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Divine Queen Johanna Engel

Name: Johanna Engel
Date of Birth: 10 December 1995 (Age: 24)
Species: Human
Nicknames: Lioness of Hope
Height: 184.2 cm
Birthplace: Akendorf, Bloodshade
Martial Status: Single
Children: None
Siblings: None
Occupations: Prophetess of Order, Divine Queen of Bloodshade (Constitutional Monarchy), Roaming preacher
Alma Matar: None
Political alignment: The people of Bloodshade
Sexual Orientation: Asexual (Possibly Bisexual, according to Ambrosia Von Carstein)
Religion: Cult of Order

Political compass


Johanna Engel is the Divine Queen of Bloodshade and a self-proclaimed 'Prophetess of Order'. She is idolized by many humans and some dwarfs for her divine appearance, gentleness, humility but most importantly, people generally consider Divine Queen Johanna Engel to be one of the most compassionate people that have graced the land due to her devoting herself to a life of community service and preaching the Sigmarite gospel. However, not everyone is ready to open their ears to this lady's honeyed words. Many republicans, especially Ambrosia, believe that this upstart monarch is nothing but a con-woman who is appropriating the tenants of the Cult of Order for her own benefit. Whenever the Divine Queen is under heavy fire by her critics, Johanna simply returns to a lifestyle of poverty and donates all her wealth to a multitude of soup kitchens, orphanages and whatever worthy establishments that exist in Bloodshade. The Queen then simply waits until she regains the people's trust and support so that no one will mind her returning to her grand palace and resuming her work.

While many men dream of having the Divine Queen as their bride, the Queen shuns all romantic pleasures and lives a life of chastity, claiming that she is married to the people and to the nation itself. However, she does not stop admirers from attempting to court her but so far, she claims that no man could ever hope to let her forsake her love for humanity. However, according to anonymous sources, it is believed that the Divine Queen regularly tumbles with the most desirable noblemen of the realm. In response to these allegations, the Divine Queen said "Those who wish to see me stripped of my power should know that I would never aspire to be the chief head of the nation unless the people truly wished it. Every second I waste to prove my purity is a second that I could've spent helping a poor, unfortunate soul."

As seen in her official portrait, Divine Queen Johanna Engel wears the same white dress for all occasions, claiming that she has no need to spend her money on clothing when a simple white dress granted to her by the divines would serve her well. Also, the white dress is seen by her supporters as a sign of her purity and chastity, which makes her look even more elegant and saintly than she already is in their eyes.

The Prophetess came from humble beginnings and saw firsthand just how difficult, disgusting and frightening life can be for the poorest of the poor, especially since she originally lived in the town of Akendorf which is located at the fringes of Bloodshade's borders where it is difficult for the law to stamp out crime and corruption. According to Divine Queen Johanna Engel, she had lived her life as a poverty-stricken beggar and as an underpaid toiler in the Holy Temple of Sigmar, with no family to depend on. One day, she claimed that she woke up to the realization that she was emanating holy power and exhibiting unnatural vigor. Without having any second thoughts, all she wished to do after her discovery was preach and tend to the people of Akendorf so that they may be put on the right path.

Her Majesty believes that the nation has forgotten all about their ancient traditions and culture that paved the way for the nation to become powerful and united. She also claims that the powers that be are too authoritarian and depraved, strangling the people's ability to run honest businesses but allowing dens of sin to corrupt the youth of Bloodshade. This viewpoint of hers significantly raised her support among the middle class, conservatives and ultra-rich. Despite her disappointment in the system, Her Majesty stresses that change must come peacefully and that people must be convinced, not coerced, into embracing the tenants of Order. Prophetess Engel decreed that any who kill, in order to spread her message, should be shunned until they can prove that will never raise a weapon against a fellow citizen. However, the Prophetess is not too keen about foreign cultures, aliens or other species. While she has not made her views clear, she has occasionally suggested that the people should be ready to take up arms against those who wish to violently stop humanity from being unified, even if it is other humans.

Her Majesty also believes that the time will come when the nation will not need a tyrannical monster or a pompous elected official to run it. Instead, the nation will need a mother such as herself to nurture its citizens and guide them to glory. While Her Majesty does claim that authoritarianism is generally evil, she believes that her benevolence, willingness to listen to others, divinity and her gentle heart will make it so that she will be the first person to prove herself wrong about authoritarianism.


