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Sport in Barunia

Favourite Sports in Barunia
See below for further details on popular sports
Note: This list is not exhaustive, nor does it necessarily list all the top sports. Rather, it should be used as a guide to the popularity of the sports in relation to one another.

1. Football (Soccer)
2. Hockey (Field)
3. Cricket
4. Sailing - Match racing
5. Motorsport - Rallying
6. Canoeing/Kayaking
7. Judo
8. Motorsport - GT/Endurance/Formula
9. Archery
10. Swimming
11. Rugby Union
12. Sailing - Bluewater
13. Water Polo
14. Rowing
15. Basketball

Football (Soccer)
See Factbook "Sport: National Football Team"

Domestic Representation: The X-League
Number of teams: 32
Number of Tiers: 2
Top Tier: The X-League

National Team: Barunia National Hockey Squad
Nicknames: The Whites, The Sharks
Current World Ranking (Post WCFH 4): 3rd
Achievements: World Championship in Field Hockey 4: eliminated in third round (quarter-finals); Gold Medal at 8th Summer Olympics (Olympic Women's Team)

Domestic Representation: National Hockey League
Number of teams: 126
Number of Tiers: 7
Top Tier: National Premier League

National Team: Barunian Cricket Team
Nicknames: The Blues (T20 &ODI), Blue Caps (Test)
Current World Ranking: 7th (T20, post WCT20 5 (unofficial), 5th (GCF Test, post season 4)
Achievements: T20 World Championships 4: 3rd place; T20 World Championships 5: 5th place
Hosted: T20 World Championships 4, ODI Challenge Cup 1

Barunia's first major foray into the cricketing world came on home soil, as Barunia hosted the 4th Twenty20 World Championships. Barunia looked to make it to the final, but were denied by Darmen, before the hosts restored some pride with a win in the third place play-off.


Barunia Olympic Involvement

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Association: Barunian Olympic Committee
Founded: 2019
Chairman: Roy Cass
Country code: BAU

VIII Olympiad, Orean

Number of Athletes: 192 (112 men, 80 women)
Medals won: 7 (2g, 2s, 3b)
Overall Result: 32nd

IX Winter Olympics, Arcon

Number of Athletes: 50 (24 men, 26 women)
Medals won:TBD
Overall result:TBD

Barunia sent its first Olympic Delegation to the games of the VIII (8th) Olympiad in Orean, Liventia. The team of 112 athletes competed in 180 events across 20 disciplines. The games highlighted Barunia's strengths, with five of the nation's seven medals coming from water-based disciplines (sailing, swimming, rowing). Barunia were also well represented in the martial art disciplines, such as Taekwondo and Judo (where they won a bronze), as well as Athletics and Shooting. The flag bearer for the opening ceremony was field hockey captain and goalkeeper Tiffany Grouch, while the closing ceremony flag bearer was sailor Olive Prower. Both women won gold medals at the games.

Barunia sent a team of fifty athletes to the XI Winter Olympics in Arcon, Saugeais, to compete in 62 events across 11 disciplines.

Medal Winners
Olive Prower, Ashlea Steffan (Sailing - women's two-person dinghy, 8th SO)
National Olympic Women's Hockey Team [Tiffany Grouch, Roberta Doyle, Sandra Cook, Vanessa Samson, Anna Martinez, Jeri Taunton, Felicity Sharman, Stephanie Doyle, Amy Wentworth, Cas Masterton, Sara Jones, Rebecca Langley, Eva Frank, Marie Windfield, Amy Judge] (Field Hockey - Women's, 8th SO)
Will Kimberley (Sailing - men's heavyweight dinghy, 8th SO)
Gyles Cantrell (Canoeing - men's K-1 200m, 8th SO)
Regina Evans, Sabrina Griffin, Maria Reyes Cruz, Kerensa Brooks (Swimming - women's 4x200m freestyle relay, 8th SO)
Mikelo Pablo Bolivar (Swimming - men's 1500m freestyle)
Karl Sexton (Judo - men's over 100kg)