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A single shot was fired in the desolate Ukranian wasteland.

Since the authoritarian government of Ukraine began it's "Immortalist Protocols" and it's enforcement in 2004, more than 257,000 were:
-Admitted into psychiatric centers, as the national government began a program in which water flow across the country was laced with hallucinogenic drugs such as Datura, LSD, and psylocibin. When the individual is under a psycho-active state, they are then forcefully institutionalized, diagnosed as insane, and forced to spend their entire lives in an increasingly hostile, run down environment, as the national government has subtracted aid to mental health services and had forbidden private charities from donating to mental hospitals, else they would be disbanded and their members tried falsely with treason.
-Executed or forced into either the armed forces or work camps due to supposed "impurities", those impurities being:
-Mental/learning disabilities
-Chronic disabilities
-Falsely charged with "dissent against the state", murder, and other crimes just to be executed, with one famous example being the indictment of famous Ukranian comedian Volodymir Zelensky on charges of "possession of [CENSORED], [CENSORED] against 14 women during the span of eight months" after he made a skit on the internet critiquing High Immortalist Priest Apis in a satirical manner. He was executed four days into his 28-year sentence.

For the first time in Ukranian history, subjugation and repression were not used by foreign governments, but rather a domestic, totalitarian regime based in our capitol. For the first time since the Nazi era, our brethren have been subjugated by nothing more than a puppet regime to the international, power hungry Black Raven Movement, headquartered in our goddamn center of power. Our children have experienced such trauma, such horror by a government created and moulded to protect our fatherland, by a traitorous, misanthropic regime powered by blood, sex, and corruption. It had been reported by numerous international anti-corruption bodies that Ukraine is one of the most corrupt, morally bankrupt nations there is on the planet. Our nation has become such a hotbed of extremism, a hub of Neo-Fascism, a dreaded cabal of institutionalized terror and genocide, all to further the conspiracy-ridden goal of Slavic Unity. The sheer audacity of these men, claiming to be "Sons of Perun", forcing puritanical misanthropic totalitarianism down the throats of the vox populi, claiming to be moral vanguards while engaging in untold amounts of sexual degeneracy, is not something to admire.

Our nation is in need of a revolution, and we will fight until no end. Freiheit oder Tod! Long live the Vox Populi, long live the free man-

"All of this is simple insanity, now is it?"

"What do you mean? You know it's the truth."

"You pretending to be the almighty paragon of liberty is sheer idiocy."

"It is not idiocy, the people will be silenced no longer."

"Simple lies, all for what? Preventing the inevitable, our domination over the world, our cleansing of humanity? What's the use fighting a beast you cannot kill?"

"Brother, why this? Why endorse this suicidal agenda?"

"You'll understand sooner or later."

"Brother, why are you like this?"

"It's men like you that have led to the deterioration of our world. It's men like you, puppets to Western powers, that have destroyed and divided our people. I despise people like you. "

"And what differentiates yourself from other psychopathic monsters like you?"

"I have a clear goal, is what. Men like Charles Manson, James Mason, Julius Evola, and Otto Strasser had goals founded simply on insanity. Men like those four buffoons had no clear, consice goal? What did Manson think and do? Kill 9 or so "innocent" individuals over something he thought he heard in a Beatles album. Mason? Fantasized about "liberating the White race" in America, simply letting non-existent crackpot theories cloud his thinking. Evola? Not extreme enough in his ideals. Strasser? Think you might know where this is going."

"But why harm our people?"

"Humans have proven that they are blasphemous and rotten to the core. Non-Slavs, and those who refuse to follow the Divine Word have and always have been an especially wasteful people."


"The old Slavic faith had respected the environment heavily. Abrahamic faiths simply do not care about the world as a whole, all they care about is expansion and using up our planet as their own personal playground to do whatever the f*ck they want."

"I'm simply shocked by this, brother."

"As you should be."

"Why are you saying this, then?"

"Because simple-minded folks like you don't see what I see, Grigori. I see men who are out of there minds destroying our world as if there's no tomorrow. The insane have caused enough damage to the planet, and I'm afraid you're one of them."

"Do not let simple paranoia and delusions overtake you, brother."

"The truth is not something you take kindly to, then. You weren't a good brother to begin with."

A gunshot overtakes the room, as Grigori takes a .357 round to the spinal cord, he lets a loud cry of agony out. Seeing that his brother isn't dead, Apis fires the final shot, this time to the head. Seeing no remorse for a man who dared question his motives, he simply submits the Free Radio Ukraine blogpost up, grabs his body, and places it in a bathtub. "Thank Perun I'm wearing gloves" he must've thought to himself. After placing his body in a bathtub, he went around the house to see if there was red paint anywhere. Thankfully, since Grigori was barely remodeling his house, he found a can. He dumped the paint can fully into the tub, and had placed the .357 revolver on Grigori's hand.

Afterwards, he exited the home, got into his car, and had placed a CD, it being Streetcleaner by Godflesh in. The beginning track, Like Rats, had begun to play as he got out of the car, got a can of gasoline and an empty bottle of vodka, poured gas in the bottle, lit it on fire, and had thrown it towards the house. Beforehand, however, he had falsified a "suicide note" on the Free Radio Ukraine website, ending with with the words "Bound by my own flesh, and freed with my own blood", making it appear as if Grigori had well and truly committed suicide. It was bound to be discovered that a murder had occurred, but would he be punished for it? No, he was protected by the law, which allowed him to attack and kill anyone he deemed "wasteful and undesirable" as much as he pleased without being punished for it.

He begins to drive off, almost having a devilish grin on his face. Relieved, he begins to laugh uncontrollably at the fact that he killed his own brother.
"Glory to all Slavs!" He yelled out, almost laughing during it.

"Oh Perun, are you not glad of me?" He said. Even if he wasn't, deep down he didn't care. Deep down he knew what he was doing, and that made it all the more enjoyable.