Johanna Engel is a modest women and despite being showered with fame and wealth after being pronounced as a prophetess and queen. Johanna refused to let the power get to her head and despite the wishes of her most ardent of supporters, the Prophetess refused to be housed in a grand mansion or an imposing castle, claiming that she doesn't want to waste the taxes paid by her beloved citizens for the sake of materialistic desires.

Instead, her Majesty spent 7 months building a house of her own in the middle of the woods, far away from any urban areas. During those 7 months, she simply lived in the woods where she was constructing her own house. At the behest of the powers that be, a permanent portal was added inside of her house in case she was summoned to Valyria, the capital city.

Despite Her Majesty being perfectly content with living alone in the woods, multiple wealthy supporters have attempted to surprise her with grandiose dwellings, which Her Majesty graciously accepts but then turns them into rather opulent orphanages and homeless shelters, using the money gained from the Sovereign fund (amounts to 80 million Blood Echoes a year) to maintain these places for the benefit of the poor.


Imperial Culture, Imperialism, Cult of Order's strictures, Theocracy, State Capitalism, Militarism, Arming the populace, Masculinity, Spirituality, Absolute Monarchy, Conservatism, Charity, Autarky, Capital Punishment, Conversion Therapy, Asceticism

Homosexuality, Liberalism, Artificial Intelligence, Welfare, Pacifism, Foreigners, Materialism, Animal Cruelty, Tyranny of the Majority, Drug Legislation, Abortion, Prisoner Rehabilitation

Fun Facts

  • Johanna is an expert in the use of small arms and light weapons, thanks to spending many hours in firing ranges across the nation.

  • It is believed that Johanna's ancestry traces back to the Bretonnian noble, Baron Tybalt, who was famous for colonizing the region previously known as the Border Prince Confederacy.

  • Johanna has no formal education whatsoever. Instead, she was taught basic skills, such as reading and writing, by visiting establishments, such as bars and parks, all across the nation and begging people to share their knowledge with her. Nowadays, she instead has decided to educate herself without the guidance of others, in the comfort of her cabin in the woods.

  • Johanna has a calming effect on her followers and critics alike. As a result, she's able to break up any arguments between the two parties, simply by raising her hand.

  • While Johanna does not have any inherent magical abilities, she has the extraordinary ability and eloquence to call upon gods and goddesses, from multiple pantheons, to bless and aid her in her time of need. With them by her side, she has been observed to shrug off explosions and bullets when she receives a temporary blessing.

  • Johanna is an expert at cooking meals because during her time in poverty, she would offer her services for free in any establishment, in exchange for the chance to be taught how to cook. As a result, she needs no cooks to feed her as she can feed herself better than anyone could.

  • Johanna claims that she abstained from sex and alcohol, from the day that she was blessed with divine energy.

  • Johanna is one of the most charitable figures in all of Bloodshade. Currently, she donated around 100 billion Blood Echoes to non-profit organizations and places of worship

  • Her Majesty is currently the youngest monarch to have ever been crowned in the history of Bloodshade. It took her only 5 months of flaunting her divinity until she was granted a royal status.

  • Even though her every day actions paint her as a benevolent being, it is believed that Johanna Engel holds xenophobic and racist views to certain races of humanity and non-human species.

  • Johanna is well known for her beauty across the land and is considered to be a household name. As a result, she receives around 30,000 courtship applications every months, which she takes the time to read in her free time.

  • There is a conspiracy theory lurking about that Johanna is attempting to gather support from religious figure, influential industrialists and pious military officers in order to turn Bloodshade into an absolute monarchy.

  • Upon being crowned Queen of Bloodshade, Her Majesty, to the surprise of many, admitted to committing a series of crimes during her past life as a beggar such as first degree trespassing, grand larceny, assault, vandalism, prostitution, loitering, shoplifting

  • Due to such an admission of guilt (Look at previous fact), Her Majesty was originally sentenced to 20 years in prison but due to popular pressure, she was instead sentenced to 15 years of probation and 10 years of community service. She was also fined 600,000 Blood Echoes.

