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Vygdir Lenzingrad II

A photo shoot of Vygdir in the Palace of Armagodonsk in 2010.


Basic Information

Full Name Vygdir Asgir Arvid Lenzingrad
Birthday May 27th, 1970
Age 49
Family Members
Aslaug Lenzingrad (Sister)
Vladigar Ungarn Lenzingrad (Brother)
Agnar Ivar Hvisterk Lenzingrad (Crown Prince and eldest son.)
Marzia Lenzingrad (Daughter)
Lokir Agni Ágústus Lenzingrad (Son)
Alexius Bragi Brímir Lenzingrad (Son)
Alla Albina Camilla Vygdirdovich Lenzingrad (daughter)
Martial Status Widowed after his wife died of lung cancer the prior year.
Religion Roman Catholicism

[i]Full Titles/Styles

English Version

His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Vygdir II Asgir Arvid Lenzingrad, Tsar of Beroya, King of Canada, Archduke of Armagodonsk, Archduke of Ukraine, King of the Balts, King of the Carribean Islands, Count of Armagodonsk, Duke of Lithuania, Duke of Latvia, Duke of Estonia, and Duke of Finland.

High Beroyan Version

Yego Imperatorskoye i Korolevskoye Velichestvo Vygdir II Asgir Arvid Lentsingrad, tsar' Beroya, korol' Kanady, ertsgertsog Armagodonskiy, ertsgertsog Ukrainy, korol' pribaltov, korol' Karibskikh ostrovov, graf Armagodonskiy, gertsog Litovskiy, gertsog Latvii Gertsog Estonii i Gertsog Finlyandii.

Coat of Arms of the House of Lenzingrad


Born in the Palace of Armagodonsk to Vladimir IV Lenzgrad and Duchess Maria Vagaria of Livonia, he was the eldest of three children and was announced as Crown Prince and baptized by Pope Ramsey X soon after his birth. Most of his childhood was a blur due to the fact he spent most of it being taught on varying topics when growing up.

He enlisted himself in the Beroyan Imperial Marine Core when he was 19, his service was marked by various military successes in different areas of the Tsardom, putting down many would-be-rebellions through either diplomacy or just crushing them in raids. He spent eleven years in the military before his father's rapidly declining health caught up with him. Vladimir IV died at 62, and was canonized by the Pope soon after his death.

Vygdir was crowned as Vygdir II, named after a great ruler of Beroya from the Civil War between the Houses of Lenzingrad and Munzo in 1726-1740, the victory landing in the favor of the long ruling Beroyan Tsars, over the pretenders to the throne.

Political Views
Vygdir is a staunch conservative, with bits of liberalism sprinkled in.

For: Monarchies, LGBT rights, Equal rights, Religion, Conservatism, Pro-life, Public Rights, Capitalism, Scientific Advancements, and Public Education

Against: Ethnic Discrimination, Communism, Socialism, Democracy, Disarmament, and Superstition