as I too will for the innocents. It is a really sad thought for me to think that, in some other timeline, Vishala would live her life without meeting the very person who will become her greatest motivation: a sister.”
- Percy Robicheaux

The 🎄 Jᴏʟʟʏ Sᴜᴘʀᴇᴍᴀᴄʏ 🎄 of Khoronzon

"Ambrosia... That's a very nice name. Ambrosia von Carstein. I've heard a bit about her from Narce and Vas, they don't seem to like her much. 'Pacifist egalitarian democrat, guzzles wine without finesse like a fish drinks water'. She strikes me as a lost soul, aimlessly wandering through existence without any great purpose to latch onto. You could say her devotion towards 'progress' is one thing, but what is she progressing towards? Trivial freedoms, so others may join her in her aimlessness. My comrades despise her, but my feelings lean more towards pity, and I can see part of myself reflected in her. Had I been deprived of my purpose, left to rot in an alienating society with no cause, I could see myself leading a similar life, floating around without a direction, hoping to latch onto fleeting traces of pleasure and fulfillment. We even had similar upbringings - skipping class, taking drugs, pursuing the arts when our parents had other goals. It seems I have a lot more in common with someone so fundamentally opposed to Khoronzonite values than is probably befitting of a member of the Emperor's Inner Circle. Oh well. I'm sure she hates me with a passion, which should make up for it."

Alfbading levant

"The Lady of Carstein is a mystery to me. Not because of her hatred of civilization and good order -no, that I can easily understand; a bloodsucking lich with no affinity to religion would become nothing else- but her insistence on appropriating the Long-standing Tradition of monarchy by granting herself the title of Gravin will ever make me raise an eyebrow."

His Levantine Majesty Adelbrand, by the Grace of the Unconquered and the Anointed, King of the Levant

The 🎺 Zombie World Republics of Silver Commonwealth

Opinion on Ambrosia

A significant portion on this will be directed towards dissecting her political views, with little room for personal life. Let's start with her in civil rights, and environmental sphere... It is very good, that she protects various minorities from discrimination, and also has made advances in terms of women's rights. However, let's hope, that she is also ready to defend those rights from reactionaries, who would want to abolish them - with force, if necessary. Her establishment for zoos is also good, in order to protect the species. Usually animals are out from my main priorities, but I still hope, that they will not go extinct, and have a good life. Sometimes, when living a partisan's life, and having to scavenge/get food myself, I have had to hunt animals, sadly...

It is good, that while she legalized drug trade, she didn't also leave it up to vile men from cartels, and actually established a reliable, safe channel. Her welfare programs, and poverty reliefs overall are good too, and a big improvement over those creepy libertarians, and ''socially liberal, fiscally conservative'' types. However, her foreign policy is where our first major disagreements would start to kick in - I know, that she doesn't want her citizens to die in pointless wars, but in my opinion, some interventionism, and militarism is needed, if your nation has enemies on all sides, just like us. In such case, sending in agitators to hostile neighbors, and threatening MAD is a necessary evil, as tyrants will not give up their power voluntarily.

As for the rest of the political stuff, I mostly agree with her on things like healthcare, culture, and so on. Now, for her personal life... I know, that she loves her family, and I love my one as well. In fact, loving your fellow comrades just like you would love your family is a good way, of how to establish a strong bond, and ensure less desertions. However, you must also be wary of family at the same time, as they often know your weakest spots, and if enemies play their cards rights, they might get them to reveal those spots.

The Unitary World Order of Neo-Unified Nations

"A ***king nonhuman, your kind make me glare at you with hatred and murderous intent, perhaps it is because of the fact that your kind, vampires, are one of my arch-enemy Supernatural species, next to the Ghosts, however I will spare you from my anger and focus my attention to your style of rule, it's actually perfect for your nation, the fact that you advocate peace is quite the unique quality compared to what your nonhuman kind are known for, if you were a human, I'd shake your hand, but you aren't, but you don't deserve a bullet, just a Glare, all you get from me, a talented NUNIT agent, is a glare."

-Captain Evan Alexander, Leader of MTF Alpha-1.


"Legend has it that the first vampyres were born the day I spilled the blood of the first mortal serial killer. Or maybe that's a lie I made up; who knows, really? The secret history of the primordial and never-ending is unknown to all without omniscience. As for you, my dear, you are a ravishing creature plagued by weakness. An immortal being gripped by the flaws and failures of mortal kind. A Greek tragedy."
- Archdemon Pride

"I want to ***k her."
- Archdemon Lust

"This comes as a surprise to no one."
- Archdemon Pride

"I want to ***k her a LOT."
- Archdemon Lust

"Yes, thank you for this vital information."
- Archdemon Pride