Early Life

Childhood and Origins

Johanna never knew who her parents were, as she was left at the doorstep of an Akendorf convent. Johanna was raised by the nuns of the Akendorf Sigmarite convent who agreed upon naming her 'Johanna' as they believed that having the opportunity to raise a pure baby was nothing short but the work of the gods, a gift from the gods if you may say so. However, at 7 years of age, Johanna Engel never felt at home among the nuns and immediately fled from the convent once a nun told her that she was granted to the convent as a baby. Johanna went on a quest to search for her parents but instead, she ended up becoming a pauper, living off of the generosity of strangers, foraging for scraps whenever she can and even stealing when she was ravenous and desperate.

Young Johanna would continue to search for her parents for many lonely years but although it was clear that her parents were never to be found and were clearly not interested in finding a child they abandoned, Johanna still spent the majority of her life roaming around the nation's cities and wilderness in the hopes that her parents would recognize her likeness and finally comfort her after years of isolation and suffering. Instead of the happy ending that she imagined her mind, Johanna spent 12 years of her life being a beggar, always on the verge of starving and having to live off the land. However, there was one comfort in her life. It was her belief in the man-god of humanity, Sigmar, that allowed her to stay sane at night when the unforgiving cold gnawed at her bones and the when the bellowing of monsters filled the night. She believed her faith was the shield that protected her from darkness and danger. Even when she longed for the embrace of her own parents, she knew she would never truly be alone at night if her faith was strong enough.

As a beggar child, Johanna would receive various reaction from passersby, ranging from pity to contempt. Johanna had been chased off and harassed countless time by security guards and homeowners for being a nuisance. Her Majesty recalls that many times throughout her childhood, citizens would use their weapons to scare her off or even shoot at her if they had enough reason to believe that she was a threat but she does not hold any ill will towards those that frightened her away as it was their divine right to protect their land from any who would encroach upon it, even if it was Her Majesty herself.

Education and Religious Influences

Johanna would never receive an education and she never realized how important that was until she realized that no matter where she was in the nation, she always felt like an alien, hardly being able to communicate with others or understand the world around her. Again, Johanna could only rely on the generosity of strangers as she refused to allow herself to be trapped in an orphanage as that could end up getting in the way of her quest. Johanna Engel would simply go into taverns and bars, going around begging strangers to teach her how to function as a normal citizen. Occasionally, Johanna would find pure, kind-hearted individuals that would take the time of their day to teach her the fundamentals of education but most of the time, Johanna would be shooed away and forcefully expelled from an establishment for pestering customers.

Since Johanna considered herself to be a follower of the strictures of the cult, she would not shy away from visiting churches, temples and any other places of worship that were dedicated to the patron god of the foregone Empire of Man. Instead of being taught basic skills such as reading, writing and mathematics, Johanna would sit down during a sermon and listen to the priests speak stories and tales of the great Sigmar, the man who crushed hordes of enemies with hammer and fury so that he may unify the twelve tribes of mankind. Before these enlightening speeches, Johanna knew only knew of the fact that her god was the first emperor of man. However, Johanna's devotion and piety only grew with every tale that she heard. Although she was not allowed to live in these places of worship, Johanna, after the first sermon that she witnessed, began to make sure that she'd be sleeping rough near a church or temple of Order, so that she may get to a sermon on time and also guarantee that she'd get a meal, provided by the generous clergymen. With every sermon that she was a part of, Johanna would slowly forget about her original quest and why it was important. Eventually, Johanna would give up her quest once she arrived at the capital city, Valyria. At the age of sixteen, she finally realized that any more time spent on her childish quest would be a complete waste of time. Johanna believed that her parents had committed a crime against humanity when they abandoned her. If they were criminals as she thought, then they were simply not worth her time. Instead, Johanna Engel found that her life would be better spent in service to the Cult of Order. Johanna would enthusiastically beg to serve the order in Valyria. The Cult of Order welcomed her with open arms and even allowed such an enthusiastic woman to serve them in the Grand Holy Temple of Sigmar, the center of the Cult of Order. However, she was saddened that she was simply given menial tasks such as cleaning and cooking but at the end of the day, she knew her place and found that even that even though she was just a simple replaceable cog in the order, she still found that her work was still important as no human could work without a full belly or live in filth. Once Johanna knew that she had no wealth, strength, skills or magic to lend to the order, she accepted her position in the Cult of Order and was simply happy enough to finally find a purpose in her life. She continued to live and work to the bone in the temple until one fateful day that transformed her into the divine being that she currently is today.

