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Basically Mini America for SoTA March 2021

Fighting for Change, Liberty and Equality

Who I am

Most of you weren't aware of I was before reading this Campaign Dispatch, but here you are anyways. I wanted to talk about my campaign for Speaker of the Assembly, my qualifications and what my policymaking would be as the Speaker.

I am a minor correspondent for Layem Times, which is the official newspaper of our great region. I am active on the discord, both in the official server and RP, and I do read the RMB each and Every Day.

I also have experience in leadership, nothing too grandiose like that of the current speaker, but I have been patrol leader for my Boys Scouts group and I have led them, through the good and the bad.

Policy and Ideas

I understand that this region was founded on the basis of Freedom. A basis of laissez-faire which guarantees every member the right to say what he or she wishes to say. To believe in whatever he or she wishes to believe. My campaign will be based on the preservation of these rights.

The first act I will take to ensure this is working with the MoIA to amend the Articles of the Confederacy, to create positions of aide to the ministers, including a Vice Minister of Internal Affairs, which will fill in for when the MoIA cannot be active, ensuring that, at all times, Layem will have a leader.

This will include the following:

a. A bill officializing positions of Vice MoIA, Vice MoFA, and Vice Chief Minister. Not only does this ensure that Layem
will always have leadership, but train future leaders to be more adept at guiding the region.

b. In the case of neither being active, (Or both CTE'ing)An emergency election will be held to ensure that a government
minister willalways be in office, and the Chief Minister (with permission from the Regional Assembly) may appoint a
temporary minister.

Another thing I would advocate for is the lessening of government influence on Layem Times, thus ensuring that Freedom of the Press will be maintained. The dangers of a directly government-controlled newspaper was displayed when Masconvia turned traitor, spewing propaganda for his new region using the old Layem Times discord server. This will mean an attempt to pass a law requiring 1/3 of all Layem Time employees to not be members of government.

Furthermore, I do want the government's power limited. I seek to not only more clearly define the positions of the government, but to further limit them, to ensure that should we ever find ourselves with leaders similar to that of Masconvia or Randolphina, the damage and havoc that they inflict upon the region can be minimized. This will include the likes of the following:

a. Strictly defining what the Chief Minister can and cannot do.

b. Ensure that the Supreme court remains independent of political matters, and remains seperate from the General
Assembly and the office of Chief Minister.

c. Empower the supreme court to strike down laws deemed as unconstitutional, to further limit the powers of the
Legislature and Executive.

I wish to continue the work of officializing the office of Regional Officer, and make all cabinet appointees require approval from the Regional Assembly.

I'm still working for ideas on bills, and do require advice, so if you have any, do contact me by telegram or DM.