Becoming the Prophetess

Johanna Engel stayed faithful to the order for 8 years. To most, her daily routine would be considered to be as punishing as a prison sentence but Johanna always thought of how privileged she was to be able to not worry about satisfying her hunger and having a roof over her head. She knew she was blessed than most as she had finally found her calling in life. Her home was wherever she can best serve the cult and serve her god.

While Johanna was seen as a joy to have at the temple due to her optimistic, cheerful and pious personality, the most devout of clergymen and followers of the Cult of Order are still baffled at seeing young woman such as herself would commit herself to a life of worship and asceticism when she has the opportunity to start a family or career. Even though Johanna was right at the bottom of the organizational structure of the Cult of Order, her unmatched piety and optimistic personality would not go unnoticed in a place that was known for its somber, solemn atmosphere. Eventually, Johanna's colleagues would start making up rumors, claiming that such an individual could be the female reincarnation of their man-god, who will come and personally save them from the next Chaos invasion.

Such a rumor grew like wildfire and within a year, it was the talk of the capital city and it eventually reached the ears of the Grand Theoganist himself. Frankly, he was disgusted by such a repugnant rumor which was now treated as fact by the faithful in Valyria, who would visit the Holy Temple of Sigmar just to see Johanna for themselves. Once the rumor became common knowledge, Johanna's life was completely disrupted as many followers would simply come to the temple in order to interrogate her and check if she was the real deal. The fact that Johanna was usually too afraid to answer any questions only made people more and more ravenous for answers until finally, the temple was closed from the public. The Grand Theoganist did not bother to entertain the rumors and simply ordered her to accompany him so that they can finally put the matter to rest. They did so broadcasting a message on their radio channel, with Johanna denying that she could ever be the reincarnation of Sigmar and saying that believing in such a rumor would be the equivalent of blasphemy. The next day, the temple was re-opened to the public and while the number of attendees did increase significantly thanks to the rumor, none dared to entertain such blasphemy in the hallowed halls of the temple of Sigmar. Johanna finally went back to her simple life and all was well but that was quick to change.

The night after broadcasting her message, Johanna would not sleep well as she would instead receive visions and messages from the gods and goddesses of the Old World. Johanna was apparently chosen to be the 'Prophetess of Order' and the deities of the Old World spent the night explaining what kind of role Johanna would have in this new age of technology. Once their message to her was complete, Johanna woke up instantly and found that her body was imbued with an otherworldly energy that she had never felt in her life at all. It did not even matter that she had no sleep. Her body showed no sign of fatigue, her soul was as vibrant as ever, her mind was sharp and her eyes were filled with determination.

In contrast to the drab garbs that she had previously worn, Johanna found that she was wearing an elegant white dress. She was certain that this was blessing from the deities and a sign that she serves a greater purpose now. Johanna did not walk about the temple, shouting about her divinity. She decided that the best way to proclaim her divinity was by allowing others to see it for themselves. The Prophetess simply walked out of her chambers and found her way to the altar of the Grand Temple of Sigmar. She only needed to sit on the altar itself, to signify that she would sacrifice her body and soul for the sake of protecting humanity from the dangers that will soon come to plague the world once more. One by one, people would casually enter the cathedral to resume their duties or pray only to find a divine and elegant figure who's presence filled the room was an aura of intoxicating dosage of calmness and bliss. Those who stayed were simply paralyzed by her appearance and could not help but continue to watch her. More and more people began to fill up the temple until noon time, when the temple was simply unable to embrace more craving followers. Once she realized that her audience would grow no more, the Prophetess leapt of the altar and began to eloquently explain her role in the world and how she would bring about much needed change for the Cult of Order and the nation, warning her flock that they must be ready for whatever dangers that may come in the future. With that said, she asked for the followers in the temple today to simply speak about what they've witnessed today.

Political Stances

Divine Queen Johanna believes that democracy has failed the nation and while she understands that it is much more probable for a democracy to have the best interests of the people at heart than a autocratic dictatorship, she believes that the corrupt nature of humanity is too easy to exploit. She believes that only a nation with an enlightened leader such as herself could possibly have the best interests of the people at heart while also being able to effectively give the people what they want, instead of wasting time debating or dillydallying about the effects of an action. The Divine Queen claims that if the nation is ready for her, she would be a woman of action, not words.

The Prophetess also believes that the nation needs not hold back the power of its military against human nations and those who wish to harm Bloodshade. In her mind, foreign nations with a majority population of humans are simply just future provinces of Bloodshade that are waiting to be seized when the time is right. If given the chance, she would remove all human authorities in the world and make sure that they would answer to the authorities of Bloodshade, making Bloodshade the stronghold of mankind.

Divine Queen Johanna believes that any nation that is not filled to the brim with mankind should not be harmed by Bloodshade's military. It would be a waste of resources, a tragedy and a crime against humanity to attack an inhuman nation that has no ill will towards Bloodshade. Instead, those nations should be treated with dignity and respect, like how one would treat a random friendly stranger who is going about their business.

While the Divine Queen understands that trade is an integral part of civilization, she believes that Bloodshade should make sure that in the event that the world stands against Bloodshade, the nation must make sure that it is not crippled by such a brazen act and hopefully, the nation should still be able to keep its people content.

Johanna Engel believes that the nation must understand that normal men and women are born to certain roles in their lives. She believes that when the population can finally understand this truth, the nation would work at peak efficiency, with men and women willingly abiding by their gender roles.

Powers and abilities

Johanna Engel possess many powers, granted to her by the pantheon of the Old World. It is believed that Her Majesty is just as powerful as the gods and goddesses that blessed her and she is effectively part of the pantheon of the Old World. However, despite the many formidable powers at her disposal, Johanna Engel is still a human at the end of the day and needs to expend spiritual energy if she wishes to use any active powers.As a human, her spiritual energy is extremely limited and she can only use one active power a day, for now at least. As she grows older, Her Majesty will most certainly become more accustomed to her role as 'The Prophetess of Order' and will most certainly become a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Due to the blessings of Sigmar, God of Mankind, Her Majesty is unnaturally persuasive with humans. When conversing with a human, there is a significant chance that Her Majesty can convince a human to support her. Her Majesty can also expend spiritual energy to place resolve, hope and courage in the hearts of men and women around her, making sure that none succumb to depression or despair for the duration of a day at least.

Due to the blessings of Morr, God of Death, Her Majesty's presence prevents all users of dark magic from being able to cast spells properly. Her Majesty can also expend spiritual energy to make the undead wither and turn to dust just by touching them.

Due to the blessings of Shallya, Goddess of Mercy and Healing, Her Majesty can expend spiritual energy to cure any injury or disease simply by touching the afflicted/injured living thing, whether it be fauna or flora. Her Majesty's presence, to an extent, causes people around her to refrain from fighting, instead resorting to diplomacy.

Due to the blessings of Taal, God of the Wilds, animals and monsters living in the wilderness do not see Her Majesty as a threat and will not attack her unless they are affected by magic. Her Majesty can also expend spiritual energy to able to speak to all wild animals and monsters for the duration of a day.

Due to the blessings of Rhya, Goddess of Agriculture and Birth, Her Majesty has an extraordinary green thumb and does not have any problem with gardening. Her Majesty can expend spiritual energy to restore the nutrients of a pasture or farmland, allowing it to regain its former glory once more. Her Majesty can expend spiritual energy to bless the birthing of a woman, allowing her to give birth without pain or suffering.

Due to the blessings of Manaan, God of the Sea, Her Majesty's aura is able to cause the sea to calm and she has also been granted foresight that allows to predict when and where a storm could happen, meaning that she can use this knowledge to steer clear of the dangers of the sea. Her Majesty can also expend spiritual energy to allow herself to walk on water for a day and to dispel a storm.

Due to the blessings of Ulric, God of Winter and Wolves, Her Majesty's body does not suffer from any illnesses or injuries caused by sub-zero temperatures, such as frostbite. Simply put, Her Majesty can walk through a snowstorm without worrying about catching a cold or freezing to death. Her Majesty can expend spiritual energy to bind a pack of wolves to her will for an entire day.

Due to the blessings of Myrmidia, Goddess of Warfare and Strategy, Her Majesty can expend spiritual energy to access Myrmidia's knowledge of war for a day, giving her Majesty the possibility of creating strategies during times of war and battle which could allow her forces to tip the tide in their favor.

Due to the blessings of Ursun, God of Bears and Strength, Her Majesty can expend spiritual energy so that she may temporarily gain the strength of the Great Bear himself, being able to lift around 90 tonnes, but only for a duration of one hour.

Religious Beliefs

Her Majesty, Johanna Engel, is a simple follower of the tutelary of mankind, Sigmar. She believes that without his wisdom, strength and courage, the twelve tribes of mankind would've succumbed to infighting and marauding monsters. While Her Majesty does believe in and pays tribute to every other god and goddess of the Old World pantheon. Her Majesty primarily worships the patron God of Mankind and dedicates most of her prayers and tributes to him.

Her Majesty spends at least 6 hours of her day praying in the Holy Temple of Sigmar in the hopes of receiving visions and guidance. On Sol's Day (Sunday), it is not uncommon for Her Majesty to spend the entire day at the Holy Temple of Sigmar, searching for guidance from the divines.

Her Majesty also believes that as the head of the Cult of Order, it is her duty to roam the nation and spread her teachings to the human populace. However, Her Majesty does not take offense when anyone tells her that her preaching is disruptive to the peace of the public. In case someone finds her to be a nuisance, Her Majesty will gladly end her mission, sincerely apologize for being inconsiderate of their feelings and even compensate the offended party. In her opinion, violently spreading one's religion is an unacceptable form of conversion. To her, it is unethical to force someone into the Cult of Order as they are simply of no benefit to the God of mankind if fear and coercion is why they worship him. In her mind, fear is an ancient tool, not fit to be used in this day and age. Johanna would prefer it if a united mankind were agnostic or atheist rather than forcefully converted into the Cult of Order.


Her Majesty works long and hard to protect the rights of the people. Thanks to her pressure against the government, men and women across the nation, especially in rural areas, have been given the right to use civilian assault rifles in order to protect their property against bandits and monsters.

However, the Queen is not always known to advocate civil liberties for all the people. In fact, the Queen has been advocating for the return of capital punishment for first degree murder, rape, pedophilia and corruption. She has also advocated for the return of a retributive justice system where violent prisoners receive harsh and brutal treatment for negatively affecting the society of Bloodshade. While Her Majesty understands that the poor and destitute might resort to a life of crime, she says that this does not give them the right to hurt others, claiming that she did not hurt or kill anyone even during her life of poverty. However, in her mind, even those that commit non violent felonies such as theft should be punished appropriately, including herself. Her Majesty said that she wishes to be sent to jail for at least 5 years of her life because of the fact that she resorted to a life of crime during her time as a poverty-stricken beggar when she stole food to survive and trespassed onto the property of others to find shelter.

Her Majesty has also pushed for easing access to immigrants from across the world to enter Bloodshade, regardless of their race, sex, skill level or age. She claims that all immigrants should have the right to live, work and become a proud citizen of Bloodshade. However, Her Majesty seems to favor easing access to nations with a majority of humans

Her Majesty wishes for all of Bloodshade's electricity demands to be met by renewable sources such as nuclear, wind, solar and water. This is because she agrees with the consensus of the scientific community that global warming is indeed a threat to mankind and should not be ignored. Along side that, she also believes that citizens have a right to breathe clean air, rather than breathe in coal particulates, mercury, lead and many other toxic chemicals that cause a human's health to deteriorate.

Also, Johanna Engel believes that humans do not have the right to murder animals for the sake of sport or wear their furs for the sake of fashion. Even though she's known to be a calm, dignified woman, she usually does not have enough patience to spare for poachers or fashionistas who think it is perfectly fine to exploit nature for their own selfish desires.

Her Majesty has taken part in many advertisements that would advise the populace from refraining to use recreational drugs to the point of destroying their own bodies. While Her Majesty does not taint herself with recreational drugs and would rather prefer that the citizenry would avoid recreational drugs, she doesn't mind allowing the populace to have access to soft recreational drugs that have a low potential of being used to abuse their own bodies as well as others.

Her Majesty has opened up several rehabilitation centers in Valyria in the hopes that victims of drug abuse will find the courage to come and overcome their addictions while also putting them back on track by guaranteeing them employment in one of the many religious organizations of the Cult of Order across the nation, if they wish to work in such an establishment anyways.

Her Majesty believes that welfare is a burden that the general populace has to bear through taxation. In her mind, it is too expensive to maintain welfare and also causes the poor to depend on the government, essentially making them slaves of the welfare system. Also, she believes that many perfectly capable individuals are abusing the welfare system.

In her mind, charity is the best way forward, even if human generosity has its limit. However, a charitable populace will still be more capable of solving poverty rather taxing the life out of the population for the sake of welfare.

Her Majesty, Johanna Engel, believes that human nations across the world should be subservient to the will of Sigmar, the God of mankind. Meaning, she believes that she should eventually be the leader of all of humanity as she shall know how to best care for mankind when the time is right.

She also believes that conscription should return to Bloodshade as she believes that only through such a system can the people of Bloodshade be ready to fight back against any foe. Even though Johanna acknowledges the biological differences of men and women, she says that no one should be discriminated based on gender when it comes to defending one's kin and nation.

Her Majesty was even responsible for pressuring the government into conquering a number of islands. Thanks to Her Majesty's persuasive capabilities, Bloodshade has conquered 23 nations around the world.

Her Majesty, Johanna Engel, believes that disease and suffering is a part of every human's life. As a result of such a belief, she says that all humans should have access to reliable healthcare. However, the quality of healthcare should be dependent on your ability to pay. In Her Majesty's opinion, while every nation should eventually work towards a healthcare system that solve the needs of all its citizens, such a nationalized healthcare system should not be another heavy burden for the taxpayer. For now, a privatized healthcare system is the best possible option for the populace, so long as the nation's authority makes sure that pharmaceutical companies and hospitals do not charge exorbitant prices for medicine and medical services.

While Johanna Engel believes that every human should have the right to own private property and grow wealthy, she believes that corporations should not be allowed to work against the interests of humanity and the best way to limit the influence of corporations is by empowering trade unions. Johanna has been responsible for negotiating better working conditions and pay for a number of workers. Her most notable work is when she sued the mineral company, Riches of Reikland, on behalf the 243 families of miners who died in a mine collapse which could've been avoided if there were sufficient hazard detection systems in place. Her actions resulted in the Senate passing legislation that forced mining companies to abide by federal regulations regarding the construction and maintenance of mining shafts, hazard detection systems and safety equipment.

The Prophetess believes that all of humanity should share the same culture, identity and religion. She believes the Bloodshade should be a melting pot, where humans from across the world can come to assimilate and finally become true members of humanity, rather than a salad bowl where all cultures have equal standing. She believes that the humans of other nations across the world are just like the tribes that refused to unite during the Age of Sigmar. The Prophetess has set up 200 assimilation clubs throughout Bloodshade that are there to help immigrants assimilate into the population. Each club has a limit of 200 members and those members are given a stipend of 200 Blood Echoes a month, for a period of six months (the duration of their membership). Upon their arrival, immigrants who have been lured into these clubs must attend at least three 45 minute lectures every week. These lectures teach immigrants how to best assimilate into Bloodshade and become a true member of humanity or else they will be kicked out of the club. Occasionally, the Prophetess can be found teaching immigrants during these lectures.

The Prophetess also believes that the borders of Bloodshade should be completely open to all humans across the world, so long as they are willing to forgo past allegiances and assimilate into the society of Bloodshade. The Prophetess has lead campaigns that pressured the government into allowing thousands of foreign human immigrants into the lands of Bloodshade.

Johanna believes that the youth of Bloodshade are its greatest assets. She believes that every action must be taken to prevent men from becoming hooligans while also preventing women from resorting to a life of prostitution.